October finest month for field workplace ticket gross sales in 2021

Tom Hardy stars in Sony’s “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”.


Don’t count the box office at home just yet.

A combination of new movie releases, many of which have only appeared in theaters, coupled with growing consumer confidence to return to theaters amid the coronavirus pandemic, resulted in October 2021 being the top-grossing month for ticket sales to date.

It’s estimated that moviegoers spent around $ 637.9 million on tickets in the past 31 days venturing into theaters to watch “No Time to Die,” “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” ” Halloween Kills “and” Dune “to see.

“While this is likely an anomaly that may never repeat itself, the 10th month of the year has now shown that it can indeed make great homes for blockbusters of all sizes and genres,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

Many of the films released during the month were slated to open earlier this year but have been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. This resulted in October revenue exceeding July. which previously held the record for the top-selling month in 2021 with $ 583.6 million in ticket sales, according to data from Comscore.

As of Sunday, the domestic box office hit $ 3.1 billion in the first 10 months of the year, 45% more than in 2020 over the same period and 66% behind 2019.

“The industry circled this October on the calendar as a major marker of recovery from the cinema pandemic, and it has made great strides,” said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at BoxOffice.com.

While the summer months are usually the top-selling months of the year for the domestic box office, October has increased significantly in recent years thanks to blockbuster titles such as “Joker” in 2019 and “Venom” in 2018.

In 2019, October secured $ 789.5 million ticket sales, the second highest amount for the month after $ 832.1 million in 2018. October 2021 had higher loot than the same period in 2017.

Cinemark said on Sunday that October was the company’s busiest month in terms of sales in the Covid-19 era. The monthly results were more than double the earnings of May 2021.

“I am delighted that we have reached a new milestone in the industry’s recovery and are delivering our best monthly box office performance since our theaters reopened,” said Mark Zoradi, CEO of Cinemark, in a statement. “Congratulations to our studio partners for creating must-see content on the big screen that has something for everyone.”

In November and December, cinemas will benefit from the release of a number of films that have previously been postponed. “Eternals”, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and “Encanto” should appear in November, “West Side Story”, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Matrix Resurrections” in December.

“We’ve had several of those stress-testing periods throughout the year, and more are to come during the vacation and winter,” said Robbins of BoxOffice.com. “Immunization for young children remains vital in the long run. But all in all, theater owners and studios should be very encouraged by the number of recent box office hits and what they signal for the new year ahead.”

Disclosure: Comcast owns NBCUniversal and CNBC. Universal published “No Time To Die” internationally and is the global distributor of “Halloween Kills”.

Insiders Instructed Me 5 Road Model Traits That Will Pop Off at Vogue Month

Fashion Month is officially here and at the same time one of my favorite pieces: street style. When I see what editors, buyers and fashion insiders wear to the shows, I always find so much inspiration. The trends are on the Street style scene and I’ve missed his absence for the past year and a half. What street style trends can we expect in the S / S 22 season now that it is back in full swing?

Curious to see the perspective of the best experts, I asked them to interfere. Here they share their fashion predictions with the 5 street style trends they think will be big during the fashion month. The best part is that each of these trends are very wearable so you can add them to your wardrobe no matter what you are dressing for. Prepare for some great ones Shopping tips for the new season vouch for.

The trend: west

“We expect the vest to see a big return to street style this fashion month. Paired with casual white wide-leg pants for the warmer days and a shirt or turtleneck underneath for cooler temperatures, it is the ultimate street check out The Row, Giuliva Heritage and Racil, all of which have impeccable iterations. ” —Libby Jane Page, Senior Market Editor, Net-a-Porter

Shop the trend:

Who wears what collection Amaya vest ($ 125)

Zara Linen blend vest ($ 40)

Tove Norah tweed vest ($ 170)

Kos Short vest ($ 115)

mango Linen suit vest ($ 80)

