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Marvel Entertainment has announced that it is entering the non-fungible token (NFT) space. The wholly owned subsidiary of Walt Disney Company and popular comic book creator, says Marvel fans can purchase “Official Marvel NFT Digital Collectibles, Digital Comics, and more.”

Marvel publishes NFT digital comics and collectibles through the Veve app

  • The comic and film giant Marvel entertainment is getting into NFTs, according to a press release published on Thursday. The announcement indicates that Marvel aims to bring digital collectibles, digital comics, and other NFT products to market.

Marvel Entertainment is launching NFTs - fans will soon be able to look for rare NFT comics“Since the beginning, collecting has always gone hand in hand with being a Marvel fan,” said Dan Buckley, president of Marvel Entertainment, in a statement. “Like us, Veve understands that collecting is as much about the experience as it is about the product, and we look forward to expanding that experience for our fans in the years to come,” added Buckley.

  • The comics started in 1939, but Marvel’s entertainment line started in 1998 and is based in New York City. The corporate unit with 1,786 employees makes an estimated $ 366 million per year in revenue.
  • For the NFT venture, Marvel has partnered with Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, a company that operates the Veve Digital Collectibles app. The application is available for iOS and Android. The app allows Marvel fans to buy and trade the company’s unique offers.
  • The announcement also states that users of the Veve app can also “search for rare (and even secret) NFT comics and collectibles and showcase their hard-earned collection in fully customizable virtual showrooms.”
  • Veve’s in-app currency called Gems is required to purchase official Marvel NFT products, and NFT owners can also resell them through Veve’s secondary marketplace.
  • About Veves Platform, vice president of business development and strategy for Marvel Entertainment, says Daniel Fink, the company hopes “to push the boundaries of what Marvel fandoms can be, starting with personal and interactive digital collectibles that fans really get through NFTs and can share ”. and enjoy in a way you couldn’t before. “
  • Marvel follows the comic book maker’s competitor, Dc comics, which revealed that NFTs would hit the market in March 2021. This followed a Letter to freelance artists by the legal representative of DC Comics, who urged freelance artists to stop making DC Comics-related NFTs.
  • “More details on Marvel’s exciting new digital collectibles coming to Veve will be announced in the next few weeks,” Marvel added on Thursday. “Comic book fans should also be excited for some exciting new revelations coming soon,” added the entertainment company.

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XPOP Pronounces First Leisure NFT Market on Polkadot

Korean blockchain technology company XPOP is launching a new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with a focus on entertainment.

The new XPOP entertainment NFT marketplace is based on the Polkadot blockchain. The marketplace will go live at the end of June.

Its purpose is to provide access to a decentralized service that helps artists to securely distribute their digital works.

According to the company, the marketplace will offer a “service to certify the originality of the content and ownership of the content of each artist and to ensure the secure distribution of content on the XPOP blockchain network”.

These NFT marketplace is the first to be added to the Polkadot blockchain. Polkadot will provide the project with interoperability with various blockchain networks.

XPOP’s market will focus on the strong K-pop market and its die-hard fan base in Asia.

The team responsible for the marketplace includes experts from the fields of blockchain technology and the world of business entertainment.

According to XPOP, the marketplace has already signed up more than 200 K-Pop artists who are contributing content to tokenization.

Asian interest in NFT marketplaces

NFTs attracted a lot of attention in 2021, and Asia has been a major contributor to the growth of these marketplaces.

The XPOP NFT marketplace may be the first to focus specifically on K-pop. However, Korbit was recently introduced what it claims is the first NFT market in South Korea. Korbit’s marketplace is primarily geared towards NFT digital art, allowing creators to submit works for sale and offering some music brands.

China has also expressed interest in the NFT market, although it generally has mixed feelings about cryptocurrencies.

In March, the UCCA Lab in Beijing hosted the nationwide first major NFT exhibition, “Virtual Niche: Have You Ever Seen Memes In The Mirror?” The exhibit included art from Beeple and Pak and 10,000 visitors attended the week-long event.

Japan too shows an increased interest in NFTs despite the legal uncertainties in the industry.

The Japanese NFT market is still in its infancy. However, many high profile companies have already launched marketplaces in Japan, such as Coincheck Inc.

This has led many to consider a new digital economy centered on anime and other pop culture trends in the country.

XPOP Launches World’s First Polkadot-based Leisure NFT Market

SEOUL, South Korea, June 11, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) –XPOP, a Korean blockchain technology company, announced that the Polkadot blockchain-based entertainment marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) will be the first worldwide to launch in late June.

This press release contains multimedia. Check out the full version here:

XPOP ​​announced that the Polkadot blockchain-based entertainment NFT marketplace will be the first to hit the global market in late June. XPOP ​​NFT Marketplace provides a decentralized service to certify the originality of content and content ownership of each artist and to ensure the secure distribution of content on the XPOP blockchain network. XPOP ​​Parachain is formed on the basis of Polkadot, a smart contract that can be changed according to different content distribution companies. The entertainment NFT marketplace to be launched by the XPOP Project Team will be the world’s first service to be combined with the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem that provides interoperability with various blockchain networks. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Based on various content partnerships with a number of K-pop entertainment companies, the XPOP project team is preparing to register and distribute large content on XPOP’s new NFT marketplace through the participation of famous K-pop artists.

