American Airways London-bound flight turns again to Miami after passenger refuses to put on masks

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200

Nicolas Economous | OnlyPhoto | Getty Images

American Airlines said a flight bound for London returned to Miami because a passenger refused to comply with the federal mask requirement, the most recent flight disruption over a report of an unruly passenger.

American Airlines Flight 38, a Boeing 777 with 129 passengers and 14 crew overseas returned to Miami after about an hour late Wednesday, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware.

The return was “due to a disruptive customer who refused to comply with federal mask requirements,” American said in a statement. “The flight landed safely at MIA, where local law enforcement encountered the plane. We thank our crew for their professionalism and apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

The traveler has been banned from flying with the airline pending an investigation, the airline said. The Miami-Dade Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Reports of unruly behavior on planes rose to a record 5,981 last year, with more than 71% linked to disputes over a federal mask mandate that went into effect early last year, although airlines had been demanding it since coronavirus pandemic started.

Some incidents included physical attacks on crews. In October, an American Airlines flight attendant was hospitalized after a passenger allegedly punched her in the face, forcing the cross-country flight to divert.

Miami Dolphins Shut Out Season in Fashion

It was definitely not their main goal, but the Miami Dolphins did some important things in their season finale against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium.

With their 33-24 win, the Dolphins set a winning record for the second year in a row, the first in seven straight wins from 1997-2003.

The win also earned the Dolphins their first Patriots win of the season since 2000, when Miami head coach Dave Wannstedt was and before Tom Brady became New England’s quarterback.

The Dolphins beat New England for the eighth time in 10 games at home in December or January.

The Dolphins never lagged behind in that game but faced a Patriots comeback attempt after taking a 27-10 lead in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins scored a goal last play when Sam Eguavoen intercepted a sideline at the goal line as New England began to do a miracle last play from their 3-yard line.


As with their win at Hard Rock Stadium in December 2020, the Dolphins beat New England with their floor game. This time it was Duke Johnson who got his second 100-yard performance last month.

Johnson stormed for 117 yards and a touchdown that put Miami in the lead 24-10 in the third quarter.

Jaylen Waddle had another touchdown in Miami that came on his record breaking opening drive.

Waddle caught four passes on that drive to set an NFL record for most receptions by a rookie, breaking the 101 mark set by Anquan Boldin in 2003. Waddle set the record with a 5-yard reception, his third Catch snapshots for the dolphins in the game’s first four offensives.


Waddle topped the drive with a 7-yard touchdown catch from Tua Tagovailoa in a third-and-1 play.

The Dolphins quickly increased the lead to 7-0 when Xavien Howard scored his third defensive touchdown of the season with a 37-yard interception return.

On a third down pass, Howard left his receiver to undercut Mac Jones’ shorter pass for the easy choice.

It was one of two takeaways for the Dolphins defense that also received a fumble recovery from rookie first-round pick Jaelan Phillips after Jones dropped the ball with a snapshot.

Tagovailoa completed 15 of 22 passes for 109 yards, only 17 of them in the second half, but hit the market with two major scrambles, including an 11-yard win that nearly secured victory with a third and 8 after two minutes warning .

Previously, he had a 23-yard scramble on a drive that ended with one of Jason Sanders’ two field goals.

Including Tuas Scrambles, the Dolphins stormed 190 yards that game after hitting 250 yards in their home win against New England last season.

The Dolphins were leading 17-0 before New England closed the gap to 17-7 at halftime and then 17:10 in the third quarter.

Miami was eventually overtaken by New England, but the plus-2 sales ratio made all the difference and helped the Dolphins start and end this most unusual season by beating the Patriots.

Drive like a Kardashian, with fashion, in an all-electric Moke – WSVN 7News | Miami Information, Climate, Sports activities

Oh, how about being a Kardashian Jenner for the holidays. I mean, I got a Christmas card, but Kris Jenner, she gave her family a fleet of cars, but not like any car.

These are so cute that you’ll want one for your next beach day – literally.

You are cute, calm, and Kardashian.

The Moke used to be a British military vehicle, but Moke America brought the quirky car back to life as an eco-friendly celebrity magnet.

Todd Rome, Moke America: “Rock Stars, Athletes, CEOs.”

Jackie O, James Bond and Reality Stars.

Kris Jenner just gave all of the kids their own as a gift.

Todd Rome: “Everyone got a different color and it was a lot of fun.”

