Lady in Execution-Fashion Killing of NYC Mother Extradited From Florida – NBC New York

The woman arrested in Florida in Execution style shooting a Brooklyn woman was extradited to New York City that summer to face criminal charges.

Police on Thursday charged Georgia-year-old Claudia Banton, 42, with murder and criminal gun possession reportedly shot Delia Johnson in the back of the head while chatting with people on a flight of stairs in August. The motive for the killing is currently unclear.

Banton, also known by the names Claudia Williams and Kiesha Brown, was picked up by police in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month – more than three months after the Crown Heights murder that was caught on camera.

A surveillance video of the shooting previously released by police showed a woman in black leggings stepping out of a double-parked white limousine and casually shot Johnson in the head while talking to a group of people.

The shooter walked calmly back to the car with her handbag on her shoulder and drove away, informed the police. Johnson was pronounced dead in a hospital.

Information on a lawyer for Banton was not immediately available.


You can run, but the long arm of the law will find you.

The woman responsible for the murder of a. on August 4th is responsible #Brooklyn Woman was arrested by our partners in Jacksonville, Florida.

– Commissioner Shea (@NYPDShea) November 8, 2021

The brother of the 42-year-old victim said the Daily News At the time, he thought the shooter followed Johnson from a neighborhood funeral that both of them attended.

“She was at a funeral earlier that evening to pay tribute to an old friend in the neighborhood and then this happened,” Mathis Johnson, 47, told the newspaper. “It was terrible. This lady executed my sister.”

Family members said Johnson was an entrepreneur and had a 17-year-old daughter. Her mother, Delia Barry, said after her death: “I am in so much pain, I am numb … I try my best to hold myself up, but the carnage, that was it.”

Mother pleads responsible in execution-style killings of eight members of a household

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio woman pleaded guilty Friday to planning the murder of eight family members of her granddaughter.

Florida judge breaks Rod Stewart trial and sets hearing on plea deal

Angela Wagner, 50, pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy, burglary, evidence manipulation and other charges in Pike County, southern Ohio.

In return for the plea, the prosecution dropped the murder charges against her and recommended that she serve a 30-year prison sentence. Their consent to testify against other remaining defendants was also part of the deal, they said.

FILE – These undated file images, released by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, show George “Billy” Wagner III and Angela Wagner in the top row from left and George Wagner IV and Edward “Jake” Wagner in the bottom row from left. The four members of the Wagner family were charged in 2016 in the murder of eight members of the Rhoden family in rural Ohio. Tony Rhoden Sr., a man who lost several relatives in the mass murders, has filed an unjustified death lawsuit against the four suspects in the murders. (Ohio Attorney General via AP, file)

She did not provide any information during the hearing.

Her husband and two adult sons were also charged with the 2016 murder of seven adults and a teenager from the Rhoden family. Wagner’s plea comes nearly five months after her son Edward “Jake” Wagner pleaded guilty to murder and other charges and agreed to testify against the other three in order to avoid all four possible death sentences.

George “Billy” Wagner III and George Wagner IV have pleaded not guilty.

The fatal shots at three caravans and one camper near Piketon in April 2016 frightened residents in rural Ohio and opened one of the largest criminal investigations in the state that resulted in the arrest of the Wagners more than two years later.

The Wagners spent months planning the murders, targeting some of the victims, but “some were unfortunately killed because they happened to be there,” said Special Prosecutor Angela Canepa.

Most of the victims were repeatedly shot in the head and some were bruised. Three small children at the scene were unharmed.

The victims were 40 year old Christopher Rhoden Sr .; his ex-wife, 37-year-old Dana Rhoden; their three children, Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20, Christopher Jr., 16, and Hanna, 19; Clarence Rhoden’s fiancée, 20-year-old Hannah Gilley; Christopher Rhoden Sr.’s brother, 44 year old Kenneth Rhoden; and one cousin, 38 year old Gary Rhoden.

Prosecutors say the Wagner family planned the murders for months, motivated by a dispute over custody of the daughter Jake Wagner had with Hanna Rhoden.

Florida man sprayed bleach asleep 4-year-olds and poured fuel all over the house, MPs say

The Wagners used guns with self-made silencers that enabled them to kill their victims in their sleep, according to prosecutors.

Fully aware of the plans, Angela Wagner purchased several items that were used to carry out the murders, including “phone jammers” that prevented victims from calling for help, Canepa said.

