Michael-style staff rebuild now far much less doubtless for drivers

Mick Schumacher believes it’s difficult for any driver to “make big differences” when building a team like father Michael, as the field has become tighter overall these days.

The seven-time world champion joined from Benetton Ferrari hoping to bring Scuderia back to the top, and he won his first title with the team there in his fifth season – after the Italian team endured a dry spell in terms of big wins.

Mick, who has now completed his rookie season at Haas, was asked if it’s possible for a similar scenario to reoccur, where a driver can be a catalyst to move a team forward.

The youngster hopes the new rules will allow teams to be even closer together, but given that the teams are less spread out than in his father’s racing days, Mick finds it difficult for a driver to make a significant difference in the same way to do in this day and age.

“I hope it will be easier again in the future. The cost cap will hopefully bring the teams closer together,” said Schumacher Motorsport Magazine.

“I do believe that in the end a top team will still have the upper hand, but the question is always to what extent the driver can convert that into a championship.

“Everything has to be right and fit together. And yes, then you can definitely make something out of it. What happened in the past and what is happening today are of course two different things.

“You can’t really compare them anymore. Reliability used to be very different. Nowadays the whole field is very compressed.

“Even we at the end of the field are only two to three seconds away from a top car. It used to be very different. Just one example: in 1997 Jacques Villeneuve was more than 1.5 seconds faster in qualifying in Melbourne than his team-mate, who was still second.

“The differences are smaller now; everything has been much more perfected, so the driver or the team can no longer make the big differences.”

Schumacher hopes to be able to do his part haas but as far forward as possible going into his second Formula 1 season. The team went into production of their 2022 car ahead of anyone else in the field He previously spoke of being realistic in the fight for a place in midfield.