Yvette Nicole Brown mourns her mom: ‘Till we meet once more’ | Leisure

Yvette Nicole Brown’s mother has died.

The ‘community’ alum took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that their mother Fran has passed away.

Yvette said she was “devastated” by the news but didn’t explain what happened to her mother because she thought it was “too big” to go into.

She wrote next to a picture of Fran: “I am devastated. I have no words. Luckily my big brother does.

“I didn’t tell what my family had to do with because it was too big. It’s still like that – especially when you deal with it so far from home. I’m still processing how and why this had to happen now. I can never understand But I trust his will. That’s all I know to do

“Thank you for all the prayers. Unfortunately, God had other plans.

“I love you, my sweet mom. Always. (sic) ”

On the same day, the former ‘Drake & Josh’ star posted several snapshots of herself with her like mother, along with the caption, “Until we meet again.”

Yvette went on to share the caption from her brother’s Instagram post describing his mother as his “very own angel from above.”

Part of the article was: “Dear Mum 2021

May 29th, 21st will be a day I will never forget. That day my world felt like it had been walking in a ditch. I had to say goodbye to my first love. Someone1 who has seen me at my best and my worst. My very personal angel from above. You walked through my first steps with me. It is only right that I am here 4 ur last breaths.

“I’m sitting here next to Ur by the bed, waiting 4 U 2 and preparing 4 for home. I plan to be here so don’t go alone. I don’t have much to say as we talked every day. I said everything I ever wanted to say I have no regrets beyond that the journey to the kingdom is coming to an end. I am eternally grateful that I shared it with you from the start. (sic) ”

Renee Stewart mourns lack of her canine | Arts & Leisure

Sir Rod Stewart’s daughter Renee mourns her dog Jagger.

The 28-year-old actress, daughter of hitmaker “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” and his second wife Rachel Hunter, has paid tribute to the rescue dog she has had for 13 years.

As reported in the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare column, Renee wrote in honor, “This is one of the hardest things I have had to go through. The grief and loss I feel is indescribable. But you are no longer in pain and…” you walked peacefully in my arms. “

In the meantime, Renee had previously opened up as Rod’s daughter.

Of her younger years, she said, “It’s just not cool to talk about your parents. When I was in school in LA and people asked me what my dad did, I would say, ‘Oh, he’s in The entertainment.’

“No disrespect to him, but you want to make your own life. You want to be your own person. If you trade it it can really screw you up and it kind of makes people flinch.”

And Renee praised her father’s long career in music, but believes that now it would be much more difficult for similar people to be successful because of social media.

She added, “Oh, Dad had an amazing time in music. He worked so hard. And of course at some point you open your mouth and wonder if a soulful, rasping voice comes out. My sister Ruby was lucky. She did Lucky the voice and is in a band [the Sisterhood]but I don’t have it.

“In terms of a music career, I actually think it might be harder to make it in music these days. I don’t think the next Rolling Stones or Naomi Campbell would have a chance to make it now because there are literally millions of people out there on social media careers start. “