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An AR-15 and an AK-47 are military-style weapons. During the Vietnam War, the M16-A1 rifle was used by the US Army. During training with the army, you will be taught two important facts. 1. You handle the gun so that it is always loaded. 2. You never point the gun at anyone unless the aim was to kill them. These guns can have a clip that holds either 15 rounds or 30 rounds. Every time you pull the trigger, the gun will fire. They were trained to respect the gun not as a toy but as a weapon for killing the enemy.

For us who served during the Vietnam War, it is disturbing to see citizens carrying a military-style weapon on the streets of our cities. The police are trained to use them only when necessary to maintain peace in society. I hope this helps your opinion on the use of military style weapons in an open society.

Trainer accused of assaulting at-risk teen at New London military-style faculty – Salisbury Publish

ALBEMARLE (AP) – An assistant teacher at a military school for youth at risk has been accused of sexually assaulting a student in her dorm room, the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office said.

Cody Lee Eudy, 28, was arrested on May 30 and charged with second degree violent sex offenses and sexual acts with a student, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Stanly County Sheriff Jeff Crisco said the charges stemmed from an incident at the Tarheel Challenge Academy in New London on May 29. Crisco said this happened on a night when there were no female staff on duty. He said proxies were called to the academy on May 30 and spoke to the victim and then called a detective. The detective spoke to Eudy, who cooperated and was charged, said the sheriff.

The story was first reported by Stanly News & Press.

The Tarheel Challenge Academy is a quasi-military program for youth at risk ages 16 to 18 and is sponsored by the North Carolina National Guard as part of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program, the academy’s website states.

Eudy is in jail on a $ 100,000 bond. Christopher Purkey, who represents Eudy, declined to comment on Friday.

Woman kidnapped in surprising ‘military-style operation’

An eight-year-old girl was rescued in Switzerland on Sunday. five days after her grandmother was kidnapped from her French home in a “military” operation with the alleged involvement of her mother.

After a massive search, investigators found the girl Mia and her mother Lola Montemaggi squatting in an abandoned factory in the Swiss community of Sainte-Croix, French prosecutors said.

The 28-year-old mother was arrested along with five men who were alleged to have helped her.

All five have been charged with kidnapping a minor and four of them are in custody, said prosecutors in Nancy, northeastern France.

Three of the men posed as child protection officers – even with forged ID cards – to convince Mia’s maternal grandmother to hand her over to her house in the village of Poulieres near the French border with Switzerland on Tuesday.

The abducted eight-year-old Mia was missing for five days before she was rescued. Source: AFP

No force was used in the kidnapping, but Nancy Prosecutor Francois Perain said it was like a “military operation” in which the “extremely well prepared” kidnappers even code-named “Operation Lima”.

They had walkie talkies, camping gear, counterfeit license plates and a budget of 3,000 euros to cover the expenses, the prosecutor said.

The kidnappers were not known to the police but were described as part of the same “community of ideas”.

“They are against the state and are mobilizing against a so-called health dictatorship,” said the prosecutor, adding that for them, “children in care are wrongly taken from their parents”.

After the kidnapping, three of the men and their mother crossed the French-Swiss border and took turns with the child.

Then a man nicknamed Romeo picked up Mia and her mother in a Porsche and drove them to a Swiss hotel.

The eight year old girl was found in this rundown Swiss factory. Source: AFP

They then spent one night with a woman who was a “movement sympathizer” before arriving in Sainte-Croix.

Save a “great relief,” says grandmother

The story goes on

Five people in connection with the kidnapping, aged 23 to 60, were arrested in France from Wednesday to Friday.

Mia is safe and in good health and a psychologist and social worker would take care of her before she is returned to her grandmother, the prosecutor said.

As the story became big news in France, heavy pressure from the media meant they would not be reunited immediately in Poulieres, investigators said.

Mother Lola Montemaggi did not resist arrest when Swiss investigators arrived at the abandoned factory in two vans, despite Mia screaming, witnesses told an AFP photographer.

Montemaggi was taken into Swiss police custody and was soon to be the subject of a European arrest warrant for her extradition to France.

Almost 200 police officers were mobilized in the search.

For her paternal grandparents, rescuing them is “a great relief,” they said through their lawyer.

“It is the end of nights of fear and dread for our little girl’s life, especially because of the extremist commitments of the kidnappers,” they added.

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