The largest errors vacationers make in main world cities

Travel writers make their trade out of helping tourists navigate unknown places. Still, even the most savvy traveler tends to make the occasional gaffe while on vacation.

This is where CNBC’s travel agents share the biggest mistakes visitors make in the cities they call home.

A stroll through Singapore

“Trying to stroll around Singapore is a huge mistake. If you cover just a few miles that you would love to walk in most cities, you end up drenched – either from the heat or from tropical weather.” Regardless of whether Google Maps shows your destination is not far, take a taxi or the MRT [Mass Rapid Transit] Train. They’re both cheap and luckily air-conditioned. “

—Christian Barker, Australia

See everything in New York City

“New York is a huge travel destination with a multitude of options, and that makes a tourist’s time in the city precious. Unfortunately, I’ve found that many visitors – especially first-time visitors – try to squeeze too much into a trip to their Midtown hotel to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, then speed up to Uptown to tour part of Central Park, before seeing a Broadway show that evening.

The view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

cmart7327 | E + | Getty Images

“Rather than packing an itinerary for 12 hours each day, I recommend picking a handful of sights to explore. And leaving some unplanned blocks of time as the moments you’ve only heard of in New York are almost over . ” always unplanned.

“For example, don’t try to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in one day. You will be so exhausted – you won’t appreciate any of Liberty and then head to nearby Ellis Island and its immigration museum, or dedicate a day to Central Park and the surrounding areas – the park is bursting with beauty in every corner and nooks and crannies of its 840 hectares.

“Remember, New York is not going anywhere. The city will be ready and waiting to welcome you back.”

—Tracy Kaler, United States

“Stick to the script” in Jamaica

“I’ve nested in Jamaica for the past six months and vacationed here many times over the past 20 years. Now that I’ve spent time here, I realize how much I’ve missed – and how many tourists miss.

Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script.

Sheryl Nash-Nance

American travel writer

“So many come to the island and hardly venture beyond their all-inclusive resort or stick to the tours that the hotel offers. Heavy sigh. Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script if you haven’t gone to a beach only locals know about, or if your taste of Jamaican cuisine is limited to the typical jerk chicken or pork, try a restaurant outside the hotel and the tourist area.

“Dunn’s Rivers Falls is fine, but there are spectacular waterfalls without the crowds. Negril and Montego Bay get all the press, but make your way to Portland. Jamaica is full of secrets. Do a little digging before your trip, be it from your social media groups or friends of friends. Find an insider who will give you the skinny. “

—Sheryl Nash-Nance, United States

Be a morning person in Melbourne

“Stroll around Melbourne on Saturday morning at 9:00 am and you might be wondering if aliens abducted most of the population overnight.

Melbourne’s most popular coffeehouses are busiest after 9 a.m.

Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd | DigitalVision | Getty Images

“The only people in museums and galleries at 10 am are families with young children. Instead, we tend to pile up the other end of the day and meet later – brunch should never start before 1 p.m. – and go to the footy [football match], linger over dinner, meet for a drink, then maybe see a show. It’s not uncommon for a headliner to take the stage in a pub … at midnight.

“If you got up at 7 a.m. and filled the day with activities, you won’t make it to the encore. Relax, get a good night’s sleep and make sure you see the best of Melbourne – it glows after dark. “

—Carrie Hutchinson, Australia

I miss the quieter side of Hong Kong

“I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 2005 and many first-time international visitors still assume it is mostly a concrete jungle when it is actually made up of 261 islands. There are stunning secluded hikes, beaches on par with the French Riviera.” can accommodate, cascading “Waterfalls, jungle-covered temples and great snorkeling spots … there is so much more than just skyscrapers here.”

—Chris Dwyer, United Kingdom

The view along the Dragon’s Ridge, a popular hiking trail in Sheck O Country Park on Hong Kong Island.

Nukorn plain pan | Moment | Getty Images

“Hong Kong was my expat home for 20 years. I have always asked myself why visitors – be they tourists or business travelers – make the city a shopping and dining paradise. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ has so much more to offer just requiring tourists to be on the MTR. climb [Mass Transit Railway] or a minibus and get off at one of the many landscape parks.

“After living in the city for a long time, I started kayaking to get a new and different perspective on the place. There is much more for tourists to explore, discover and enjoy. “

—Petra Loho, Austria

Worries about street food in Bangkok

“Bangkok’s reputation as one of the world’s most incredible culinary destinations is largely due to its street vendor offerings. The street chefs produce a fantastic selection of Thai classics and conjure up everything from Chinese-inspired stir-fries to spicy salads, spicy curries and grilled meat.

A seller cooks street food in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nigel Killeen | Moment | Getty Images

“Despite the fame of the street dining scene, some visitors are squeamish about the hygiene standards in these places. It doesn’t have to be. Every street vendor stall that’s worth its price – fish sauce with blindingly hot bird’s eye chilies – has freshly cooked food.

“Look out for long lines of local guests and you will know you are on a good cause.”

