Jim Cramer says Common Electrical breaking apart into three firms is the appropriate transfer

CNBCs Jim Cramer cheered on Tuesday General electrics‘s plan to split into three separate companies focused on energy, aviation and healthcare.

While the possible breakup of the American industrial conglomerate may seem symbolically bleak, the Mad Money host said it was the right and necessary financial move and he trusts GE CEO Larry Culp to carry it out.

Culp, who acquired GE in 2018, “saved the company, and while we may miss the GE name, the divisions themselves were a house that, of course, couldn’t hold up,” Cramer said.

Cramer said Culp did an excellent job streamlining GE’s business structure and cleaning up its balance sheet after it was impacted by the financial crisis. However, Cramer said it made no sense to hold the remaining units together at this point.

“Let me put it this way: if you started a business today, you’d never start one that’s part aerospace, part health care, and part energy, including renewable energy,” said Cramer.

GE plans to outsource its healthcare business by early 2023 and its energy business by early 2024, according to a press release from the company. The current GE will be the aerospace-focused company.

Once that happens, Cramer said the standalone companies will be easier to deceive for Wall Street analysts and investors alike.

“Even at its peak, that combination hasn’t wowed anyone in twenty years so you had to do it,” said the former hedge fund manager, but suggested that as separate entities it could be a different story.

“A healthcare company based on high-demand MRI machines that they can’t even get enough of? That’s good, ”said Cramer. “The power and renewable energy business could be very attractive to asset managers looking to go green – and there are plenty of them.”

GE shares rose 2.65% Tuesday to close at $ 111.29 apiece. The stock is up almost 29% since the start of the year, outperforming the S&P 500It’s about 25% profit over the same range.

Feds say Milton man exported used automobiles to maneuver soiled cash out of US

MILTON – Federal prosecutors charged a Milton man after they said he helped scammers get their money from US banks to overseas accounts after they stabbed him with a guilty scammer.

Augustine Osemwegie, 53, of Milton, was charged last week on a single charge of conspiracy to commit bank and wire transfer fraud. Federal agents also searched his home on Thacher Street, according to court records.

Osemwegie used its used car dealer in Fall River to Ejad car salesto transfer money from lovesickness, unemployment, and other scams into cash or assets outside of the United States, FBI Agent Michael Livingood wrote on an affidavit.

He bought used cars with money fraudulently obtained by others and then sent the used cars to Nigeria where they were sold. He then paid out most of the proceeds to the original scammers, minus a 10 percent fee, Livingood wrote.

More:Read FBI Agent Michael Livingood’s investigation

The cash-for-car program enabled Osemwegie’s co-conspirators, all but one unidentified, “to evade the banking system’s detection and regulation of their money transfers,” wrote Livingood.

The FBI began stabbing Osemwegie last summer after an unnamed scammer named “CW-1” pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and agreed to work with prosecutors in the summer of 2020. used the services of Osemwegie to “transfer a portion of the proceeds from the Massachusetts frauds to Nigeria,” wrote Livingood.

“There was a network of co-conspirators in Nigeria to whom CW-1 provided US bank accounts that could be used to raise fraud proceeds,” wrote Livingood. “CW-1 generally charged a fee of 15 percent of the total amount deposited into an account it controlled.”

March 28, 2021:Four residents of the canton have taken on roles in romances, with unemployment fraud grossing $ 4 million

Fraudsters used Osemwegie’s services because they could quickly convert cash in America into money in Nigerian bank accounts. He sent the used cars to Nigeria, where the dealers paid him in the local currency, and then gave everything but his share to the fraudsters, wrote Livingood.

On Tuesday, Osemwegie was released with a $ 250,000 bond backed by a property in Mattapan he owns. According to court records, he is prohibited from participating in car sales until his trial is complete.

According to the Small Business Administration, Osemwegie also received two paycheck protection program grants during the pandemic. one in May 2020 for $ 7,302 and an in March 2021 for $ 4,273.

From cash to cars and back again

It is not illegal to buy used cars in America and then export them, nor is it illegal to send goods such as cars to another country for money transfer. It is known as the “informal value transfer system” and is regulated at the state and federal levels, Livingood wrote.

June 22, 2021:Canton woman advocates participating in romance scams that brought in $ 1.3 million

These regulations include registration with the Financial crime enforcement network and reporting suspected money laundering. Neither Osemwegie nor Ejad car sales were federally registered. Massachusetts also regulates overseas transactions and requires practitioners to be “licensed money transmitters,” wrote Livingood. Oswemwegie was not registered in Massachusetts.

Between October 2018 and August 13, 2021, Ejad Auto Sales and Osemwegie exported 218 vehicles valued at $ 1.3 million to Africa, Livingood wrote. No money was ever reported as the proceeds from the sale of these vehicles.