The trend: the 90s

“The trends of the nineties and nineties have come back and got stuck. I’m sure many of us feel that the lockdown life has aged us a little and the youthful, experimental spirit of Y2K fashion is a welcome counterbalance . Balenciaga has an obvious nod to rave culture in the F / W 21 collection. Prada revived the ’90s Cleo bag that sent us millennials very sentimental. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic green matching set look from Great Expectations has been updated and reinterpreted by brands like Jacquemus, Christopher Esber and Mach & Mach for the fall. It takes three to make a trend, but with the amount of enthusiasm behind it, it feels more like a street style phenomenon. ” —Jana Hofheimer, buyer, Moda Operandi

The story goes on

Shop the trend:

HM Cotton shirt ($ 25)

Christopher Esber Slanted silk shirt dress with buttons ($ 935)

Urban Outfitters Beth baguette bag ($ 39)

Good american Good 90’s jeans ($ 145)

The Agency Ceci sleeveless turtleneck ($ 105)

The trend: novelty

“A street style trend that I see (and feel!) On the catwalk this month of fashion and will convey this excitement through expressive styles and eye-catching fits.” —Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director, Shopbop

Shop the trend:

reformation Emilio Top ($ 78)

Peter Do Tuxedo mini skirt made of virgin wool blend ($ 1195)

Shop the trend:

Rui Medium cut-out tank top ($ 365)

The ragged priest The Ragged Priest pixel rock ($ 80)

In the season Space dye sweater with puff sleeves and a round neckline ($ 75)

The trend: bare abs

“Exposed, bare waists will be an important trend that we will see through the rest of the fashion month. From ultra-low pants to bra tops layered under blazers, bellies will make up the rest of the month so get ready. ”—Lauren Eggertsen, Editor-in-Chief, Who What Wear

Shop the trend:

Khaite Indira silk georgette bra ($ 348)

Dickies Dickies Cord Pants Carpenter ($ 69)

Jacquemus Satin shirt jacket with chain detail ($ 570)

4. & reckless Arella ribbed jersey bralette ($ 22)

lioness Hidden short shirt ($ 79)

The trend: brown

“Ordinarily I would choose a black color option for everything I buy, but for the last year I have gravitated towards a dark brown. —Jessie Andrews, entrepreneur

Shop the trend:

Nanuschka Faroe Islands top ($ 495)

Gia Borghini X Pernille Teisbaek sandals with two straps ($ 365)

Who wears what collection Lou shirt with buttons ($ 115)

Skims Rib bra with stand-up collar ($ 42)

Edas Yshaia bag ($ 435)

Next, The new fashion finds I’m obsessed with right now.

This article originally appeared on Who wears what

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U.S. to start vast distribution of third vaccine doses subsequent month

The United States will begin distributing Covid-19 booster vaccinations on a large scale next month as new data shows vaccine protection wears off over time, US health officials said on Wednesday.

It is now “very clear” that immunity declines after the first two doses, and with the dominance of the delta variant, “we see evidence of decreased protection against mild and moderate disease,” according to the CDC. signed declaration Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, the White House Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other US health leaders.

“Based on our latest assessment, current protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death could decline in the coming months, especially for those at higher risk or who were vaccinated during the earlier stages of vaccination.”

As a result, U.S. authorities are preparing to offer booster shots to all eligible Americans starting the week of September 20, eight months after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, officials said. As they said recipient of Johnson & Johnson‘s single vaccination will likely need a booster vaccination, they are waiting for more dates in the next few weeks before making a formal recommendation.

“With this data, we will also keep the public informed with a timely schedule for J&J booster shots,” officials said.

In a statement late Wednesday, J&J said, “We are working with the US FDA, CDC and other health authorities and will soon be releasing new data on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine refresher.”

The statement added: “In July, Johnson & Johnson shared data showing that our unique COVID-19 vaccine produced strong, sustained immune activity against the rapidly spreading Delta variant and other widely distributed SARS-CoV-2 virus variants. Intermediate results from a Phase 1 / 2a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also showed that the duration of the immune response was strong and persistent for at least eight months, as long as previously assessed. “

Ensuring long-term and permanent protection against hospitalizations and deaths is critical to containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plan is subject to formal recommendation by a CDC Vaccine Advisory Committee and FDA approval, also a formality.

The announcement came ahead of a Covid press conference at the White House on Wednesday, where federal health officials further outlined their plan for boosters.