Must be good!

Todd Rome: “Men love them. The women love them. The kids love them. You know, everyone loves her. “

And we drove to the chic Fisher Island.

Alex Miranda: “This is a very exclusive place and I can tell you, I feel very cool.”

To test drive!

Alex Miranda: “When you drive this car you are totally exposed to the elements if you don’t have the top down here. It’s better than a golf cart; it’s almost like a Wrangler. “

And it’s not all fun! The emission-free cruiser with road approval …

Todd Rome: “The top speed is 25 mph and the Moke can be driven anywhere at 35 mph or less.”

It can be plugged into any household outlet for up to 40 miles when fully charged. Plus, they’re fully customizable.

Todd Rome: “Actually, every single thing on the car can be pretty much changed. You design the vehicle. We build it and send it straight to your home. “

Its small size makes it perfect for the beach, and because everything is electric now …

Alex Miranda: “All you hear is the breeze and the sea and the animals and the birds, paradise. Look at that. Look at that, stunning. “

If you don’t want to blow your music too, the moke starts at around $ 22,000.

Just try not to upset the neighbors too much.

Moke America Miami
1 Fisher Island Drive
Fishing island 33109

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Florida Choose Weighs Resolution To Reinstate Federal Unemployment Cash Suspended By Gov. DeSantis In June – CBS Miami

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami / NSF) – A Leon County district judge rushed into a lawsuit on Wednesday over whether Governor Ron DeSantis’s government violated state law by withdrawing unemployment benefits from tens of thousands of unemployed Floridians in June Federal deleted.

Judge Layne Smith heard testimony from plaintiffs who said the decision to end the $ 300 a week in federal benefits resulted in them having difficulty paying housing and other expenses. As part of the COVID-19 aid, the federal government provided the money in addition to the state’s maximum unemployment benefits of $ 275 per week.

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The lawsuit alleges that payments should have continued through September 6, as approved by Congress, and that the unemployed should receive retroactive payments through June 26. The money comes from a federal funding law commonly known as the CARES law.

Plaintiffs attorneys say the DeSantis government has violated a state law directing the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to work with the US Department of Labor and take action “by adopting appropriate rules, administrative methods, and standards that are necessary for the state ”. all advantages according to the federal regulations on re-employment (unemployment) assistance. “

“The governor and the DEO (the Department of Economic Opportunity) have no discretion as to whether or not to accept the money,” said Marie Mattox, plaintiff’s attorney.

However, Daniel Nordby, an attorney for the DeSantis administration, denies the state needs to provide the additional services.

“Florida law quite simply does not require participation in the CARES Act programs that were passed by Congress,” Nordby said. “Neither federal nor Florida law requires participation.”

Smith, who is contemplating plaintiffs’ motion for an injunction, said repeatedly that he would not address the political issues surrounding the suspension of federal payments. He said he needed to focus on the details of state and federal laws.

“The bottom line is it’s a legal construction case,” said Smith.

Plaintiffs, who testified on Wednesday, described economic troubles during the pandemic, made worse by the state cutting $ 300 a week in federal payments.

For example, Harriett Rubin, a 68-year-old Broward County resident who has been unemployed since the pandemic began, said she put a tax lien on her home because she couldn’t pay property taxes.

“To worry about your apartment or whether your air conditioning is on and working, and can I bring some food into the house. That little bit of money helps, ”said Rubin.

Will Currie, chief financial officer of the Department of Economic Opportunity, testified that in the spring of 2020, the state began providing the additional federal benefits – known as Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation or FPUC benefits – to provide assistance as the pandemic was major economic Caused problems and an increase in unemployment.

But the state decided to stop the services that summer as vacancies remained unfilled. Many companies have argued in recent months that they cannot find enough workers.

“The idea was to add the weekly benefit that was believed to be

Incentivizing people not to return to work, ”Currie said.

But Mattox said the people who need the extra money aren’t “free riders” who don’t want to be hired.

“DeSantis decided to cut those benefits because he said it was keeping people from going back to work,” Mattox said. “Research just doesn’t confirm that.”

MORE NEWS: Governor Ron DeSantis continues to double his stance on masks in schools

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PQOTD-Constructing the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Fashion Version-Security!

