SpaceX launches NASA’s Crew-Three astronaut mission

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launches the Crew 3 mission on November 10, 2021.

NASA television

SpaceX launched four astronauts from Florida to the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday evening as the company conducts a steady pace of manned missions.

Known as Crew-3, NASA’s mission will bring the quartet to the ISS for a six-month stay in orbit of the research laboratory. SpaceX launched the astronauts in its Crew Dragon capsule on a Falcon 9 rocket.

“It was a great ride – better than we imagined,” said Raja Chari, NASA astronaut and Crew Dragon commander, after mission control started.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule on Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on November 9, 2021 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

The launch marks SpaceX’s third operational crew launch to date for NASA and the first through the latest addition to their Crew Dragon capsules, dubbed Endurance by Crew 3 astronauts. The Crew 3 mission brings the number of astronauts SpaceX launched to 18.

The mission carries three Americans and one German: NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn and Kayla Barron as well as the astronaut of the European Space Agency, Matthias Maurer. This is the first space flight for three crew members: Chari, Barron and Maurer.

SpaceX developed its Crew Dragon spacecraft and refined its Falcon 9 rocket as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew program, which provided the company with $ 3.1 billion to develop the system and launch six operational missions.

Commercial Crew is a competitive program, and NASA has also awarded Boeing $ 4.8 billion in contracts to develop its Starliner spacecraft. However, Boeing’s capsule remains in development due to an unmanned flight test in December 2019 which brought great challenges.

Crew-3 marks the third of these six missions for SpaceX, with NASA now benefiting from the company’s investments in spacecraft development.

NASA emphasizes that SpaceX offers the agency, in addition to the USA, the possibility of sending astronauts into space, cost saving option as. The agency expects to pay $ 55 million per astronaut who flies on Crew Dragon, as opposed to $ 86 million per astronaut who flies on a Russian spaceship. NASA estimated last year that two private companies were competing for contracts saved the agency between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion in development costs.

The SpaceX Crew 3 astronauts stand on the transporter in front of the stack of Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 in the SpaceX horizontal processing facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on October 26, 2021.


Endurance is a new Crew Dragon capsule that is debuting for this mission. Previously, the capsules Resilience and Endeavor have flown astronauts, and SpaceX expects to add a fourth Crew Dragon early next year.

Watch Canine: Legion and Netflix’s Cash Heist group up for in-game mission

Guard dogs: Legion now has heists. Well, at least a robbery. In a new crossover event between Legion and Netflix show Money Heist, players can team up with friends to steal cryptocurrency from Clan Kelly – one of the game’s hostile factions.

Players and up to three other friends can advance to the Bank of London in Watch Dogs: Legion starting Monday. The group will take on Clan Kelly, some guards, and a powerful firewall while wearing the iconic Money Heist overalls as well as some Guy Fawkes-esque masks that cover their faces.

The trailer shows players sneaking through the bank at night and incapacitating guards with their buddies. But if getting out loud is more your style, the group will also have shotguns, pistols, and other weapons to keep the guards and Clan Kelly on the way back. Once the robbery crew has secured the crypto, it’s time to ride a drone across the Thames at night to escape.

Groups that complete the new Money Heist mission will unlock a new outfit for their recruits.

This isn’t Legion’s first major crossover event this month, with several new ones modern Assassin’s Creed missions Appears in the game last week next to update 5.5.

Vlasman’s Cruisin’ for a Trigger occasion raises cash for accessible playground, persevering with mission of giving

So he decided to donate the proceeds of his annual cruisin ‘for a cause car show and auction event on Saturday to the Kiwanis Club’s plan to build an inclusive, accessible playground on Lake Mitchell.

“It breaks me to know that some children cannot play in a playground. I thought the Kiwanis Club project was an incredible project this year as it will create a park for the kids who need it to play, ”said Vlasman as he handed out trophies to the top performers at Saturday’s auto show Thirsty.

