Fashionable Warfare 2 May Embrace Rainbow Six Siege Type Mode

A brand new Rainbow Six Siege-style game mode could come to the next Call of Duty title, which is rumored to be Modern Warfare 2, a direct sequel to the 2019 reboot of the same name.

An announcement of the next Call of Duty is unlikely to come until mid-year, but various insiders have all confirmed that Infinity Ward is working hard on a sequel to Modern Warfare’s 2019 reboot.

In addition to the continuation of the campaign, a new multiplayer experience and a brand new Warzone map, Modern Warfare 2 will also supposedly include an “Attackers vs. Defenders” mode, similar to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard | Season 1 Battle Pass trailer



Call of Duty: Vanguard | Season 1 Battle Pass trailer





Modern Warfare 2 will feature an attacker vs. defender mode

According to Ralphs valve, a trusted industry insider when it comes to Call of Duty, the Attackers vs. Defenders mode will have a similar map to Call of Duty 4’s CQB test, but of course be much larger.

The objective of the new mode depends on whether players are attacking or defending, but the objective is to achieve or defend objectives within a certain area on the map.

According to RalphsValve, each player on the attacking team will be assigned a role through a general vote. The team will also appoint a team leader, with each round including a debriefing period during which players can switch squads.

As the opposing team prepares for the attack, the defenders must develop a strategy to slow down or completely eliminate the attackers. Defenders can use hidden locations, cameras and booby traps while fortifying the location.

You can read the full details of the leak below, but be sure to take caution with any information until it is made official by the developers. Plans can always change behind the scenes before the games are fully released.

Let us know how you’re keeping Modern Warfare 2 with a Rainbow Six Siege style game mode in the comments section below.

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Trendy Residing Goes Excessive Model In The City Core Of Outdated City Scottsdale, Arizona

A 36 foot high foyer connects the different levels of the Scottsdale, Arizona home.


this modern apartment in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona has a long list of attributes:

It is divided into residential and / or commercial areas with mixed use. The living / working area offers space for expansion or can be converted into condominiums or apartments.

The two-story living room offers views of the treetops and the city.


It’s noticeable. Visually impressive, the architectural house is characterized by open areas, high ceilings and an indoor-outdoor flow of space.

It’s urban. The residence is in the thriving old town of Scottsdale, close to shopping, entertainment and dining.

A facade made of steel, concrete and glass sets the ultra-modern tone for the 8,200 square meter area of ​​the single-family home. Windows run the length of the 36 foot high foyer.

Triple stacked glass steps let light into the center of the house.


Triple-stacked glass stairs with metal railings let daylight into the stairwell, which extends over three levels and can also be reached by elevator.

A bedroom balcony overlooks the main living room, which extends over two floors. A central fireplace is framed by a glass wall that opens onto a terrace with another fireplace and a place for al fresco dining.

A tray ceiling and chandelier complete the formal dining area.


A more formal indoor dining area with a teak accent wall is adjacent to the living room and connects to the kitchen, where a marble island with a waterfall edge provides additional prep space and seating. Wood grain, frosted glass and stainless steel surfaces stand out against the two dark walls of the kitchen.

Tray ceilings tower over the dining room and kitchen, which is equipped with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Walls ensure privacy in the swimming pool area.


Some of the rooms, including a media room, office, and gym, are on the terrace. Another room opens up to a swimming pool with a waterfall function. Walls enclose the pool and provide privacy.

With a touch of an iPad, the 22 motorized roller blinds with blackout function can be set to filter the sunlight.

One bedroom has a balcony overlooking the living room.


The house, built in 2007, has a total of four chimneys, seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Josh Peters from RETSY is the listing agent for 6921 East 1st St., Scottsdale, Arizona. Priced at $ 6.25 million, the property is less than 7 miles from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Old Town Scottsdale is made up of nine neighborhoods that combine the legacy of the old west with modern urban living. Historic sites from the late 1880s meet restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, and other hotspots here.

The walkable area has an abundance of public art, the oldest bar in town, and a free trolley, among other attractions.

RETSY is a founding member of Global Forbes Properties, a consumer marketplace and member network of elite brokers selling the world’s most luxurious homes.

Wow Home: $6.8M Trendy Barn-Type Compound

EAST HAMPTON, NY – This is a beautiful modern barn area in the heart of the Hamptons.

