Blessing Nook Ministries asks for neighborhood’s assist to lift cash to stay at Union Avenue location

Posted: 7/30/2021 / 10:00 PM PDT
Updated: 7/30/2021 / 10:00 PM PDT

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Blessing Corner Ministries is a staple of compassion in Bakersfield and they seek help from the community before they are forced to sell their property over the next few weeks.

The organization is known for its generous giveaways, clothing promotions, and food distributions.

Pastors John and Bonnie Turner have served the most vulnerable in Bakersfield on Union Avenue and 1st Street since 2005.

Bonnie Turner says the church raised $ 46,000 of its $ 75,000 goal through its barbecue fundraisers and donations. She says they have until the end of August to raise the remaining $ 29,000 and asks the community for help to continue their work there.

Anyone who can support Blessing Corner Ministries can Donate through the Church’s website.

God Did It Ministries motorbike journey raises cash for group efforts – Shelby County Reporter

By NATHAN HOWELL | Employed author

ALABASTER – Almost 20 motorcycles cruised through Alabaster, Helena and Pelham on July 17th for the God Did It Ministries’ first motorcycle ride.

Sanchez Tanniehill, the organization’s founder, said the ride was a way to support the local community and raise awareness of his group’s efforts.

“We receive grants for some of the different projects we run,” said Tanniehill. “Unfortunately, they don’t always cover what we want to achieve. We thought this would be a great way to get into the community and raise some money for our activities. “

The ride began at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster, where a number of bikers waited eagerly to take to the streets as a visible representation of the organization.

They parked their motorcycles and stood up, even Tanniehill took a side seat on one of the motorcycles.
A volunteer stood in line, counted down, and the wheels were off.

“We ended up going down Alabama 119, over the intersection and came back to Shelby County 17 via Helena,” Tanniehill explained. “Helena and her police were so nice to help us. Then we drove through Pelham and your department met us there. Eventually we passed Oak Mountain State Park and worked our way back to Alabaster. “

The bike tour was a sight to see as it passed many of the normal Saturday events like farmers markets and local farm sales.

“I had a great time,” said Tanniehill. “The ride was so smooth.”

He said that from what he saw the riders were mutual.

“You loved it,” he added. “The cities were very cooperative to make sure everyone was safe. It was very good for our first run and everyone said they were ready to do it again. “

The organizers had cause for concern as rain had been a recurring problem in the past few weeks. They monitored the weather which in the end worked for them. Tanniehill attributed the success of the ride to prayer.
“It rained a little, but it didn’t last,” he explained. “I prayed and the Lord said, ‘I have you.’ In the end we didn’t have any worries. “

God Did It Ministries uses its funds to support community initiatives such as supplying local students with school supplies and other items, hosting community events and other things.

“I wanted the whole thing for the community to stand behind it and come together. I think it was a good first time, ”said Tanniehill. “Please keep praying for us.”

He said people interested in supporting the organization could purchase special patches for this run. Anyone interested in purchasing can log on to the God Did It Ministries Facebook page.