She also falsified detention documents and monitored some of the victims’ social media accounts prior to the killings, Canepa said. Wagner reached out to prosecutors about a deal and gave them new information after their son pleaded guilty, Canepa said.

Angela Wagner puts on her reading glasses as she pursues the 22 counts of her indictment in front of the Pike County Courthouse during her indictment on Thursday, November 29, 2018 in Waverly, Ohio. Wagner, her husband and their sons are charged with the 2016 shootings of the Rhoden family. (Robert McGraw / The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP, Pool)

Jake Wagner pleaded guilty to the fifth anniversary of the murders in April and said in court that he was “deeply and very sorry”. He was not convicted, but his lawyer said he understood that he would spend his life in prison.

September 11 then and now: See how Lower Manhattan has changed in 20 years

Christopher Rhoden Sr.’s brother, Tony Rhoden Sr., said the family were grateful for the first request as “a show of justice.”

He also sued the Wagners. This case is pending.


Seewer answered from Toledo.

Montevallo household elevating cash to get 10 kids who misplaced mother to COVID-19 prepared for first day of college

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – We spoke a lot with the Pennington family in Montevallo. That 10 children who lost their mother to COVID-19. The family is now collecting money to prepare the children for returning to the classroom.

The age range of children ranges from aspiring first graders to first graders. The family is working to prepare all 10 children for their first day of school and their aunts say this year is more difficult.

You may remember that we told you the children lost their mother, Katherine Pennington, after she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November. Now their aunts are pooling their resources to step in.

“You have clothes times 10, school supplies 10, those sweet snacks that you love, times 10 in your backpack,” says Linda Mims, her aunt.

Retail analysts say the cost of school supplies has increased this year. The family continues to accept donations through their GoFundMe account to help support the children this year and beyond.

“Even money for school pictures or yearbooks – because they never had that. I know it’s a little small – but it would be a nice touch, ”Mims said.

You can donate here to the family’s GoFundMe, which was used to raise funds for funeral expenses and ongoing expenses for the children.

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Dove Cameron Coming Out to Mother at Age 8 | Leisure Information

Dove Cameron came out to his mother when he was eight.

A 25-year-old actress and singer announced at last year’s Instagram live session that she was queer and later wrote “Bean bye” on Twitter, which surprised fans, but she did. For a while, loved ones were aware of their sexuality.

On Entertainment Tonight she wrote, “People think they know you, especially when you live as loud as I do.

“I think a lot of people think they know everything about people like me because I share a lot.

“I’ve lived a private life for as long as I can remember. I first talked about my sexuality when I was eight. Everyone I’ve met since … I said it was goodbye … but it was like, “Oh, I see.” Nobody ever asked, “what?”

“I don’t think it’s a big shock once you know me. When I came out last year I really thought, ‘Wow, that’s right.’ “

And now it’s “really, really out” publicly, so Dub is excited to celebrate Pride Month this June.

She said, “This will be my first month of pride. Impressive.’

“When it comes to coming out, I’ve always been out in my personal life, so I have a lot of emotions that I really didn’t expect … I knew I was going to come out, but I don’t.

“I don’t think people say something like ‘Happy Pride Month’ when I’m not around. I said, “Oh thank you. Many Thanks. “

“I usually wish each other a happy month of pride and count myself as an ally. So yeah, it’s special. It is special. I have to understand what to do. “

Dove Cameron comes out with mom at the age of 8 | Entertainment news

Source link Dove Cameron comes out with mom at the age of 8 | Entertainment news

Human Condiiton: Being a mother is the world’s hardest job | Leisure/Life

Recently Pam, my wife of 40, the mother of our two children, and I were talking about our mothers. We remembered that their time as mothers was different and similar to the life of mothers today.

Before our mothers became mothers, they had to endure great difficulties. Our mothers grew up as small children during the Great Depression.

Pam’s mother grew up on a farm in the country where she and her siblings worked on the farm and went to school.

Although my mother was of French descent, she grew up in the Irish Channel from New Orleans without a father.

As young adults, they watched their brothers, cousins, and friends go into battle during World War II. Most came home; Some didn’t.

After World War II, husbands, both veterans of the war, met and became mothers. Vivian, my mother, had three children. Helen, Pam’s mother, had two.

We laughed as we thought about how they had to hang them on a clothesline to dry after washing their clothes. And if that wasn’t bad enough, most of them had to be starched and ironed after the clothes were dried.

