Lacking their hard-edged type, Islanders look misplaced in loss to Panthers as skid continues – The Athletic

The Barry DefianceIslanders had their struggles in the over three seasons he led the team. They have had some streaks of bad luck, but only one before this season, which included four straight losses.

But they never looked lost. At least until Tuesday.

Your 6-1 loss to the Panther It was already going uphill before the puck fell. It was the final stop of a 13-game stint to open the season as the islands’ new home, UBS Arena, prepared for its debut. Ryan Pulock missed a streak of 263 games in a row with a lower body injury; Josh Bailey was also absent after testing positive for COVID-19.

However, these islanders have previously banded together due to premature absences. Even if they lost games without a few key players, they still play defiantly – edgy, defensively stingy, and offensively mostly opportunistic.

That style has been absent for over a week, with four straight losses for a combined number of 19-4. Tuesday was the first that the Islanders were out early, falling into a 4-0 hole by a Panthers team that drove the Isles net and staying there while the Islanders simply again failed to protect the house, hanging Ilya Sorokin out to dry.

Despite trying to send a message on Monday in Tampa, Florida, scratchy

Lifeless bushes and lacking cash — State Journal report from 125 years in the past | Column

Angular screw station

The Angle Worm Station at Barnes Boat Dock on Lake Monona in Madison was the site of a bruise and a lost wallet in 1896. The station got its name from its owner and operator Captain Frank Barneswho gave a speech on July 4th every year on how civilization depends on earthworms, according to the Wisconsin Historical Society.


This summary of the State Journal’s local news ran on August 1, 1896:

Hundreds of dead trees can be seen along Lake Mendota Drive. Last summer’s drought killed them.

Williamson Street is delighted that William Mueller opened a world-class bakery down there.

A man painting telegraph poles along Main Street’s business district attracts the attention of dozens of people with nothing else to do.

The joinery at the intersection of South Hamilton and Fairchild Streets, which had long been in the hands of the late SL Chase, is now run by Henry Skidmore.

Dr. CA Harper bought the old Durrie homestead on North Carroll Street from EJ Foster for $ 6,300; The lot is 66 x 132 feet and is considered a bargain.

Yesterday afternoon, after James Gallagher suffered bruises from buckling part of the platform at Angle Worm Station, he lost a wallet between $ 4 and $ 5.

The next thing for entertainment lovers will be a lumberjack picnic in Cross Plains on Sunday. Madison will provide the speaker in the person of Mr EW De Bower.

North Henry Street, from Mifflin to State, is to be greatly expanded and the residential buildings on it will be supplied with a sewage system. The macadamization of West Dayton Street from Henry to Broom will begin at an early stage.

Gaetz, fiancée declare cash for Florida yacht deal ‘went lacking’

by: Walt Buteau,

Posted: May 29, 2021 / 4:33 PM EDT
Updated: May 29, 2021 / 4:33 p.m. EDT

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Florida US Congressman Matt Gaetz has caught new controversy, claiming money wired to complete the sale of a St. Petersburg yacht his fiancée agreed to buy.

Gaetz, Greene cheer electoral rally in Arizona

According to a Republican spokesman, he and his fiancé Ginger Luckey were “attacked by malicious actors” while buying a St. Petersburg yacht. Follow-up questions about the transaction and the clarification of the declaration were not answered.

(Walt Buteau)

About a week after news broke of Gaetz’s investigation into the possible sex trafficking case with former Seminole District tax collector Joel Greenberg, the Republican was spotted with Luckey on a 41-foot yacht berthed at Pier 4 the St. Petersburg Municipal was docked marina.

Gaetz employees plead guilty of sexual trafficking

Jon Golly, who owns a yacht in a slip across from the one Gaetz and Luckey boarded, is one of several boat owners on the pier who remember seeing the couple during the boat inspection process known as surveying.

“He was on the phone the whole time they took the poll,” said Golly. “And he stopped and said hello to Nancy and me who were sitting outside our boat. It was definitely him. “

Gaetz employees agree to cooperate in federal investigations

The boat, then called the Ol Pappy, was listed for $ 155,000. But about a month after the poll, the deal fell through.