The survey for the selection of our two starting wide receivers is over and the two players who will be promoted to our all-time list Miami dolphins Roster are-

Mark Clayton– Clayton was the clear leader in the poll and withdrew almost half of all votes with 46 percent or 257 votes out of a total of 562 votes. Mark Clayton was drafted in 1983 by the Miami Dolphins in the 8th round with the 223rd overall pick. Clayton would become one of the all-time draft bargains for the Dolphins in the ten years he played in South Florida. Clayton played with that one last year Green Bay Packer 1993 before it was finally hung. Clayton is likely to be fondly remembered as part of the duo known at the time as the “Marks Brothers” as he played against Mark Duper, both of whom were Dan Marino’s favorite targets during their playing days. Clayton was elected to the in his 11 year career Pro Bowl five times, was elected all-pro three times, and led the NFL twice in touchdowns, in 1984 and 1988. He has since been inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll. His total touchdowns in 1984 were a single season record at the time since he was broken by the great Jerry Rice, but still manages to hold third-all-time in the NFL. Clayton also holds a spot in the top 50 total receiving yards in the NFL at 8,974, making it 39th overall.

Paul Warfield– Warfield took second place in our vote with a respectable 27 percent of the total votes or 153 out of 562 total votes. Warfield was originally selected 11th overall in 1964 NFL draft until Cleveland Browns. Warfield played for the Browns for his first six seasons in the NFL before Don Shula and the Dolphins spent number three overall in a deal with the Browns to purchase Warfield. As most Dolphins fans know, Warfield was instrumental in the two Super bowl Seasons that resulted in Super Bowl victories for the Dolphins with Super Bowls VII and VIII. After playing for Miami for five seasons, he jumped into the World League for a year before returning to Cleveland, where he played his final two seasons in the NFL. Warfield has been elected to the Pro Bowl eight times in his 13 NFL seasons. His first appearance was his rookie season in 1963. He was then elected to every Pro-Bowl from 1968 to 1974 that included his entire run with the Phins. In addition, he was elected twice to the All-Pro First Team and three times to the All-Pro Second Team. He led the NFL in both 1968 and 1971 touchdowns. Warfield was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and also holds a spot in the Cleveland Browns Ring Of Honor and the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll. Warfield was elected to the NFL 1970’s All-Decade Team and the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Before we go into the next round of nominations, let’s take a look at where we stand in building our list-

  • Head coach– Don Shula
  • Quarterback– Dan Marino
  • center– Dwight Stephenson
  • Cornerbacks– Sam Maddison and Patrick Surtain
  • Linebacker– Zach Thomas, Nick Buoniconti, John Offerdahl, and AJ Duhe
  • Close end– Keith Jackson
  • Wide receiver– Mark Clayton and Paul Warfield

So now we come to the next position, security, so feel free to nominate up to two players this round as we ultimately have to pick our two best securities of all time from the list of nominations. As in the past, I’ll list some top names, but there’s no way you need to pick your nominations from this list below as this team has had a long stream of good collateral over the years. This list is not sorted, but simply sorted alphabetically by last name.

  • Dick Anderson
  • Yeremiah Bell
  • Glenn Blackwood
  • Lyle Blackwood
  • Tim Foley
  • Reshad Jones
  • Brock Marion
  • Louis Oliver
  • Jake Scott
  • Jarvis Williams
  • Shawn Wood

Please give us your nominations below for the two best collateral that ever played for our Miami Dolphins-

PQOTD-Constructing the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Type Version-Extensive Receivers Ballot!

Tonight, after the wide receiver nomination post, we now have the poll post for it. In the end, we received a total of ten nominations, including one that was not on our original list. Please vote for your top wide receiver in the poll below and the top two overall winners will advance to the all-time finals Miami dolphins Roster. In the event of a tie, as in previous polls, the tie among the top two / three players goes into a second voting round with a second poll. Of course, if the top pick is a tie, these two will move on with no further voting required.

Before the poll, let’s review where we’ve been on our project to create the all-time starting grid for the Miami Dolphins-

  • Head coach– Don Shula
  • Quarterback– Dan Marino
  • center– Dwight Stephenson
  • Cornerbacks– Sam Maddison and Patrick Surtain
  • Linebacker– Zach Thomas, Nick Buoniconti, John Offerdahl, and AJ Duhe
  • Close end– Keith Jackson

Please vote now in the poll below for which wide receiver you believe is the best to ever play for our Miami Dolphins.

opinion poll

Please vote in the poll below for your choice of the best wide receiver that has ever played for the Miami Dolphins!