  • Address: 26 Bull Run, East Hampton, NY
  • Price: $ 6,850,000
  • Bedroom: 8
  • Bathroom: 8.5
  • Property Description: Barns Crossing – Minutes to East Hampton Village & Beaches The main house, built in the style of a modern barn building, has a fieldstone base, slate roof and stucco walls as well as a 28-foot timber frame barn structure that is the centerpiece of the house. A 36 foot square-cut Pennsylvania fieldstone fireplace with a custom-made steel beam over the large fireplace stands at the end of the main room, and its towering stone chimney rises high from the living room window wall. While the main structure houses the main living room, kitchen, den, butler bar, and a master bedroom upstairs and downstairs, two other connected barn-style buildings house guest wings, pool cabanas, offices, and utility areas. In total, the 8-room facility is approximately 9,000 square meters, with an additional 3,100 square meters on the unfinished lower floor. Outdoor amenities include a Gunite pool and hot tub, Har-Tru tennis court, dining area with a professional grill, and so on

This offer appeared on For more information and photos, Click here.

La Perla rooftop bar brings historical past and fashionable leisure collectively

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It’s been some time since famous actress Elizabeth Taylor spent her days in one of El Paso’s most iconic buildings.

The Crown Suite on the 17th floor of the Plaza Hotel was once the home of Taylor during her marriage to Nicky Hilton (Paris and Nicky’s great-uncle) in the early 1950s. Back then, the room offered an almost 360-degree view of the El Paso skyline.

Photo by Aaron Montes / KTSM9 News.

Now it’s home to La Perla, a rooftop bar and entertainment venue, decorated with gold trim, marble, and designer furniture, giving guests a sense of a premium atmosphere. With unique food and drinks, customers are spoiled with delicious food and drinks as well as a skyline view of the city.

Take a virtual tour of the Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park in Downtown El Paso

The restaurant’s seafood appetizers include a caviar tea sandwich, marinated crab claws, and more. Executive Chef Andres Padilla and Chef Chaz Lindsay created the menu, while pastry chef Marisol Puentes’ desserts are a sweet way to round off any dinner.

The bar is inspired by La Peregrina, a world famous pearl that was passed on from the Spanish monarchy to the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte and was later encased in a necklace worn by Taylor.

“We really used it as inspiration, so you will see this glamor, that glitz on the menu and throughout the decor,” said Sabrina Guerrero, director of sales and marketing at the Plaza Hotel. “And we wanted everyone in El Paso to have a night to enjoy being royalty and being pampered like Elizabeth Taylor would have been.”

Photo by Aaron Montes / KTSM9 News.

La Perla offers several lounge areas where guests can enjoy their drinks or snacks with a view of the El Paso skyline. There are terraces that offer quaint seating areas for guests to enjoy their evenings.

The rooftop bar is available to guests of the hotel, but people who want to experience the venue without staying overnight in the building must do so Reservations.

For local and breaking news, sports, weather alerts, videos and more, download the FREE KTSM 9 news app from the. down Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Australia’s fashionable pentathlete Ed Fernon: ‘I used to be coaching Rocky-style’ | Tokyo Olympic Video games 2020

R.Retirement is not a word that means much to Olympian Ed Fernon. When the modern pentathlete first hung up his riding boots, sword and pistol after failing to qualify for the 2016 Games, he climbed the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere (Argentina’s Aconcagua at 6,960 m) and won the longest horse race in the world , the Mongolian derby. It is perhaps not surprising that it didn’t cost much to lure him out of retirement to take another leap into the Olympic discipline of the modern Pentathlon.

“Out of the blue, three months before the Tokyo exams, I got a call from my old coach asking me to make a comeback,” said Fernon. “I was on my way to a business meeting and didn’t think about it much. But he kept calling me. Finally, I decided to train hard for six weeks to compete in the New Zealand championships and see what would happen. I won this competition and was selected for the Tokyo exams on the Australian team. I went there, started well, and got the seat. It’s been quite a whirlwind journey. “

Whirlwind is certainly an apt description for Fernon. New South Welshman, only 33, runs a real estate development company and has two young children. Since qualifying for Tokyo, Fernon has balanced his professional and personal commitments with an intense training schedule. “It’s a constant challenge,” he says. “I’m just trying to work two or three hours a day to keep the ship buoyant. I’m fortunate to have good people around me who can help.”