Hyde Park scammers plead guilty

Five months after the stab operation in Augustine Osemwegie, the FBI arrested Macpherson Osemwegie, 32, from Hyde Park and charged him with bank and wire transfer fraud conspiracies run a series of love and unemployment frauds. They found he had two money orders for $ 1,000 in Ejad Auto Sales account, Livingood wrote.

July 27, 2021:Macpherson Osemwegie signs plea for bank and wire transfer fraud conspiracy

Macpherson Osemwegie

On Wednesday, Macpherson Osemwegie pleaded guilty to single charges of bank and wire transfer fraud conspiracy after signing a plea deal in July. His co-conspirators were Osakpamwan Omoruyi, 36, and Osaretin Omoruyi, 34, both cantons. They were charged in one case of conspiracy with bank and wire transfer fraud, in three cases with wire transfer fraud and in two cases with money laundering. Both men are Nigerian nationals. Your cases continue.

02/28/2021:Romance Scam: Former Randolph man arrested for $ 1.7 million fraud

As part of the plea, Macpherson Osemwegie agreed to forfeit $ 690,000.

Check out our previous coverage of federal romance and unemployment and embezzlement cases

July 27, 2021:Two cantons accused, accused of love fraud

June 28, 2021:Canton woman sentenced to six years in prison after stealing $ 1.4 million from nonprofits

June 22, 2021:Canton woman advocates participating in romance scams that brought in $ 1.3 million

March 28, 2021:Four residents of the canton have taken on roles in romances, with unemployment fraud grossing $ 4 million

02/28/2021:Romance Scam: Former Randolph man arrested for $ 1.7 million fraud

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FDA chief tells reporter ‘transfer on’ when pressed on Biogen Alzheimer’s drug approval

A pedestrian walks past Biogen Inc. headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Adam Glanzman | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Acting Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Janet Woodcock, on Wednesday, opposed a journalist’s questions about the controversial approval of rejected BiogenicAlzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm.

During an interview at STAT’s Breakthrough Science Summit, STAT reporter Nicholas Florko asked Woodcock several questions about the drug, including whether she was surprised that the agency approved it for such widespread use.

When the FDA approved Aduhelm last month, it didn’t limit its use to specific Alzheimer’s patients. But after facing heavy criticism, about a month later, U.S. regulators changed course, updated the label, and restricted use of the drug for people with mild or early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Woodcock said Wednesday that the broader label is in line with other drugs for neurodegenerative disease. The FDA chief also admitted that Biogen’s drug approval process could possibly have been handled differently.

“It is possible that the process would have been managed in a way that would have reduced the controversy associated with it,” she said.

Florko asked if she was surprised at the label. She replied, “I think we should go ahead.”

When Florko then pressed Woodcock to see if she was one reported meeting Between an FDA regulator and Biogen in 2019, Woodcock said she worked for Operation Warp Speed, former President Donald Trump’s Covid drug and vaccine program, all last year. Then she said, “Nick, this is an interrogation right now,” and asked again to move on from the biotech company’s drug questions.

“I will not comment if and when and who. I really think we should go ahead, ”she replied.

The interview came less than a week after Woodcock’s call for a federal investigation in the approval of Biogen’s drug. On Friday, she asked the independent Office of Inspector General to investigate interactions between the US agency and Biogen prior to the drug’s approval on June 7th.

Biogen’s stock rose last month after the FDA issued the Drug from the biotech company, the first US regulator-approved drug to slow cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer’s disease, and the first new drug for the disease in nearly two decades.

This decision was a departure from the recommendations of the agency’s independent panel of external experts, who unexpectedly refused to support the drug last fall, citing unconvincing data. At least three members of the committee resigned in protest after the agency’s approval.

Federal agencies have faced heavy pressure from friends and family of Alzheimer’s patients to ask for the drug scientifically known as aducanumab to be expedited. The drug targets a “sticky” compound in the brain known as beta-amyloid that scientists expect to play a role in the devastating disease.

The investigation is the most recent setback for the company and the drug, which has been controversial since 2016.

In March 2019, Biogen withdrew from development of the drug after analysis by an independent group found it was unlikely to work. The company then shocked investors a few months later by announcing that it would apply for regulatory approval for the drug after all.

When Biogen filed for approval for the drug in late 2019, its scientists said a new analysis of a larger data set showed that aducanumab “reduces clinical decline in patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.”

Alzheimer’s experts and Wall Street analysts were immediately skeptical, wondering whether the clinical trial data was enough to prove the drug works and whether approval could make it difficult for other companies to enroll patients in their own drug trials.

Some doctors said they won’t prescribe it aducanumab due to the mixed data package supporting the company’s application.

