Meet Denver’s ‘Model Crone’ Who Fights Ageism One Pose At A Time

The selfies feed the tens of thousands of followers with her Instagram and Blog. Boyd, 78 years old and retired psychiatric nurse, calls herself the Style Crone.

“In certain cultures [crone] was seen as a very positive term, ”she said. “A woman who was older, who contributed to the community and was adored and respected. But now the definition in the dictionary is ‘ugly old woman’. “

Hart Van Denburg / CPR NewsJudith Boyd from Denver, known on Instagram as @StyleCrone, in her 1960s-style technicolor gown. Monday, September 20, 2021.

Boyd uses the word “crone” to fight age discrimination – when she was thinking about names for her blog over a decade ago, she thought of “Style Hag” but turned it down.

At first the blog was about cancer prevention and couture. Boyd has always loved fashion and especially hats (she once ran a hat shop and now has a whole room for the accessory). But fashion took on a deeper meaning when her late husband Nelson was diagnosed with cancer of an unknown primary cause, a rare and relentless type of cancer.

The couple went to chemotherapy appointments together; She would dress in every detail and he would photograph her in the exam room before he got the chemo. In the treatment room, she uploaded the photos next to the text on her blog.

“I blogged about cancer screening with outfits. I blogged about death in outfits. I blogged about grief and whatever I was wearing at the time. “

Courtesy Judith BoydPhoto by Nelson and Judith Boyd (photographer unknown) March 15, 2006.

The last time Nelson photographed her, she wore a gray-blue skirt with a white blouse, a short jacket and boots.

“The hat was pink,” she said.

They had gone out for lunch instead of their usual dinner. When it got dark, he just didn’t have enough energy. Five days later Nelson was dead and Boyd had to reinvent himself, as she put it.

That meant leaning further into the blog. What began as a platform for their grief has become a megaphone against age discrimination.

“I have often said that when the skin of a 20-year-old woman is as beautiful as the skin of an 80-year-old woman, we know we have overcome age discrimination,” she said.

210920-STYLE-CROWN-JUDITH-BOYDHart Van Denburg / CPR NewsDenver-based Judith Boyd, known on Instagram as @StyleCrone, has grown into a seventy-year-old social media fashion star. Monday, September 20, 2021.

For them, age discrimination is a fear of our future selves. Your followers receive the message and comments flow with every post. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be comfortable in your own skin,” wrote one woman. “You are really an inspiration to me,” replied another.

For the past several years, Boyd has modeled on catwalks and in national spreads, including a recent campaign for Haagen-Dazs and an upcoming campaign for the Neiman Marcus vacation catalog. In the Häagen-Dazs ad, her presentation matched the pint of Dulce de Leche ice cream she was holding.

Over the course of the pandemic, she was mostly her own photographer; She discreetly holds a remote control that triggers her beloved iPhone camera.

Older people risk isolation – something COVID-19 only made worse.

“I don’t want to be invisible,” she said. “Because we should be invisible in old age.”

Judith Boyd from Denver sets up her latest selfies and videos in her eclectic garden. Monday, September 20, 2021.

For Boyd, one way to counter this expectation is to be a seventy-year-old sartorialist.

“I think age discrimination cuts people’s lives by years,” she said. “If you become very isolated and don’t socialize, it’s not good for your health and people die of loneliness, they get sick more easily.”

“We’re not dead yet,” she added.

There is still a lot to be said about age discrimination and aging. And she will keep doing it – most likely with a hat.

210920-STYLE-CROWN-JUDITH-BOYDHart Van Denburg / CPR NewsJudith Boyd and her tangerine-colored high heels. Monday, September 20, 2021.

‘Robust’ to satisfy local weather finance targets forward of COP26, Johnson says

September 19, 2021: Prime Minister Boris Johnson climbs aboard the RAF Voyager at Stansted Airport prior to a visit to the United States.

Stefan Rousseau – PA Pictures | PA pictures | Getty Images

There is a six-in-ten chance of reaching an agreement on climate finance ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate change summit, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

In remarks to the media during his trip to New York over the weekend, Johnson was asked if he had any commitments related to climate finance as well according to the BBC, Environmental goals in the next few days.

“Getting everything ready this week will be a chore,” he is reported to have said. “But I think it’s all done by the COP, six out of 10. It’s going to be tough, but people need to understand that this is vital to the world.”

Financial discussions will be a key part of COP26, which will be held from October 31st to November 12th in the UK’s Scottish city of Glasgow.

According to the United Nations, the industrialized nations had previously announced that they would “collectively mobilize 100 billion US dollars per year by 2020 to support climate protection in developing countries”.

This goal is proving to be a challenge. Last week, the OECD said that climate finance provided and mobilized by developed countries amounted to $ 79.6 billion in 2019. This is an increase from $ 78.3 billion in 2018, but is still below the $ 100 billion.

