Neon indicators are again in fashion. This time, as dwelling decor

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You might expect to see a neon sign outside a bar or even on the wall of a hip restaurant for that Instagram-perfect moment, but how does it fare as home decor? People across the United States and around the world are putting up neon signs in their homes.

Advances in LED technology have made neon signs cheaper and easier than ever to make, so now is the perfect time to buy.

What are neon signs?

Real neon signs use glass tubes that are heated and bent into shape by hand. The tubes are filled with gases that react with an electric current flowing through the tube, causing it to glow. Different gases produce different colors. While true neon has a vintage appeal, signs of this type are expensive to manufacture, power hungry, and contain potentially toxic chemicals, albeit in amounts too small to cause harm if the sign shatters and releases them.

Many modern neon signs are not made using the true neon method. Instead, they use acrylic tubes filled with LED lights. This method is known as LED neon. While some people still prefer real neon signs, and undeniably a significant amount of skill and craftsmanship goes into their manufacture, LED neon is significantly cheaper to buy and run.

Are neon signs just advertising?

While neon signs have traditionally been for advertising, that certainly doesn’t mean they’re just for advertising. You can find all kinds of neon signs. Some feature words, some feature images, and others include both. However, some people like to collect or display vintage neon signs that were originally used for advertising purposes, especially from well-known brands like Coors or Coca-Cola.

Can I buy custom neon signs?

Yes, some companies that make neon signs offer custom signs, which is ideal if you want a personalized sign. You can have signs personalized with any text you want, be it your name, a joke in your household or anything else you would like on a neon sign.

How to showcase neon signs as home decor

You can put neon signs on your wall in the same way as a Picture Frame. Large neon signs usually need to be fixed to the wall with special hardware, but smaller neon signs can be hung on a picture hook or work with command bars. Some small neon signs even come with stands so you can place them on a shelf or credenza if you prefer to hang them on the wall. If you’re wondering if a neon sign will look good with the rest of your home decor, don’t worry too much. Neon signs stand out in neutrally decorated rooms or add an extra focal point in rooms that are already boldly decorated.

The best neon signs

Kukuu Do What You Love Neon Sign

This is the perfect sign for anyone who needs a reminder to keep going with a hobby or calling they love, or just a reminder to make time for more joy in their life.

Sold by Amazon

Vifulin Lightning Bolt LED Neon Light

This LED neon light is shaped like a lightning bolt and looks great in all types of homes. It comes on a stand so you don’t have to hang or mount it. It’s also available in a choice of three colors.

Sold by Amazon

Isaac Jacobs LED Neon Pink Rose

Isaac Jacobs LED Neon Pink Rose

This LED neon rose is an excellent choice if flowers are your thing. It’s great for avid plant parents or anyone who likes the look of roses. It is USB powered and extremely cheap to run.

Sold by Amazon

Lucunstar neon sign in the shape of a beer

Lucunstar neon sign in the shape of a beer

Shaped like a frothy beer mug, this is the ideal neon light for college dorms or a home bar.

Sold by Amazon

LC Signs Custom Neon Sign

LC Signs Custom Neon Sign

Customize your own neon sign with up to three lines of text. If you want to say something that just needs to be displayed in lights on your wall, here’s your chance.

Sold by Amazon

Lumoonosity flame neon sign

Lumoonosity flame neon sign

This affordable neon sign can liven up any space with extra bright LED lights. It’s available in either plain red or red and yellow and comes with an adhesive to easily stick it to the wall.

Sold by Amazon

LDGJ Neon Signs Paradise Palm Tree Neon Light

LDGJ Neon Signs Paradise Palm Tree Neon Light

Featuring a flamingo, palm tree and the words It’s 5 AM Somewhere, this sign is an excellent choice for a home bar or lounge. This is a real neon sign, so it costs a little more than some, but it’s worth it.

Sold by Amazon

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Cleveland looking for to award $2M to financially troubled NEON Well being Providers utilizing pandemic aid cash: Stimulus Watch

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland City Council could pass bill Monday to allocate $ 2 million from the city’s pandemic funds to a nonprofit agency that is providing its CEO with more than $ 500,000 despite pre-pandemic financial difficulties pays.

