Alumni elevate cash for most cancers, males’s well being with growing-out-mustache marketing campaign

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The facial hair waxing for the month of November is very important to Adam Brodstein. He is a member of Syracuse University’s fundraising team for Movember, an annual campaign to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention. Growing out a mustache or facial hair is the iconic symbol of the fundraising challenge.

“I almost never have facial hair. I wear a mustache all month and so many of my friends come up to me and ask, ‘Oh, what’s your mustache?’ ”Said Brodstein. “It just gives me one excuse to talk about it.”

Brodstein, a 2018 graduate of SU, joined the university’s Movember fundraising team while studying. However, he is not alone in his efforts. The SU team, Boys Things, has over 100 members, many of whom are SU alumni or current students. Boys Things has been part of Movember for almost a decade, growing in size and money every year. Boys Things is Movembers’ No. 1 University Team in terms of money raised, and the No. 4 team in the United States for 2021 and raised over $ 67,500 by Sunday evening.

“We all realized that (Movembers Mission) really has an impact on all of our lives. And then (Boys Things) really got expanded, ”said Brodstein.


Movember was founded in Australia in 2003. Originally it was only supposed to raise money for prostate cancer and men’s health. Over the course of nearly two decades, Movember, an abbreviation of the words mustache – or “mo” for short – and November has grown into a global initiative in which teams collect donations 19 countries plus Hong Kong. Individuals, teams or companies can take part in the initiative. Individuals can also donate to the cause through a participating fundraiser or team.

Boys Things has grown under the guidance of 2017 graduate Michael Dellon. He is currently the team’s captain and has been in this role for seven years. Dellon’s journey with Movember began as a philanthropic project within his fraternity. However, his personal commitment to Movember has led him to expand the reach of the fundraiser since he graduated.

“The reason I became captain is because I actually survived cancer twice, so it was something that really got me excited,” said Dellon.

Movember and Boys Things rely on grassroots donations, with members posting on social media and contacting family and friends.
Courtesy Michael Dellon

Dellon contributed to the success of Boys Things fundraising as captain. His goal is to increase member engagement on the team by promoting social media advertising and grassroots fundraising.

“I always move the goalposts a bit,” said Dellon. “We met our goal of ($ 60,000); I’ll probably move that to something that’s achievable but higher. “

This year Dellon and other celebrity Boys Things held a personal fundraiser at The Craic, a Brooklyn bar where the team raised nearly $ 10,000. The personal fundraiser was Boys Things’ biggest event this month, and Dellon hopes to host more of it. He also wants to supply the SU alumni in cities outside of New York City.

“I think it might be cool if we have another event in Boston or LA,” said Dellon. “If we have the team out there that supports it in some way, then we are definitely something to be prepared for.”

The team emphasizes its basic approach to fundraising and relies on the connections maintained through the team’s social network. This method encompasses a variety of fundraising strategies, including reaching out to individual family members and friends and posting graphics on social media.

Noah Garson, a 2018 SU graduate and third highest fundraiser for Boys Things, has been participating in Movember for five years. He has had success at fundraising on Instagram, relying on consistent story posts and reminders from the month-long campaign. He stressed the importance of having a strong reason for fundraising.

“I think I raised about $ 300 in my first year. But since then … I find a different motivation every year. It was the first few years for Michael, ”said Garson. “In 2019 my father was diagnosed with cancer. And that was above all my motivation. “

Within the Page for boys things There is a tracker on the Movember website for the money raised by the team as a whole and the money raised by each member. These features provide an easy way for the team and individual members to track their progress and growth from year to year and continuously break their own records.

Due to the team’s success in the leaderboards this year, Dellon would like to continue recruiting fundraisers at the SU and increase the presence of the fundraising initiative on campus.

“It’s all about not just recruiting more people, but the right people, and getting the word out where we can,” said Dellon. “The greatest thing is simply trying to make the team an extension of Syracuse and leaving it open to anyone who wants to help and make a difference.”