According to the Congressman’s spokesman, Luckey was the boat’s buyer, but “Rep. Gaetz and Ms. Luckey were “targeted for a financial crime” during the transaction. The statement went on to say: “Federal law enforcement agencies are aware of the alleged crime and are actively pursuing it. However, there is no mention of which agency is investigating or how much money is missing.”

Gaetz employees expect to plead guilty in federal proceedings

Sydney Erhardt of the FBI National Press and Operations Unit said, “The FBI cannot confirm or deny the existence of an investigation and we have no further comment.”

Ol Pappy was known in the marina for the ornate oil painting-style design on her hull, similar to the label on Pappy Van Winkles Bourbon. Witnesses said Ol Pappy was deleted and replaced with the name Thirsty in late April when the deal was about to close.

The port of entry city on the boat was also changed from St. Pete to Niceville, a town in Gaetz ‘borough. Gaetz attended Niceville High School.

Gaetz, Greene wear Trump’s rally at a rally in their coat

(Walt Buteau)

Neither Gaetz’s team nor Luckey responded to questions about the name change, but the marina boat owners were surprised that the cigar-smoking Ol Pappy was replaced with Thirsty before the deal was closed.

“A little premature without owning the boat,” said Golly. “If it were my boat, there would be trouble. This is my baby.”

How the Gaetz probe grew from a sex trade to a medicinal pot

A picture posted on Luckey’s Twitter on May 8th shows her at the wheel of a sailboat under a blue bimini with St. Petersburg in the background, but it is not known if this is the vehicle involved in the failed transaction.

As for the money, Gaetz’s team would only stick to the statement, which contains an indication that the couple are “being attacked by malicious actors, first domestically and now abroad.”

MP Matt Gaetz faces a bipartisan investigation by House Ethics and cites reports of sexual misconduct

After the possible connection with the Greenberg case was first reported, Gaetz became claims on Twitter The alleged attachment to Greenberg was false, and he and his family were “the victims of organized criminal blackmail involving a former DOJ official seeking $ 25 million while threatening to smear my name.”

Brett Harris, the Owner of Edwards Yacht Sales, who brokered the transaction, said the boat was eventually sold to another buyer in a deal he said closed last Friday. The now former owner of the craft said he did not want to comment at the time.

Youngsters and Cash: Lacking out on campus excursions? Go to nearly | Cash

As if there weren’t enough hurdles many high school graduates face in making costly decisions about where to go to college this fall, let’s tackle one more – they’ll likely be forced to make their choices without ever set foot on the campus of their school (s) of their choice.

For many seniors, this is traditionally the time to take country trips, stroll through college quadrangles on official student-led walking tours, visit the dorms, try the food in the dining room, ask questions of students, and yourself to bet a class or two on it. Especially for students who have certificates of admission, these visits can close the deal before you shell out thousands of dollars and run into debt.

However, due to the pandemic, official campus visits have been suspended for more than a year. Instead, most schools have turned to digital slideshows, zoom conversations, Oculus headsets for virtual reality presentations, and other creative social media techniques to help potential students kick the virtual tires and get on with life to feel connected to the campus.

For example, the University of Illinois offers daily one-on-one virtual meetings with an admissions advisor and group sessions, including an optional meeting with an on-campus house of culture representative. There are also 13 short video tours of the Urbana-Champaign campus on the school’s YouTube channel.

At the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, prospective students can sign up for 15-minute “spider chats” with a current student or alum. Students at Drexel University in Philadelphia designed a simulated campus called Minecraft University City. The school also runs special chats so that eligible students can meet others in their area.

Some schools have designed a virtual reality version of their campus that allows someone to virtually attend a music performance or go to center court in the basketball arena.

If that’s not enough, try a 3D exploration of a campus using Google Maps.

But virtual tours “are like walking around campus with blinders on,” said Mark Kantrowitz, a college graduate and author of How to Appeal for More Financial Aid.