Fernon was one of the first Australians to be selected for the Tokyo Olympics after attending a selection event in Wuhan in November 2019. He left the Chinese city just a month before the first cases of Covid-19. “Because I had just been there, I started very early,” he says.

While other athletes had disrupted their preparations for Tokyo due to the pandemic, Fernon was able to concentrate on training last year. “I was already selected by this point, so I didn’t have to do anything to keep my place,” he says. Fernon lived on a farm near Yass in rural NSW and had the perfect training environment. “I trained rocky style,” he says. “I built a jumping arena on the farm, set up a small fence system in the garage, shot from the porch and ran down the street. It was great to have the support of the local swimming pool that I was swimming in as well. I was incredibly lucky. “

Although there is still uncertainty about the games, with increasing vocal disapproval among the Japanese populationFernon is confident that he will fly to Tokyo in eight weeks. “Some people ask me [about cancellation] and I just discard it right away, ”he says. “The media has teamed up whether it happens or not, but if you have conversations with the people who actually know what is going on, it is absolutely certain that it will continue. And as an athlete, you can’t think like that, even if there’s a 1% chance it won’t go on. You just have to concentrate fully on the job. “

Ed Fernon with his son Xavier. Photo: Hanna Lassen / Getty Images

The word pentathlon comes from the Greek, a combination of five (penta) and competition (athlete). The original Pentathlon was a hallmark of the ancient Greek Olympic Games; A combination of wrestling, sprint, javelin, discus and long jump, the event was seen as a test of the athletic qualities soldiers need. The modern equivalent has been featured in all Olympic Games since 1912.

As the format of the sport has evolved over the decades, it has retained its multidisciplinary quality. In Tokyo, Fernon and his colleagues will compete in a fencing round robin with an épée sword, followed by a 200 meter freestyle swim. The participants are then paired with a random horse and have to complete a jumping course after only 20 minutes of tying. Finally, the athletes take part in a “laser run” – three rounds of a kilometer-long course, each with a round of pistol shooting at the beginning. This last event has a timed start based on the points scored in the previous events. This means that the first person to cross the line is the overall winner.

The variety makes the training an interesting offer. “It’s a very difficult sport,” says Fernon. “I think the most interesting thing is that you have athletes from different backgrounds. Some are very strong swimmers, while others are athletics-oriented. That means that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Right now I do two to three workouts a day, focusing on the fencing and the running and shooting event – which is probably one of the most important as it is the final event and can be make-or-or. Interruption. “

Athletic as a kid, Fernon played cricket and rugby and ran cross-country in high school. He also rode with a friend who owned a farm near Wagga Wagga. “I loved riding down there on school holidays,” he says. But it wasn’t until his college years that Fernon came across the sport of the modern pentathlon.

“I was 19 years old, studied at university, lived on campus most nights, drank and carried on like a young person,” he remembers, somewhat embarrassed. “I felt like my life didn’t have a lot of meaning – and I was just looking for a challenge. My uncle suggested I try modern pentathlon – I didn’t even know what it was. “Fernon met Daniel Esposito, who represented Australia in sport at the 1984 Olympics and whose father he is Chloe Esposito, who won gold in 2016.

Ed Fernon rides Chatte Van T Welthof at the London Games 2012. Photo: Alex Livesey / Getty Images

“I remember meeting him and he said, ‘It’s too hard to try a sport, you have to make a 100% commitment to go to the Olympics,” Fernon says. “At this point I’ve never had a pistol, never a fencing sword, and was a terrible swimmer – so it was pretty daunting to hear. But it was the best advice. I made a very clear decision that I should use my spare time while studying Qualification for the Olympic Games in London. “

He qualified and finished 27th at the 2012 Games. “It was a great honor to represent my country,” says Fernon. But after spending his savings traveling the world to compete (“I came back a very poor man,” he says) and consequently starting a business, his commitment to the sport began to wane.

“The training is so full – I was just tired,” he says. “I went to the Rio exams, did not perform well, and just got to a point where my mind and body were no longer there. I had lost my passion for it. After not qualifying for Rio, I gave up and didn’t think I would ever come back. “Not that he wasn’t looking for a challenge – he climbed Mount Aconcagua and won the Mongolian derby in the years that followed.