Eagles focusing on big-money deal for tight finish Dallas Goedert as Zach Ertz prepares to maneuver on, per report

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles with the Minnesota VikingsUSATSI

The expected split between Zach Ertz and the Eagle has been postponed for months as Philadelphia hopes for better compensation in a potential deal, but for anyone skeptical of Ertz’s future exit, John McMullen of SI.com’s EagleMaven reports that the team has already taken several steps to prepare for 2021 and beyond without the long-term tight end. This also includes striving for a “big money contract extension” for Ertz’s tight-end colleagues Dallas Goedert, as well as informing Ertz that Goedert will take the majority of the snapshots at the position, regardless of who is on the list.

“Both sides want to move on,” McMullen wrote this week, “but Eagles (General Manager) Howie Roseman has continued to play hard when it comes to Ertz’s worth … What we do know is that the Eagles plan for life to Ertz and tries to work out a (deal) with Goedert. What’s more, the team has informed Ertz that Goedert will definitely get the lion’s share of the snapshots at the position. “

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Meanwhile, New Eagles coach Nick Sirianni wants to “get away from a two-tight-end-centered offensive and get more speed on the field,” reported McMullen. Philadelphia recently re-signed the Veterans Reserve Richard Rodgerswho would likely open as the team’s # 2 tight end in 2021 if Ertz is dealt or released.

The reasons for Ertz’s expected departure have been amply set out this off-season; the three-time pro bowler will forever be a Philadelphia legend for eight years of consistent production Super bowl LII performance, but at 30, after an injury and looking for a new setting and maybe a new contract, the ship has already sailed unofficially. As for Goedert, the former second-round pick admitted in June that he was hey Talks about a new deal started.

Goedert, 26, will join the Free Agency after this season. The Eagles could potentially use the 2022 Franchise Tag. forecast to be $ 11.3 millionto keep it after 2021. A long term contract could net him something on the order of $ 12 million to $ 14 million per season, making him one of the NFL‘s four highest paid players in his position, according to other tight ends Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith redeemed on deals Pay $ 12.5 million a year this off-season. The Eagles would save $ 8.5 million this year by cutting or bargaining Ertz.

Cash on the Transfer: June 2-8

Life sciences investors are warming up quickly this summer. Here’s who’s hot for cash this week.


At the end of its fourth life sciences fund, venBio rounded up $ 550 million invest in pharmaceutical companies developing therapies for unmet medical needs. Since its inception in 2011, the VC company has raised nearly $ 1.5 billion in capital commitments and led investment rounds in 34 companies. “We remain true to our unique approach and strategy and hope the results speak for themselves – our portfolio companies have launched four drugs for six clinical indications and another seven drug candidates show promising late-stage efficacy,” said fund management partner Robert Nobleman.

Monogram health

With $ 160 million in new Series B funds, Monogram Health is expanding its kidney disease performance management for patients with kidney failure in the United States. The platform helps patients manage their chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease at home. Working with health insurers, this data-driven approach to home specialist care improves patient outcomes and dramatically lowers health care costs. CKD has over 10% of the US adult population, with many cases going untreated to the end-stage of the disease. Monogram currently operates services in 20 states with a growing network of specialists.

Stablix Therapeutics

As a pioneer in the field of targeted protein stabilization, Stablix came out of stealth mode with a $ 63 million Series A. The opposite approach of the popular protein breakdown pathway, protein stabilization, strengthens the body’s mechanisms. Many diseases are the result of an insufficient amount of specific proteins. The Stablix platform removes (destroys) ubiquitin tags from specific proteins to stabilize and increase target protein levels and activity. Without giving any details, Stablix will be active in the fields of rare diseases, cancer and immunological diseases. The company pointed out cystic fibrosis as a disease that could benefit from its approach.

Strateos, Inc.

Strateos is expanding and leveraging the next generation of smart lab solutions $ 56.1 million Series B Means to Accelerate Life Science Discovery. Strateos’ SmartLab platform integrates data generation and AI support for a more automated R&D process. “Life science research needs faster, more reliable and cheaper data to take full advantage of artificial intelligence analytics tools,” said Mark Fischer-Cobrie, CEO of Strateos. “Our unique fleet of laboratory automation modules, accessible from anywhere in the world, accelerates the design-make-test-analysis cycle and generates clean, AI-enabled data. … Strateos is rethinking the world of life science research and ushers in a new era of decentralized discovery. ”


The population genomics and COVID-19 testing company Helix has rounded up $ 50 million in Series C Funding to expand its genomics platform and COVID-19 testing and virus monitoring efforts. The platform enables companies to accelerate the integration of genomic data into clinical care. “In healthcare, the goal is to achieve personalized, preventive and population-based healthcare. A central component of this is the earlier and broader identification of people at risk for genetic diseases, ”says Amr Kronfol, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus, a Helix investor. Helix is ​​also using its sequencing to identify, characterize and better understand the effects of emerging COVID-19 strains.

intrinsic life science

After the series A and B raises, Entrinsic got another one $ 49 million this week this Growth capital from the Jefferies Group financing. According to entrinsic’s CEO, the company’s platform is “a new modality for developing functional ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are highly effective, safe and inexpensive”. Originally started with a grant from NASA | BARDA, his approach uses protein and ion channel modulation. The funds will be used to support commercialization efforts with leading OTC, CPG and therapeutic companies.

