Alec Baldwin fires prop gun on film set, killing crew member

Actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun at a film set on Thursday, killing the film’s cameraman and injuring its director, police said

Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed on the set of Rust, a western filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Joel Souza, 48, was injured, including the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office communicated.

Hutchins was helicoptered to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Souza was taken to the Christ St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for treatment for his injuries.

The circumstances of the shooting are being investigated. No charges were brought.

“Tonight we received the devastating news that one of our members, Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for a production called ‘Rust’ in New Mexico, died of injuries sustained on set,” said John Lindley, president of International Cinematographers Guild and Rebecca Rhine, the managing director, in a statement on diversity.

“The details are currently unclear, but we are working to find out more and we support a full investigation into this tragic event,” the statement said. “This is a terrible loss and we mourn a member of our guild family.”

Hutchins graduated from the American Film Institute in 2015. She was involved in several short films before working on Archenemy, a 2020 feature film starring Joe Manganiello.

Born in Ukraine, she has a degree in international journalism from Kyiv National University and previously worked as an investigative journalist for British documentary productions in Europe.

In 2019 she was selected as one of the American Cinematographer’s Emerging Stars.

Hutchin’s death commemorates actor Brandon Lee, son of martial arts film legend Bruce Lee. Brandon Lee died after being shot by a prop gun while filming The Crow in 1993.

“There was an accident on the New Mexico set of Rust today that involved the misfiring of a prop gun with blanks,” a Baldwin spokesman said in a statement to NBC News. “Production has been suspended for the time being. The safety of our actors and crew remains our top priority.”

Baldwin, 63, co-produces Rust and plays the infamous outlaw Harland Rust, whose 13-year-old grandson was convicted of accidental murder. Rust travels to Kansas to free his grandson from prison, and the two fugitives must escape US Marshal Wood Helm and bounty hunter Fenton “Preacher” Lang.

Baldwin posted a photo of himself in costume for the film on Instagram early Thursday, complete with fake blood on his shirt.

Most recently known as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and starring in the NBC comedy 30 Rock, Baldwin has won multiple Emmy and Golden Globe awards and was nominated for an Oscar and a Tony Award.

Baldwin has hosted “SNL” 17 times, more than any other person, and has starred in such films as “The Departed”, “Glengarry Glen Ross” and the Mission Impossible franchise. He was also the producer of director Souza’s film “Crown Vic”.

Baldwin has lost his temper in the past, including incidents that led to his arrest. In 2019, he pleaded guilty to molesting another person in connection with a parking lot dispute in Manhattan in November 2018.

He was previously arrested by the police for ridden his bike incorrectly and for misconduct after allegedly quarreling with the police who stopped him.

Baldwin was also acquitted of battery crimes charges after he was accused of beating a freelance photographer and breaking the lens man’s nose in 1995 in California.

The actor is married to Hilaria Baldwin and has six children together. He also has a daughter named Ireland from his previous marriage to actress Kim Basinger.

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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ Delivers a ‘Mortal Kombat’-Fashion Fatality in First Take a look at DC Film [Video]

Fresh from DC FanDome this afternoon, a brand new trailer for Director Matt ReevesThe Batman fled a year after we received the first footage from last year’s event.

The Batman will hit theaters on March 4, 2022, and you can check out today’s fresh new trailer below. It’s full of new footage from Robert PattinsonBatman’s ass kicks and names himself, allies with Zoe Kravitz‘s Catwoman, defending Gotham City from a handful of threats, including Paul Dano‘s Riddler, and Colin Farrell‘s penguin.

Check out the trailer below and Experience it here in 4K!

The film has faced both production stops and delays in its release date due to the ongoing pandemic and was originally scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

Robert Pattinson plays Batman / Bruce Wayne for this particular version of the character, of course Paul Dano as Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell as a penguin, and John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. Jayme Lawson and Peter Sarsgaard will also play along.