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services (NEON) are seeking funding from the American Rescue Plan to strengthen their health services in some of Cleveland’s poorest minority neighborhoods.

Proponents argue that the money could go far in supporting major health programs. but Tax returns from NEON reveal a precarious financial situation – and a CEO who received a $ 100,000 raise in a year the agency was caring for fewer patients and was in the red.

NEON’s plan to spend the $ 2 million American Rescue Plan Act will use the lion’s share – $ 1.4 million – on several new and existing programs, including mental health services, lead prevention and intervention, food distribution, Education about healthy eating, chronic disease control and health literacy. However, this funding pool also includes items such as “NEON Administration” and “NEON Direct Costs – Transportation”, with no US dollar amounts specified for any program.

Another $ 360,000 would work with LegalWorks, Inc. to fund a detox clinic, and $ 200,000 would be used to repair damage to the NEON Hough Health Center, which caught fire in May.

The Hough Center is temporarily closed, and NEON’s other centers are bringing health services to other areas where Clevelander suffer disproportionately from negative health outcomes, including Miles-Broadway, Norwood, St. Clair-Superior, and the Southeast Side.

NEON is a state-qualified health center and, according to IRS filings, brings in primarily cash from contributions – about $ 13 million in 2019 – and program services like Medicaid reimbursements totaling about $ 11 million in 2019. Funding is received through the administration for health resources and services. This agency said that NEON receives funding until the end of the year and has been approved for a 3-year funding from 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2024. The agency spokesman was not yet able to announce the total amount of the funding at the time of going to press.

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, NEON Caring for fewer patients each year, down about a third over the past five years – from 31,804 in 2016 to 21,605 in 2020. From 2017 to 2018 – the year that board member granted CEO Willie Austin a $ 100,000 raise – NEON served 2,740 fewer employees.

Although NEON serves fewer Clevelanders, NEON’s tax returns are in deficit in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 – the last available year when net income was nearly $ 1 million in the red.

In 2020, NEON received more than $ 5 million in pandemic-related funding – a $ 3.6 million forgivable loan from the CARES Paycheck Protection Program and $ 1.6 million in additional Health Center Grants and $ 216,000 in Relief Funds. contacted NEON and Austin for this story.

Some of NEON’s financial difficulties are related to a payout of more than $ 1.3 million due to a Unlawful termination lawsuit. In this case, employee James O’Donnell was fired after raising concerns about a financial audit involving the questionable activities of Arthur Fayne, a NEON board member and head of the consulting firm hired to lead the New Eastside Market project, showed that the developer was responsible for the NEON.

In December 2020, Fayne has been charged with embezzling $ 855,000 from the Eastside Market project. The case is pending.

NEON was selected to develop the New Eastside Market in 2015 and rented the property on St. Clair Avenue from the city for $ 1 a year. The city has also deposited over $ 350,000 as well a 75 percent tax reduction for 15 years on improvements to the property, including new plumbing, electrical and roofing. When the project went over budget in 2018, the city approved an additional $ 500,000 grant. Cuyahoga County and the State of Ohio also awarded grants of $ 750,000 each.

New Eastside Market opened in 2019 with a vision to operate a full-service grocery store in what is otherwise considered a “food wasteland,” as well as providing health and wellness services. But NEON has yet to deliver on some of his promises for the location, like opening a health clinic or a demonstration kitchen for nutritious cooking classes.

Alderman Basheer Jones, whose ward includes NEON’s Hough Clinic, was the council’s strongest supporter of raising $ 2 million in stimulus funds to NEON. Jones, who has given up his council seat because of an unsuccessful mayoral candidacy, has made the NEON proposal his final legislative proposal.

Speaking at a committee meeting on November 16, Jones said he saw NEON’s latest funding proposal as a step toward holistic health. Jones said when NEON was founded in 1967 it was one of the few health care providers that the city’s black community felt welcome.

“Well, I’m sure there have been a lot of mistakes along the way,” Jones continued. “Unfortunately we live in a country where some make mistakes and others can’t make mistakes… Why can some organizations as a city make mistakes and then get the resources and still be able to make mistakes? Do business and there are some who are excluded? “

The city council is expected to deliberate on the law at its final session of the year on Monday before a new council and mayor take office in January.