  • 0%

    Brandon Marshall

    (1 vote)

204 votes in total

Choose now

Florida Misses Deadline On Federal Faculties Cash – CBS Miami

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami / NSF) – Florida is one of 21 states that haven’t submitted plans to the U.S. Department of Education for how to use the latest round of federal funding for schools.

The department on Monday released a list of plans submitted by 29 states and the District of Columbia.

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Florida missed a deadline on Jan.

The Florida Department of Education did not immediately respond to questions from the Florida News Service about when the State Board of Education would review a plan and submit it to Washington.

Florida has allocated more than $ 7 billion through the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, of which nearly $ 122 billion has been distributed to states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

CONTINUE READING: The United States has 600,000 COVID deaths, most in any other country

But the US Department of Education is holding on to a third of the Florida budget until the state comes up with a plan and receives approval.

A federal agency press release said “the vast majority” of states that have not submitted plans cite pending reviews by state education agencies and lawmakers.

The press release said government plans the agency received are outlining the use of funds to expand access to COVID-19 vaccinations for staff and students, and to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19.

The department also said that states reported using the federal money to offer summer study programs and provide mental health services to students.

MORE NEWS: Publix shooter Timothy Wall’s ex-wife frustrated with PBSO sheriff

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Will Fuller of Miami Dolphins out to assist athletes shield their cash

If you take a chance on a deep ball this season, this is the Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa Numbers are often aimed at newcomers Will Fuller.

Fuller is an exceptionally fast and explosive wide receiver, but those who know him best also cite intelligence and a keen business acumen.

Fuller wants athletes not to take unwise risks with their money. And that’s why he took on another title – Director of Player Outreach for The Players Company.

“Football doesn’t last long,” said Fuller on Friday. “We get a lot of money quickly. I don’t think many players understand that this has to keep us going for a lifetime. I think other people in other professions are learning how to manage their money from Philadelphia I didn’t really have a lot of money. My parents really couldn’t teach me how to handle my money. “

More:Miami Dolphins OTA updates. Plus: Brian Flores’ thoughts

Top 10:Miami Dolphins Minicamp Things We’ll Check Out

NFLPA:Our unvaccinated players are protected from being cut or unpaid

Fuller, 27, played with the Texans for the first five years of his career. He and his contractors negotiated a $ 10,625,011 million one-year deal with Miami this off-season.

In a way, Fuller was taking a risk believing his performance for the Dolphins this season could earn a bigger payday going forward.

“This was my first free agency, so I just took it because I wanted to go to a team that wanted me,” said Fuller. “The Dolphins showed the greatest interest. That’s why I chose the Dolphins. Of course, I knew that we had a great team here and that we could do great things. I love the culture here. It was just easy to be here. Me I’m happy the dolphins tried me. “

The Players Company was founded by Richard Sherman, Sheldon Day and Amir Carlisle. The latter two, like Fuller, played football at Notre Dame. The Players Company is committed to helping athletes build wealth and cement their legacies.

In addition to financial services and investment opportunities, The Players Company claims that it gives athletes more opportunities through access to business development and financial education. Essentially, Fuller and his colleagues are trying to limit the chances of athletes making disastrous financial decisions because they lack a collective support network.

“We help players prepare for success after playing football,” said Fuller. “Football doesn’t take long. You could get injured. A lot of people only know football. So they don’t know how to get out of football. We help people with players with a good team around them so they know what they are doing have to get started with their money. “

Dolphins linebacker Brennan Scarlett is also involved with The Players Company, working on business development and strategic partnerships.

Fuller joined Miami’s volunteer team activities because he wanted to develop relationships with his coaches as teammates as soon as possible.

“Faces names,” said Fuller. “Show my face and let people know who I am.”

The Dolphins are counting on Fuller for touchdowns and game-changing plays this season. Miami believes Fuller and Waddle Tagovailoa will help expand the field and make room for other recipients as well.

“You can’t teach speed, and that’s what we have on this team,” said Fuller. “Not just me and Waddle. Other players too. It’ll be fun.”

Describing what he saw in Fuller during the free agent trial, Dolphins trainer Brian Flores said toughness, competitiveness, talent, selflessness and cleverness.

Fuller has worked really hard this off-season to strengthen his core and limit the risk of injury. But Fuller is also interested in a balanced lifestyle.

