Amanda Kloots specializing in son on Mom’s Day | Leisure

Amanda Kloots will focus on her son on her first mother’s day as a widow.

The 39-year-old television personality tragically lost her husband Nick Cordero to COVID-19 complications last year. To celebrate her first Mother Sunday without him, she plans a day full of love.

Talking to her son about talking about her Mother’s Day plans, she shared, “I want to focus on him because if you stagnate on such vacations, you can start feeling sorry for yourself. It will be a day of love, Happiness and activity. “

Meanwhile, Amanda announced that she still cries every day after Nick’s death.

She said, “A lot of people have said to me, ‘It’ll be easier and time will help,’ and I don’t know if I’ve found this yet. I still cry every day. The pain grows … I think it will easier because you learn tools to help yourself, and at first you don’t know those tools.

“With Elvis, there are so many things he does or there are times in life when you just wish your person was there to celebrate. I think it’s harder there because you are your person so much miss.”

Amanda received her COVID-19 vaccine back in February.

She wrote: “I went to a construction site and waited in my car until all appointments were over, hoping they had extra vaccines. I was fully prepared to be turned away but they said they had enough tonight for all who wait. I can’t. ” Tell yourself how emotional I was and still am. I’ve been scared ever since Nick died as a single mother who caught this virus, and now I’m one step closer. “

Emerald Fennell says moms must help to work in Hollywood | Leisure

Emerald Fennell thinks it “impossible” for mothers of young children to work in the film industry.

The 35-year-old actress and director, who was seven months pregnant when she shot her acclaimed thriller, Promising Young Woman, believes the best way to help women make it in the industry is if possible to provide a lot of help and shelter for their children as possible at work

Speaking to Grazia, she said, “The first thing I would say as someone with a young child is that anything we can do to help with childcare would make a world of difference. The hours are so long. It is impossible to have a young family and work in this industry. “

At last week’s Academy Awards, Emerald won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Promising Young Woman.

And while ‘The Crown’ star is currently focused on directing, she firmly believes that she’s unlikely to leave acting for good.

She said, “I love working with the amazing people I have been able to work with

“That will be behind the camera for the foreseeable future. But I love to act. “

“Promising Young Woman” plays Carey Mulligan as a college dropout who seeks revenge for the death of her best friend who was raped by a classmate in college, and Gold at the Oscars takes home several boards including the BAFTAs and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Emerald – who appeared as the showrunner on “Killing Eve” – ​​is still shocked by the reaction to her story, which she both wrote and directed.

She said, “I don’t think I would honestly believe it if I went back to the first day of shooting.

“You know, we made the film in 23 days. It is a love work for everyone who made it.

“We never thought it would come to this. It was absolutely amazing. “

North Platte man sentenced for stealing his mom’s cash | Crime


Telegraph Employee Reports

A North Platte man was sentenced to state prison after not objecting to more than $ 10,000 being stolen from his mother.

Fifty-year-old Billy Phillips was sentenced to 18 months in prison after appearing before Judge Vicki Johnson at Fillmore District Court and was immediately taken into custody, according to a press release from the Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson.

Phillips acted as a proxy for his mother while she lived in a care facility in Fillmore County. For the past five years he has withdrawn money from her checking account and also cashed her pension checks, converting $ 10,495.30 of his mother’s money for his own use. His mother died in February 2021.

The theft case was investigated and prosecuted by the Medicaid Fraud and Patient Abuse Unit of the Nebraska Attorney General.

Prince Harry despatched flowers to Princess Diana’s grave for Mom’s Day | Leisure

Prince Harry had flowers laid on Princess Diana’s grave on Sunday (14.03.21) for Mother’s Day.

The 36-year-old King currently resides in California with his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and their 22-month-old son Archie, a special holiday this weekend when he had a bouquet of flowers sent to their grave at the Spencer family estate.

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