“The limited progress in the total volume of climate finance between 2018 and 2019 is disappointing, especially before COP26,” said Mathias Cormann, Secretary General of the OECD, in a statement on the figures.

“Even if appropriately verified data for 2020 will not be available until the beginning of next year, it is clear that climate finance is lagging far behind its target,” said Cormann. “More needs to be done.”

Johnson’s remarks were made public by a number of media outlets, and the BBC aired an excerpt from the discussion on Monday morning. Johnson said Britain made a “big, big promise” and “cut our carbon a lot,” but it needs other countries to get going.

“We’ve been issuing for centuries and these emerging economies are saying, ‘Well why should we pay such a high price?’ The 100 billion US dollars that we have to raise each year are therefore used to support these countries [to] make the transition. ”

The UK’s official website for COP26 states that it will “bring parties together to accelerate action to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”.

Described by the United Nations as a legally binding international treaty on climate change, the Paris Agreement aims to “limit global warming to well below 2, preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels”.

On Monday, Johnson and UN Secretary General António Guterres will hold an “informal round table of heads of state and government on climate protection”.

Google Meet provides Duo-style filters, AR masks, and results

Google Meet receives new video filters, effects and augmented reality masks for personal calls on iOS and Android. announced the search giant. They are available during a call via the glitter icon in the lower right of your video feed, which displays a carousel of various effects, including color filters and animated AR face effects. Most of the options are only available for personal Gmail accounts, while Workspace users need to be more professional with a limited range of blur and virtual background options.

The new video effects are the latest example of Meet’s shift from targeting corporate and business users to a more general consumer targeting after Google released Meet free for private Google accounts last year. The filters are very similar to those was already available for the consumer-focused duo video chat service from Google and 9to5Google previously reported that the company plans to replace Duo with Meet at some point.

When trying to understand all of Google’s messaging products, don’t worry. you’re not alone. Fortunately, we may soon have one less Google service to keep an eye on.

Liam Payne desires to fulfill Maya Henry once more | Leisure Information

Liam Payne’s “instinct” tells him to reunite with Maya Henry.

The One Direction star made a very public plea to bring him back when his ex-fiancé sent him a sweet message and shared it with his 23 million followers.

On his Instagram story, he said: We can’t get it because we always don’t have time. (Sic) “

Liam also marked his past love with a praying hand emoji.

The 27-year-old singer recently confirmed that she is single 10 months after getting engaged.

Previously, he said: “At this point, I am mainly disappointed that I am still hurting people. It bothers me. I’m not very good at relationships and I know my pattern. Much of the matter is the relationship at this point.

“I’m not very good at it, so I have to work alone before I let someone else do it. I did in my last relationship. I give a much better version. I didn’t … I wasn’t grateful and didn’t want to exist. To be honest, I’m better. I felt sick doing what I did, but it was. It had to happen. It’s great for both of us. “

Liam, who has a former Cheryl and his son, also claimed that “it’s too early to get on and off relationships”.

He says:

Liam Payne wants to meet Maya Henry again | Entertainment news

Source link Liam Payne wants to meet Maya Henry again | Entertainment news

Golf tools makers look to purchase extra factories to fulfill demand

The golf industry has seen a surge in demand during the pandemic, with the PGA Tour Superstore reporting a 55% year-to-date increase in total sales.

The demand is so great that suppliers are struggling to keep up, Dick Sullivan, CEO of PGA Tour Superstore, told CNBC’s “The exchange” on Friday.

“We hear factories buying additional factories overseas to keep up with this incredible demand,” said Sullivan.

“The demand was unprecedented,” he said – and unexpected.

“There are no factories in the world that predicted such growth,” Sullivan said.

“In many cases it was assumed that once we are vaccinated and people can go back in, there will be fewer people out, and we don’t see that,” he said. “We continue to see that people want to be outside.”

The PGA Tour Superstore also faces the same supply chain challenges as others in the retail industry, with Congested ports, shortage of containers, and Covid-19 outbreaks are slowing shipping.

“We are not immune to what we see everywhere in all industries, but we work with all of our suppliers and unfortunately the lead time of just a few days turns into weeks.” said Sullivan. “But I was in California this week working with suppliers to see how we can speed up lead times to make sure we meet that demand.”

Yvette Nicole Brown mourns her mom: ‘Till we meet once more’ | Leisure

Yvette Nicole Brown’s mother has died.

The ‘community’ alum took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that their mother Fran has passed away.

Yvette said she was “devastated” by the news but didn’t explain what happened to her mother because she thought it was “too big” to go into.

She wrote next to a picture of Fran: “I am devastated. I have no words. Luckily my big brother does.