The booster “will boost your immune response,” President Joe Biden said in a speech at the White House on Wednesday. “It will increase your protection against Covid-19.”

Biden also responded to criticism from some health advocates who say the US should focus on sending vaccine doses to countries with shortages rather than prioritizing booster vaccinations for Americans.

“I disagree,” said Biden. “We can take care of America and help the world at the same time.”

The decision to recommend booster vaccinations comes as the public becomes increasingly concerned about the Delta variant and an increase in breakthrough cases – infections in fully vaccinated individuals. It marks a departure from previous comments by U.S. health officials who said in recent months that fully vaccinated Americans did not need a booster at this point.

U.S. officials changed their embassy to boosters in the past few days as cases continued to rise. Fauci said Thursday that everyone is “likely” to need a booster vaccination Sometime. On Friday, federal officials approved the administration of booster shots to Americans with compromised immune systems, which include cancer and HIV patients, as well as people who have had organ transplants.

The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, who also signed the statement, said Tuesday that new Covid data, including from Israeli health officials, caused US health leaders to rethink their position on vaccination boosters. Israel on Monday released new data showing a reduction in the effectiveness of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine against serious illness in people 65 and over who were fully vaccinated in January or February.

There are similar trends in vaccine effectiveness in the United States, Collins said. He said the surge in breakthrough cases could be due to a combination of the rapidly spreading Delta variant and the deterioration in Covid vaccine protection over time.

The effectiveness of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is steadily decreasing over time. drops to about 84% for vaccinated people about four to six months after the second dose, according to CEO Albert Bourla. Moderna said his vaccine remained 93% effective in the first six months after the second dose, however, expect protection to wear off and need boosters.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Walensky said officials based their decision on studies showing immunity to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines decreased over several months. A study in New York from May 3 to July 25 showed that the vaccine’s effectiveness in protecting against infection decreased from around 92% to 80%. Another study by the Mayo Clinic showed that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine decreased from around 76% to 42%, while that of Moderna’s decreased from 86% to 76%.

“Right now, it’s still like our vaccine protection is working really well,” said Collins. “But we don’t want to wait until it’s oh, too late.”

The move to recommend boosters is likely to trigger criticism, especially since a large part of the world population has not even received a dose of a Covid vaccine.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization urged rich nations to stop distributing booster vaccinations until at least the end of September to allow poorer countries to vaccinate their populations with the first rounds of vaccination. The application is part of WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ plan to vaccinate 40% of the world’s population by December.

The US released the statement minutes after the WHO condemned wealthy nations who support boosters for the general public.

“We clearly believe that the data so far does not suggest the need for boosters,” said Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO senior scientist, during a press conference. “And we need to know which groups and at what point in time after the vaccination and which specific vaccinations the people received in their basic course.”

Lawrence Gostin, director of the WHO Collaborating Center for National and Global Health Law, called the US booster shot plan “a slap in the face” of the international health agency.

“There is a better way to create a win-win situation,” he said in a telephone interview. “We should only empower our health workers and vulnerable people. At the same time, Biden should undertake a bold campaign to vaccinate the world, including significantly increased donations and an increase in vaccine production. “

“In this way we are doing good to America and good to the world. It is in our national interest to stop the development of even more dangerous varieties,” he added.

During a briefing at the White House Tuesday, press secretary Jen Psaki said the government believes it can empower the American people while ensuring that the rest of the world is vaccinated.

“We believe this is a wrong decision. We can do both,” said Psaki. “The United States is by far the largest contributor to the global fight against Covid. We will continue to be the vaccine arsenal around the world. We also have enough supplies and had planned long enough should a refresher be required for those eligible. “Population.”

Giving third shots appears safe. Early dates from small studies of the effects of booster doses in immunocompromised patients showed no serious side effects from a third shot of an mRNA vaccine, nor did recipients develop side effects beyond those seen after the initial two-dose treatment.

Once the booster is approved, nursing home residents, health care providers and the elderly – the first groups to be vaccinated in December and January – will likely be given priority for additional vaccinations, Collins said Tuesday. He said “ideally” people should stick with the same manufacturer that they got their first two doses from.