James Bond is a precious film franchise. This is how the 007s stack up

Daniel Craig plays James Bond in No Time To Die.

Source: MGM

When the first James Bond film “Dr. No” was released in 1962, a ticket cost just 70 cents.

Almost 60 years later, the average ticket price is around $ 9 and the dashing 007 makes its 25th big screen appearance.

Based on the works of Ian Fleming, James Bond has been and has been a fixture in the cinema for decades one of the top-selling film franchises in film history.

On Friday, the 25th Bond film “No Time to Die” came in theaters in the UK prior to its domestic release on October 8th.

The last 24 films have grossed more than $ 6.89 billion worldwide and played seven different actors – Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

“No Time to Die” marks Craig’s fifth and final round as a legendary British spy. With Craig as the star, the James Bond franchise had its best theatrical release in history and, according to Comscore, grossed almost 3.2 billion US dollars worldwide between 2006 “Casino Royale” and 2015 “Specter”.

In fact, “Skyfall” was the first James Bond film from 2012 to top a billion dollars worldwide.

Of course, ticket prices are much higher these days and there are many more entertainment options for consumers to spend their money on, making receipts from the 1960s look very different from today’s numbers. but Cash experts do not adjust to inflation because there are many

During Connery’s time as Bond, the franchise grossed an average of around $ 100 million at box offices around the world. At the time, movie tickets were less than $ 2 and one James Bond movie was released annually.

After Lazenby’s solo run as 007 and Connery’s reprisals, Roger Moore took on the role for seven films and grossed an average of $ 120 million at the box office between 1973 and 1985. Back then, tickets were around $ 2.50 each.

Dalton took on two films and achieved similar results at a time when tickets were selling for just under $ 4.

It wasn’t until the audience had an eight-year gap between Dalton’s “License to Kill” and Brosnan’s debut in “Goldeneye” that the James Bond franchise saw a massive spike in box office receipts.

1997’s “Goldeneye” became the top-grossing James Bond film, with tickets selling $ 356 million worldwide. In four films, Brosnan’s Bond grossed an average of $ 372 million per frame at the box office and helped revitalize the brand.

Then came Craig. “Casino Royale” updated the 007 character and was a more polished and bolder incarnation of the iconic hero. The film grossed nearly $ 600 million during its 2006 theatrical life.

It is unclear how “No Time to Die” of 2021 will ultimately fare at box offices around the world compared to its predecessors. The film is released at a turbulent time in the cinema business. The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the industry for months and ticket sales have yet to recover.

However, the advance sale of tickets at home and abroad has given cinema analysts hope for solid cinema operations. Mainly because “No Time to Die” will have an exclusive theatrical release.

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Las Cruces police obtain stories of film prop cash getting used as forex

LAS CRUCES – Las Cruces police received two reports over the weekend of movie props that were approved as legal tender over the weekend, a press release said Monday.

In the press release, police stated that movie props may look like real currency, but in most cases they don’t have the same texture.

According to the police, movie prop bills are usually slightly smaller in size than the actual currency. It usually also has wording identifying it as a fake currency. For example, movie prop money typically reads:

  • “For use in films only” at the top of the bill.
  • The word “copy” is usually printed on both sides of the invoice.
  • “This notice is not legal tender” or “For film use only” is usually printed on one or more sides of the invoice.
  • Often the name of the president is left out or changed.
  • The serial numbers are often the same for all movie props.

It is not illegal to have money for movie props. However, passing on movie props or an illegal currency could be classified as a criminal offense or federal crime depending on its use, police said.

Anyone who receives suspected prop money or illegally made invoices in actual currency should call the police immediately at 575-526-0795.

Circulation of ‘film cash or ‘prop cash’

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Acadiana has prop money circulating. A local business wants to warn businesses and consumers about the “movie money” or “prop money” in circulation. This money will go to the film and advertising industries for use in films, music videos, and production advertising.