DePalma Helps St. George Males’s Group Cook dinner Up CDR Help, Italian Model

By Pam Johnson / • 8/25/2021 8:30 am EST

As a member of the St. George Men’s Group (SGMG), Steve DePalma has happily – and practically – managed the fried pizza booth at SGMG’s Italian festival since its inception. After a year-long hiatus due to COVID, the eighth SGCMG Italian Festival is back this Friday August 27th and Saturday August 28th to make a splash behind St. George Church in downtown Guilford at 33 Whitfield Street. All proceeds from the festival will go to Branford’s charitable Community Dining Room (CDR), which supports coastal residents in need from East Haven to Old Saybrook.

“This is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” says Steve of the Italian Festival, which has amazing food, live music and lots of Italian-style family fun.

“Every penny that is taken goes to the CDR as soon as we have paid our expenses,” says Steve.

Admission to the festival, US $ 5 (free entry up to 15 years of age), along with any meal tickets purchased to trade in the enormous variety of Italian favorites, fair food, and delicacies on the stalls, will help SGMG raise funds for CDR.

Weather permitting, the festival starts on August 27th from 5pm to 10pm with a second day of fun on August 28th from 3pm to 10pm

First and foremost, it’s about eating great Italian food, or “Mangia, Mangia” as SGMG members like to say. In addition to deep-fried dough pizza, the festival will feature Italian specialties such as sausage and paprika, meatball subs, eggplant Parmigiana subs, pasta and meatballs, meatballs on a stick, lasagna, pasta fagioli, a raw food bar, Caesar salad, cannolis and ice cream as well as fair staple foods such as Philly steak and cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and, for the grown-ups, beer and wine.

Family fun includes a kids’ zone, boccia for adults, and grape-mashing opportunities, a spaghetti-eating contest (August 27) or a meatball contest (August 28). Live music will fill the air on both evenings.

“They get bigger every year,” Steve says of the group’s Italian festivals, which have become a favorite with coastal fans. “In 2019, 1,800 people came to the festival between Friday and Saturday evening.”

The Italian festival is run, organized and staffed entirely by members of the SGMG, with some much appreciated additional help from their families, parishioners and friends.

“The boys are thrilled. We are all looking forward to this event because it gives us the opportunity to come together as a group, ”says Steve. “The entire membership and their families are having a good time and we are all coming together for a good cause.”

Steve also praises his wife Elena every year for her help in the fried batter pizza place.

“She is instrumental in working with me in the pizzeria. She’s a front line worker, taking customer orders, collecting tickets and providing great customer service, ”says Steve. “She is looking forward to this event and is happy to help too.”

It’s also a busy couple of days.

“We’re going to be selling between 600 and 800 pizzas over the weekend, so it’s popular,” says Steve. “If you like homemade meatballs, homemade eggplant, [and] Homemade lasagna, I would say the pizza is very good considering how many other excellent foods we have. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.”

Steve has lived in Guilford since 1973 and grew up a parishioner on St. George. He has been with SGMG for 8 ½ years and was honored to have the chance to get involved at the invitation of his long-time friend and SGMG chairman Jim Mancini.

“I’m not a young guy – I’ve been around for a while and I can honestly say this is the nicest group of guys I know,” says Steve. “Everyone is very cooperative and helpful. It was just a pleasure to be part of the group. I go to pretty much every event they have; I contribute in a way. We all have different skills, which is beautiful. “

Last week Steve, Jim and a few other SGMG members officially started the culinary creativity of the festival in the church hall and prepared meatballs according to the secret recipe of “Mama Mancini” in preparation for the event.

“We were probably 15 people rolling and cooking the meatballs. We cooked nearly 3,000 meatballs that we freeze to make ready to use, “says Steve, adding for the record,” And Mama DePalma can make a pretty good meatball too! “

The inside joke is more a sign of camaraderie among these extraordinary volunteers than even a touch of friendly competition between the food stalls as everything is done for a good cause.

“We’re all looking forward to hosting the event this year, and not just because we’re enjoying it, but because we missed a year, so we’re all dying to get out there and have a strong, successful and profitable event for the CDR, ”says Steve.