“I was so focused on football that I didn’t really have the time,” Fuller said of the business interest. “But I had more time in this off-season. In the beginning it only helped people with their financial education. We’re really passionate about it because we see that a lot of people don’t help make smart decisions, the better we will be as athletes. “

Miami Seaside Ordinance Seeks To Roll Again Alcohol Gross sales In Leisure District – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The final call for dozens of bars, hotels, and other businesses in the Miami Beach entertainment district would come in at 2 a.m. when city commissioners pass an ordinance shortening alcohol sales hours.

The ordinance would change the city code related to “sales hours and violations” and change the hours of operation for the sale and local consumption of alcoholic beverages in the entertainment district south of 16th Street on Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive.

CONTINUE READING: The Florida Supreme Court rejects the Recreational Pot amendment

The regulation, if adopted, would change the notice time for on-site sales and consumption from the current time of 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The Commission will hold a second reading of the regulation during a public hearing on May 12th after approving the sectoral regulation in a first reading.

CONTINUE READING: Broward Health Ending COVID-19 Vaccinations

There are 44 existing companies that would be affected by the rollback.

Back in February of this yearMiami Beach officials approved a measure to limit alcohol sales during the spring break.

The move was aimed at containing problems as thousands of college spring breakers were expected to flock to the city.

MORE NEWS: Pivot in Pandemic: Miami Maintenance Co. credits the FIU’s Small Business Development Center for helping them survive

At the time, the following areas were affected: Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue from Fifth Street to 16th Street, and the remaining area between Pennsylvania Avenue and Collins Court from Fifth Street to 16th Street, including Española Way .

Corwin Legislation Agency Recordsdata Class Motion Lawsuit towards Occasion Leisure Group, Metropolis of Miami over COVID Cancellation of the 2020 Extremely Music Pageant

MIAMI, April 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Corwin Law, a consumer rights law firm based in Boca Ratonhas filed a class action lawsuit against Event Entertainment Group and the City of Miami on behalf of Florida Residents who bought tickets for the 2020 Ultra Music Festival that was supposed to take place March, 20th – 22, 2020 at Bayfront Park in Miami Beach.

Lawyer Marcus W. Corwin stated that the 2020 festival cancellation was disguised as a postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the promise of an expanded package of benefits for the 2021 festival for ticket buyers in lieu of refunds. After the 2021 event was canceled, the event organizers reached out to ticket holders again to make further promises but still no refund.

“It is completely irresponsible for the organizers to withhold refunds for more than two years, and for the City of Miami with no guarantee that this event can take place in 2022 or 2023, “Corwin said.

“This is an abuse of fairness and accepted and proper trading practice,” Corwin continued. “Nobody argues that the festival should have continued, but if it didn’t, the organizers should have refunded the money. If ticket holders want to attend the festival, they can choose and pay on their own terms.” “

After the class action lawsuit with eight counts filed in the Eleventh Judicial District in Miami-Dade County, “Ultra engages in intangible, unfair, and / or misleading trading practices by promoting, offering, and promoting the festival, taking the money from individuals to attend the advertised festival, canceling the festival, and then not allowing ticket buyers to receive it a refund, effectively shifting all of the risks and costs of Ultra’s decision to cancel the event to consumers. “

Gabriella PetrokaThe class representative stated, “As a longtime loyal participant, I am grateful to Ultra for making many amazing memories possible, and I hope Ultra will last for many years to come. However, I also hope Ultra will do the same.” Please consumers by giving us the choice of getting refunds and our own choice of how to use that money and whether or not to attend future events as I believe that, given the indescribable duration, that is the only thing fair result is this ‘shift’. “

Corwin, who has been practicing since 1986, has successfully fought Madonna, Live Nation, AT&T, Comcast, HBO and others, validating the offer to replace old tickets with new tickets for dates that were not confirmed as “totally unacceptable” .

The Corwin lawsuit is filing # 124094995 with the Miami-Dade County, Florida Circuit Civil Division.

This is not a solicitation of an invitation to members of the class to join the litigation. NO CLASS HAS BEEN CERTIFIED IN THE ABOVE PROMOTION. Until a class is certified, you will not be represented by an attorney unless you keep one. YOU MAY ALSO REMAIN AN ABSENT CLASS MEMBER AND DO NOTHING AT THIS POINT.

For further information please contact CORWIN LAW AT [email protected]

Marcus Corwin
Corwin Law
[email protected]

This version was published via WebWire®. For more information, visit

SOURCE Corwin Law