Tennis stars, others lend help to Naomi Osaka | Leisure

Reaction to tennis star Naomi Osaka’s decision to retire from the French Open on Monday, citing fear:

“I empathize with Naomi. Not everyone is the same. I’m fat. Other people are thin. Everyone is different and everyone deals with things differently. You just have to let her handle it the way she wants and as best she thinks possible. The only thing I can say is, I think she’s doing her best. ”- Serena Williams.

“I am so sad about Naomi Osaka. I really hope she is fine. As athletes, we are taught to take care of our bodies, and maybe the mental and emotional aspects are neglected. This is about more than making a press conference or not. Good luck Naomi – we all draw for you! “- Martina Navratilova.

“It is incredibly brave that Naomi Osaka revealed the truth about her struggle with depression. Right now it’s important that we give her the space and time she needs. We wish her all the best. – Billie Jean King.

“You should never have to make such a decision – but it’s so damn impressive to take the highway when the mighty aren’t protecting their own. big respect.” – Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

“Love, respect and positive energy your way.” – Cavaliers striker Kevin Love.

“It is so sad that we are at a time when a young person reacts with anger and lack of support when they tell you that they need help or a break! I stand by you … your mental health is just as important as your physical health. ”- Former WNBA star Lisa Leslie.

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Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday | Leisure Information

When Naomi Campbell celebrated her 51st birthday on Saturday (May 22nd, 21st), she felt “blessed and grateful”.

The world-famous model has used Instagram to commemorate her first birthday since welcoming her first child into the world.

Along with a photo of her nostalgic baby taken by her mother Valerie Morris Campbell, she writes: [heart and praying emojis] (Sic) “

Naomi has also been blessed by some of her famous entertainers on Instagram, including model Linda Evangelista.

Linda writes: “Happy birthday mom! [heart emoji] I love you! [heart emoji] It feels good to know we have a great birthday. “

Cindy Crawford also sent Naomi a birthday wish.

She said, “Congratulations to this beauty and new mother. You already seem to have the best gift ever! [heart emojo] (Sic) “

In another heartfelt post, Janet Jackson wrote:

Lionel Richie, one of Naomi’s entertainers, praised the model as a “true pioneer”.

The music symbol is written on Instagram as follows. “@ Naomi you are a pioneer and a true pioneer on and off the runway! [star emoji] Happy birthday and congratulations on the very special journey of motherhood that you are about to embark on … [heart emoji] I can’t wait to see my baby. “

Naomi recently announced the arrival of her little girl but has not yet revealed her name.

Catwalk Star released her cute snapshot of a little girl’s paw. Afterward, sources revealed that she had considered motherhood for years.

The insider said, “She has wanted a baby for over a decade.

“And anyone who is surprised that Naomi gives birth in her own way and according to her schedule does not know Naomi Campbell. She repeats everything she has touched. Did you define it? “

Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday according to the entertainment news

Source link Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday according to the entertainment news

Naomi Scott’s pores and skin ‘went to pot’ as a result of topical steroid withdrawal | Leisure

Naomi Scott suffers from TSW (topical steroid withdrawal).

The 27-year-old actress found she had severe withdrawal symptoms after deciding to stop taking the hormones that are naturally found in the body to cure her eczema, and her skin “went in the pot” last year

On the latest episode of Jessie Ware’s podcast, Table Manners, she said, “I have this condition called TSW. It is a topical steroid withdrawal. I grew up on eczema and steroid cream for doctors that I have very strong feelings for. Over the years my body has gotten a bit better, you get addicted to these steroid creams, and your body cannot do without them. And then they give you stronger steroids. And then your body just goes ‘close’, it doesn’t work anymore, by that point I was probably 23 and I basically just blasted all over my body. This was after I filmed Aladdin. Me and my husband [Jordan Spencer] were like, let’s just go natural, all natural, natural heal, so we ditched all of my steroid creams and immunosuppressive cream and what follows is a 2-5 year drug withdrawal that nobody tells you about you go through this is gnarled. “

When asked if she changed her diet to eliminate the effects of the steroids, she replied, “Well, no, it was fixed through patience and just stopped taking the medication.”

The ‘Aladdin’ star explained how the condition left her with nerve damage and “wrinkled” smile lines. Naomi has been “not moisturized” and is trying to reduce her milk intake to keep symptoms at bay.

She continued, “The other thing is that it’s nerve damage. The steroid cream, your skin is your largest organ. It’s not an allergic reaction and it’s not a histamine reaction. It’s literally nerve damage. The itch is bone deep so you can’t stop the itch … but I think it’s really important to talk about because a lot of people go through it and don’t even realize it’s TSW, they think it’s a really severe one Eczema is for adults. But actually it is from the steroid creams that you use. You can see my elasticity, when I smile, I don’t have the normal elasticity. It looks like I’m kind of wrinkled. It’s from the healing process (from the steroids). I’m three years old and I’m doing a non-moisturizing treatment, which means I don’t apply any moisturizing treatment to my skin. It forces my body to create its own levels of cortisol and oils to keep ourselves hydrated. It’s pretty crazy because when you’re in front of the camera my face is my work, it does a lot. It’s been pretty interesting years. “

She added, “Another strange thing. [In] In 2019, when I was a bit in the world for advertising, it was almost a delayed reaction I had due to a protopic, which is an immunosuppressive cream. Basically, I’ve had a year when my skin was pretty good and able to function. I looked fine in pictures. Hit 2020 somehow everything went into the pot. I’ve literally gone through my worst symptoms, some of the symptoms aren’t skin related, other things. Here’s the thing, dairy is the main thing that is a trigger. Dairy products in general are just not good for me. But for that I find it difficult to stick to everything. I am such a eater. I just love food so much. “