Stimulus Watch is a public service journalism project run by and The Plain Dealer to track federal funding reaching Northeast Ohio through the US rescue plan. Read more

Neon Race raises cash for literacy help in Milford

News 12 employees

June 13, 2021 at 1:36 pm EDT

Updated on:June 13, 2021 at 2:03 pm EDT

The Neon Race for Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut returned on Saturday after being canceled due to the 2020 pandemic.

More than 100 people signed up this year to run the 5K and raise funds for the nonprofit that offers free services to anyone who wants to learn English and improve their skills.

The eight parties, including a small Arab faction that makes history by sitting in the ruling coalition, agree on their opposition to Netanyahu and new elections, but otherwise disagree on little. You are likely to have a humble agenda aimed at relieving tension with the Palestinians and maintaining good relations with the US without starting major initiatives.

Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption, remains the leader of the largest party in parliament and is expected to vigorously oppose the new government. If only one faction breaks down, it could lose its majority and be in danger of collapse, giving it the opportunity to return to power.

The deep divisions in the country became clear when Bennett addressed Parliament before the vote. He was repeatedly interrupted and loudly harassed by followers of Netanyahu, several of whom were escorted out of the chamber.

Bennett’s speech dealt mainly with domestic issues, but he spoke out against US efforts to revive Iran’s nuclear deal with the world powers.

“Israel will not allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” said Bennett, promising to maintain Netanyahu’s policy of confrontation. “Israel will not be a party to the agreement and will continue to maintain full freedom of action.”

Bennett thanked President Joe Biden and the United States for their decades of support for Israel.

Netanyahu, speaking after him, vowed to return to power. He predicted that the new administration would be weak on Iran and give in to US demands to make concessions to the Palestinians.

“If we are destined to be in the opposition, we will do it with our backs straight until we overthrow this dangerous government and return to run the country our way,” he said.

Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, a bipartisan think tank, said the new government will likely be more stable than it appears.

“Even if it has a very narrow majority, it will be very difficult to overthrow and replace it because the opposition is not sticking together,” he said. Every party in the coalition will want to prove that it can deliver, and that takes “time and success.”

Netanyahu “will continue to cast a shadow,” said Plesner. He expects the new opposition leader to take advantage of events and propose laws that right-wing coalition members want to but cannot support – all to embarrass and undermine them.

The new administration, meanwhile, promises to return to normal after two tumultuous years of four elections, an 11-day Gaza war last month and a coronavirus outbreak that devastated the economy before being largely brought under control by a successful vaccination campaign.

The driving force behind the coalition is Yair Lapid, a political centrist who will become prime minister in two years if the government lasts that long.

He canceled a planned speech in front of parliament and said he was ashamed that his 86-year-old mother had to watch the noisy behavior of his opponents. In a short speech he asked for “forgiveness from my mother”.

“I wanted her to be proud of the democratic process in Israel. Instead, like all citizens of Israel, she is ashamed of you and remembers exactly why it is time to replace you, ”he said.

The new government is expected to receive a slim majority in the 120-member assembly and then be sworn in. The government plans to hold its first official meeting this evening.

It is unclear whether Netanyahu will leave the official residence. He attacked the new administration in apocalyptic terms, accusing Bennett of defrauding voters by running as a staunch right-wing extremist and then collaborating with the left.

Netanyahu’s supporters have held angry protests outside the homes of rival MPs who claim they have received death threats naming their family members. Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet issued a rare public warning of the incitement earlier this month, saying it could lead to violence.

Netanyahu condemned the incitement while also pointing out that it was also a target.

His place in Israeli history is secure after serving as prime minister for a total of 15 years – more than anyone, including the country’s founder, David Ben-Gurion.

Netanyahu began his long reign by opposing the Obama administration and refusing to freeze settlement as it tried unsuccessfully to revive the peace process. Relations with Israel’s closest ally became even more difficult when Netanyahu fought vigorously against President Barack Obama’s emerging nuclear deal with Iran, and even denounced it in a speech to the US Congress.