“I didn’t tell what my family had to do with because it was too big. It’s still like that – especially when you deal with it so far from home. I’m still processing how and why this had to happen now. I can never understand But I trust his will. That’s all I know to do

“Thank you for all the prayers. Unfortunately, God had other plans.

“I love you, my sweet mom. Always. (sic) ”

On the same day, the former ‘Drake & Josh’ star posted several snapshots of herself with her like mother, along with the caption, “Until we meet again.”

Yvette went on to share the caption from her brother’s Instagram post describing his mother as his “very own angel from above.”

Part of the article was: “Dear Mum 2021

May 29th, 21st will be a day I will never forget. That day my world felt like it had been walking in a ditch. I had to say goodbye to my first love. Someone1 who has seen me at my best and my worst. My very personal angel from above. You walked through my first steps with me. It is only right that I am here 4 ur last breaths.

“I’m sitting here next to Ur by the bed, waiting 4 U 2 and preparing 4 for home. I plan to be here so don’t go alone. I don’t have much to say as we talked every day. I said everything I ever wanted to say I have no regrets beyond that the journey to the kingdom is coming to an end. I am eternally grateful that I shared it with you from the start. (sic) ”

PHOTOS: Napa Excessive, Classic Excessive Meet For ‘Massive Recreation,’ COVID-Fashion

NAPA, CA – Napa’s “Big Game” Friday night at Memorial Stadium was scaled back – and delayed for months – due to coronavirus restrictions, but the marching band was still playing and cheerleaders and spirit squads were still performing as Napa High School competed entered rival Vintage High from Crosstown School.

Darci Ward, Sporting Director of Napa High School, recalled years past when around 10,000 fans, students and alumni packed the stadium for a standing audience only.

This year the big game XLIX was broadcast live so die-hard fans don’t miss the action of the decades-long rivalry.

In the end, Vintage beat Napa 35-7, but everyone agreed it was good to be back on the grid.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the big event courtesy of local photographer Al Francis.

Meet Bentley’s new 208-mph Continental GT Pace for $275,000

2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed


Bentley Motors is not resting on its laurels after a record year of sales in 2020 for the famous British luxury automaker.

The VolkswagenThe company-owned company on Tuesday unveiled the 2022 Continental GT Speed, a new performance version of its best-selling license plate. Bentley calls the vehicle the “most powerful and performance-oriented Bentley of all time”.

The car is expected to cost around $ 274,900 when it goes on sale in the U.S. and Europe in the third quarter, followed by other markets in the fourth quarter.

The two-door performance car has a 6.0-liter 12-cylinder engine with an output of 650 horsepower and 664 foot-pounds of torque. The car goes 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Its top speed is 208 mph, according to the automaker. The performance is slightly better than the Bentley Continental GT and Continental GT Cabrio with the same engine. It also includes additional power parts and tuning, officials said.

2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed


“The new Continental GT Speed ​​is the pinnacle of performance grand touring,” said Matthias Rabe, Bentley’s technical director, in a press release.

The third generation Continental GT Speed ​​could be one of the last, if not the last, non-electrified versions of the car. Bentley plans to exclusively offer plug-in hybrid electric or battery electric vehicles by 2026 Electric vehicles only until 2030.

“This is a big change for a company that grew up on 6.75-liter and W12 engines,” said Adrian Hallmark, Bentley CEO, during a media event. “We know that legislation, customer tastes and the characteristics of a battery-electric transmission fit perfectly with Bentley’s strategy. We are therefore very pleased about it.”

2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed


Hallmark said the company has no plans to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) with V-12 engines. He said V-8 engines when combined with electrification should achieve similar or better performance. PHEVs combine battery technology with internal combustion engines.

Bentley is sold 11,206 vehicles in 2020 – despite a seven-week shutdown of its factory in England during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last spring. The Bentley Continental GT and the Continental GT Convertible together accounted for 39% of sales.

Meet Jesse Collins, TV’s most requested producer | Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – It wasn’t “You’re getting a car!” But Oprah Winfrey gave TV manager Jesse Collins something equally, if not more, cool: “You can produce the Oscars!”

Emmy nominated Collins has had success over the years with the BET Awards, Grammy Awards, and various TV specials. Now he brings his magical touch to the 2021 Academy Awards thanks to a co-sign from the Queen of All Media.

“I received an email from Oprah that said, ‘What’s your phone? “Collins recalled The Associated Press.” She had a conversation with Bob Iger and Disney, and she recommended me for the Oscars.

“It’s interesting because (the academy and I) had met over the past few years, but then this was the year. I think the Oprah stamp definitely helped move it forward, ”he added. “It’s like the greatest reference you could ever have. You know, on a job reference you put your mom and your best friend who you know won’t say anything stupid and your cousin who does a good job too. Oprah trumps all of that. “

Collins’ Oscar appearance will come weeks after the March 14th Grammys – he was promoted to co-executive producer that year – and two months after becoming the first Black executive producer Super Bowl halftime show.

