Halle Berry slams ‘unfavorable’ Instagram | Leisure

Halle Berry hates the “negativity” of social media.

The “Catwoman” star loves that sites like Instagram are so “funny” but admits there is a darker side and she finds it frustrating that there is so much “negativity” online.

She said, “I love that it’s so fun. I think that’s the part of it that I want to lean into and not take seriously. To try to stay a part of what happens, but still age appropriate What I hate and that will never stop, I know because it’s the nature of the world, but I hate the negativity that’s going on there. I just really want to like these trolls, beat them because they are the Really harm people. “

The 54-year-old actress thinks social media is very “harmful” for young people and wishes people would use the platform responsibly and only say nice things.

Speaking to Essence Magazine, she added, “It’s harmful to young people and I really want it to be when they really didn’t have anything [nice] to say don’t say it.

“If you have such negative things to say about someone, why are you on their side? You obviously like them or you wouldn’t be there. It’s kind of annoying and I worry about the younger people who really don’t . ” I don’t understand that this is only hated by trolls who have no life and they take it so much to heart. It can be really, really harmful, and I see that in my daughter and it makes me angry. “

Van Morrison bemoans destructive response to ‘freedom of speech’ | Leisure

Van Morrison claims he had a “very negative reaction” to the exercise of “freedom of speech” in his songs.

The 75-year-old singer was open about his criticism of bans and released three protest songs last year and launched a campaign to save live music amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, he was dismayed that only Eric Clapton heeded his request for a colleague artist to “fight the pseudosciences and speak out”.

And the music legend is concerned that people will be silenced for expressing alternative views.

He told The Times Saturday Review, “The only other person who has any traction or motivation to talk about what’s going on, get out there and question things is Eric.

“A few people put together a petition to end the lockdown, but no one pays attention to petitions, right?

“If I can write about it, I will. Poetic license, free speech … those used to be fine. Why not now? I don’t get it. Some people call it cult. It’s like a religion. It doesn’t matter whether someone agrees with me or not.

“As there should be freedom of the press, there should be freedom of speech, and right now it feels like this is out of bounds.

“When you make songs that are an expression of freedom of speech, you get a very negative response.”

And the ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ hitmaker doesn’t think it’s “taken for granted” that live music will return anytime soon.

When asked when he thinks gigs will be back, he said, “I heard some music sponsors met with the people at Imperial College who run it.

“Well, really, Klaus [Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum] runs the whole thing.

“Your guess is as good as mine, because freedom is no longer a matter of course. You have to fight for it. This is where the blues comes in. “

Van’s views on the state of the world are explored on his new album, Latest Record Project: Volume 1, and he revealed that he has the 28-song tracklist of the more than 50 tracks he has written over the past 18 months, down, despite insisting that inspiration doesn’t come easily.

He said, “When you’re on a role you tend to write more and keep going, and when you’re not gigs you have more time to think.

“I write in the morning from breakfast to lunch every day and I will concentrate fully during this time.

“Inspiration doesn’t come from the chimney. You have to work on magic. And often it comes down to overcoming boredom, with bored time generally being the most creative. I once spoke to an artist who told me he had to stare at a blank canvas forever before he could start painting. “

Regina Corridor Faucets Tom Heller As President Of Her Rh Adverse Leisure – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE:: Regina Hall has brought in Foxcatcher and Mud Executive Producer Tom Heller to serve as president of her production clapboard, Rh Negative conversation, which recently signed its first television deal with Showtime and a six-picture deal with ViacomCBS’s MTV Entertainment Group.

“Tom is an exceptional producer and we share a parallel approach to business and vision for the future,” said the Black Monday EP and the star. “I look forward to our creative endeavors and look forward to discovering new and compelling ways of storytelling together.”

Heller joins Rh Negative after working as a partner in the film and television production company Catch & Release Films. The industrial veterinarian started at ICM before heading the financing and production company Everest Entertainment for seven years.

‘The Best Man’ Limited series with original cast commissioned by Peacock by Malcolm D. Lee & Dayna Lynne North

His producing and executive credits include critically acclaimed films such as the Lee-Daniels-directed drama Precious, Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, and Win-Win with Paul Giamatti, directed by Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy.

Heller also produced Sony Pictures Classics’ Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo after discovering the source material for the story in 2004 and acquiring the rights to life from Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards.

“For a long time I admired Regina as an extraordinary talent with remarkable taste and couldn’t be more enthusiastic to team up with her,” said Heller. “We share a shared vision to make Rh Negative Entertainment a home for resonant, original stories and the next wave of creators. I’m really excited to be working closely with her, along with our partners at Showtime and Viacom, to create impactful content across all media. “

Rh Negative aims to produce diverse projects through the lens of telling meaningful and impactful stories.