CDR supports residents of East Haven, Branford, North Branford, Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook. CDR programs, based in Branford at Patricia C. Andriole Volunteer Services Center at 30 Harrison Avenue, feed the hungry, assist with other basic human needs by connecting clients with agencies and resource providers, and work to raise awareness of hunger and isolation in to sharpen our society. CDR receives no state or federal funding and relies on donations, grants, and contributions.

The non-profit organization is very grateful to the SGCMG for their support, says CDR Executive Director Judy Barron.

“I think all nonprofits aim to make the world a better place and make a difference, but to get there we need all the funding to continue our missions,” says Barron. “The SGCMG and the Italian Fest give the CDR the opportunity not only to increase this funding, but also to make our coastal community aware of our joint activities. We couldn’t be more grateful to all of them. “

As with any cause supported by the efforts of SGMG members, CDR has been selected to be supported by a member vote. SGMG has supported many important causes over the years, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in local charitable endeavors in total.

“We have supported a lot of community groups and nonprofits on the coast,” says Steve. “Whatever we do is always to support a cause. Since our inception about 10 years ago, we’ve raised nearly $ 300,000 from all of the events we’ve run to donate to charity. “

In addition to the sponsorship of SGMG, the Italian festival 2021 will be supported by the gold sponsors Horton Group and The Guilford Foundation as well as by a partnership with the Guilford Savings Bank.

Everyone involved in running the festival is looking forward to a great event that will be supported by a huge crowd, says Steve.

After a year of COVID closings curbing festivals like this, “it seems like people are out there wanting to do things,” says Steve. “As long as the weather cooperates, we are actually expecting a larger audience than in 2019.”

For weather updates and much more St. George Men’s Group Italian Festival news, visit the Facebook page at To learn more about the Community Dining Room or to make a donation, visit

The Finest in Males’s Model, From Straightforward Tailoring to Luxe Loungewear – Robb Report

The big idea: back to the basics

The events of the past 12 months have all made us rethink our definition of “essential”. In the first days of the lockdown, we had to think about what we really needed and what we could live without. Cocktail hour? Difficult yes. Double-breasted suit? Not as much. Understandably, fashion often seems irrelevant in times of crisis. But on the other hand, it’s important to get dressed. It might not be the time for bold fashion statements, but style is still fundamental.

Despite the changes in the way we shop and dress, the appeal of beautiful classics is stronger than ever. Rather than responding with rigor, this year’s best menswear focused on items that are as important to the wardrobe as salt and flour are to a well-stocked pantry. That’s not to say that going back to basics meant foregoing indulgence or innovation; These are pieces of clothing that have been brought to their most beautiful shape.

Comfort was a priority across the style spectrum, and for many it meant dressing in sweats (if the occasion demands it, we suggest Loro PianaCasual wear). But some manufacturers took the go-to dress code as an opportunity to deviate from the formality for which they are known and move to a more relaxed kind of sophistication. Check out the cozy luxury of Brionis washed silk suits and Cleverley‘s unlined suede loafers. It doesn’t reduce decadence, it doubles it, with quality, style and comfort in equal measure. Call it the Marie Kondo 2.0 effect: infinitely wearable clothing that should objectively bring joy.

Fashion usually thrives on novelty – what’s hot and what’s not – but this year has the shortcomings in this insatiable attitude. There have been industry-wide calls to slow down and get back in tune with what shoppers really want: thoughtful, fun items to wear to the death. Yes, over the past few years you’ve heard the phrase “less, but better” ad nauseam 12 months, but some designers took it to heart and produced more sustainable and desirable goods. Of course, this is a mantra that some like Brunello Cucinelli and Hermès have long subscribed to. But others better known for keeping up with the zeitgeist, such as Fear of God and Dior, also turned their attention to designs that endure.

Now that life is nearing normal, this is that The urge to get dressed again is palpable. The vicissitudes of fashion may return, but with an arsenal of extraordinary basics in your closet, you’ll emerge again to elegantly weather whatever the future holds.