“But if for some reason you don’t have access to it, get the other one,” he said. “Again, as a scientist, I would be more comfortable fixing our plans on real dates, and that means sticking to the same type of vaccine that you had to start with.”

– CNBC’s Rich Mendez and Robert Towey contributed to this report.

Why I Give Myself a Spending Allowance — Even Although I Save Cash Each Month

I remember the first job I ever had. I was around 12 years old and a friend of my parents had finally agreed to babysit me on a regular basis. I don’t remember how much I made then, but I’m sure it wasn’t a lot. But I also remember that most of my money is always in mine saving accountand that I would only keep a small percentage to spend on things like books, music, or whatever my youthful self desired.

Fast forward a couple of years and I can’t pretend I’m saving the majority of my earnings these days. That’s because I have one mortgage paying, feeding children, and a host of other adult expenses.

Still, I manage to save some money every month. Since my income is variable, this amount tends to fluctuate. But in general, I add money to my retirement account monthly, and I add money to mine a lot Brokerage account which I then invest. Plus, in months when my income is growing, I’m pretty good at replenishing my vacation fund and other goal-specific accounts.

All in all, I can say that I’m pretty vigilant when it comes to saving money. Still, I give myself a limited allowance every month. Here’s why.

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It’s about priorities and fairness

It’s not just me and my income that support our family. My husband also makes a great contribution. In fact, we see ourselves as partners. We both work to pay the bills and we both do our part to help out with the house. (He’s the one who always fixes things, I tend to do the laundry all the time, and we usually split the cooking up.)

My husband and I definitely agree that saving money is important. But we differ in how much we can save.

In general, my husband thinks we can afford to save less and have more of our income. I think we should keep trying to save at our current levels, and while I agree that we could spend more of our income, I also feel that nothing is really being withheld that will significantly improve our quality of life would.

My husband and I also have different priorities when it comes to spending money. While we both tend to value experience about things, he’s a lot more into things than I am. As a technician, he loves gadgets and would buy any new electronic device that comes out if I gave him the green light.

On the other hand, I’m not really a fan of things. I have no problem spending money on a concert or a great meal, but normally I won’t pay more than $ 5 for a t-shirt and only if I really need to replace an old one.

Because our spending styles and opinions on saving are different, my husband and I each receive a monthly allowance. And that’s money that we can use for any purpose without asking questions. If my husband wants to buy another electronic item that I can’t even identify, that’s his choice. And if I want to spend my money on gourmet ice cream or sweets, that’s my choice.

Our respective spending grants help me and my husband avoid arguments over money. But it also helps keep our expenses in check.

After all, there really is a limit to how many new gadgets a person needs. And I can admit that there is a limit to how much fancy chocolate a person should consume before it becomes unacceptable from both a financial and a health perspective. These spending subsidies keep us from going overboard and so I intend to keep mine even if I can increase my monthly savings rate beyond what it is today.

The correct approach for manufacturers to strategy Delight month (and all yr spherical)

Procter & Gamble celebrates Pride with branded trikes and staff at the World Pride Parade on June 30, 2019 in New York City.

Bryan Bedder | Getty Images

More than ever, brands are signaling support for the LGBTQ + community in Pride month. But experts say real support has to come from more than a rainbow-colored post on social media.

A number of big brands launched advertising campaigns or marketed Pride-themed clothing and groceries this June. Kind Snacks, for example, has its own line of “Kind Pride” bars, while Skittles turned its packaging and candy gray to draw attention to “the only rainbow that counts”.

But with consumers paying more attention than ever to the brands they buy from, it has to go deeper than rainbow packaging, experts say. Brands are for example be called out for claiming to support the LGBTQ + community even when companies have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past to lawmakers who support anti-trans laws.

While brands could prominently represent the community in Pride month, many still have a long way to go to represent LGBTQ + people in advertising for the remainder of the year. A study by Unilever, released last week, found that 66% of LGBTQ + people between the ages of 18 and 34 believe that people from different backgrounds are shown in ads “just to make the numbers”.