“The problem with a virtual tour is you can’t smell the campus or eat the food,” he said. “You can’t sit in a class or spend the night in the dormitories. It’s not there. “

And while some families opt for self-guided driving or hiking tours, there may not be much to gain – other than seeing buildings that are either empty or closed to the public.

To get a feel for what college would normally be like, Kantrowitz suggests asking the admissions office to speak to a current junior or senior who was on campus before the pandemic.

They can give you an idea of ​​the atmosphere on campus and their feelings about distance learning, especially if the classroom teaching restrictions remain in place this fall.

Also, read the online version of the student newspaper to stay up to date on campus news – from professors and student profiles to the latest crime reports.

A holistic view of your first choice school definitely looks different in the near future, but universities and colleges are doing their best to ensure that parents and students feel comfortable about where they are at home for the next four years could, feel good.

Sandra Oh calls police after $150okay of jewelry goes lacking | Leisure

Sandra Oh called the police after $ 150,000 jewelry disappeared – only to find it.

The “Killing Eve” star reportedly returned to the Los Angeles property after a few months of being away from the property and was unable to find a significant amount of jewelry, prompting her to call the police.

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kAmw @ H6G6C[ $2?5C2 42==65 E96 A@=:46 D@@? 27E6C E@ C6G62= D96 925 C6EC:6G65 E96 :E6>D[ 3FE :E H2D ?@E C6G62=65 H96E96C E96J H6C6 C6EFC?65 @C D96 ;FDE 7@F?5 E96> 282:?]k ^ am

came | 62? H9: = 6[ $2?5C2 AC6G:@FD=J 25>:EE65 D96 7@F?5 :E Q492==6?8:?8 E@ DE2J 4C62E:G6Q 5FC:?8 E96 4@C@?2G:CFD A2?56>:4 2?5 D96 925 366? >65:E2E:?8 >F=E:A=6 E:>6D 2 52J E@ <66A 96C 766=:?8D @7 2?I:6EJ 2E 32J]k ^ am

kAm $ 96 D2: 5i Qx 92G6 7 @ F? 5: E BF: E6 492 == 6? 8th 😕 8 E @ DE2J 4C62E: G6 24EF2 == J]x 92G6 2> 65: E2E: @? AC24E: 46 2? 5 × 92G6 366? = 62?:? 8 962G: = J:? E @: E 3642FD6 x 5 @ 766 = E96 2? I: 6EJ: D G6CJ 9:89]x 766 = =:<6 >J? 665 E @ D: E 2? 5> 65: E2E6: D G6CJ DEC @? 8]u @ C E92E C62D @?[ x D:E 2?5 >65:E2E6 2 4@FA=6 @7 E:>6D 2 52J]k ^ am

kAmQ (96 ?: E 4 @> 6D E @ 2? I: 6EJ[ :EVD 366? G6CJ :?E6C6DE:?8] % 96 @ 6 H2J xVG6 366? 562 =: 8 H: E9 E96 4 @ C @? 2G: CFD 4C: D: D: D E9C @ F89 + @@>]x 2> 2 = D @ E96 + @@> @ C82?: D6C 7 @C 2 == E96D6 8C @ FAD[ :?4=F5:?8 7@C >J E962EC6 4=2DD] x H6? EE @ E96} 2E: @? 2 =% 962EC6 $ 49 @@ =:? | @? EC62 =]x 8C25F2E65:? `hhb]# 646? E = J.[ 2 3F?49 @7 FD H6C6 E6IE:?8 3FE ?@H H6 92G6 2 4@4[ >2?J @7 FD 925 ?@E D66? 6249 @E96C 😕 af J62CD] $ @: E H2D 8C62E E @ 8 @ 324 <2? 5 D2J 9: E @ A6 @ A = 6]Qk ^ Am

Lacking stimulus cash? The following tips might assist

JACKSON, Tenn. – There are some tips you need to know if you missed the first stimulus checks.

There are many Americans who received only a portion of the first two stimulus checks, and some who missed it entirely.