James McAvoy Breaks #1 Males’s Fashion Rule With Black Tie Blooper

James McAvoy is perhaps best known for playing a clairvoyant on the X-Men series, but if he could read our minds right now, he’d probably be embarrassed.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was tapped to present the Rising Star Award at the 74th British Academy Film Awards (better known as BAFTAs) over the weekend. He was spotted on the red carpet in a slim black suit prior to the event. Patent leather Chelsea boots and sunglasses from David Beckham’s new brand of glasses – so far, so normal.

But McAvoy undone all of his good work by following a simple but unforgivable male rule: wear a tie with the top button undone. It’s easy, guys – either pull up your top button or drop your tie. Otherwise you just look unprofessional.

Image: Jeff Spicer / Getty

However, not everyone was offended by their fashion sin. His fans loved her online praise, and one of his Instagram followers even commented that he “looks kind of like Tony Stark” (another Marvel character played by) Robert Downey Jr, Naturally).

McAvoy’s Blooper was sharply contrasted because there were only so many well-dressed men attending the event. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tom Hiddleston, and Richard E. Grant kept things classic in black ties; Daniel Kaluuya looked amazing in an all-white look, and Nick Jonas wore a double-breasted jacket so elegant it was worth an award.

It is fitting that McAvoy presented the Rising Star Award this year as he was the first recipient of the award in 2006. That year, another Brit won the award: 19-year-old actress Bukky Bakray, best known for her leading role in the coming 2019-of-age Film Rocks. Other previous winners include Tom Hardy, Eva Green, John Boyega and Shia LaBeouf.

CONNECTED: Shia LaBeouf discovers she committed the ultimate activewear crime for men

McAvoy will next star in the upcoming mystery drama film My Son, alongside Crown actress Claire Foy. But the real question is: will he hit his top button?

Continue reading

Opinion | Former males’s basketball coach Mick Cronin took Clifton teaching model to UCLA | Sports activities

AAC Championship Celebration (copy)

University of Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin holds up the net after the Bearcats beat Houston 56-55 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. On Sunday, March 11, 2018.

After 13 seasons in which the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball hit a record of 296 to 147, head coach Mick Cronin grabbed his talents to travel to Los Angeles. Since arriving at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2019, Cronin has led the Bruins to a two-season record of 41-22, finishing fourth and second at the Pac-12 conference.

UCLA ranked seventh in their conference the year before Cronin’s arrival, which he quickly turned around with his acquired taste in coaching. Was it a culture change that helped Cronin turn this around? Recruitment class? Blue blood beginner’s luck?

It should come as no surprise that Cronin met the warm Los Angeles weather while running. He brought 13 seasons of his UC coaching style with him. After Cronins Bruins were underestimated as number 11 in the COVID-19-NCAA March Madness Tournament of 2021, they impressively disrupted their way to the Final Four, where they lost in overtime to a summer beater.

After leaving just before the championship game, Cronin said, “We won” when UCLA lost to Gonzaga University.

Cronin’s father Hep, who has seen more TV time than Mick this season, summed up his son’s all-too-typical move: “If you try to win him and extend your career, you will win.” it from Cincinnati or will you win from UCLA? The blue blood winners usually win it. “

While the Bearcat basketball community has had no success in their program this season, they were rightly happy that Cronin took a deep run this year. Was UC just a stepping stone for Cronin to reach a bigger basketball school?

Cronin attended the University of Cincinnati, and while visiting his alma mater, turned down offers to leave before accepting the Bruins.

There’s no denying the warm weather, cash wins, and pace of Los Angeles were all taken into account on departure. However, that’s not why Cronin left Cincinnati.

Prior to Cincinnati, Cronin began his career at Woodward High School before being brought to UC as a video coordinator. From there, Cronin rose in Louisville and Murray State before leading UC.

The subject: Mick Cronin works hard and accepts challenges. The departure was not that easy and selfish. Cronin had to leave behind his biggest backer and fan, Hep, who attended every UC game and couldn’t see much of UCLAs.