I remember my mother dropping a blue bar of Argo starch into a pan of boiling water to dissolve it, then straining out the undissolved lumps of starch in a sheet of cheesecloth. Then she ironed everything – shirts, pants, sheets, pillow cases – everything but our underwear. It’s good she didn’t iron our underwear, because if the memory serves me properly, starched clothes were rough and scratchy.

Our mothers cooked dinner from scratch every day. Pam’s family grew their own vegetables so they always had fresh vegetables for dinner. We got our fresh vegetables from Schwegmann’s. Fast food was virtually unknown and nothing our families could afford anyway. Dinner delivered to your door? Are you kidding me?

In our minds, our mothers could do anything.

They could fix any broken toy (even without tape), make a skinned knee feel better, and make the medicine taste sweeter. You were magical.

Some things may be different for mothers today, but it is by no means easier.

It’s just as stressful for a mother today to comfort a sick child when they have a high fever, just as difficult to find the right words if they made fun of themselves in school, and just as difficult to discipline them when they did have it are disobedient.

And it’s just as hard not to cry when they hurt your feelings as a teenager.

I think the following is appropriate: “Any woman can be a mother, but it takes a special woman to be a mother.”

Being a mother is the toughest job in the world and that’s why today I say to all mothers: Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being a wonderful mother.

– Papia lives in Metairie

Advocate readers can submit approximately 500 word stories to The Human Condition at No payment will be made and the stories will be processed. Authors should include their place of residence and, if writing about themselves, a photo.

Customers can be spending extra on mother

On this Mother’s Day, it’s more like breakfast in bed than an opulent buffet.

Although consumers are expected to spend more on their mothers this year, the celebrations will likely still take place at home, despite rising vaccination rates.

“There are more people planning a Mother’s Day brunch or a special getaway, but we’re not where we were before the pandemic,” he said Katherine Cullen, Senior Director, Industry and Consumer Insights, National Retail Federation. “I think consumers are still reluctant to plan these types of activities.”

In a recent survey by the trade group, only about half of the 7,818 consumers surveyed said they were planning a special getaway for their vacation, although consumers expect to spend more money on the occasion.

With caution, many restaurants offer brunch and dinner menus for Mother’s Day, which you can pick up or prepare at home.

“I’ve seen many restaurants that have a Mother’s Day deal that gives you all the ingredients. It can be partially assembled and you take it home and heat it and you can have a restaurant-quality meal at home.” “Said Cullen.” I think a lot of these trends and services will stay here. “

Flour, a bakery with nine locations and a commissioner’s kitchen in Boston, has special Mother’s Day menu options, including frozen, ready-to-bake buns and cinnamon rolls that can be picked up in-store. There’s also a second menu for items, including a coconut cake, which can be shipped across the country.

“We’re making a Mother’s Day gift box that we don’t normally sell and that is very popular for e-commerce,” said Holly Najdzin, senior operations support manager at Flour. The box contains homemade muesli, a crunchy butter toffee, sable biscuits, English breakfast tea, a tea towel and a mug for Mother’s Day.

Flour also offers virtual baking classes that can be offered as gifts, with the option to send the ingredients to the recipient for an additional charge.

Numerous other online courses are also available. For example, offers workshops that teach you how to arrange flowers or make a sausage board. Both were popular Mother’s Day gifts this year.

“Live streaming experiences are also increasing compared to years before the pandemic as consumers try to connect with their mom virtually or simply from the comfort of their homes,” said Chris McCann, CEO of

Americans plan to spend an average of $ 220.48 on celebration plans and gifts for Mother’s Day from April 1-9 this year, according to the NRF poll. This brings the total expected spend for Mother’s Day to $ 28.09 billion.

It’s also an average of $ 15.74 more than consumers for 2020 and $ 24.01 more than planned for 2019.

“This is the highest anticipated Mother’s Day output we’ve seen since we started this survey over a decade ago,” said Cullen. “It’s really about giving things instead of gaining experience.”

After the greeting cards, consumers are most likely to buy flowers. 68% of respondents say this is part of their plan.

“Mother’s Day is the biggest flower holiday of the year and our brand expects approximately 23 million stems to be shipped for the holiday,” said McCann.

Due to the shortage and higher transportation costs, buyers may spend more on flowers this year. Some florists say consumers should be ready to accept replacements as well Pay up to 25% more According to media reports than last year.