Before filing your 2020 taxes, you may be able to receive some of that money. The IRS has what they call “Recovery Rebate Credit”.

In essence, the loan can help address any big changes in your income.

If you look at the 1040 form all the way to line 30, you will see this.

It will be your key to getting money.

Let’s say you were a student in 2019 and your parents claimed you were dependent on their taxes.

This means that you did not receive any stimulus money. However, if you file your own 2020 taxes (and no longer qualify as dependent), you can claim Recovery Rebate Credit and receive up to $ 1,800 worth of stimulus money.

The IRS gives you a worksheet to fill out if you want to do it yourself.

If not, a tax advisor is likely your best bet, especially if you have new dependents or if your income is falling significantly.

This also helps for those who might have been on vacation in 2020.

If you didn’t get the full incentive based on your 2019 income, Recovery Rebate Credit can be used to get some of that money back.

Others also wonder about the third stimulus check.

As a reminder, it’s the middle of the tax return season, so checks are running out in waves. If you haven’t received yours yet, you will have to wait until your 2021 tax return to receive the discount.

Click on to determine whether your stimulus check has been sent or stored Here.

Declare lacking stimulus cash in your tax return earlier than it is too late. Here is how

If the IRS owes you money from the first two stimulus checks, you can get it by filing a recovery Rebate Credit.

Angela Lang/CNET

The IRS has already sent out around 160 million stimulus checks in the third round of payments for up to $1,400 per personincluding dependentsSSI and SSDI recipients and veterans receiving VA benefits are among the groups who should have received a check this month. While more are on the way, lots of qualified people are still missing money from the first or second stimulus checks and only have about a month left to claim it. 

The deadline to file your taxes has been extended to May 17, and you’ll need to file a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 return if you need to claim any of the $1,200 or $600 from the previous two checks — even if you’re a nonfiler who doesn’t usually have to file taxes. After filing, you could receive your money as a larger tax refund or a smaller tax bill if you owe any money. You should also consider signing up for direct deposit to get your refund back faster. However, be aware that the IRS could garnish some or all of your refund to cover outstanding debts.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about starting the Recovery Rebate Credit claim process. If you think you’re missing money from the third check, here’s what you need to know about what could hold up your check, how to report a payment problem and when to request an IRS payment trace. Additionally, here’s what we know about a fourth stimulus check and when you could start getting your 2021 child tax credit, if you and your children qualify. Here are other tax credits that could bring you more money this year, and new savings on health insurance and more. This story was recently updated.

Claim missing stimulus money by filing for a File for a Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return — here’s how

If you think the IRS owes you a full or partial stimulus check for any reason (and there are plenty of scenarios below), you have one more chance this year to claim missing stimulus check money by filing a Recovery Rebate Credit as part of your 2020 taxes. It may be that your check total doesn’t match your estimated total for the first stimulus payment or the second check (calculate that here), or maybe there was a delivery error, or an accidental garnishment, or a dependent was left out, like a new baby not represented on last year’s taxes.

To start the Recovery Rebate Credit claim process, first confirm your payment status online through the IRS. If you see a confusing message or a possible error, you may be a candidate for a rebate or a payment trace

You need to file for the credit when you submit your federal tax returns this year. The IRS started processing 2020 tax returns on Feb. 12, and federal tax returns will be due May 17 due to an extension the IRS approved. 

File for your missing money from the first and/or second stimulus on the 2020 Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. The tax return instructions include a worksheet to figure out the amount of any Recovery Rebate Credit for which you’re eligible, according to the IRS. However, this worksheet requires you to know the amounts of your stimulus payments. Again, CNET’s stimulus check calculators for the second and first payments can provide an estimate.

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Stimulus check 3: How much money you’ll get


To start filing for a partial check rebate, you’ll need the IRS’ calculated amount from the letter the IRS sent confirming your payment. This was called Notice 1444 for the first payment and Notice 1444-B for the second payment.