At 49, Cronin competed in 12 different NCAA tournaments. That’s impressive, especially if he hasn’t been to the “blue-blooded” schools of college basketball. Cronin set out for a challenge. The challenge has now been accepted and successfully mastered, with defense at the forefront.

Cronin is known for being loud and aggressive, with a defense that supports him on the pitch. That style took him from a high school coach to an NCAA Final Four director. As well as speaking for his new team, Cronin spoke for himself when he said, “We won.”

Purchase males’s backpack with sporty model from a web-based retailer in Singapore

If you are looking for a special gift for someone who would really love and appreciate it, consider a backpack. In this world today, it is not only the women who love to carry different types of bags, also men’s bags are very common these days as they are really helpful for the men. There are so many types of bags for men nowadays and the most popular among them is a men’s backpack with a sporty style as they are very versatile for different settings.

The men’s backpack is available in different materials and can be brought not only to the gym, but also to other places. You can purchase a backpack that comes with a built-in laptop bag so that the items stored in it are safe while the person travels with it. There are some people who travel to work after training. So the built-in laptop bag would be a great option for them.

If you are wondering where to buy Men’s backpack in Singapore With a sporty style, you need to know that they can be found in many stores across Singapore. However, if you want to choose from multiple options at the best prices, you should consider buying them online. There are many online stores that sell men’s backpacks with large compartments and multiple pockets so that one person can put several things in them comfortably.

There are many online stores selling sporty style men’s backpacks in Singapore at the best prices. However, you can only get a high quality backpack at the best price from a reputable online shop in Singapore. So make sure you have read some customer reviews before choosing an online store to buy a men’s backpack or other products.

J.C. Penney Spring Fashion Occasion: Save as much as 40% on ladies’s fashions and 50% on males’s gadgets

JC Penney started the spring season with his Spring eventwhich is mostly a clothing event.

“Spring State of Mind,” says the JC Penney website. “Improve your style for the new season.”

And that’s exactly what anyone can do with the huge discounts the retailer is introducing.

Bargain hunters can count on it Save up to 40% on women’s fashion and 50% on men’s items.


Save on clothes, Shirts & tops, Pants & Jeans, Shoes and Handbags & Accessories.

For the men Shirts, Pants & Jeans, shorts, big and big and Shoes & accessories were all discounted.

Check out all of JC PENNEY’s products here

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11 Sustainable Males’s Clothes Manufacturers for Spring & Summer time Fashion

The menswear industry has been making clothing for more than 150 years, and the latest trend isn’t a must for style or color. It’s sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.

The clothing production must be more humane and environmentally conscious. We found 11 men’s clothing brands were taking the right steps to reduce their use of water and chemicals, improve sourcing of organic and recycled textiles, and offset the impact of shipping. They also treat their manufacturing workers with greater respect and ensure safer working conditions.

Fashion is one of the most inefficient industries in the world and promotes a throwaway culture that is inconsistent with a sustainable human society. In 2013, 1,100 workers were killed and around 2,500 injured in the EU Dhaka clothing factory collapse. The tragedy caused consumers around the world to question clothing-making practices. In 2015, Netflix released a documentary – The real cost – Highlight the disastrous effects of the fast fashion industry on the environment.

While no fashion brand is completely eco-friendly – at this point in time, all clothing items have some negative impact on the environment – some brands have made efforts to make a difference.

Here are a few spring and summer tips for men of the 11 brands that made the cut.

This article contains affiliate links. When you buy an item through one of these links, we receive a small commission that helps us finance our item Recycling directory.

1. The Gritty Jackson Jeans Collection from Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans has established itself as a sustainable denim brand with a reputation for transparency. Find out more about theirs Sustainable material tool In this way, you can test every component of your clothing for sustainability. Nudie also maps its emissions according to the greenhouse gas protocol and maintains full transparency of the supply chain, so suppliers have to strictly adhere to a list of restricted substances.

Come to the product, Chunky Jackson jeans offer a vintage and elegant look. They have a regular straight fit with a straight leg, medium waist and normal leg opening. The balanced legroom offers a lot of comfort and makes these versatile jeans a good fit for all purposes.