The right approach

As soon as June 1 hit, brands switched social media avatars to rainbow-colored versions, posted solidarity posts, and released a range of Pride-themed products. But Rich Ferraro, chief communications officer at GLAAD, said it was important to go deeper.

“Brands participating in Pride Month have power and it is important for their employees and their consumers to see support for the community during Pride Month. But that can’t just be during Pride Month, ”he said. “Unless a brand has a 365-day, year-round plan for LGBTQ integration, they really need to prioritize it over a one-off Pride campaign.”

He said it is important to create marketing and advertising that engages the community throughout the year as well, and go beyond that effort to take a stand on anti-LGBTQ legislation.

“This is where brands can have immense power – by using their influence in politics and educating their stakeholders, be they employees, consumers or politicians, about anti-LGBTQ laws and pro-LGBTQ laws,” said Ferraro.

He said he would like every brand that participates in Pride promotions this year to also actively push for the equality law and push the Senate to move the law forward.

“Otherwise, the Pride campaigns feel very empty to our community. And it’s a huge missed opportunity,” he said.

Ferraro said Kelloggs Together With Pride muesli is a great example of how a brand can contribute to change. The company donates part of the sales to GLAAD, and the cereal box also has a section that encourages you to write down the pronouns.

“This campaign reaches parents who may not otherwise think about pronouns or who may not see media reporting fairly and accurately on pronouns,” he said. “I think Kellogg’s is helping educate the general public and also sending a pretty strong message to trans youth that a popular brand like Kellogg’s supports and stands by them and accepts them for who they are. ”

Child also says they will donate $ 50,000, plus an additional dollar for each “Pride” text they receive under a specific number, to a nonprofit to help LGBTQ + homeless youth. It also does a rainbow light show near the Stonewall Inn in New York City.

Avoid “rainbow wash”

If a brand chooses to build a campaign around Pride but has taken actions in the past that go against the cause, it may be viewed as superficial and opportunistic by consumers.

For example Popular Info this week highlighted 25 brands with Pride campaigns that collectively donated more than $ 10 million to politicians who pushed anti-gay laws in the past two years.

So when a brand swaps their social media avatar for a rainbow version of themselves or otherwise shows support in June, savvy consumers will know if their ads are showing the community year-round, whether they’re hiring LGBTQ + people and getting them into leadership positions, and whether the brand is actually providing resources and legislative support to the community. And when the brand doesn’t, sentiment plummets.

Katherine Sender, a professor at Cornell University who wrote “Business not Politics: The Making of the Gay Market,” said brands must at least have company policies to ensure management supports a safe and supportive environment for employees. With the company’s clout to make bigger change, companies can really help, she said.

She used the example of companies pulling out of North Carolina because laws against transsexuals prohibit the use of toilets of their gender identity.

“It’s a very powerful move that got a lot of attention in North Carolina and it hurt their wallet where they wouldn’t get corporate money, they wouldn’t get people to watch athletics, they were … no jobs for get their employees because companies wouldn’t build factories and other places that would bring money to the state, “she said. “I think that’s another level of support that goes beyond the company itself and can actually make a more meaningful change.”

Danisha Lomax, senior vice president of paid social at Digitas, said brands are also better off reminding themselves that Pride was protest.

“It started with queer and transgender people not having their rights and being taken seriously, and police brutality,” she said. “I don’t think many brands have actually incorporated this into their broad-based marketing efforts.”

Brands do it right

Tamara Alesi, America’s agency and media sector director for YouGov, said other brands honor Pride in a deeper way. She cited companies like Tinder who worked year-round to build a deeply inclusive workplace culture, while companies like Jägermeister are trying to provide tangible support to communities with campaigns like the Save the Night campaign to support lesbian bars.

Bombas, a seller of socks and other underwear, follows a socially conscious model in all of his sales: for every item sold, he donates one item to the homeless. CMO Kate Huyett said the number of LGBTQ + people is significantly higher in the homeless population than in the general population.

“This year … we’re focusing on black transgender people who are five times more likely to be homeless than the general US population, which is just amazing,” she said. “Since 2019 we have been doing this with specific products and a specific focus on donations.”