Iksuda Therapeutics

In a financing round jointly managed by the Korean company Mirae Asset Capital, the English biotech company Iksuda $ 47 million to develop leading antibody-drug conjugate assets and expand its platform technologies. The company’s lead preclinical ADC candidate, IKS03, targets CD19 in B-cell cancer. These new funds will lead IKS03 to initial Phase I human clinical trials as well as two previous IND filing programs. Iksuda’s programs target tumors with high relapse rates and limited treatment options.


The company Synchron landed for the brain interference platform $ 40 million in a Series B round. With access to the jugular vein, Synchron is a leader in minimally invasive implantable brain-computer interface technology. An Australian clinical trial is currently underway with four patients who have already had a device implanted, hopefully to improve their functional independence. These funds will be used to initiate a pivotal study in the US for patients with limb palsy and develop a pipeline of neurointerventional sensing and stimulation products.

Visa needs to assist transfer cash abroad; ‘We’re moving into areas we by no means used to service earlier than,’ says CFO

A recovering economy and the reopening of the borders are fueling a new spending dynamic for Visa Inc., and could also support the company’s more recent efforts to facilitate inter-company payments.

During visa
V, + 0.89%
had already benefited from a rebound in domestic spending, now indicates an improvement in trends for its cross-border business as more travel corridors open. Cross-border transactions, or transactions made by cardholders who are spending money in a country other than the country where their card details originate, are a critical part of Visa’s business model as the complexity of the company allows the company to charge higher fees for these transactions.

The company is still hampered by restrictions on international travel, which is an important part of cross-border spending, although CFO Vasant Prabhu sees positive signs in areas where traffic between countries is more free. U.S. consumer spending in Mexico increased 70% in May over the same period in 2019, he said, with the two-year comparison intended to offer a perspective on business performance versus pre-pandemic times. In addition, Greece opened its borders in mid-April and Visa doubled its cross-border spending in the country in six weeks.

“Consumers are showing a real desire to get started,” he told MarketWatch. “Wherever borders open, we immediately see clear bumps.”

Overall, Visa’s cross-border business ran to around 85% of 2019 levels in May, Prabhu said, with no transactions between European countries. That was an increase of six percentage points compared to the quarter of April 2021.

The COVID-19 crisis has meant that Visa may no longer be so reliant on travel to fuel cross-border spending in the future. Before the pandemic, travel made up two-thirds of cross-border business, with e-commerce spending the rest. Now the balance is upside-down, in part because cross-border travel has still stalled, but also because shoppers, especially outside of the US, are more convenient to shop online from international sellers, Prabhu said.

In general, Visa relies on being able to participate more in the flow of money between countries. The company is best known for making card payments possible for consumers, but it has made greater efforts lately to get involved in the flow of money between companies, which is a lucrative but complex business, especially when it comes to companies that are international Operate commercially.

While companies in the past have not preferred to pay each other using traditional credit or debit cards, Visa has expanded its business beyond cards to capture new types of money movements. The company acquired Earthport two years ago, which enabled it to connect to additional card-based networks and domestic systems for automated clearing houses (ACH) while Visa itself was already bringing 5 billion cards and accounts to the table. The goal is to help businesses or people pay each other in a variety of ways, be it from a card to a bank account or from a bank account to a bank account.

“We are merging an extraordinary number of networks into a single network,” said Prabhu.

This wide presence in various payment networks is why Visa believes it can be an attractive option for companies looking to send money internationally, both to suppliers and to those who work for them in other parts of the world. The company sees a $ 10 trillion market opportunity in cross-border business-to-business (B2B) payments.

The process of sending money internationally has generally been complex, Prabhu said, as companies wishing to do so may have had to use different platforms depending on where they were sending funds, how large the transaction amounts were, or how often their payments would take space . Visa’s interactions with different types of networks mean that companies can use its B2B Connect platform for different types of transactions in a simplified manner and with more security in terms of exchange rates and security protocols, he continued.

Visa announced on Monday that it has entered into a new partnership with Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking that will focus on sending money internationally. Goldman Sachs has “a single connection for any type of cross-border payment” that it can use to help its customers get their money where it belongs.

Visa saw some negative impact on its B2B cross-border dynamics during the pandemic, particularly from smaller businesses hit by COVID-19, Prabhu said, but the company is now seeing that area come back. And in general, he sees an urge from companies to digitize more parts of their operations, including payments.

