Kyler Murray has Arizona Cardinals O-line taking part in golf in fashion with {custom} golf equipment, luggage

While the Arizona Cardinals are hoping to have the shortest off-season of any NFL team with the Super Bowl, the team still has plenty of time to work on their golf game before training camp.

And Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray ensures his offensive line hits the links in style.

For Christmas, Murray bought each member of the Cardinals O-Line custom made white leather golf bags and a set of custom-fit clubs from True Spec Golf. The pockets are each printed with the names and numbers of the players in Cardinals red on the front. Videos posted on social media posts show the players swinging and putt in a simulator as they conform.

It seems that some of the players may need to work on their game. And although the Cardnials are currently at the top of NFC West and, according to the FPI, have a 99% chance of reaching the playoffs if they continue playing as they did last week against the Detriot Lions with two wins and one 30:12 loss, the O-line will bring their new devices to market sooner rather than later.

Chad Michael Murray & Allison Michelka Preview Hallmark’s “Sand Greenback Cove” | Leisure Information

Ready for summer fun, romance and the beloved small town pier to save? In the newest Hallmark rom-com Sand Dollar Cove, Real Estate Development Real Estate Managers and Landowners are working together to make this happen.

Alyson Michelka, plays Erie in her first Hallmark film. Chad Michael Murray Brody. He has a real estate certificate and wants to make sure that the development of a new resort does not affect the pier in his city. (Murray’s previous Hallmark films include: Write Before Christmas and Road to Christmas ..)

“I think the relationship Ally and I built during this trip really helped the chemistry on screen,” Murray told TV Insider. “This film will bring back a lot of nostalgia for all of us who have summer memories that we cherished so much, such as fishing, boating and Cranberg.”

Murray and Michelka will share more about the shoot and present Hallmark’s latest romance.

Ally, why was this the first Hallmark movie that was right for you?

Alyson Michelka: Part of it was timing right on my schedule. The pandemic apparently stopped much of the actor’s work so it was great to be back on the set. And to be honest, I was really excited to be shooting with Mystic [Connecticut].. I knew a small town because I was there for a wedding many years ago. And I really liked Erie’s character and felt like I could do something with her.

Robert Clark / Crown Media

Introducing your character.

Chad Michael Murray: Brody occupies most of the heart and soul of Sand Dollar Cove, and he cares deeply about her values ​​and her history. Its main goal is to bring this pier to its beauty again and again, to let all tourists take in and enjoy it, and to know what this little town is. He allows a void in his life because he is focused on something else. Not just the emptiness of love, but the emptiness of what he wants to be in the end.

Michelka: When we first met Erie, in a way, she broke out of her work standards and tried to do something that made her more passionate about why she was first entering development. We find that she is struggling to come to some sort of agreement with Brody on the development of this country, which is clearly of incredible value to him. She is an urban girl and a workaholic. Then when she meets Brody, he reminds her of some of the bigger things to enjoy and celebrate in life, like the outdoors, good food, and good people with family and friends. She is definitely fascinated by the charm of this small town and she is really crazy about it.

Robert Clark / Crown Media

Erie and Brody’s first encounter is a cute dog.

Michelka: The dog in the movie was amazing. He was our favorite actor. He was the most well-behaved dog ever.

Malay: He was a rock star. Never seen [an acting pet] It was very smart.

What was Erie and Brody’s first impression of each other?

Michelka: Your first impression is fine. Their first meeting was kind of coincidental and Erie is trying to capture some of the damage that occurred during the storm. Then she slowly realized that Brody knew who she was and that she was there to develop this land and that he didn’t really want to give up on the pier. I’m going. It’s like playing a little game with her. I think he thinks it’s all very funny. She doesn’t necessarily hate it either, but over time she becomes intrigued by his easygoing personality and the fact that he really cares about this community.

Robert Clark / Crown Media

Who gets more annoying and who gets more obvious when Ellie and Brody get closer?

Michelka: Maybe Erie? Erie still has some awkward moments as she deviates a little from her element. She didn’t grow up here and doesn’t know people like Brody.

Malay: Exactly. Ellie is a fish that came out of the water that comes into the world of Brody. And that would make her a lot more angry, especially if she’s going against the current. The quay makes a lot of sense for a small town. I think everyone will be uncomfortable.

Which scene did you enjoy the most?

Michelka: To be honest, there are a lot of scenes with dogs. The dog and girl who played Millie – Lily Jane Chatura – we only adored two people. So whatever they were in Chad and I was thrilled: the ones in the sand castle, everything in the small canteen, Cranberg. Their energy has been great and it has been really great so I think they did a really good job from everyone else.

Sand Dollar Cove Clan Bay querying Brody

Robert Clark / Crown Media

Malay: LJ is an incredibly talented young girl. She was just on top of it. She brought the light and wonderful energy we needed to the set which really helped us all get through the stress of the day and schedule. Mystic, Connecticut in March is cold. It snowed three times during the shooting. However, I think it created a bond for the cast as well. We’ve all grown closer, knowing that we can endure the weather and the elements together. I loved the beautiful. It was a really nice and really nice background. The set was great. All of the salespeople who came to Mystic to help us were just rock stars.

I loved how much she became part of the community during her first experience with Cranbake.

Michelka: Yeah, it was a really cute scene. And I think it shows that Erie is starting to fall in love with this family and open her heart, and I think she’s Brody [respected] I think she only gets closer to him in the community.

Sand Dollar Cove, film premiere, Saturday June 26th, 8 / 7c, Hallmark Channel

Chad Michael Murray & Allison Michelka Preview Hallmarks “Sand Dollar Cove” | Entertainment news

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Jamie Murray explains why Novak Djokovic’s NBA-style bubble thought can be troublesome to drag off in tennis

Jamie Murray says quarantine for long periods is “not good for your sanity” while also acknowledging that Novak Djokovic’s proposal to implement an NBA-style bubble would be “very difficult” to replicate in tennis.

The world’s best tennis players had to self-isolate for 14 days in Melbourne and Adelaide before the Australian Open 2021.

The players were only allowed to train for a short time each day and when the sport finally got going, several players were fighting mentally and physically.

World number 1 Djokovic, who sustained an injury en route to winning a ninth Australian Open trophy, said the majority of players do not want to continue the season if it means going through multiple quarantine periods.

He also came up with the idea of ​​an NBA style bubble for tennis where all events are held in the same location.

Novak Djokovic reveals that talks about the future of the tennis season are ongoing

Doubles specialist Murray admits that he and his partner Bruno Soares aren’t sure when they’ll be returning to the ATP Tour, but says the current situation is not healthy.

“We’re not entirely sure what we’re up to, but we want to play in Acapulco and Miami, assuming they go on as planned next month,” he wrote on his BBC Sports column.

“We should have exceptions through the ATP in order to travel and take part in competitions. There is the added stress for the players of getting flights without knowing if you will test positive on arrival and then sitting in your room in quarantine for long periods of time.

“It is not a great preparation for your sanity. It’s a strange time and I don’t know how long it will go on.

“Novak Djokovic recently launched the idea of ​​an NBA-style bubble. In an ideal world, the tour would move to one country for six or seven weeks and host a variety of tournaments.

“In reality, it is obviously very difficult because the tour does not run the tournaments.

“Hopefully the world can be vaccinated and we can once again compete in a normal world with people who are free to watch us play.

“But it still feels like we’re far from it.”

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