2. Askets oxford shirt

ascetic deals with what they consider to be the biggest cause of environmental impact – overconsumption. The brand believes that every piece of clothing makes an impact. The most effective way to reduce this is to reduce consumption so that the products will last a long time. Asket also offers full transparency and traceability of its products.

Check out their classic Oxford shirt for a versatile look that suits both business and casual events. The shirt, available in seven colors, is a timeless must-have and a must in every stylish men’s wardrobe. It is an ideal choice for any look as you can combine it with jeans or pants.

The Oxford shirt is made of 100% cotton and yarn. The CO2 load is 5.5 kilograms, roughly as much carbon as two fifths of a gallon of gas. Asket offers 86% traceability of the materials in the garment.

3. PrAnas Alameda pants

PrAna is a leading provider of fashion transparency, committed to the responsible packaging movement and the use of recycled content and forest fiber to make organic products. The company supports fair trade principles and offers complete Supply chain transparency. You can find out where your products are made, who makes them, what materials are used and under what factory conditions.

PrAna is Alameda Pant is a must for adventurous men. Made from recycled ReZion nylon, the pants are stretchy, durable and travel-friendly. The Alameda Pant has back pockets, a right back pocket and a concealed zip pocket.

PrAna's Alameda pants

4. Modal Interlock Lounge Hoodie from Alternative Apparel

If you are a fan of eco-friendly fashion and hoodies, Alternative clothing has you covered. The brand lives according to the mantra “Soft. Easy. Sustainable. “All of Alternative’s products are made from heavier recycled cotton, which protects the planet from pesticides associated with traditional cotton farming.

The Modal interlock lounge hoodie is a heavy cotton / modal hoodie with zipper and split kangaroo pockets. The hoodie is available in three colors: black, heather gray and midnight. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Alternative adheres to the guidelines of the Fair Labor Association.

Modal Interlock Lounge Hoodie from Alternative Apparel

5. Ten Tree’s Outsider Sweatpants

Are you looking for stylish, comfortable sweatpants that also have a positive impact on the environment? Ten tree goes to great lengths to protect the environment from the negative effects of the fashion industry. Not only do they use biodegradable materials, but they too planting trees Offsetting CO2 emissions.

The Outsider sweatpants are made of 100% organic cotton and Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Gold. These regular-fitting sweatpants come with handbags, back pockets and ribbed cuffs, making them an ideal choice for morning runs, evening walks and casual outings. Production of every pair by Ten Tree Outsider sweatpants saves 593.96 liters of water, 1.26 kg of CO2 and 0.02 grams of waste compared to conventional clothing production.

Outsider joggers from Ten Tree

6. Warp + Weft’s ALW – shirt jacket

Warp + weft pays off as the cleanest vertically integrated denim company in the world. To date, the company has saved 572.4 million gallons of water – they recycle and treat 98% of the water they use. They also use Dry Ozone technology, an alternative to chemical bleach, to torture denim, which reduces the environmental impact of clothing.

The ALW – shirt jacket is a denim shirt that is ideal for moderately cool climates. The shirt comes with a curved hem that looks good when not jammed to give you a polished vintage look. Twenty percent of the shirt’s fabric is made from recycled denim, cotton, and plastic ALW – shirt jacket uses 1,400 gallons less water than a normal denim shirt.

Warp + Weft's ALW - shirt jacket

7. Everlanes The ReNew Long Parka

Everlane helps make menswear more sustainable with an increasingly sustainable supply chain. The brand is committed to using it no new plastic and production of clothing only from certified organic cotton. Each of his 10 factories An Everlane compliance audit is carried out every year, which includes reviews of health and safety standards, energy consumption, working conditions and environmental impact.

The New long parka is 100% recycled polyester made from 64 recycled plastic beverage bottles. It has a drawstring and a hood with a toggle, an inner breast pocket and a two-way zipper from YKK. In addition, bluesign®-approved dyes are used, which are harmless to dye works and the environment.