The company’s efforts to expand beyond card payments are also helping it enter other areas of international money transactions, including cross-border transfers. The remittance market is “as big as FDI,” said Prabhu, and Visa is “really for the first time in” [its] history ”, which enables this type of cash flow thanks to partnerships with major remittance providers.

“We’re moving into areas we’ve never served before,” he said, “and helping people move money across borders in ways that go beyond paying merchants.”

Logical transfer: Boston pays tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy | Leisure

BOSTON (AP) – In an absolutely logical step, Boston pays tribute to the actor who played Mr. Spock on the TV show and films “Star Trek”.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced Leonard Nimoy Day in town on Friday March 26th, his daughter Julie. shared on them Twitter Account.

Nimoy, who died in 2015, was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston.

Nimoy furthered his acting talent as a teenager at Elizabeth Peabody House and the West End Boys Club, and as a teenager, according to the proclamation, received a summer scholarship to teach acting at Boston College.

He “brought honor to his hometown with his achievements as an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, photographer and philanthropist,” states the proclamation.

He also contributed to cancer research, as well as scholarship programs for arts and space research, and through the fictional half-human, half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock gave the immigrant, the refugee and the oppressed a hero, according to the city.

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NEXT SUPER STOCKS On The Transfer: ESE Leisure, Relay Medical, Victory Sq. Applied sciences, and Skylight Well being

NEW YORK, Mar. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in the financial news since 1843, highlights the latest comment and news from companies featured at its recently acclaimed NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream investor conference “LiveChats” in social media streams. Over the past 30 days, over 100,000 investors have attended Wall Street Reporter’s livestream events.

Victory Square Technologies (OTC: VSQTF) (CSE: VST) CEO, Diamond Tejani website: “‘Unicorn farm’ with several shots on goal”

Shafin Diamond Tejani recently shared VSQTF’s growth strategy for investing and developing disruptive tech companies in a presentation on the NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream by Wall Street Reporter, CEO of Victory Square Technologies (OTC: VSQTF) (CSE: VST), the “Einhorn ” can have. Billion dollar valuation potential. VSQTF’s portfolio includes over 20 companies in sectors such as HealthTech, E-Sports, AI, VR / AR, Blockchain, Fintech and other emerging sectors.

March 17, 12:30 PM EST: VSQTF presents on Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream. Click here: https://bit.ly/2PX0SpH

Shafin shares the view that VSQTF’s portfolio is a “unicorn farm” with “multiple shots on goal” to generate billions in profits. One of VSQTF’s recent success stories is FansUnite (FANS), the iGaming / esports betting company spun off last year and recently trading for over $ 100 million. Shafin explained how VSQTF will spin off more exciting gaming and AR companies and create shareholder value in the coming months.

March 16 – VSQTF announces the sale of the VPN platform to Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies for $ 6,000,000 and a profit of $ 1.48 million upon exercise of warrants on Argo Blockchain. “We have spent the past 6 years connecting and investing in some of the brightest, most disruptive minds in technology. Silently build up stocks of applications and intellectual property while you wait for a tipping point for those applications to roll out, ”said Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO of VSQTF. “This 6 million intellectual property sale and $ 1.5 million gain on Argo demonstrate the depth of the Victory Square portfolio and our ability to make money and add value to our shareholders.”

The story goes on

Take a look at Victory Square Technologies (OTC: VSQTF) NEXT SUPER STOCK Video: https://bit.ly/30xF9tI

Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF): “We are building a global esports business worth billions.”

Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF), moderator at the livestream conference NEXT SUPER STOCK for Wall Street Reporter’s investors, recently informed his investors about his goal of making ESE a global billion -Dollar business to make. Wasiela announced that “ESE now has a growing M&A pipeline with annual sales exceeding $ 100 million” and expects to close a significant number of these potential transactions in the coming months. ESE’s stated goal is to build a global esports business valued at over $ 1 billion.

Watch the next Super Stock livestream video from ESE (OTC: ENTEF): https://bit.ly/3qq59mb

In his interview with Wall Street Reporter, Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE, said the company is now scalable. It is expanding its global presence through new partnerships with global brands like Porsche and driving sales growth with an aggressive focus on sales and margin expansion. and M&A opportunities. ESE is now growing rapidly and has multiple sources of revenue including esports infrastructure software for global tournaments, exclusive digital media distribution, broadcast rights, and ownership of world-class leagues and teams, including K1CK’s global esports franchise.