—Duncan Forgan, United Kingdom

Three widespread cash errors latest graduates make

Soon there will be a new class of college graduates, many of whom will be entering full-time positions for the first time and managing their finances.

That can be overwhelming. Bills can pile up quickly and if you’re not careful you could find yourself in debt.

But many financial mistakes can be avoided. Here are three of the most common money mistakes people make early in their careers, as well as how to avoid the same mistakes.

1. Don’t be prepared for your expenses

The cost of living adds up quickly. It is important that you are aware of each monthly payment so that you do not spend more than you make.

“Many college students have lived meager lives for years and think that everything will end when they graduate and get a ‘real’ job,” said Christopher Lyman, a certified financial planner with Cambridge Investment Research in Pennsylvania. “What many don’t realize is that all of this income is not extra and is absorbed by extra expenses that they are not used to.”

A major expense is your student loans. Find out how much you owe in loans and what your monthly payments will be so you can plan accordingly, says Lyman. By making your payments in full and on time, you can avoid paying late fees and additional interest.

Spending too much money on travel and luxury without having solid savings on unexpected costs is a similar mistake many people make early in their careers, says Niv Persaud, certified financial planner and chief executive at Transition Planning & Guidance.

You can still enjoy yourself but keep an eye on your budget. Lyman recommends the 50/30/20 budget strategy: 50% of your salary should be used for your needs (like rent, food and supplies), 20% should be used for saving for retirement, and 30% can be used for everything else you want .

2. Buy a home before you can afford it

Since many banks allow you to buy a home with less than the traditional 20% down payment, many people are encouraged to become a homeowner earlier in life. However, that can mean paying you thousands of dollars more in interest, Lyman says.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to buy a $ 500,000 home with a 5% decrease. If you prepay just 5% of the cost of the home, you get only $ 25,000 interest free. However, if you pay a $ 100,000 down payment, you can avoid paying an additional $ 75,000 in interest, Lyman says.

That $ 75,000 difference would cost you an additional $ 32,000 in interest assuming you pay 2.5% interest over a 30 year period.

You should also consider the additional costs associated with buying a home, including property taxes, home insurance, ongoing maintenance costs, furnishings, and unexpected repairs, Persaud says.

If you don’t have the income to cover these costs, you may not be ready to buy a home, Persaud says. It may be better to wait until you are more financially stable.

3. You don’t understand what your takeaway pay is

Another common mistake is spending more than your salary to take away because you don’t factor in the taxes and wage deductions for health insurance, parking, and other corporate benefits that are deducted from your paycheck, Persaud says.

Read your first paycheck carefully and understand how much you are actually bringing in.

You also need to know how much you will be paying in taxes, especially if you live in an expensive city like New York or San Francisco, says Lyman. You could easily spend a significant portion of your salary on city, state, and federal taxes.

At the beginning of your career, making more money is likely to be harder than cutting your expenses, Lyman says. If you find that you are spending more money than you are making, you may need to make some cuts.

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These investing errors will price you cash

A little preparation can go a long way.

And if you are planning on investing money, there are a few things you need to fix before you put money in the market, according to financial influencer Haley Sacks, also known as Mrs. Dow Jones.

The most important thing is to build some sort of emergency fund because you don’t want to dive into your investments to pay bills, Sacks said.

If you pull out money, you lose future compound interest and can secure your short-term losses, Sacks said.

Check out this video to learn about other mistakes people make before they start investing.

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Males’s model and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: 5 grooming errors that males make, however shouldn’t

Three quick hacks for your eyebrows:

1.Scanty eyebrows

You can use mascara to make your brows look fuller and darker. Apply just a little over the browbones, working your way from the inner to the outer corners. However, warm up, sweat or moisture will run the mascara.

2. Long bushy brows

Use any hair gel to set the eyebrow hairs in place. Use a water-based gel by taking a small product on your fingertips and applying it evenly to your brows. Make sure the gel doesn’t look lumpy or sticky to the touch as it dries out.

3. University brows

Use tweezers to pluck the extra hair between your brows. Make sure you balance both sides. Keeping the center clean will open up your face and instantly make your eyes look bigger and more defined. Shaped brows also improve our facial symmetry.

Five grooming mistakes that we should but shouldn’t do:

1. We are driven by habits

We’re all used to regimes and products that we believe will work best for us. By nature, we men tend to fixate on these, but a little flexibility and openness to change can go a long way in bringing about some positive change.

Shave after you shower. Most men I know tend to shave before they shower, but after advising them to do it the other way around, they found that their shave was faster, smoother, and easier. It’s not magic, just simple science – a shower makes our skin soft and ready to go under a razor.

Unless you want to do it drastically, make changes slowly but surely. Start with a small change and then move on.

2. We don’t know what we’re using

The stuff they put on the counter today from men’s grooming products is scary. Take shaving cream, for example. A can of your favorite shaving gel or foam contains ingredients like butane and propane, both of which are highly flammable chemicals that shouldn’t be applied to your face.

Off-the-counter and chemically made products are cheap to make, but they can harm your body, skin, and hair. The side effects range from irritation to adult hair loss.