“You have to make life interesting,” he says. “You have to challenge yourself, find yourself in an uncomfortable environment, because that’s the only way you can really learn and grow as a person. All of these things are ways for me to learn about myself and to push myself. I fail a lot, but failure is part of the process. “

Australia's Chloe EspositoChloe Esposito memorably won modern pentathlon gold for Australia five years ago in Rio. Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images

Part of the challenge of the modern Australian Pentathlon is the lack of funding. A big boost was given during exercise, though Esposito won gold at the Rio OlympicsFernon says this has not sparked continued interest and support.

“Chloe is an amazing person – she won an Olympic gold medal – but a few years later she can’t get sponsors, the support isn’t there for her,” says Fernon. “I think people are a little more aware of the modern Pentathlon [post-2016], but we don’t have the right structure – there is no funding, unlike overseas where all athletes are full-time professionals. You still have to do everything yourself. “

However, Fernon remains optimistic that this could change. “There was undoubtedly a lot of interest [since Esposito’s win] and there are some great young kids out there who are incredibly interested, ”he says. “If we are successful with the Brisbane Olympics offering in 2032, there may be more funding for the Olympic sport and we can grow.”

Fernon wants to retire after Tokyo. “My wife is due with our third child about a week after I return, so my priority is back with the family,” he says. “I’ll hang up the boots, the sword, the gun, and look forward to becoming a father and running the business again.”

However, it is unlikely that this will be the last time we’ll hear from Ed Fernon. “There will be something, there will always be something,” he says. “There’s nothing on the horizon yet, but my motto is to surpass the adventure of life. I am always interested in how I can put myself into unpleasant situations and new challenges. This won’t be the last thing I’ve ever done, I can tell you. “

4 Fifteen Estates: Bringing a Fashionable Leisure Venue Again to the Texarkana Space

For years Shelby Stephens dreamed of all things wedding after falling in love with planning her own in just under six weeks. “After planning my own wedding, I was so sad when it was over. I knew I wanted to do something with weddings and events. After a friend suggested that I open my own wedding venue, all I knew was that I had to, ”said Shelby. Her mother deepened her daughter’s love for weddings when she bought the now Gracyn Elizabeth Bride in Texarkana, where Shelby worked for a year. “One day I finally looked at my husband and told him we could afford to open a wedding venue,” says Shelby, and her husband Caleb agreed. A few months later they bought 50 acres in New Boston. In July 2020, the Stephens broke ground with fourteen stands.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Shelby and her husband have set out to provide COVID brides with a new place for their special day that so many venues continue to cancel or close. Many decisions were made during the construction process, including the specific design of each building. The lobby was originally supposed to be white, but Shelby had other plans. Four Fifteen Estates now has a gorgeous black lobby and chapel with blue stained glass windows on the door, following the traditions of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue that Shelby loves. Every building, from the chapel to the foyer to the bridal suite, is decorated with modern chic, exposed wood and beautiful land surrounding the venue. The focal point of the venue and the main photography location is the outdoor fireplace, which was salvaged from one of the remaining houses on the property when the Stephens was first purchased.

“We were very nervous because everything got so modern,” says Shelby, “but we wanted it to be different and it’s definitely a selling point for our customers and the community,” says Shelby. To date, Four Fifteen Estates has booked 24 weddings and hopes to book more weddings and events in the future. “What we built isn’t just for the next modern bride, we built a community event center for the whole community to come out and enjoy,” says Shelby.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Four Fifteen Estates offers clients a fully equipped kitchen for catering, a bridal suite (to get dressed and ready) and a grooms loft for getting dressed for the wedding reception. They also provide tables and chairs for large parties as well as a coordinator for the wedding day. In addition to the regular one-day event package, Four Fifteen Estates offers a weekend package to offer its customers a relaxing experience. This package gives customers the opportunity to prepare for a day, celebrate a day, and clean up a day. “We wanted to give everyone who comes here a chance to get ready and create a party atmosphere,” said Shelby.

Four fifteen booths will have their grand opening this Thursday April 15th at 6 p.m. and their first wedding will be this Saturday April 17th.

Four Fifteen Estates is located at 415 Co Rd 2101, New Boston, TX 75570.