XPOP ​​NFT Marketplace provides a decentralized service to certify the originality of content and content ownership of each artist and to ensure the secure distribution of content on the XPOP blockchain network. XPOP ​​Parachain is formed on the basis of Polkadot, a smart contract that can be changed according to different content distribution companies. The entertainment NFT marketplace launched by the XPOP project team with unmatched technological performance will be the world’s first service to be combined with the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem that provides interoperability with different blockchain networks.

The story goes on

This Polkadot-based marketplace allows the use of various cryptocurrency-based and collectable content in addition to XPOP. It will be a truly decentralized content marketplace where users can safely and conveniently register and trade content. XPOP ​​NFT Marketplace has been tested with collectable content such as digital photo cards and illustrations by K-Pop artists. Prominent blockchain media showed interest in the XPOP project in the early stages of its opening. Now all eyes are drawn to the value of the XPOP token in time for its listing on the major crypto exchanges.

XPOP ​​is a Korean company of experts in blockchain technology and entertainment content. In line with the fast changing recent trend, XPOP offers various content players the entertainment NFT marketplace, the blockchain smart contract trading in the entertainment market, and the web 3.0-based future-oriented development of the digital content industry using the NFT Technology enables. XPOP ​​is currently preparing to partner up and start the K-pop entertainment business in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently listed on Melon Exchange ( and Hotbit Korea ( the XPOP Foundation will run investment campaigns with individual investors and investment companies around the world.

Details of the official announcements and activities of the XPOP Foundation can be found on the XPOP Official Telegram Channel (

View source version on


XPOP ​​Foundation
James Choi

Public sale brings Corridor of Famer Ted Williams to NFT market | Leisure

BOSTON (AP) – Teddy Ballgame will soon be Teddy Blockchain.

Hall of Famer Ted Williams hits the market with a release of nine different digital memorabilia cards tracing the No. 9’s career from skinny rookie to Cooperstown contestant. The collectibles offered by Williams’ daughter are from Brazilian illustrator Andre Maciel, known as Black Madre, who created the non-fungible tokens for soccer star Rob Gronkowski, which sold out for $ 1.6 million last month.

“I wrote to him. I told him who I was. I said, ‘My dad is Ted Williams.’ I said, ‘Here’s what I want to do,’ “said Claudia Williams, adding that she didn’t know if Maciel would be familiar with the baseball star.

“As far as he knows, I’m just a person who says, ‘Hey, can you do some NFTs for me?'” She said. “Just the respect he showed art, I know he knows who Ted Williams is.”

Eight cards are available in limited editions from 1 to 9, the ninth titled “The Splendid Splinter” – a unique release featuring a signed bat, three signed images and an Airbnb stay at a house where Williams lived in Vermont . Each of the 73 cards contains the digital autograph of the Red Sox thug, who remains the last great leaguer to hit .400 and hit .406 in 1941.

The collection also recognizes Williams’ achievements as a fishing hall of fame and a fighter pilot who missed portions of five seasons to serve in World War II and the Korean War. Claudia Williams wrote the text on the back of each card.

The auction starts on Monday and lasts until Saturday.

“My goal in life is to keep my father as relevant and inspiring as ever,” said Claudia Williams in a phone interview from her Florida home last week. “I want to leave his legacy behind when his last surviving child is gone.”

Non-fungible tokens can be works of art, video clips, or even tweets or news articles tied to a digital record – or blockchain – that allows the collector to prove possession. The NBA got into NFTs by creating a market called Top Shot, which has more than 800,000 users and sales of at least $ 500 million.

Williams said if the auction is successful, she will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Jimmy Fund, a childhood cancer charity that has been a Red Sox favorite since her father’s game days.

“It’s all about inspiration and my father’s honor,” she said. “I am very much my father’s daughter: I don’t squat when I’m not feeling passionate.”

Williams played 19 years – all for the Red Sox – and missed the time on the two wars before retiring in 1960 at the age of 41 with an average of 0.344, 521 home runs and 1,839 RBIs. He was a 19-time All-Star, a two-time AL MVP and a two-time three-time crown winner.

Williams was also a notorious Curmudgeon who derided reporters as “Knights of the Keyboard” and refused to assign his hat to fans. But he was one of the few white players to vote for Negro Leagues players to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Claudia Williams said her father may not have been an early adopter to NFTs, but he encouraged his children to stay on the cutting edge of technology. His book “The Science of Hitting” was ahead of its time. (Williams, who died in 2002, was frozen in liquid nitrogen in an Arizona cryonic facility in the hope that medical advances will one day enable him to bring him back to life.)

