Citrin Cooperman Names New Leisure, Music, and Sports activities Business Observe Chief

NEW YORK, February 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Citrin Cooperman is proud to announce this partner Secret Matthew has been named director of the company’s entertainment, music, and sports practice. With 15 years of experience, Segreto quickly rose through the ranks of the company due to his strong technical tax background, reputation for attentive customer service, and bespoke approach to wealth management. His technical skills, his commitment to the industry and his customers make him a natural successor to partner Arnie Herrmann as an executive. Herrmann remains an active senior partner in industry practice.

“Since joining Citrin Cooperman, Matt’s passion for the industry has shown in his ability to build relationships with his customers, his strong work ethic, and his dedication to the team,” he said Arnie Herrmann, former Entertainment, music and sports practice Leader. “The entertainment, music and sports practice has seen significant growth recently when Mejia & Kaplan joined Citrin Cooperman in 2019, an accounting and consulting firm specializing in entertainment in Beverly Hills, CA. The expansion continues with Matt’s thorough understanding of the specific needs of the industry and its alignment with the depth of services our company has to offer. “

Citrin Cooperman has deep roots in the entertainment industry and was founded in 1979 with seed capital from two globally recognized rock and roll bands. In recent years, the company has added resources and added four new locations in California to the practice. Most recently, the company added several new team members Encino, CA. Location, led by the joining of partners Fred Martin and Jamie Montaniowho came from Winningham Becker & Company in November 2020. Segreto will take over the helm with a view to further strategic expansion and build resources for the practice’s customer base. In the role of industry leader, Segreto will oversee the delivery of the highest quality services and further build the industry practice group’s reputation by leveraging the company’s talent and resources to provide customers with innovative solutions that meet their unique needs. With a bicoastal presence and a robust talent bank, the entertainment, music and sports group is geared towards further growth.

“I am proud to have been selected to lead the entertainment, music and sports practice and look forward to taking the first step,” said Segreto. “My aim is to continue to raise the bar for what we can achieve as a team – to further the success of Citrin Cooperman in the entertainment industry and to tap into some of the newer sectors in the industry.”

“We’re very excited to have Matt take on this role,” he said Patricia Cummings, Managing partner of the industry. “It was a natural development for him and I am proud to see his career grow. Matt is extremely qualified to take the lead with not only his industry expertise but also his exemplary leadership style and enthusiasm.”

Segreto oversees its client’s personal and business activities, with clients ranging from the UK to Los Angeles. Segreto provides a range of bespoke services to elite actors, artists, musicians, sports dignitaries and C-suite executives no matter where their business takes them. He was recently named “Hollywood’s Top Business Managers” by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety’s “Business Managers Elite” list.

About Citrin Cooperman

About Citrin Cooperman: Citrin Cooperman is one of the largest full-service insurance, tax and management consulting firms in The United StatesWe have steadily expanded our business since 1979 and serve a diverse and loyal clientele. Our daily mission is to help our customers “focus on what matters”. Building on our core values, we offer a comprehensive, integrated business approach to traditional services that includes proactive insights into the entire lifecycle of our customers around the world. Citrine Cooperman is an independent company affiliated with Moore Global Network Limited.

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