March 17th – ENTEF announces the launch of Virtual Pitstop, a new business unit for simulation racing (“Sim Racing”). Virtual Pitstop provides video game developers, racing fans and gamers with technology for motorsport around the world. Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ENTEF, commented: “We are pleased to announce the expansion of our digital motorsport business with the launch of the Virtual Pitstop brand. Our successful partnerships and business collaborations with Porsche, Kia and Orlen are just the beginning. We see a significant opportunity to implement rapidly growing technology and monetization across AR / VR, NFTs, skins, and more. “

Watch the next Super Stock livestream video from ESE (OTC: ENTEF): https://bit.ly/3qq59mb

Relay Medical (CSE: RELA) (OTC: RYMDF) President Clark Kent: “AI Diagnostics Targets Billion Dollar Health Opportunities”

Clark Kent, President of Relay Medical Corp. (CSE: RELA) (OTC: RYMDF), spoke recently in a presentation on Wall Street Reporter’s Investors Discovery Day livestream about the company’s diagnostic and AI HealthTech alignment targeting billion dollar opportunities in global healthcare markets . A highlight of the presentation was a video demo of the company’s rapid testing and tracking platform for infectious diseases, including COVID-19. The platform has been used successfully to test and track infectious disease outbreaks around the world, including Ebola and malaria.

See Relay medical (OTC: RYMDF) Investors Discovery Day Video: https://bit.ly/3aRwEzn

February 24 – Relay Medical and Fio Corporation – together, the Fionet Rapid Response Group announced that the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has selected FRR to provide the Fionet platform for rapid COVID-19 testing and real-time reporting in Toronto – Lester B. Pearson International Airport (“Toronto Pearson”).

The testing program is slated to begin March 1, 2021 to support multiple research studies, partially funded by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC IRAP). As of March 1, 2021, Fionet’s digital workflow, testing and data infrastructure in Toronto Pearson will be deployed under the contract to help manage COVID-19 tests for passengers and employees.

See Relay medical (OTC: RYMDF) Investors Discovery Day Video: https://bit.ly/3aRwEzn

Prad Sekar, CEO of the Skylight Health Group (TSX.V: SHG) (OTC: SHGFF): “Now at the turning point – positioned for 10-fold sales growth potential”

Skylight Health Group (TSX.V: SHG) (OTC: SHGFF) recently hosted Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream investor conference. CEO Prad Sekar outlined his vision of making Skylight a billion dollar business focused on the highly fragmented US healthcare market. Skylight already operates 30 clinics in 14 states with virtual telemedicine overlay for over 120,000 patients – and is one of the fastest growing multidisciplinary healthcare systems in the United States.

Watch the video for Skylight (OTC: SHGFF) Next Super Stock 3/4/21: https://bit.ly/3qAZAAr

The skylight is now at a turning point. SHGFF sales are expected to be $ 56 million and EBITDA of $ 5.5 million. The acquisition was recently announced. SHGFF has a profitable base of operations, no long-term debt, and $ 10 million in cash. In his presentation, Prad Sekar, CEO of Skylight, explains how the company can organically increase sales tenfold by optimizing clinics for profitability by extending services to the existing patient base. The proven business model is “$ 200 million in sales.” Rate in 2021 is target “.

March 4 – SHGFF has entered into letters of intent (LOIs) to acquire three independent primary care practices in the United States. Upon completion, more than $ 10 million in revenue and positive EBITDA will be achieved immediately. The transactions have a target closing price between 4 and 5 x EBITDA, which is in line with the company’s 5 most recent transactions. The average purchase price for the combined assets averages less than 1 x sales.

Watch the video for Skylight (OTC: SHGFF) Next Super Stock 3/4/21: https://bit.ly/3qAZAAr


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NEXT SUPER STOCK from Wall Street Reporter Live! The conference is dedicated to select companies with short-term catalysts that can drive transformation growth (and stock appreciation) in the months ahead. Click here to attend the next livestream event: https://www.wallstreetreporter.com/next-superstock-online-investor-conference/



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On the transfer at FirstBank, Kidder Mathews, On the Cash, Valleywise Well being

Bryce Lloyd, Market President of FirstBank Phoenix, announces resignation

FirstBank, one of the largest banking-for-good private banks in the country, announced that Phoenix Market President Bryce Lloyd, and Humphrey Shin, will be retiring after more than 32 years with the company will enter the role starting Monday March 1st.

Lloyd began his career at FirstBank in 1989 as part of their management training program. He rose to various positions including SVP and EVP before being named Market President in 2007, where he was tasked with launching the FirstBank brand in Arizona. Under his leadership, Lloyd moved FirstBank’s Arizona presence from a $ 20 million asset to a thriving bank with 15 branches and nearly $ 1 billion in assets.

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ALSO READ: FirstBank deposits top US $ 20 billion for the first time in banking history

Lloyd was also instrumental in helping FirstBank and the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits launch Arizona Gives Day, a 24-hour online fundraiser that has raised more than $ 23 million to nonprofits since the program began in 2013 collected in Arizona. Additionally, he was involved in numerous nonprofit and business organizations throughout his career including Coalition for the Homeless, Greater Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club, Valley Partnership, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Bankers Association, among others.

“Thanks to Bryce’s initiative and direction, we have expanded our banking for good mission across Phoenix,” said Jim Reuter, CEO of FirstBank. “We applaud Bryce’s decades of leadership at FirstBank as he concludes the book of an incredible career.”