Chris Babin of Acadiana’s Better Business Bureau said, “A local accredited company contacted us, wanted us to be aware, wanted us to share the information with businesses and consumers, that someone was actually checking out and using counterfeit money or it says ‘Prop Money’ on it in one of their local facilities and they are not sure if this is an isolated incident or if that type of money is something that is being tried to be spent in the local Acadiana area. “

Eye on Scams: Scammers take advantage of couples hoping to adopt a child

The company wanted to remain anonymous, but said payment for products purchased was made in twenty-dollar bills. At first glance, they seem real.

“It’s actually designed to look like real money to be used in movies and in scenes where real currency isn’t used but it has to look like it. So scammers are unethical people who buy it online and have spent it. “Explained Babin.

The counterfeit twenty-dollar bill reads “Copy money,” but it may be difficult to see. The company that accepted the bills said they only use counterfeit detector pens for one hundred and fifty dollar bills.

“The company said it was a busy day. At the end of the day when they checked the cash register, they weren’t sure who actually spent that, so there’s really nothing they can do. They only took out the funds for which they collected the fake bills, ”added Babin.

Here’s how you can avoid falling victim to prop money:

  • Check out the currency when you get it from a consumer.
  • Check all currencies with a counterfeit detector pen.
  • Look for Chinese or foreign characters on the front and back of the invoice.
  • Look for the words “replica” or “copy money”.

Fraud in mind: vaccination certificates are on the way, scams are sure to follow

To learn more about Eye on Scams, download our Eye on Scams podcast on 10 Talks Acadiana. It’s available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

If you have a scam for me to investigate please email me at

Tilda Swinton and Wes Nelson to shoot new film in Spain | Leisure

Tilda Swinton is meeting Wes Anderson for his next film.

The Hollywood star has announced that she and the legendary director will be filming the top-secret flick in Spain, even though the location has nothing to do with the story.

Tilda told Variety, “It’s not about Spain.”

Wes is currently unwilling to share “details” about the film.

However, the location of the film is in Chinchon on the outskirts of Madrid, much to the delight of the city’s mayor, Francisco Javier Martínez.

He told TV6 News: “This is very important for this city.

“It’s true that we used to be the usual location for a lot of filming, but the great American productions have been shown here for many months, which have given us life, category and advertising opportunities.

“We have already been to Parador, hotels and country houses. Mediation, negotiation will take care of everything. The theater becomes their center of action, and they can even shoot there. “

Tilda and Wes’ next film, “The French Dispatch,” is slated to hit theaters later this year.

The star-studded live-action comedy drama, which also stars Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan, is set in the 1950s and follows a group of journalists at an American newspaper office in Paris. Filming is currently taking place in Angouleme in southwest France.

Her previous films together include ‘Of The Liberty’, ‘The Isle Of Dogs’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

Leisure Information Roundup: Twitter thread about girl’s intercourse trafficking story now a film; Field Workplace: ‘F9’ Zooms to Mighty $70 Million Debut, Shattering Pandemic Information

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Twitter thread about the history of the sex trafficking in women now a movie

A viral one Twitter Thread about a woman’s experience of sex trafficking while traveling to. 2015 Florida was turned into a movie “Zola”. Inspired by A’Ziah “Zola” King’s 148 tweet thread and a subsequent story in Rolling Stone magazine about her experience, the drama follows Detroit Waitress and exotic dancer Zola, their customer Stefani persuades her to travel Florida for a weekend.