Everlane's The ReNew Long Parka

8. Naus ROF anorak

Nau claims it makes the world’s most sustainable performance apparel that combines sustainability with performance. The brand uses a self-invented textile treatment – PFC-free DWR – and only used 10 sustainable textiles this has only a minimal negative impact on the environment.

The ROF anorak is a sporty and oversized pullover jacket with a quarter zip, fully adjustable hem and hood. It is available in two colors – sage and tangerine. Made from a blend of cotton, nylon, and poly, this anorak is a garment dyeing technique that requires less water and chemicals than normal dyeing techniques.

Additionally, Nau’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond clothing as the brand donates 2% of every dollar you spend Environmentalists at the grassroots.

Naus ROF anorak

9. Domenico hemp shirt by Thought

Thought selects yarns with traceable origins, a sense of quality, low impact resistance and durability. The brand uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, tencel, bamboo, wool, recycled polyester and modal. These materials use less water, require fewer pesticides and generate less CO2 than other commonly used textiles. Thought also uses recycled paper for labeling and the garment bags are made from compostable corn starch.

The Domenico hemp shirt is a short-sleeved shirt made of 100% high-quality hemp fabric. With a pin-spot print and a breast pocket, the shirt is ideal for vacation and casual occasions. The breathable hemp fabric makes this stylish shirt ideal for warm weather.

Domenico hemp shirt by Thought

10. Pact’s Woven Roll-Up Pant

Pact supports environmental sustainability as part of its mission to build the world’s most popular clothing company. The brand uses organic cotton – which is less harmful to the environment than traditional cotton – and supports fair trade practices in its factories. The pact also helps customers choose optional carbon offset payments to offset carbon emissions from shipping. Pact uses packaging made from 100% recycled post-consumer cardboard and cardboard.

The Woven roll-up pants consists of durable organic cotton in four colors. With a touch of stretch and a light fit through the hips and thighs, the woven roll-up pants allow comfortable, unrestricted movement. The pants also have an elastic waistband with a drawstring and several pockets in which you can store your belongings. Pact claims it saves 80.6 gallons of water while making every pair of these pants compared to traditional methods.

Pact woven roll up trousers

11. Pangaias cashmere hoodie

Pangea is a materials science company that aims to protect the environment with more sustainable clothing. Bio-based and recycled fibers are used, including textiles made from recycled plastic bottles. It uses environmentally friendly dyes and a natural, antibacterial treatment based on peppermint oil to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.

The Cashmere hoodie is made from a GRS-certified, recycled cashmere post-consumer blend. The composition contains 70% recycled cashmere, 25% virgin cashmere and 5% Australian wool. The hoodie is available in three colors: black, cobalt and blue. The soft material makes the hoodie light and gives the garment a luxurious feel.

Pangaias cashmere hoodie

With fast fashion industry’s growing negative environmental impact as more consumers around the world shop online, it is high time that fashion brands adopt sustainable materials and production methods. You can feel good patronizing these brands that strive to lessen their negative impact on the planet.

Take a look at this Clothing lines for women these are also on the way to more sustainable clothing.

Dick’s Sporting Items launches males’s athleisure line VRST

VRST debuts on both Dick’s Sporting Goods website and a standalone on Tuesday and will be rolled out in more than 400 Dick’s Sporting Goods locations across the country in the coming weeks.

Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s sporting goods entered the highly competitive men’s sportswear market with the introduction of its own brand VRST.

VRST debuted Tuesday on Dick’s website and a standalone website. The brand’s products will be available in more than 400 Dick’s stores in the coming weeks, the company said. Items in the line – from joggers and shorts to T-shirts, quarter zips and hoodies – range from $ 30 to $ 120, putting them at the high end of the market.

Hereinafter Dick’s success with his Calia Athleisure line For women, the retailer said it saw a blank space in its stores to have an upscale and lifestyle-oriented line for men. The line won’t directly compete with the performance sweat-wicking gear from Under armor and Nike. Instead, it’s more similar Lululemon.