The company has a Pride product collection that is available all year round. Huyett said the company donated more than 300,000 pairs of socks through the Ally Coalition.

Then there is The Body Shop, which encourages its consumers to sign a petition in support of the Equality Act and pledges to donate $ 1 per signature to the Equality Federation, an advocacy accelerator in support of LGBTQ organizations.

“We want to lend our platform, of course, but we really focus on trading,” said Hilary Lloyd, vice president of brand and values ​​for The Body Shop North America. “For us, it is often the case that measures are met through policy changes and laws. And policy changes and laws are a super long game.

Year-round inclusivity in advertising

A Study 2020 from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that only 1.8% of the characters in ads at the Cannes Lions Festival were LGBTQ, slightly less than last year. But representation is still an important factor for some consumers when it comes to making purchasing decisions. In a survey by the NPD Group, 21% of respondents said that the equality and inclusion of LGBTQ + people had influenced their purchase decision when buying clothes, shoes or accessories.

“There has been a big change from a time when brands were reluctant to accept LGBTQ people because they feared they would get backlash from anti-LGBTQ voices,” Ferraro said. “Today brands and advertisers are concerned about the LGBTQ community’s response to the authenticity of their campaigns.”

GLAAD recently partnered with Getty Images to provide advertisers with guides on how to use images to better represent the LGBTQ community.

“If you look around at some of the recommended images, they include LGBTQ people of different ages, gender identities, and races to better depict the full diversity and intersectionality of LGBTQ people,” Ferraro said.

Procter & Gamble worked with GLAAD on the Visibility Project, which aims to increase the representation of LGBTQ in advertising. A minority of advertisers and agencies actively recommend involving LGBTQ people in advertising, said Lomax of Digitas. Because of this, it is critical for the marketing industry to think about hiring and promoting people who are part of the community.

“If you hire these people, if you pay them, if you bring them on your teams or … play, because then it is done from the heart and it becomes real,” she said.

With P & G’s own extensive brand portfolio, which includes Tide and Charmin, the company uses its own advertising and marketing to reflect common LGBTQ experiences. For example, research by the company has found that around 60% of people change their hair when they come out of the closet. The data point inspired an advertising campaign for the hair care brand Pantene.

“It’s a fascinating insight, but it is based on a larger human insight that hair is one of the best ways to present yourself in the world,” said Brent Miller, P & G’s senior director, global LGBTQ + equality and inclusion.

But Miller says the ultimate goal is beyond just selling a product. As an example, he cited a letter from a young man who was touched by the 2018 P&G campaign with Gus Kenworthy, an Olympic freestyle skier. In the ads, Kenworthy spoke about his experience as a gay athlete. The campaign also inspired the letter writer to come out.

“At the end of the letter he wrote to Gus, he said, ‘Thank you for saving another soul.’ When you have someone responding this way, you know that the work you are doing goes beyond the product, “Miller said.” You have the ability to connect with people who are not in the world yourself could see. “

Name for an additional LR leisure district tabled for a month

Members of the Little Rock Board of Directors held back from creating another temporary entertainment district during a board meeting on Tuesday.

City Manager Dean Kumpuris supported the motion for a month to table a resolution creating an amusement district for al fresco dining near Third Street and the downtown River Market.

The motion was approved on a vote, with Vice Mayor Lance Hines presenting the second.

The Third Street Merchants Association had filed a motion in April to create the makeshift neighborhood, according to a memo from the city administrator’s office that was attached to the meeting papers.

According to the resolution text, the district should be approved retrospectively from May 20th to August 19th. The opening times would be daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

As listed, the boundaries would create an area roughly in the shape of a square around the intersection of East Second Street and River Market Avenues to the north and East Fourth Street in the west to Cumberland Street in the south.

The area includes dining options such as Dugan’s Pub, Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro and the Copper Grill.

The memo from the city administrator’s office said that an outdoor seating area would be used by several restaurants nearby.

During the meeting, City Director Joan Adcock raised concerns about creating an entertainment district in the River Market area. She suggested holding the item until crime and caravans receded.

She said the end of school always increases traffic and problems in the river market area.

“I know the police are doing a great job right now to keep everything under control, but I have a real problem creating another entertainment district,” said Adcock.