Box Office: ‘F9’ zooms in on mighty $ 70 million debut and breaks pandemic records

The only thing stronger than family? The box office debut of “F9”, the latest entry in Universal’s “Fast & Furious” saga. After many delays over the course of a year and a half, “F9” opened for a whopping $ 70 million from 4,179 North American venues. This is by far the biggest start for a movie in US Box office since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sister says she’s proud of Britney Spears to speak speaking

Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney SpearsShe said Monday she was proud of the pop superstar, who spoke about her life under her father’s supervision and supported anything that would make the singer happy. In a video posted on InstagramJamie Lynn Spears said she felt she could speak publicly about the situation now because her sister testified in court.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ returns Stories Audio books

“Sherlock Holmes” comes back to life as Stories has signed a contract with Conan Doyle Estate for new stories in audiobooks written by writer Anthony Horowitz Swedish Audiobook platform said on Monday. “Holmes,” the hero of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective stories in 1887, has a large following worldwide and has spawned several films based on the character.

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‘F9’ places cost again into film theaters with $70M opening | Leisure

LOS ANGELES (AP) – As the strongest sign yet that life is left in theaters, “F9” accelerated to a box office hit of $ 70 million on the first weekend, the biggest opening for a movie since the beginning of the year, according to the studio Pandemic estimates Sunday.

The ninth part of the “Fast & Furious” series with franchise regulars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, opened in theaters only and had the widest release of any movie since the coronavirus crisis began.

The domestic grand total for “F9″ from Universal Pictures exceeded the previous pandemic record of $ 48.4 million for ” A quiet place part II ” four weeks ago. It was the biggest opening of a movie since “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” in December 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier to see the audience hugging the ‘Fast’ family and coming out in huge numbers to see ‘F9’,” said Jim Orr, Universal’s sales director. “The debut this weekend really sparked the domestic box office and put it on a tremendous path for the rest of the year.”

“A Quiet Place Part II” took second place, a long way off, with $ 6.2 million. But it has now made $ 136.4 million since its release. “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” took third place for $ 4.88 million.

F9“, Whose release has been postponed several times, seems just the right weekend to open in North America, a loud, action-packed, immersive experience.

“It’s the perfect intersection between growing consumer confidence and vaccination in North America, with already-released movies creating momentum,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore. “I think you couldn’t have imagined a better scenario for the industry with a couple of speed bumps. “Furious 9” is really the first summer blockbuster in two years. “

“F9” made its international debut on May 19 and has since grossed more than 400 million US dollars worldwide.

Universal renounced the hybrid approach of combining theatrical and streaming releases, as Disney did earlier this year with “Cruella” and Warner Bros. with “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

It also came after most of the major theater chains eased capacity and masking restrictions significantly.

The trends suggest that Hollywood might have something resembling a regular Summer movie season, albeit one that starts months late and won’t break any industry records.

Releases in the coming weeks include Disney and Marvel’s “Black Widow” and Warner Bros. ‘ “The suicide squad.” Studios use a variety of hybrid release plans. While the time movies spend between theaters and streaming has likely shrunk permanently, the big screen is increasingly coming to the fore.

“It is a delayed start to a summer that has been a long time coming. It’s unusual for the end of June to be supposed to be the beginning of summer, but it’s better late than never, ”Dergarabedian said. “There’s a big July 4th weekend ahead, with practically every genre covered, and a week later we have Black Widow. ‘So we are on the road to recovery. “

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday in US and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. If available, the current international numbers for Friday to Sunday are also included.

1. “F9”, $ 70 million ($ 334.9 million internationally).

2. A Quiet Place, Part II, $ 6.2 million ($ 112.1 million internationally).

3. The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard, $ 4.88 million ($ 14.5 million internationally).

4. “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway,” $ 4.85 million ($ 79 million internationally).

5. “Cruella,” $ 3.7 million ($ 112.5 million internationally).

6. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, $ 2.9 million ($ 101.5 million internationally).

7. “In The Heights,” $ 2.2 million ($ 5.9 million internationally).

8. “Untamed Spirit,” $ 591,917.

9. “12 Mighty Orphans,” $ 560,000.

10. “Nobody”, $ 229,000.


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Olivia Rodrigo Begins Streaming Promenade-Themed Live performance Film | Leisure

Olivia Rodrigo will stream a prom-themed concert film on YouTube.