The facilities of the barrier-free playground include a swing raft and a seesaw as well as a music area and a swing bench, all of which are accessible to people with disabilities. To meet playground accessibility standards, a concrete path would extend from the sidewalk into the playground and the woodchip surface would allow wheelchair and other bicycle transport devices to navigate the playground.

According to the designs, the playground would be built alongside the existing swing and play area in the center of Kiwanis Woodlot Park to encourage a more inclusive environment in the area. The $ 64,000 playground is part of Mitchell’s Kiwanis Club’s 100th anniversary. While the club is already raising money to complete the project by 2022, Vlasman’s auto show and auction will give a nice boost to the playground’s construction.

Each year, Vlasman selects a local or regional nonprofit or community member facing health problems to donate the proceeds of its annual auto shows. This year, however, the plan for a barrier-free playground emerged as a “meaningful and effective” community project that he wanted to contribute to making it a reality.

“Every child needs a playground to play with. Playing outside with friends is so important to youth as it is where some of the best childhood memories are made, ”said Vlasman. “We will use the proceeds from our event to buy some of the play equipment that you need for this playground.”

The Cruisin ‘for a Cause Auto Show and Auction on Saturday was the eighth annual event to be held in August. The event brings in more than $ 7,000-10,000, along with related donations from other local organizations that campaigned behind Vlasman’s community-oriented events.

While the auto show – which includes a silent auction, darts tournaments, games, and live music – draws large crowds each year, Vlasman hosts other similar events in the community and surrounding towns with the same mission of supporting good causes and organizations .

In recent years, his auto and motorcycle shows have helped bring over 30 beds to the Mitchell Area Safehouse and support a child receiving a critical kidney transplant, to name a few of the good causes he supports.

“Every year we find the people and organizations who need help most in their work. We helped a three year old boy who needed money for a kidney transplant, helped the SafeHouse remodel his living room, bought him new mattresses, ”said Vlasman.

Cruisin ‘for a Cause was founded about a decade ago to help disadvantaged families and those with basic necessities and to raise awareness about the prevention of flu and H1N1, also known as swine flu, after Vlasman’s near-death experience of swine flu from whom he fell Miraculously recovered in 2014. As Vlasman’s organization has grown over the years, it has transformed into a variety of good charitable causes.

Although Vlasman’s Cruisin ‘for a Cause has evolved over the years, its mission remains the same: to help those who need it most and to help the groups that share the same mission.

“That’s what this organization is about,” he said. “I’m so proud of the community support that Cruisin ‘for a Cause has received, and it shows that we all want to make the community a better place by helping those who need it most.”

Mission Achieved: East TN teen raises cash to purchase wheelchair-accessible van for brother | WJHL

MORRISTOWN, Tennessee (WJHL) – A 17-year-old girl from Morristown committed to raising enough money to buy a wheelchair accessible van for her younger brother has declared her efforts a victory.

Rylee Linkous posted an update on her fundraising page on Thursday. It says: “WE DID IT!”

Linkous started the fundraiser with the aim of raising $ 35,000 to buy a wheelchair accessible van for her 9-year-old brother, Xander Linkous. Xander was born prematurely. At just 5 weeks old, Rylee said her drug addict mother suffocated him and damaged his brain.

Xander cannot walk, speak, eat, or swallow. But his sister says he is happy and likes to play. (Source: Linkous family)

The teenager from East TN starts a fundraiser to buy a wheelchair-accessible van for her little brother

In their update Thursday, Rylee thanked the more than 300 donors, including an anonymous donor who raised $ 10,000.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for your overwhelming support and generosity. Thank you everyone, ”she wrote.

Michelle Heaton: I used to be on a suicide mission throughout alcohol battle | Leisure

Michelle Heaton found herself on a “suicide mission” during a three year battle against alcohol and cocaine addiction.

The Liberty X singer was recently in rehab to face her demons, having drank two bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka almost a day since 2018 after being rescued by an intervention by showbiz friends.

Katie Price led the mission to help Michelle and, along with her other friends, not only insisted that Michelle, 41, enroll in the priory, but also paid for her four-week stay to help defeat her drug and alcohol addiction.