Regarding the 14 officials assigned to the River Market, Adcock said she would hate to “see how we take on and water down what we do at the River Market by expanding the entertainment area at this point in time” .

She said officials had received letters from residents in the area expressing concerns about caravanning, crime and noise.

City Manager Bruce Moore noticed the existing entertainment district just a block away on River Market Avenue.

He said he believed the town was first approached by the owner of Dugan’s in collaboration with Gabe Holmstrom of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership.

Kumpuris said he believed Adcock was right. “We’re a little hasty with everything that’s going on down there,” he said.

However, he suggested that “in a very paradoxical way” the creation of the entertainment district could reduce the problems in the area as people will be out on the street making it more difficult to “get around” which seemed to be an indication of the subject of caravanning.

However, in light of what happened over the weekend, Kumpuris motioned to pass the measure for a month “to see how things go”.

Although he did not say which events he was referring to, Little Rock police are investigating two murders that occurred Friday night as part of two separate shootings.

In the first instance, police responded to the 1000 block of College Street to investigate a shootout that killed a 44-year-old woman and struck a man with gunfire.

Hours later, police investigated a gunfight at 2400 Marshall Street in which a 28-year-old man was found dead. Two other men were injured in the same shooting, one of them life-threatening, the police said.

Little Rock officials recently approved the expansion of two temporary entertainment areas: one in the Hillcrest neighborhood and the other on a section of Main Street south of Interstate 630 known as SoMa. The final operating date for each district is June 3 and June 18.

Temporary entertainment districts allow guests to purchase alcoholic beverages from specific establishments and consume the drink from open containers in public while wearing special wristbands.

At the end of Tuesday’s brief meeting, metropolitan director Antwan Phillips said he did not support the decision to postpone the creation of the temporary entertainment district, describing it as a quality of life issue.

“I understand and respect the people who emailed me who live downtown, but as a city, and for my friends who live downtown, these things are part of life downtown,” said Phillips.

Memorial for Russell Crowe’s father to be held subsequent month | Leisure

A memorial to Russell Crowe’s father will be held next month.

Oscar winner’s father, John Alexander Crowe, died in Coffs Harbor in March, and the “Gladiator” star has now announced on Twitter that his father’s life will be celebrated in a memorial on June 5th.

Russell also encouraged his followers to make a donation to the Charlie Teo Foundation, which funds research into brain cancer.

He tweeted: “There is a memorial to my father Alex Crowe on June 5th.

“Instead of flowers, you might want to make a donation on his behalf charlieteofoundation.org.au/donation. “

Russell made love to his father on social media after he passed away at the age of 85 earlier this year when he remembered his “sparkling eyes and cheeky demeanor”.

He tweeted at the time: “I got back to the bush last night. Although the sun is shining today and the pouring rain has subsided, this date will forever be marked by sadness. My dear old man, my beautiful father, most gentle of men , died. “

The 57-year-old star also remembered how his father impressed people all over the world.

Russell wrote, “I am posting this because I know there are people all over the world whose hearts he has touched and whose ribs he tickled with his sparkling eyes and his cheeky demeanor towards everyone and everything, and this is probably one as well efficient way of getting the news across. “

In another tweet, the ‘Gladiator’ star added: “John Alexander Crowe, March 13, 1936 – March 30, 2021. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Died in Coffs Harbor, NSW, his homeland for the past 25 years. Quiet in peace. (sic) “

John, who was born in New Zealand in 1936, was Russell’s inspiration for entering the film business.

The Crowe family moved to Sydney from New Zealand when Russell was four years old. His father and mother Jocelyn pursued careers as caterers for film sets, while John also worked as a hotel manager.

Russell – who has a brother, Terry – got his first acting role when he was only six years old and got a line on the Australian television series “Spyforce”.

Why Corridor of Fame Resort & Leisure Inventory Sank 18.3% Final Month

What happened

Shares of Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment ((NASDAQ: HOFV) according to data from in April fell by 18.3% S&P Global Market Intelligence. The stock made big gains thanks to the excitement of entering non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but the NFT craze seemed to cool somewhat over the last month and some companies with significant exposure to the space saw their valuations decline.