“The farms that don’t know how to plan for this year have cut their workload and there is some fighting going on,” McCann said.Squawk box“on Thursday.” That, along with some weather conditions, has created the challenge we see in the flower industry today. “

1-800-Flowers said it was able to secure enough flowers to meet its demand.

McCann said he also sees greater demand for gifts for groceries, and NRF’s Cullen said consumers intend to spend more on jewelry.

“Despite all the difficulties that Covid has caused, despite all the uncertainties, consumers are really enjoying moments when they can celebrate,” said Cullen. “And we’ve seen that in pretty much every vacation and special event during the pandemic.”

Jennifer Garner Showcases Her Signature Mother Type in Striped Sweater, Blue Denims & These Sneakers She Can’t Cease Carrying

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Jennifer Garner I just stepped out in a foolproof outfit that went perfectly with her classic mom style.

More from Footwear News

Garner was seen in Brentwood, Calif., On Thursday inspecting the construction of her new home. For the excursion, Garner opted for a blue striped sweater in combination with classic blue jeans. The denim had a straight silhouette with a desperate hem.

Garner equipped with a brown shopping bag. When it comes to shoes, Garner opted for sneakers from her sports brand Brooks. The kick, known as the Ghost 13 Running Shoe, has a lace-up closure and a mesh upper. The shoe is also padded and equipped with a rubber sole.

When Garner isn’t in the Ghost 13, he often wears the brand Levitate 4 Road Shoes in black color. These high-performance shoes feature the brand’s Fit Knit upper with a lightweight DNA AMP midsole, ample cushioning, and a removable insole. As in today’s look, Garner often pairs her sneakers with sweaters and simple t-shirts.

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

To buy: Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe, $ 130

She also swaps it out for Canadian suits, overalls, flannels, and sweatshirts. When Garner isn’t in jeans, he also wears activewear looks like classic leggings and other Alo Yoga products.

Click through the gallery to see other times Jennifer Garner wore Mom jeans and sneakers.

Start gallery: 15 times Jennifer Garner styled mom jeans with sneakers

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Shock Squad eases cash worries of single Gilbert mother battling well being problem | 3TV’s Shock Squad

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Brandy is a single mom of three who works in the healthcare sector helping keep people healthy during the pandemic. But now she’s the one with a health condition, and her big sister and brother-in-law wanted to do something for her, so they reached out to the Arizona Family Surprise Squad.

“She’s had a tough time last year,” said her brother-in-law, Dave. “She was diagnosed with adenomyosis.” It’s a condition that requires Brandy to have a hysterectomy. Dave says she is a strong personality and no matter what he thinks she will take this challenge and be better than before.

“It’s just very important to us. And so it was an emotional ride for all of us. “

The surprise team followed Dave and his wife Andrea to the family practice where Brandy works. Andrea had told Brandy she was there to drop off some hair products and Brandy had no idea what she was up to.

“Surprise,” said 3TV’s Olivia Fierro when Brandy walked outside. “We’re the Arizona Family Surprise Squad.” Fierro invited Brandy to share her story.

“I’m always exhausted and tired trying to take care of children and work around the clock,” explained Brandy. “And it just got to the point where I am like this, oh my god. I’m in bed at 7:30 a.m., 7:00 a.m. sometimes because I’m just so exhausted. “

“What you really have on your side are people who love and support you,” said Fierro.

“If I didn’t have her, I honestly don’t know where I would be,” Brandy agreed.

“We love to be part of anything that makes you feel loved and supported while you go through a lot,” said Fierro, handing her an envelope. Inside was a note stating that the surprise team would pay for $ 500 worth of meal sets to help Brandy while she recovered from the surgery. And the surprises weren’t over yet.

“Because you need to relax and unwind,” continued Fierro. “We have two nights for you at the JD Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. Enjoy dinner at Rita’s Cantina & Bar and just relax.”

Fierro and the Surprise Squad had one more surprise in store for brandy. “We’re thrilled to make this $ 3,500 courtesy of the Arizona Family Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers available to you.”

“Oh my god,” gasped Brandy. “Thank you guys. I really appreciate that. If I could hug you I would. I know you shouldn’t hug anything during COVID, but I really appreciate it. “

“You can hug your family,” smiled Fierro. “We’ll let you do this part. They love you so much. “

“Surprise,” said Dave as he and his wife hugged Brandy.

If you’d like to help with the catering service that Dave and Andrea set up for Brandy while she recovers from surgery, click Here.

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