‘Particular’ driving type wanted for McLaren F1 automotive “not pure” for Ricciardo

Ricciardo has made a difficult start at McLaren since his winter change and ended up behind his teammate Lando Norris in four of the five races so far this season.

The Australian’s struggles continued over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, which Ricciardo described as a “disaster” after finishing only 12th, while Norris finished third on his second podium of the year.

McLaren Team Principal Seidl believes that Ricciardo’s progress towards the full upgrade has been hampered by the challenge of customizing it to the specific characteristics of the MCL35M.

“I think if you look back we have made good progress with him since the beginning of the season,” said Seidl.

“In order to drive our car fast at the moment, you need a special driving style that Daniel cannot take for granted. That’s why it’s not that easy for him to do the laps and extract the power.

“Now we just have to keep working together as a team, keep calm, keep analyzing, keep learning and do two things that will make it further adapt to our car.

On the subject of matching items

“Because he sees that the potential is there, which I think is the positive for him to see it, and that Lando can do it.

“And at the same time, we’ll also be looking at the team page to see what we can do to help him on the car side and get back his natural feeling that you need to drive fast.”

Ricciardo was baffled after finishing 12th in qualifying and said he was “Refuses to believe” His deficit went to teammate Norris, who drove a lap good enough for fifth on the grid.

After the race, the seven-time Grand Prix winner admitted that he still lacks the confidence to repeat what Norris can do in the car.

On the subject of matching items

“There are differences in the data and that’s why Lando is faster in this corner and I can see it, but I am not convinced I will be able to,” he said.

“But we will see. Maybe it’s still a little bit of me trying to get used to the car, but I’m sure they will check everything out too. When it’s that far away, it’s a little difficult. “

Ricciardo stressed, however, that he wanted to avoid over-analyzing his performance over the weekend and said it would take him a few days to grapple with what was happening.

“I will obviously keep working on it,” he added.

But I feel like we’ve been so far away and so far back this weekend that part of me just wants to switch off for a few days. Otherwise it is like paralysis about the analysis.

“I’ve been there before and I don’t want to go back to it.”

Dockside Restaurant Raises Cash For Grass River Pure Space

Dockside Restaurant in Torch Lake celebrated its spring fundraiser Monday, raising money for the Grass River Wildlife Area.

Half of all food and drink income went into GRNA programs, which include summer camps, paddling and wildlife activities.

Grass River says they have been hosting this event for more than 20 years, and even with limited capacity and additional take-out orders, they are still impressed with the response from the community.

“We’re just so grateful for all of the people that come out and support us through programs, through events like this, the Dockside, the people who come out and just put money in the jar,” said Jenn Wright, Executive Director of Grass River Natural area. “All of these resources are very, very valued and used very well.”

The GRNA says they typically raise around $ 2,500 through their Spring Fling event.

Kat Graham embraced her pure curls in quarantine | Leisure

Kat Graham “hugged” her naturally curly hair in quarantine.

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ alum always had her locks hidden under wigs, but since moving home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the actress has experimented with her locks, calling herself a near-curl expert.

Speaking to People magazine for her lovely edition, she said, “Hair has been a great trip to quarantine for me over the past year. I really hugged my locks, which I’ve never done before. I’ve relied on it really heavily straight wigs and the like. And now I’m finding ways to have looser curls, tighter curls, softer curls, stronger. I almost feel like a curling expert, I’m not quite there yet. “

Elsewhere, the 31-year-old singer announced that she learned how to apply makeup from her drag queen friends.

She shared, “When I started releasing more music, the only people who let me perform were gay clubs.

“So I used to go to the bar for free about two or three people, and then that became my community. When I started doing more press and more red carpets, the only make-up artists who did that I knew I meant Am friends so they did my makeup for the first press until they finally taught me how to make my own. “

Kat added how much she loved getting excited about the red carpet.

She said, “I would be the girl who would be the first on the carpet. I would just hurry to make a carpet. It’s a little silly now.”

In the meantime, the co-founder of Modern Nirvana spoke of the importance of “self-love”.

She said, “You have to get into this room of self-love. No matter how much work you do, if you don’t love yourself, if you haven’t really accepted yourself, the work will never end. You I’ll always find something you just want or if only I could have that and it will never be over. Give yourself the opportunity to heal. Because it takes a long time and you don’t know who to inspire if you just loved yourself. “

Prehistoric dinosaur exhibit returns to Santa Barbara Museum of Pure Historical past | Leisure

The Parasaurolophus is one of many prehistoric creatures on display at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.

Photo contributed courtesy of Gary Robinson

The “Prehistoric Forest” outdoor dinosaur animatronic exhibition has returned Santa Barbara Natural History Museumand take visitors back in time millions of years ago.

The big dinosaurs made their first debut in the summer of 2019 with a record number of guests who met them “in the wild” up close, a spokeswoman for the museum said.

At the end of summer, the creators of the dinosaurs – animatronic artisans Kokoro exhibits – sent her on her next engagement, which, according to the spokeswoman, was immediately noticed by visitors asking for her return.

Exhibition and Education Director Frank Hein started negotiations with Kokoro to finally bring back the great dinosaurs after several inquiries and a remarkable postcard of artwork and a message from a 2.5-year-old future paleontologist named Rosie. He said, “Dinosaurs, come back! ”

According to the spokeswoman, the dinosaurs returned to the museum on Jan. 18 when both exhibits and facilities staff were tasked with installing the heavy animatronics while following the new health and safety guidelines.

Tyrannosaurus rex 2019.jpg

A little visitor looks astonished at the exhibition “Prehistoric Forest” in 2019.

Contributed photo courtesy of Juan Minera

Thanks to careful planning by Francisco Lopez’s exhibits, the process went smoothly and now Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Parasaurolopus, and Euoplocephalus are settling well in their old digs in the wooded area above Mission Creek, she said.

For a short time the museum is showing “Dinorama: Miniatures through the Mesozoic Era in the Sprague Pavilion”, a curated landscape of mini dioramas populated by painted and posed figures of ancient creatures and lasting until April 25th.