However, the company’s increased investment in private label products came as well-known brands like Nike and Under Armor pledged to sell more goods directly to consumers. Adidas said earlier this month that its direct selling industry should account for 50% of net sales by 2025. While Dick’s still carries these brands, the linchpin has put more pressure on wholesalers to have exclusive lines to drive traffic and sales.

Dick’s had $ 1.3 billion in sales with its own brands in 2020. Total sales were $ 9.58 billion. The company said its own brands outperformed national brands in the golf, fitness, outdoor equipment and team sports categories. It is said that Calia is the second best women’s clothing brand after Nike last year.

Fill the ‘white space’

After Calia, VRST is the second brand that Dick’s has launched with its own website.

“When you see VRST it will be a very different range of products than we currently have with our major supplier partners, and it’s a blank space,” CEO Lauren Hobart said during a call for earnings in March. “It covers a wide range of activities.”

“VRST will put us in a much stronger position to compete with similar offerings from premium apparel brands and specialty sports stores.”

The VRST line of products, which include joggers, shorts, t-shirts, quarter-zip closures, and hoodies, sell for between $ 30 and $ 120 and are priced at the high end of the market.

Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Companies like Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor have done better Clothing brands that focus on workwear and more elegant items during the last 12 months. This resulted in more traditional clothing brands and department store chains quickly shifting their merchandise and marketing to casual and comfort clothing, adding more gamers to an already crowded space.

Activewear gains market share

Lululemon, for example, said before the pandemic It was planned to double the men’s business in five years. Direct-to-consumer sports brands like Rhone, Ten Thousand and Vuori have also doubled their online marketing spend to reach new customers. Even department stores Nordstrom and Kohls have again focused on activewear to increase sales. Kohl’s efforts include an internal line called FLX, which debuted this month.

At the same time, the space has grown enormously.

According to consumer research firm NPD Group, men’s active clothing accounted for 45% of the total men’s clothing market last year, up from 39% in 2019. Categories that helped boost dollars in space included sweatpants, which rose 16% year over year % and sweatshirts, which increased by 3% from 2019.

VRST was not designed to take advantage of a pandemic pop. it’s been in the works for a couple of years, the company said.

“And of course we are maximizing the current momentum,” said Nina Barjesteh, senior vice president of product development. “Most importantly, we continue to look to the long term and make sure we develop products that you’ll want to return more for.”

Dick’s shares fell 2.8% on Tuesday but are up 258% over the past 12 months. The company has a market capitalization of $ 6.8 billion.

Dr. Squatch Brings Leisure and Schooling To Males’s Private Care on the Tremendous Bowl

“We are incredibly proud and humble to see how quickly our brand has grown over the past few years,” said the founder and CEO of Dr. Squatch. Jack Haldrup. “Our goal is to inspire and educate men to be happier and healthier. We look forward to reaching new audiences at the Big Game on Sunday and educating millions of new consumers about the Dr. Squatch brand.”

The 30-second spot created with San DiegoCreative and performance marketing agency Raindropsis an addition to the brand’s viral collection of entertaining, yet educational, branded videos. The ad includes the best moments from the brand’s popular videos, including fan-favorite playful moments like “You’re not a dish, you’re a man,” but updated with an even more powerful version for the big game. Still true to its viral roots, comedian James Schrader is the focus to Dr. Squatch’s mission to entertain and educate men with an enthusiastic approach about the importance of natural personal care products continues to advance.

“Our advertising strategy was and is to entertain and educate men. We want our content to show boys that natural personal care products are the right choice, but in a fun and easygoing way,” he adds Josh Friedman, Marketing Director. “We have seen this type of communication resonate and we are excited to bring Dr. Squatch to the top of the biggest traditional advertising event of the year.”

The ad is available on Youtube and products can be purchased at

About Dr. Squatch
Dr. Squatch is a men’s natural soap and personal care company and one of the fastest growing natural personal care companies in the country $ 100 million Dr. Squatch’s hero products are natural cold process soaps, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste. Dr. Squatch sells high quality men’s personal care products from America and wants all men to feel and smell like a champion.

SOURCE Dr. Squatch

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