Men’s grooming products that come with natural ingredients offer more than just cleansing. They also offer health benefits. Common ingredients that are good are aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, neem, fruit and vegetable extracts. You should use natural ingredients that heal the skin and at the same time strengthen and care for it, or that care for the hair.

3. All products have a specific use and purpose

Many men tend to blindly use almost everything on their skin, hair, and body.

Soaps, for example, are not all soaps. You need to choose soaps according to your needs. Soaps are designed and formulated for different skin types – some are natural, some medicinal, and others have exfoliating properties.

The choice is yours if you prefer a soap, shower gel or body wash. Before you buy, learn how to read ingredients, what they do and who they are for and how to use them. This column has a lot of valuable posts, tips, guidelines, honest, proven reviews of personal care products that will make you feel as good as you look. Follow or be left out.

4. Not all can be used together

Products react with one another, and while some work well together, most are not designed to work in combination with one another.

A shampoo and a conditioner are complementary products, and a conditioner must be applied and used after a shampoo. They work best together when made by the same brand so that the ingredients don’t react adversely with each other and permanently damage your hair.

I know some men who mix different creams together. This is a sure recipe for disaster. Each cream has a purpose and each brand has a unique formula with specific ingredients. When you mix formulations together, you run the risk that one ingredient will overwhelm or react with the other. Use a hand cream for your hands, a face cream for your face, and a body lotion for your body.

5. There are no other benefits to using larger quantities of a product

Our skin and hair are different and what works for one person will never work the same way for the other, even within the same family! Using larger amounts does not lead to any additional benefits!

Use products sparingly or as recommended. Brands encourage you to use more so that you can buy the product again even faster. Usually, it is best to use the amount that is easily absorbed by the skin (creams, lotions, massage oils, and moisturizers) or apply enough lather (shampoo, shower gels, and shaving cream).

Some products work faster or slower for some people than others.

Be patient – remember that each product will be used regularly for about two months for visible and effective results.

Four care products for this season:

1. Hair mask for damaged hair

The Bombay Shaving Company onion and egg hair mask is great for damaged hair

Made with ingredients from the kitchen, this hair mask promises to reduce hair loss, strengthen hair, and keep your hair looking shiny and strong. This is the product that you should use when you have problems with your hair.

Application: Apply a small amount to the hair and scalp, leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse well with water.

2. Skin cleanser for everyday use

The SUKIN oil equalization cleaner (available from Sublime Life) is ideal for regular use

This daily men’s cleanser removes dirt and oil build-up with a mixture of baobab extract and Tasmanian pepper for calming. Also contains aloe vera, which helps keep skin feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated. The product is suitable for all skin types, especially those with oily or acne-prone skin.

Use: Once or twice a day to replace soap.

3. Skin pack for tanned skin

Reeves Clive's Peony & Turmeric Ubtan helps get rid of stubborn tans
Reeves Clive’s Peony & Turmeric Ubtan helps get rid of stubborn tans

This natural, soap-free Ayurvedic cleanser exfoliates, moisturizes and detoxifies the skin. Peony and turmeric work as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that help minimize open pores for an even and glowing complexion. The product is particularly effective on tanned skin that has been exposed to the harsh sun.

Application: Apply once a week or after prolonged exposure to the sun.

4. Fragrance to smell sexy

Simply apply the Original Musk scent from Kiehls to your wrist, under your neck and ears, and you're good to go
Simply apply the Original Musk scent from Kiehls to your wrist, under your neck and ears, and you’re good to go

With aromas of bergamot nectar, orange blossom and musk, the characteristic unisex scent from Kiehls begins with a first creamy, fresh burst of citrus of bergamot nectar and orange blossom and dries to leave a warm and sensual note of patchouli and musk. Ideal for an early evening and even better for your date.

Use: Apply to the wrist, under the ears and neck.

Two style features for men:

1. The shoulder bag

Purple bag from the Daily Objects fleet collection
Purple bag from the Daily Objects fleet collection

A small shoulder bag like this eye-catching purple sling is great for carrying some of your essentials, including your phone, on the go. The bag is made of light natural fabrics and goes with any casual look. Has an interesting printed striped lining on the inside.

To wear: With your leisure or day look.

2. The multipurpose air purifier

The Dyson air purifier and heater
The Dyson air purifier and heater

Dyson’s innovative air purifier protects you from all types of pollution including exhaust fumes, tobacco, soot, heavy metals and other toxic organic compounds that unfortunately are found in most urban environments. It also kills chemicals from cleaning sprays. Works well against allergens in pets and makes the air as pure as possible – which is not only good for your body, but also good for your hair and skin.

The product works remotely with an app and has the unique ability to keep the room warm or cool, is extremely chic and looks very modern. This is my pick for the best design for a functional home appliance, especially if your style quotient extends beyond your clothes and accessories and you are a man who likes his appliances to look just as good, if not better than him!

Product rating: 5/5

From the HT brunch on January 31, 2021

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