HOFV Data from YCharts

The core business of Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment is turning around Soccer-related recreational and entertainment experiences, but the company’s foray into the NFT space actually created more excitement. The stock rose 119% in March as the company’s association with the Pro Football Hall of Fame was expected to aid its foray into the NFT space. However, there has been no major news on that front in the last month and it looks like the bulls will be taking a breather after the big wins.

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so what

The Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co. was founded last year as part of a merger between HOF Village, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Industrial Realty Group and Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. founded. Significant NFT initiatives were likely not part of the company’s original business plan, interest in the new form of digital collectibles has led management to take significant initiatives in this area. This has helped the stock attract investors, but the speculative nature of the NFT space also prepares Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment for volatile trading.

What now

Hall of Fame shares continued to decline in May trading. The company’s share price has fallen by around 19.5% in the month to date.

HOFV diagram

HOFV Data from YCharts

The resort side of the business has been put under pressure by the coronavirus pandemic, and that leaves speculation about growth opportunities in the NFT space as well. Despite the recent excitement over digital collectibles, the company’s share price has fallen approximately 65% ​​from the close of the market on the day of its initial public offering by a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Merger in July 2020.

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment has a market capitalization of approximately $ 311 million and is valued at 8.9 times this year’s expected revenue.

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Recommendations on managing your cash throughout nationwide Monetary Literacy Month

DETROIT – April is here and with it comes the national month of financial literacy.

It is part of a campaign that is getting organizations across the country to take initiatives to improve and develop financial literacy.

On Saturday Kelly Masters, chairman of Michigan Financial Wellness Network spoke about initiatives here in Michigan on Local 4 News Today.

She responded to the question of how the pandemic will continue this year and whether there are special programs to help people with their COVID benefits, including stimulus checks.

Michigan has dozens of free, non-anxious programs for preschoolers for retirees and everyone in between.

For more information on the programs, visit Michigan Financial Wellness Website.


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Why AMC Leisure Inventory Jumped 27% Final Month

What happened

Shares of AMC Entertainment ((NYSE: AMC) rose by 27% last month, according to figures S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The theater operator’s shares rose as theaters reopened, fourth quarter earnings report released, and bullish traders on Reddit plowed into the stock again. It was another volatile month, as the chart below shows, but the stock’s gains in the first half of March were enough to end the month at 27%.

AMC Data from YCharts

so what

AMC shares have soared this year as traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets board pumped up the stock and traded it along with it GameStop, another favorite of the Reddit crowd. Much of his gains last month came when GameStop stocks rose; The video game retailer ended March up 86%.

Image source: AMC Entertainment.

AMC had some good news to report last month: by March 5, AMC had reopened almost all of its domestic theaters and would soon be reopening in Los Angeles and New York, the two largest markets. The announcement was made during the company’s fourth quarter earnings report on March 10th. As expected, the numbers were gruesome: revenue fell 88% to $ 162.5 million and a net loss of nearly $ 1 billion on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) Base. It lost $ 375.7 million based on free cash flow.

However, the stock rose after the report as investors looked to the theaters to reopen, hoping the pent-up demand would propel the company’s rebound.

Later in the month the shares retired as Disney announced that Black Widow and Cruella will be released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney + this summer, showing that the old model of a 75-day cinematic exclusivity window may be dead even after the pandemic ends.

What now

The price of AMC stock is largely backed by traders who seem convinced that the stock can go significantly higher, despite the fact that its fundamentals are utterly terrible. The company has $ 5.7 billion in debt that it pays up to 15% interest on, and the company has diluted shareholders by more than 300% since the pandemic began, which means shareholders now have a much lower entitlement to winnings.

Even the pent-up demand argument seems to be in question after Disney’s announcement. In the near future the Entertainment inventory should continue to move on the whims of day traders, but the company’s poor fundamentals should eventually catch up.

This article represents the opinion of the author who may disagree with the “official” referral position of a Motley Fool Premium Consulting Service. We are colorful! Questioning an investment thesis – including one of our own – helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that will help us get smarter, happier, and richer.