If you file for the credit and are owed money, you’ll either see the amount of your tax refund increased or the amount of tax you owe lowered, depending on the amount of stimulus money you’re eligible to receive

How to claim missing stimulus money, even if you don’t usually file taxes

Last fall, the IRS sent letters to 9 million Americans who may have qualified for a payment but perhaps didn’t know they needed to register to claim it. This group — which the IRS categorizes as “nonfilers” — includes people who didn’t file a tax return in 2018 or 2019, such as older adults, retirees, SSDI or SSI recipients and individuals with incomes less than $12,200. People in this group needed to file a claim using the Non-Filers tool by Nov. 21. The IRS said if you missed the deadline you can claim the payment through the Recovery Rebate Credit when you file a 2020 federal income tax return: 

When you file a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040SR you may be eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit. Save your IRS letter — Notice 1444 Your Economic Impact Payment — with your 2020 tax records. You’ll need the amount of the payment in the letter when you file in 2021.

That means even if you don’t usually file taxes, you will have to do so this year to claim any missing stimulus money. If you meet the requirements, you can get started with your claim using the IRS’ free tax-filing service. We have more detailed instructions for how nonfilers can file a tax return to claim missing stimulus money here.

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Your tax questions answered in 3 minutes


What happens if you qualify for more money than the IRS sent you? How to find out and claim your payment

If you use CNET’s first stimulus check calculator or second payment calculator and find you may have qualified for a larger stimulus payment than you received, you’ll likely be able to claim your money this year as a Recovery Rebate Credit.

Unfortunately, the IRS Get My Payment tool is no longer available for the first and second stimulus payments, so you won’t be able to find your information there.

Didn’t get the Recovery Rebate amount you expected? Here’s what could have happened

If you claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return, the IRS will determine your eligibility and the amount of the credit based on two things: your 2020 tax return, and the amounts of any stimulus payments issued previously (if you got them). 

If there is a mistake with the amount on line 30 of form 1040 or 1040-SR (where you claim the credit), the IRS will calculate the correct amount and process the return, according to an April 5 news release. This might delay the processing of your return, and the IRS will send you a letter explaining any changes. Some common reasons why the IRS may need to correct your credit are:

  • You were claimed as a dependent on another person’s 2020 tax return
  • You did not provide a Social Security number valid for employment
  • Your qualifying child was age 17 or older on January 1, 2020, and therefore not eligible for the first two payments
  • Math errors relating to calculating your adjusted gross income and any payments already received

If you think the IRS sent you the wrong amount, the agency recommends reading its Recovery Rebate FAQ page before contacting them. 

Here’s why your tax refund or missing stimulus money could be garnished

Stimulus checks are technically considered a tax credit, no matter how you get them. Typically, the IRS can reduce a taxpayer’s refund to repay outstanding debts like past-due child support, unpaid student loans and certain other federal and state liabilities. The CARES Act stated that the first stimulus check could not be garnished for these purposes, except for overdue child support. 

The December stimulus package went a step further and protected the second round of stimulus checks from all garnishment, including child support. However, it also limited that exception only to advance payments, and retroactively revised the CARES Act’s rules as well — meaning that your Recovery Rebate Credit that arrives on your tax refund for missing stimulus money is treated differently from the stimulus money that arrived for others in the mail, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent organization within the IRS.

Learn smart gadget and internet tips and tricks with our entertaining and ingenious how-tos.

For the third check, because of the way it was passed, it’s open to garnishment from private debt collectors, but not child support payments.

Bottom line: If you’re eligible for a stimulus payment through a Recovery Rebate Credit, but you have certain outstanding debts, some or all of your credit could be withheld to pay those debts, the Taxpayer Advocate Service wrote in a blog post.

What to do if your stimulus check was mistakenly seized

Although there are a few cases where the federal government or a debt collector could seize your first payment to cover any outstanding debt, in general, if you qualify for a check, it’s yours to spend or save as you want. One area where the federal government can garnish your first stimulus check is for overdue child support. However, if the parents are separated or divorced, only the spouse who owes child support should have the check seized. You can’t have your second check seized for overdue support if it was sent as an advance check (see above).

