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Paul Mescal has officially announced with Phoebe Bridgers.

The “common people” star took his girlfriend from the US for a romantic weekend in East London and confirmed that he is officially off the market.

A source spent a holiday weekend in London with The Sun in an odd column: “Paul and Phoebe were in Shoreditch and they looked very handsome.

Last August, a source claimed Paul was “engaged” to Phoebe.

The insider said:

The alleged couple met in May when a 24-year-old actor took part in Phoebe’s Instagram live podcast. Paul and the 25-year-old singer stayed with Zoom after the live, where they drank together for several hours.

The actor reportedly joined Raya last month, where he also used Phoebe’s song “I Know The End” on his profile.

Sources said at the time, “Paul became so famous for his lockdown that at the time almost any woman he wanted could have. He knew he would soon be recognized on a regular dating app. So I turned to a more exclusive and understated Raya.

“He was invited by one of his new celebrity friends and had to sign up before opening an account, but he has a lot of lovely people.”

Paul Mescal is Phoebe Bridgers | Official Entertainment news

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