Over $7 Billion in State Cash is Accessible Now to Pay Previous Due Lease and Utility Prices for Santa Monica Renters and Landlords – santamonica.gov

Santa Monicans are urged to register today at Housing.ca.gov. to apply

August 4, 2021 2:35 pm

The nationwide program “CA COVID-19 Rent Relief” (also commonly known as “Housing is the Key”) is now open and is accepting applications to help income-earning households with 100% of the rent and ancillary costs, for both past and present future amounts owed. Santa Monica renters and owners are urged to verify eligibility for income and apply at today Housing approx. Gov or by phone at (833) 430-2122. This rental assistance program, along with the nationwide eviction moratorium, is designed to keep families in homes, protect tenants from evictions, and help both landlords and tenants recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Qualified tenants and landlords should apply for the rental assistance program as soon as possible; Funds are available until the funds are used up.
  • Rent assistance is not automatic, tenants and landlords must submit an application for assistance.
  • The nationwide eviction moratorium to protect tenants from loss of rent expires on September 30, 2021.

“We want everyone in our community to be aware of the government funds available to tenants and landlords to pay 100% of the housing and operating costs for income-earning households affected by COVID-19,” said the mayor from Santa Monica, Sue. Himmelrich. ‚ÄúThese funds will aid our recovery and ensure that Santa Claus Monicans can stay in their homes. Our city is obliged to pass this information on to all authorized landlords and tenants. Apply today, Santa Monica! “

Today the City of Santa Monica is launching an outreach program to ensure all home renters and landlords have the opportunity to receive a 5.2 billion rental subsidy. The outreach plan focuses on equal access for our most vulnerable community members and residents aims to reach tenants and landlords who are unfamiliar with the rental assistance program or who were unable to apply due to a disability or lack of access to technology or internet services. Efforts include print and digital public relations, including mailers, flyers, door hangers, social media, email, and more.

This builds on previous COVID-19 housing assistance efforts. The City of Santa Monica has paid over $ 2.8 million in rental grants to over 640 Santa Monica families as of March 2020 by providing federal funding from Community Development Block grants and the CARES Act, as well as local funding from the City’s General Fund and community contributions the We are the Santa Monica Fund.

For more information on the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program and how to apply, please visit Housing approx. Gov or call (833) 430-2122. If you need help applying, contact 3-1-1 or 311@santamonica.gov.


Here is why Rachel, Monica, Phoebe are nonetheless thought of as fashion icons

Kids of the 90s will understand when we say we grew up with Rachel, Monica and Phoebes Styles from FRIENDS and still today.

Here are some of the show’s most iconic looks.

The involvement of Phoebe’s husband

With the combination of miniskirt and stockings, nobody was proud to show off a Rachel Green outfit the way they were in the 90s. Phoebe also looks stylish and classy despite her Barbie-like, 60s-inspired pink and white shift dress.

The engagement photo

Monica’s clothes were seamless and tasteful throughout the series, but her look for this episode was effortless and chic. The style is more modern, elegant and edgy and goes well with fall outfits, whether for engagement photos or not.

The one that everyone finds out about

The bright red and orange coat made Phoebe look loud, amusing, and ridiculously sexy!

The one where no one is ready

Rachel could have looked good in a turtleneck at Ross’s soiree; she just attended his soiree in that hoodie, and it seemed pretty good.

The one with GDR detergent

With its high waist and twisted tank top style, this denim is not out of place in today’s fashion world.

The one on the beach

Despite their similarities, Monica’s bespoke denim is a fantastic reinterpretation of the Canadian body.

The one with Ross’ wedding

Rachel’s slip dress and all the outfits in her pockets are redefining fashion.

The one with Chandler in a box

Rachael’s mini-skirt and boot combo was one of her favorite outfits throughout the show and is now one of the favorites among fashion enthusiasts. Monica’s outfit, which includes Chuck Taylor sneakers, denim and a flannel jacket, would also be appropriate in this day and age. Your styles may evolve as fashion changes and you may be able to incorporate a little glamor into the 2021 costumes.

The story goes on

The one Rachel finds out on

Monica’s girl next door look in her Urban Outfitters maxi dress from head to toe gives the fashion world an “oomph”.

The one with Rachel’s crush

Rachel’s ornate dress and tights ensemble makes us ask for more!

The one after the superbowl

Phoebe showed us that an oversized hoodie or sweater can be worn with any outfit and looks elegant.

The one with the flashback

Monica reminds us that all we need to do for a girls night out is a lovely pair of Levi’s and a crocheted tank top. Additionally, the oversized suit jacket was a fashion trend in the early 1990s and is mentioned in it because one of Joey’s college roommates was wearing one. You may now be able to buy an outfit that is too big and still trendy.

The one where Paul is the man

A Hawaiian shirt is not only worn by fathers during the spring break or when they have a cold. For styling ideas, check out Rachel’s clothes; Go for a white tank top and cargo shorts for a casual, laid-back day.