According to the IRS, the parent who doesn’t owe child support should receive their portion of the first payment without having to take action. If you haven’t received your check, the IRS says it’s working to send out the missing payments. While you don’t have much recourse to appeal IRS decisions, you can also try the Non-Filers tool to create a record of your claim.


There are still unclaimed stimulus checks.

Sarah Tew/CNET

How to claim missing stimulus money for your child dependents

Under the CARES Act passed in March 2020, each qualifying child dependent — those 16 years old and younger — was eligible for a $500 check. But some people’s payments were short $500 for each eligible dependent. If you claimed it by Nov. 21 of 2020, you should have received the payment in December 2020. 

As with the nonfilers, if you missed that deadline, the IRS says you can claim the payment on your 2020 federal tax return this year, by filing a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR. Use our stimulus check calculator to get an idea of how much you may be owed.

In the second stimulus check, which went out in December, children under 17 were each allotted $600 as part of the family total.

Note that in a few cases, where parents are separated or divorced and share joint custody of a dependent, each parent can get a $500 or $600 payment per eligible child, for the first and second checks, respectively. So you may not even be aware you’re eligible for the payment to begin with.

If you’re a US citizen living abroad or a noncitizen, here’s what to do

The IRS has rules that set the payment eligibility guidelines for US citizens who live abroad and non-US citizens who work in the US — along with spouses of nonresident aliens. We have a guide that walks you through the various eligibility scenarios along with what to do if you qualify but didn’t get a check. (And here’s how your status might change in a third check for mixed-status families.)

Incarcerated people can receive a stimulus check, according to a court ruling 

Since April 2020, when it first started sending payments, the IRS has gone back and forth on whether those who are in US jails and prisons qualify for a stimulus check.

A ruling last fall by a federal judge in California, however, seemed to have settled the question for now and required the IRS to contact those incarcerated and let them know they can file a claim for a stimulus check. The deadline to file a claim in 2020 — either through the mail or online — has passed. As with others who are missing a payment, the IRS said if you didn’t receive a payment by Dec. 31, 2020, you may be able to claim it this year by filing a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR.

For everything to know about the first stimulus payment, see our guide to the first round of checks. Also, here’s how much money you could get with the third check and what we know so far about a potential fourth stimulus check

Cash from arrest goes lacking, three deputies resign

BARTOW, Florida (AP) – According to official sources, three former Florida MPs are charged after several hundred dollars that were confiscated during an arrest disappear. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Monday that former MPs John Raczynski, Jamal Lawson and Garrett Cook resigned after being arrested late last week. The three MPs were involved in the arrest of a woman on drug charges in December. Officials say MPs confiscated $ 723. The sheriff said Raczynski put the money on reports but never put the money into property and evidence. Officials said last Monday the woman had contacted the sheriff’s office about returning her cash and cell phone.

Consultants clarify how one can declare lacking stimulus cash, the place we’re at with third spherical

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Discussions are in progress on a third round of stimulus checks. However, experts say that many did not receive their second or even first payment.

The Internal Revenue Service started delivering payments for the second round in December. If you are still waiting for your money the accountants say you are not alone.

“The IRS is trying to redirect payments that didn’t go to the right place,” said Haga Kommer CPA Kelda Rerick.

You can still claim this money by listing it on your 2020 tax return on the second page of the 10-40 document.

“You get your money there. There is no phone number to call or contact. You just have to worry about it in your 2020 tax return, ”said Rerick.

Meanwhile, Washington is talking about a third stimulus payment.

“The first thing I have to do is get this Covid package adopted,” said President Joe Biden. The president is pushing for a bipartisan agreement on his one-point, $ 9 trillion recovery plan, but getting Republicans on board won’t be easy.

“That’s not what we see of the Democrats in this proposal, which is to send checks to people making up to $ 300,000 a year,” said Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyoming.

If Biden doesn’t get the backing of both parties, he can keep Republicans off the deal to provide more momentum. But his election could mean setting the tone for his term in office and revealing whether he can keep his promise to unite Congress and the country.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions, tax tips or further guidance at

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