Missourians will get billions in stimulus cash

ST. LOUIS – “It’s really a game changer for Missouri,” said Traci Gleason of the Missouri Budget Project, a nonprofit that keeps track of state budgets and how they affect families.

“And our mission is to improve the lives of all Missourians,” says Gleason, who sees this potential in the EU $ 5.4 billion in federal funding for Missouri from the American Rescue Plan.

“A significant number of people … are still concerned. Will they be able to earn their rent or will they be evicted in the next three months?” She said of those struggling economically in Missouri over COVID.

One way the American Rescue Plan is designed to help families is through child tax credits.

The new law increases the amount to $ 3,600 per year.

“It is estimated that 73,000 Missouri children will be lifted out of poverty through this child tax credit,” Gleason said. “Over 80% to 90% of families in Missouri will benefit from this expansion.”

Researcher at Columbia University According to this stimulus package, child poverty in Missouri could be reduced by 43% nationwide.

And there is more. Much of the plan focuses on those who are said to be hardest hit by the pandemic Missouri Budget Project – often those with fewer resources and poor health from COVID.

Missouri could see more than $ 1 billion for Medicaid’s expansion – on top of the federal funds already promised.

The focus is on cities with 50,000 or more inhabitants.

The city of St. Louis is expects more than $ 450 million – or almost half of its annual budget.

“There are some big decisions that will face policymakers over the next few weeks and months that can have long-term generational implications,” Gleason said.