Talking about her trip to rehab less than 48 hours after leaving the facility, Michelle burst into tears when she said, “I texted Katie while I was at the priory, ‘You saved my life’ . Because the priory saved my life.

“What I did was a suicide mission. I never thought I wanted to kill myself, but I ended up killing myself.

“I screamed for help when I couldn’t really ask for help. But when you are addicted it feels like there is no way out. “

The singer wouldn’t accept how bad her addiction had gotten until she went into rehab and couldn’t be more grateful now for her caring friends.

She added, “There was a moment when I said, ‘I’m not going.’ My best friend went out and said, “Michelle – you are dying.”

“It was a joint effort from all of my very dear friends who wanted me to live.”

And now Michelle – who has Faith (nine) and AJ (seven) with husband Hugh Hanley – has vowed to “never touch drugs or alcohol again” as she says she is “the happiest woman in the world” who still is gives alive.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said, “I will never touch drugs or alcohol again because I will die.

“If I picked up a drink, it would have expired. Who should say that one drink wouldn’t lead to another?

“I just feel like the happiest woman in the world because I’m here. I can tell my story in my words and I am still alive. I have the best family and friends.

“And I really feel like I deserve a second chance. I won’t give up dreams now “

Man Fieri is on a mission to assist save eating places hit by pandemic

The food network star and restaurateur Guy Fieri has more on his mind these days than managing his own restaurant business out of the Covid pandemic.

He’s trying to revive the industry himself.

Next month he will be giving grants of $ 300,000 to aspiring restaurant entrepreneurs and existing owners.

“I’ve been very blessed,” said Fieri, who recently signed a three-year contract with the Food Network, valued at $ 80 million, according to Forbes.

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“So I try to devote my time and attention to helping others raise this money and creating some awareness,” he added.

According to the Covid-19 operator survey by the National Restaurant Association for April, around 90,000 dining and drinking establishments are still completely or long-term closed.

Those who are open face higher costs and lower profits.

The grants made in collaboration with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation and the California Restaurant Association will take place during Fieri’s event, Guy’s Restaurant Reboot, on June 12 at 7 p.m. ET. It will be broadcast on its livestream Facebook site and GuysRestaurantReboot.comas well as simulcast via other social media platforms.

NBC | NBCUniversal | Getty Images

The recipients, who will each receive $ 25,000, will be selected by the two food groups, Fieri said. The grants are largely funded by the event sponsors, including LendingTree. In fact, there will be no fundraisers during the event. Instead, celebrities and culinary icons will take part in creations and conversations.

“It’s not a telethon,” said Fieri. “It’s a celebration, an inspiration.

“We want to remind everyone that we eat out more often,” he added. “Get more delivery. Buy more gift certificates.”

This isn’t Fieri’s first foray into philanthropy. He was honored by Make-A-Wish for his work with the charity and himself fed firefighters last year, among other things, against forest fires in California.

Also last year, he raised $ 21.5 million to help restaurant workers across the United States National Restaurant Association Employee Assistance Fund. The result: $ 500 in grants to more than 43,000 workers.

Now that the restaurants are reopening and trying to move forward Workers are hard to find. In fact, 84% of operators say their headcount is lower than in the absence of Covid-19, according to the National Restaurant Association’s April survey.

Owners have blamed unemployment benefits, lack of childcare for working parents, and people leaving the company during the pandemic.

“I hope people realize the industry needs you,” said Fieri. “The industry has been great for you.”

Even Fieri can feel the pain. He recently attempted to bring a friend over for lunch at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar on a weekday – only to find out that the place wasn’t open for those hours.

“It’s a wide variety of issues, including staffing,” he said.

“But we can do it, you know, we’ll be back.”

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Professor Inexperienced on ‘private mission’ to kind himself out | Leisure

Professor Green is on a “personal mission” to “sort” [his] s *** out ”now he’s a father.

The 37-year-old rapper, who has spoken about his mental health issues in the past, gave up drinking during lockdown because he wanted to be at his best for his partner Karima McAdams and their newborn son Slimane Ray.

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