But he suffered little or no consequences from these clashes and was richly rewarded by the Trump administration, which recognized controversial Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, helped broker normalization deals with four Arab states, and withdrew the US from the Iran deal .

Netanyahu has portrayed himself as a world-class statesman, boasting close ties to Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has also cultivated ties with Arab and African countries that Israel long shunned because of its policies towards the Palestinians.

But it was received far more coolly by the Biden administration and is widely viewed as undermining the long tradition of bipartisan support for Israel in the United States.

At home, too, his reputation as a political magician has faded, where he has become a deeply polarizing figure. Critics say he has long pursued a strategy of divide and rule that has widened the divide between Jews and Arabs in Israeli society, as well as between its close ultra-Orthodox allies and secular Jews.

In November 2019, he was charged with fraud, breach of trust and taking bribes. He turned down calls for resignation and instead hit the media, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, accusing his political opponents of orchestrating an attempted coup. Over the past year, protesters began holding weekly rallies across the country urging him to step down.

Netanyahu remains popular with the hardline nationalists who dominate Israeli politics, but he could soon take on a leadership role within his own party. A less polarizing Likud leader would have a good chance of forming a coalition that is both more right-wing and more stable than the government that is to be sworn in.

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6/13/2021 1:58:36 PM (GMT -4: 00)

This is the first year the race has been certified.

Many racers told News 12 it was the perfect weather for a race.

NEON & Bleecker Road Launch Joint Dwelling Leisure Distribution Firm DECAL – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: NEON and Bleecker Strasse have founded the joint sales company for home entertainment DECAL.

The stand-alone full-service operation, which is a joint venture between the two film labels, will handle distribution agreements for the home entertainment rights for the curated features of NEON and Bleecker Street, and Andrew Brown of NEON and Kent Sanderson of Bleecker supervises.

Given the current climate and upheaval in the film business, DECAL will also be in the third-party content acquisition market, offering independent filmmakers the ability to optimize the transaction window with the strategic partnerships of both distributors.

I have been told that NEON and Bleecker Street will bear their own costs and generate their own revenues and profits from their respective titles. When it comes to dealing with third-party content, everyone pools resources and shares the returns.

Disney + hits 94.9 million subscribers, but revenue per user drops to $ 4.03 due to Hotstar Combo

San Sebastián Film Festival

The first DECAL release will be Bleecker Street Supernovawith Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, which Bleecker released in theaters on January 29th. Supernova digital purchase and rental will start on February 16.

The founding of DECAL goes hand in hand with the expiry of the home entertainment output deals of Universal Studios for Bleecker and NEON. As for the latter, it will be this summer and the hope is that her Pablo Larrain drama will stage Princess Diana Spencer with Kristen Stewart (which deadline reported the takeover of NEON for the first time) will be the first title on the NEON page to cycle through DECAL. A team from NEON and Bleecker Street allows both of them to creatively control the distribution of their home entertainment windows from start to finish, including marketing collateral, not to mention making their campaigns more hands-on as independent titles tend to have their own Type require push versus one-size fits all marketing strategies that are standard in large studios.

Regardless, NEON and Bleecker Street have multi-picture output deals with Streamer Hulu for the third window of a title. These are different separate offers for each distributor and will continue in the future. Outside of this deal, as we’ve seen at festivals, NEON and Hulu will continue to jointly acquire title by title films. that is, the large Sundance pickup valued at $ 22 million last year Palm Springs.

DECAL has hired Sara Castillo as SVP for Marketing and Sales to lead the new company’s efforts, expand its partnerships and develop an independent brand in the field. Castillo, who previously held positions at IFC Films, Comcast and the Philadelphia Film Society, has extensive industry experience as he has launched a variety of successful title campaigns while building lasting relationships with filmmakers and platform partners.

Sun dance

Upcoming DECAL titles include The World to Come with Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Christopher Abbott and Casey Affleck, which will hit theaters tomorrow February 12 from Bleecker Street with VOD and EST on March 2nd, and Together Together . starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison, which will be released in theaters on April 23 from Bleecker Street with VOD and EST on May 11. Other films include NEON’s Sundance award-winning Flee and Jamila Wignot’s documentary Ailey about dance pioneers. Alvin Ailey.