The 18-year-old singer released her acclaimed debut album “Sour” last month and has now announced that “Sour Prom” will be streamed on her YouTube channel on June 29th.

Olivia wrote on Instagram, “I couldn’t go to prom so I wanted to have a little prom party with my favorite prom.

The star of the charts also announced that it would hold a premiere party shortly before the film stream.

Olivia takes the time to answer fan questions and reveal some behind the scenes stories of the project.

Teen singers have been aiming for a global star in the past few months, and Olivia admits her success has been almost incredible.

She says, “Spotify has the ability to see how many people are listening to a song. I remember saying, “Oh, now 60,000 people are hearing a“ driver’s license ”. .. It was crazy.

“I couldn’t wrap my head in that number.”

And despite the track’s worldwide success, Olivia still has a strong connection with the song.

She explained, “I’ve always felt this kind of connection with the song.

“Unlike the songs I wrote before, I had a perfect understanding of my feelings, so when I was sad I would listen to them alone in the car,” he said.

Olivia released her debut album after appearing on High School Musical: Musical: The Series. She believes her acting career helped the music business.

She explained, “Acting definitely works when recording. I’m crazy about it so I spoil my face and play every word I sing.

“I think this will have a huge impact on the final album’s performance.”

Olivia Rodrigo starts streaming concert films on the theme of prom | entertainment

Source link Olivia Rodrigo starts streaming concert films on the theme of prom | entertainment

Leisure Information Roundup: Joyful ‘Within the Heights’ is love letter to Latinos in U.S.; Warner Bros. plans anime film in ‘Lord of the Rings’ collection and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Joyful ‘In the Heights’ is a love letter to Latinos in U.S

It took 13 years to get from the stage to the big screen, but In the Heights is throwing a party and wants everyone to join in. Opening in theaters on Thursday and streaming on HBO max, Hollywood’s greatest Latino film in decades, tells the stories of the dreams and challenges of the largely immigrant community in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

Warner Bros. plans anime film in ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

The Warner bros. The film studio will produce an anime feature film set in the world of JRR Tolkien’s popular “Lord of the Rings” books, officials said Thursday. “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” tells the story of a legendary battle that Middle earth in the years leading up to the events in the 2001 film “The Lord of the Rings”, a statement from the studio said. The new film will explore the fortress of Helms Deep and show the king of Rohan, helmet Hammer hand.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t regret the end of the reality series’ Keeping Up ”

After 14 years of drama, fashion, and family, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the television series that Kim Kardashian and the familiar names of their siblings, bowed on Thursday with hugs, tears and gratitude. “I regret nothing. That was the best decade and a half of my life. ” Kim Kardashian says in the final.

One minute with: Boy George turns 60, new music and biopic

Culture Club front man Boy George is looking for an actor to play him in a new music biopic set to begin filming this summer. The British Singer, who will turn 60 next week, launched the social media call for auditions in April for the film “Karma Chameleon,” based on one of the band’s 1980s hits.

Actor Riz Ahmed leads to an offer to change the path Muslims seen in movies

British actor Rice Ahmed Thursday started an effort to improve the path Muslims are portrayed in films after a study shows they are barely seen and portrayed in a negative light when they appear. Ahmed, the “Sound of Metal” star and the first Muslim to get a best actor Oscar Nomination said the blueprint for Muslim Inclusion would provide funding and mentoring for Muslim Storyteller in the early stages of her career.

Placido Domingo honored in Spain after harassment allegations

Spanish opera star Placido Domingo was honored with an award at Madrid’s Teatro Real on Thursday, the day after receiving a standing ovation for his first performance in his home country since a union said he routinely molested women. Spain last year, Domingo’s planned performances in publicly funded theaters were canceled while the singer withdrew from shows after an investigation by the American Guild of Musical Artists found he had behaved inappropriately towards female performers.

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