Methods to fashion fashionable jewelry

Once we are done donning our best clothes, vibrant makeup, and donning a classy clutch, something seems to be missing. While it seems that every component of getting dressed is done, it really isn’t. One important element remains: jewelry! Because accessories become the ultimate look-completer and modern jewelry becomes a staple for all items of clothing. We met with Dr. C Vinod Hayagriv, Director and General Manager of the 150 year old C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewelers, to share a style guide that perfectly flaunts modern jewelry.

Layers for Victory!
If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you definitely know the layer trend. It seems that one necklace is never enough as people wear two, three, and sometimes even four dainty necklaces that are as casual as a V-neck t-shirt. But how do you know what kind of necklaces to combine with each other?

Here’s how you can create the ultimate levels:

Use necklaces of different lengths. Experiment with colors, especially if you wear white.

Combine different types of neck pieces – maybe a gold necklace with a casual gold chain.

Mix up your metals
While symmetry and wearing matching pairs of jewelry seem like the way to go – who says this is really the rule in the book? It’s time to mix it up and carry part of the pile! the most modern trends in the most stylish way. Combine a diamond chain with a gold ring. Or go platinum with a touch of gold.

The sky is the limit to the imaginative ways you can combine your jewelry for a really standout look.

Stack them up!
But didn’t we just talk about layering? Here we are referring to rings – stunning, minimalist, yet truly classic rings.

In order for your fingers to do all the talking and be known as the one with the most fashionable rings, stack your rings (up to 3) on your finger.

Combine a few gemstones when you go to a party or simple diamond rings make for a relatively casual look.

Know your focus
No, we don’t mean that you should look at your jewelry with glasses. We want you to focus on your best aspect. Let me give you an example. For beautiful people with beautiful, colored, big eyes; Smoky eyes and more highlighter can focus on the eyes – which improves function and makes the individual appear clear and beautiful. It works similarly with jewelry.

If you have a long neck and you want this to be the focus of your entire look; Wear a beautiful diamond choker necklace.

This will adorn your neck and will surely make you an eye catcher.

Neck and neckline
Just like you wouldn’t wear a turtleneck choker; We have always subconsciously known that the neckline is important when choosing a necklace. Hence, if you choose the neck piece to wear; Be sure to note the neckline of your dress.

If it’s a V-neck, choose a heavy diamond chain.

If your shirt has a slightly plunging crew neck, take this as a cue to pull out your best choker and wear it with glamorous makeup.

However, if the shirt you’re thinking of is a turtleneck; Unfortunately, there is nothing like a long, modern and trendy pendant that completes your look.

Don’t go overboard
Yes, there are a little too many accessories when it comes to jewelry. Knowing when to stop is important and is directly related to the purpose of the look. If you are going to a wedding – equip your heart. From beautiful, heavy necklaces to bangles and long drop earrings. wear everything.

However, when you go to a friend’s house, keep the chic up by wearing complementary jewelry. For example, if you wear long earrings, you might not be wearing a necklace and just a statement ring will do.

Or wear a platinum bracelet and gemstone rivets with the casual T-shirt and jeans for the perfect mix of modern jewelry.

Style away!
Now that you’ve read the ultimate style guide and know exactly how to combine your modern jewelry to step up the level of fashion. It’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Racquet Membership LA mixes modern-day tennis, ’70s model

Crisp white with just a few splashes of color, a collar shirt, tortoiseshell glasses and a simple gold necklace around the neck. This is none other than the style icon and three-time main master Arthur Ashe. The traditional tennis club style of the 70s is intertwined by the owner of with the modern park players of Los Angeles LA racket club Sasha Paskal.

The online “club” has stolen the keys to the typical rigid and tight tennis club and is making way for the new and more exciting era of tennis. Racquet Club LA isn’t just about practicing technique and match play, it’s also about appreciating the slow moments that the sport seems too often to forget.

RCLA’s “Boys Club” shiny turtle keychain.

“I had recently returned to LA from a year-long stay in New York and found myself in a dark headspace when my mom suggested I go back to tennis,” Paskal tells Baseline. “After a few years outside the game, it was so refreshing to be back on the pitch with a whole new appreciation for the game and the community of people I met.”

RCLA may not be an actual establishment, but it is Instagram, along with the website, is very different from any other tennis club. It’s a refreshingly close community with members of all backgrounds and ages who “live leisurely”. In the online club, the players slow down and enjoy the moment together with parents and retirees.