“Daddy was so up to date,” she said. “When he found out something new, he accepted. He might say,” … I don’t know the first thing about this NFT, but I think it’s great. ‘But he would learn and he would love it. “

Tom Brady launching NFT firm, bringing collectively prime names in sports activities, leisure, vogue and popular culture

tom-brady-buccaneers-mvp.jpgMike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady does more than just win Super Bowls these days. The seven-time champion is also trying to become a winner in the business world. He already owns a range of workout apparel, equipment, supplements and groceries and is moving to another company. Brady is launching a non-fungible token or NFT platform called Autograph, according to a representative from TB12.

The company will bring together some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture and work with the creators to create unique digital collectibles. NFTs will also have an autograph with the goat itself.

If eye emoji is seen as confirmation of the news, Brady confirmed the announcement on Twitter Tuesday night.

Co-founder and CEO of Autograph Dillon Rosenblatt spoke to CNN about the company. “Autograph will bring some of the world’s best-known names and brands together with world-class digital artists to develop, create, and market NFTs and breakthrough experiences for a community of fans and collectors,” he said.

NFTs have grown in popularity lately and Brady is joining in. NFTs are digital files with a unique identity based on a blockchain, the authenticity of which can be verified.

Lindsay Lohan unveils new single Lullaby as NFT | Leisure

Lindsay Lohan entered the NFT market with her new single “Lullaby”.

The 34-year-old singer and actress shared a teaser of the track on social media over the weekend, which she made available via the digital platform FansForever.

She told her 8.7 million followers on Instagram: “I’m about to release my next single” Lullaby “as #NFT in a few hours on This is a Genesis piece and a story in the making! # Firstever #women #letsgetit @justinsun (sic) “

The ‘Mean Girls’ star had previously predicted that NFTs (non-fungible tokens), an emerging market within the blockchain, could sell unique digital art and goods with a single impression known as ‘tokens’, will soon be all the rage. Hollywood and Beyond “.

In an interview with Forbes, she said, “It’s only a matter of time before everyone in Hollywood and beyond gets involved. Maybe we’ll see the tokenization of films and how artists are paid for their films, music and art. I see A future where crypto, NFTs, and blockchain will be the norm rather than the exception.

“Lindsay believes her community can” benefit crypto “.

She continued, “Most of us had heard of the word bitcoin or the term blockchain, but there wasn’t much knowledge on the subject.” As I started to learn more and get more involved, I quickly realized that my community Crypto was able to benefit from this and that I could inform and introduce a large part of society that was not involved in the blockchain space. “

And the “Freaky Friday” star insisted that this be welcomed as a fairer way to distribute royalties across the entertainment industry as well, as those are transferred directly to the artist.

She added, “With tokenization, the process is carried over to the blockchain in such a way that the artist automatically receives royalties every time art, music, film, etc. are used or shared. I think this is a great way to have one To build a bridge. ” the gap between consumer and artist. “

For those who get their hands on ‘Lullaby’ at FansForever, it’s Lindsay’s first new music since her 2020 single, ‘Back to Me’.

People like The Weeknd, Kings of Leon, Grimes, Charli XCX, and others are all jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Digital artwork by Beeple sells for $69.four million amid NFT growth | Leisure

This undated photo, released by Christie’s on Thursday, March 11, 2021, shows a digital collage titled “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” by an artist named Beeple. Christie’s says it auctioned a digital collage by an artist named Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann for nearly $ 70 million in an unprecedented sale of a digital work of art that made more money than physical works by many better-known artists. The piece sold for $ 69.4 million in an online auction and “positions it among the top three best valuable living artists,” Christie’s said Thursday via Twitter.


By KELVIN CHAN AP Business Writer

LONDON (AP) – Christie’s says it auctioned a digital collage by an artist named Beeple for nearly $ 70 million. This was an unprecedented sale of a digital artwork that made more money than physical works by many well-known artists.

The piece, entitled “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days,” sold for $ 69.4 million in an online auction and “positions him among the top three most valuable living artists,” Christie’s said Thursday via Twitter.

Christie’s also said it was the first time a major auction house has offered an exclusively digital work of art with a non-fungible token as a guarantee of its authenticity, and the first time cryptocurrency has been used to pay for a work of art at an auction.

Beeple, real name Mike Winkelmann, responded to the sales result with an expletive on Twitter.

“For over 20 years artists have used hardware and software to create works of art and distribute them on the Internet, but there has never been a real way to actually own and collect them,” Beeple said in a statement released by Christie’s That Has Now changed. I think we are at the beginning of the next chapter in art history, digital art. “

Christie’s has not identified the buyer of the artwork, which is made up of 5,000 individual digital images that Beeple has been piecing together since May 2007 – one every day.

Candy Launches Broad-Scale NFT Answer for Main Leisure and Shopper Manufacturers in Partnership With

Sweet, in partnership with, introduces a comprehensive NFT solution for leading entertainment and consumer brands

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