“It has been an absolute privilege to spend my career with a company that puts community support first,” said Bryce Lloyd. “I know that Humphrey is well prepared to take on this role and will continue to lead our region successfully.”

Following Lloyd’s resignation, Humphrey Shin, who currently serves as Executive Vice President for FirstBank, will assume the role of Phoenix Market President. Shin will be responsible for overseeing FirstBank’s Phoenix area branches, including the bank’s personal and business banking services.

“After many years working under Bryce and East Valley Market President Joel Johnson, I have seen what great leadership looks like from both a business and a wider community perspective,” said Humphrey Shin. “I look forward to taking on this new role and doing everything I can for the families, businesses and communities we serve.”

Shin has been in the banking industry for nearly 17 years, joining FirstBank as a management trainee in 2004 and rising rapidly before being named executive vice president in 2016, where he was responsible for business development, mentoring, and training for junior officers in administration a broad portfolio of business and commercial real estate loans. He also shares Lloyd’s passion for helping the local community and is a board member of numerous nonprofits including Valley Partnership, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, and the Arizona Housing Coalition.

FirstBank recently saw exceptional year-over-year growth in Arizona. Deposits rose 34.4 percent from $ 589.7 million in 2019 to $ 792.6 million at the end of 2020. Loans increased 5.4 percent from $ 889.1 million to $ 937.3 million and net worth 5.1 percent from $ 938.9 million to $ 987 million. Company-wide, FirstBank’s total assets rose to $ 24.5 billion, an increase of 22.5 percent, while deposits rose 22 percent from year-end 2019 to $ 21.9 billion. Over the same period, FirstBank’s net lending ended up increasing 14.3 percent to $ 13.0 billion by 2020.

Tyson Switzenberg and Tim Hurley move to Kidder Mathews

Tyson Switzenberg and Tim Hurley, a leading team of retail brokers in Arizona, has joined Kidder Mathews’ Phoenix office.

Switzenberg has been appointed Executive Vice President. He is a seasoned broker with 20 years of experience representing, developing and leasing retail tenants. He comes to Kidder Mathews from JLL where he was a consistent top producer and director of the retail practice.

“We chose Kidder Mathews because of the company’s culture and unique business platform. Both offer the flexibility to serve our customers in the best possible way, ”said Switzenberg.

Hurley has been named associate vice president, specializing in retail tenant representation and agency leasing. He was also with JLL before joining Kidder Mathews.

“We are excited to add recognized market leaders like Tyson and Tim to our growing and dynamic team in Phoenix. They and their clients will enjoy and benefit from our culture, ”said Mark Read, Kidder Mathews Regional President of Brokerage for the Southern California and Southwest regions.

Today, Kidder is the largest independent commercial real estate company on the West Coast Mathews has aggressively expanded many of its specialty groups as it grows. The expansion of the Switzenberg and Hurley team is important to the expansion of the company’s retail brokerage services in Arizona.

On the Money welcomes Catherine Pesavento

On the Money, LLC, an accounting, bookkeeping and profitability consultancy based in Phoenix, welcomes accounting professional Catherine Pesavento. Catherine is highly skilled and extremely passionate about her job. She has extensive corporate accounting experience for global and small businesses.

It is characterized by financial planning and analysis as well as budget and forecast development and evaluation. Catherine served for 17 years as an integral member of the finance team of a multi-billion dollar global human capital and business advisory services company. She also spent a decade as an accountant for a leading architecture and consulting firm specializing in architectural acoustics in Chicago.

We interviewed several qualified applicants, and Cathy’s enthusiasm for our mission to help our small businesses and nonprofit customers gave her the edge. ” said Ruth Urban, President and CEO of On the Money. “She will be a great addition to our team!

Lia Christiansen named Chief Administrative Officer of Valleywise Health

Lia Christiansen has been named Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Valleywise Health, Arizona’s public teaching hospital and safety net system. Christiansen most recently served as chief operating officer for acute care at Minnesota Health Fairview in Minneapolis. She will join Valleywise Health’s senior executive team on February 22nd.

“I am excited to add someone of Lia’s caliber to our team,” said Steve Purves, President and CEO of Valleywise Health. “With over 25 years of experience, she combines a keen business acumen with a real passion for healthcare and compassion for people. We are very excited to welcome you to Valleywise Health as we continue to transform our community’s public health system. “

As CAO, Christiansen will be responsible for overseeing support departments and services, including HR, IT, marketing / communication, environmental and building services, planning and office activities for redesigned construction and integrated project management offices, among other things. She will work with hospital administrators, members of the Maricopa County Special Health Care District board of directors, doctors from the District Medical Group and the community to advance the ever-increasing level of health care service to patients and the community.