The Instagram page is not just a collection of merchandise and updates on developments in the professional tennis world. Instead, it is a “nostalgic, cheeky, carefree” photo collection, which in turn forms a color-coordinated mood board that goes beyond the boundaries of the court.

“When I first opened an account in 2019, I knew I wanted a creative medium to share photos that made me happy with an audience large or small,” says Paskal. “It was interesting to learn that a lot of people came to the site for the tennis content, but also stayed because of the vintage and old school vibe. The best part, however, was several people who went out of their way to let me know I’ve only just started taking up the sport because of my constant tennis content. I love the mix of tennis and non-tennis players on this platform, it’s become a real community. “

As a woman in her late twenties, Paskal is a runaway at her LA tennis club. She has no pension, no children and is not retired, but she likes to live slowly. The kind of life where conversations are effortless, real relationships are forged, and no phone screens are looked at.

RCLA may be an online social get-together for now, but Paskal hopes to make it a reality with people from all walks of life connecting on and off the pitch.

RCLA’s classic champion sweater.

“My ultimate goal at RCLA is to have a functioning tennis shop in Southern California (and beyond) that also serves as a hangout for players of all skill levels,” says Paskal. “I envision a place that combines the best aspects of private clubs (conviviality, routine, community) but merges with a modern and updated one-stop tennis store.”

Right now, Paskal is working hard to bring back the classic tennis outfits from the 70s. Currently, the Racquet Club LA website allows customers to purchase hats, bags, oversized sweatshirts, and even the keys that were “stolen” from the club.

“It was the very first design I came up with after talking to my mom about the idea I was playing around with [a tongue-in-cheek take on the country club]”She talks about the fun times in the 70s when she and her friends were constantly kicked out of the club for not following the club’s archaic and clumsy rules.” I had a lightbulb moment when I realized this was exactly what I wanted RCLA to look like, a club for all of those who lifted those restrictions and dated rules but still a closed one Community of connoisseurs are. We stole the keys from the old guard and started a new, much funnier club. “

With nearly 9,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that the like-minded club is growing and eager to break the rules of tennis’s rigid past.

“The biggest takeout I’d like to have from my brand is the ‘Live Life Leisurely’ ethos. You can have your cake and eat it too, go to the court and dress in those tennis whites and pearls while you’re also The Person who only took up the sport a few months ago and has never set foot in a country club. This sport is no longer just for a group, “she says.

The average Joe might not get the joke behind RCLA’s “Tennis Mom” ​​hat, but that’s what sets RCLA apart from any other sports company in tennis. It’s not just a brand, it’s an association. If you know you know.

Guam podcast to inform tales of recent Micronesian historical past | Leisure

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) – A podcast exploring Guam’s history is designed to provide a better understanding of the people and ideas that shaped modern Micronesia.

The producers of Memoirs Pasifika hope to spark interest in events that influenced contemporary Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific Daily News reported Sunday.

The podcast also plans to consider the impact of Micronesia on the global stage.

Each episode deals with a different theme of modern history, largely told through interviews with people who witnessed or participated in events.

“Micronesia is a group of tiny islands with a great history,” producer Tony Azios said in a statement. “While there are plenty of fascinating stories out there, very few podcasts discuss the unique history of Micronesia or access the region’s archival collections.”

Memoir Pasifika is dedicated to “recent Micronesian history – and gives voice to the people who lived it,” said Azios.

The exhibition works with experts including professors of History and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam and officials from regional archival organizations such as the Micronesian Area Research Center.

Guam podcast to inform tales of recent Micronesian historical past | Leisure

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) – A podcast exploring Guam’s history is designed to provide a better understanding of the people and ideas that shaped modern Micronesia.

The producers of Memoirs Pasifika hope to spark interest in events that influenced contemporary Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific Daily News reported Sunday.

The podcast also plans to consider the impact of Micronesia on the global stage.

Each episode deals with a different theme of modern history, largely told through interviews with people who witnessed or participated in events.

“Micronesia is a group of tiny islands with a great history,” producer Tony Azios said in a statement. “While there are plenty of fascinating stories out there, very few podcasts discuss the unique history of Micronesia or access the region’s archival collections.”

Memoir Pasifika is dedicated to “recent Micronesian history – and gives voice to the people who lived it,” said Azios.

The exhibition works with experts including professors of History and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam and officials from regional archival organizations such as the Micronesian Area Research Center.