“I am honored to be a part of Valleywise Health and its excellent team of leaders, clinicians, staff and doctors,” said Christiansen. “The rich history of serving families for more than 140 years and the vision of transforming care to improve community health through innovation are inspiring. I look forward to working with hospital leaders, doctors, staff, volunteers, and community members to find new ways in which we can serve our region and positively impact people’s lives. It’s an exciting time in Valleywise Health’s growth and I can’t wait to get started. “

During her time as COO at M Health Fairview, Christiansen was responsible for operations in five acute care hospitals with 796 licensed beds, net sales of $ 670 million, 36,500 inpatients and 4,500 full-time positions. Prior to joining M Health Fairview, she worked for the HealthEast Care system in St. Paul, Minnesota, as vice president of hospital operations overseeing three hospitals and vice president of shared operations, where she oversaw the system’s subsidiary and support departments directed. HealthEast merged with M Health Fairview in 2017.

Christiansen earned a bachelor’s degree in English and communication from Concordia College in Moorehead, MN and a master’s degree in business in communication from the University of St. Thomas at St. Paul. She was a COO scholar at the Health Management Academy from 2019 to 2020, is Lean Bronze certified and trained in FEMA Incident Command. She was named one of the 25 Observable Women by the Minnesota / St. Paul Business Journal and was recognized as an Outstanding Administrator by Minnesota Physician Magazine.

1 sensible cash transfer to make in 2021

At this time of year there is a lot of talk of aiming high and New Years resolutions. But if 2020 has taught us anything, some things are just beyond our control. So why not start 2021 with a goal that will help you regain some of that control? Yes, we’re talking about financial planning, and no, it’s not as daunting as you think! Today, there are more accessible online tools and products than ever before that make smart financial planning accessible to all. An example of a valuable product that has never been easier, quicker, or more budget friendly to add to your financial plan is term life insurance.

What is term life insurance?

The word “term” is of crucial importance here because, unlike permanent life insurance, term life insurance is paid for a specific term of 10, 20 or 30 years and covers your beneficiaries. And, as a rule, term life insurance can be cheaper than permanent life. With Bestow, for example, a healthy 35-year-old woman could buy 20-year life insurance with $ 500,000 coverage for just $ 22 / month – that is a very reasonable price!

Protect your people

What does this coverage bring you? In many cases, term life insurance payouts are tax-free and can be spent (or saved) as the beneficiary wants or needs. Imagining a day when you are no longer around may not seem like a fun exercise, but it can provide an important perspective, especially when you think about the finances of those you leave behind. Here are some examples of using a term payout.

Mortgage / Rent – Taking out a mortgage is a huge financial responsibility, and doing so on income less than you are used to can be a huge challenge. A term life insurance withdrawal could help ease the potential burden on your family. The money could also be used to pay the rent at a time that is often very difficult.

Bills / Debt – Whether it’s medical bills, a car loan, a credit card, or something else, most people leave behind some level of debt. And while it would be nice if that debt just went away, we all know it doesn’t work that way. A spouse, partner, family member, or other relative is usually tasked with managing these remaining costs.

Funeral – Did you know the average funeral cost ranges from $ 7,000 to $ 12,000? * This is a significant and often sudden price to be faced with.

Daily Expenses – Anticipating the big things is good, but an important part of financial planning is not losing sight of the daily expenses that add up over time. Losing a source of income can make paying for groceries, utilities, childcare, and other things more difficult.

Savings – If your loved ones are lucky enough to have some or all of their money in a savings or investment account, it can make a huge difference to their long-term financial health – and that is exactly what Financial Planning Over is.

What you should know before applying

Here are a few things to consider before applying for term life insurance.

Determine Your Coverage Needs – By adding up your current expenses such as a mortgage, car payment, or student loan and anticipating some future financial needs, you can determine exactly how much coverage is right for your family.

Browse around and get quotes for coverage – If you’ve got coverage in mind, do the research! There are many companies to choose from, and they charge different premiums depending on the situation, health and coverage needs. At Bestow, you can get a free quote in seconds by answering a few basic questions.

Medical exams – Most term life insurers require a medical exam or blood tests. This will help them get a fuller picture of your health. If you don’t like needles (and who really?), There are exam-free options!

Are you ready for the next step?

Term life insurance could be an inexpensive way to financially prepare your family for an uncertain future – and it could also help you sleep better at night. With Bestow, you can Apply online in just 5 minutes. Once approved, you can begin coverage immediately. So if one New Year’s resolution after another falls by the wayside, consider adding “apply for term insurance” to your list so that you can have the satisfaction of getting rid of it quickly.

Zach Rapport is the senior copywriter at To lend, a life insurance company using technology to bring insurance coverage to more families than ever before. He has worked in Fintech / Personal Finance for over five years and believes that a personal, educational approach is key to helping people make the decisions that are right for them, a philosophy that he embodies in his work at Bestow brings in.