“I didn’t expect them all to compete like this,” he said. “It’s a unique moment.”

He’s the busiest and most sought-after man in showbiz. The 50-year-old is the CEO of Jesse Collins Entertainment, The production company he founded in 2012. He received an Emmy nomination for producing the 2019 Grammys and had great success with the Soul Train Awards, Netflix “Rhythm + flow” “Black Girls Rock!” and the three-part “The New Edition Story” which achieved record ratings for BET in 2017.

He and his all-star team achieved with last year’s BET Awards, One of the first awards to be produced during the pandemic. The event was a pivotal success as Collins and the producers put together a show of highly produced and well-done pre-recorded performances, with some focusing on the Black experience, that of the Black Lives Matter movement, civil rights and the lives of the lost highlighted for police officers including George Floyd.

“I think the BET Awards were a starting point for a lot of things. All of a sudden people just wanted to know how we did it and what made us go this route. The phone definitely lit up the day after the show, ”he said.

One of those calls came from Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s entertainment company, which started producing the halftime show last year.

“It was life changing to work on something so prestigious with so much history,” said Collins of the show with The Weeknd. “Just seeing the machine work that holds this thing together was amazing. Now I understand how the mechanics of a halftime show work. It is nothing else. “

Next up are the Grammys, which were originally scheduled to take place on January 31st but have been delayed due to the pandemic. It is the 10th year Collins has worked on the show, where he has held positions such as segment producer, consultant producer, and producer. Actors are Taylor Swift, Cardi B, BTS, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion and Harry Styles.

“It’s going to be entertaining. It will be all we need right now, ”he said. “That is what we have focused on and that is what we will deliver.”

Collins has a long history of working directly with musicians and booking A-listers for major events. He worked with Cardi B on both “Cardi Tries” on Facebook Watch and “Rhythm + Flow”. The latter series was a hit for Netflix in 2019 and the show’s winner – bilingual rapper D smoke – competes for two Grammys, including best rap album and best new artist.

“Rhythm + Flow” contrasts with the last few seasons of “American Idol” and “The Voice”, in which the winners have little success and the main focus continues to be on the celebrity judges.

“It’s proof of the show,” said Collins, adding that he hopes the series will be renewed for a second season. “We really wanted to create a show where the show would be a stepping stone for the artist to have a legitimate career.”

But the show has to wait until Collins’ schedule is clear. Just hours after wrapping up the Grammys, the Oscars nominees are announced: “It’s like a horse race then. The three of us (producers) come out of the gate. “

Collins is the fourth Black producer in the show’s 93rd history, and he would have completed his trifecta shortly after the April 25 event that celebrated the best film festival of the year. And then he can rest.

Type of.

“When the Oscars are over, we’ll go straight to the BET Awards,” he said of the event, which normally airs in June.

“I think I’ll go on vacation to my couch. I’m going to take a heavy nap, like a nice old people nap where you say it’ll only be 15 minutes and you wake up a day later. “

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed in any way without permission.

Meet marine biologist Mackenzie Mathews from the Oklahoma Aquarium | Leisure

Mackenzie Mathews, biologist in the marine fish division, works with Seamore, a loggerhead sea turtle, behind the exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.

Mackenzie Mathews feeds the fish at the Sea Turtle Island exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Behind the scenes, Mathews

Mackenzie Mathews cleans an aquarium behind the exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Behind the scenes, Mathews

Mackenzie Mathews, biologist in the marine fish division, cleans an aquarium behind the exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Behind the scenes, Mathews

Mackenzie Mathews, biologist in the marine fish division, reviews an exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Behind the scenes, Mathews

Mackenzie Mathews, biologist in the marine fish division, cares for the baby seahorses behind the exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.

Behind the scenes, Mathews

Mackenzie Mathews pulls fish and sea turtle food from a refrigerator behind the exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.


Mackenzie Mathews works in the marine fish division at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. She decided to become a marine biologist to tell people about animals and how best to preserve them for future generations.

She said working in the aquarium enabled her to take advantage of these opportunities. One of her favorite things to do in the aquarium is interacting with Seamore, a 26-year-old, 300-pound loggerhead sea turtle who she recognizes even when she doesn’t care.

“Recently, on one of my days off, I was with my grandparents at the aquarium and Seamore seemed to recognize me. Even though there were a lot of people around, it was hanging right on the window where I was standing. He kept splattering me! I like to think he recognized me and hoped to get me to give him another meal. He also comes to the window in the morning to greet us again with splashes. “

Not only does she have the opportunity to interact with Seamore, but she can also talk about him with aquarium guests.

“He’s a good ambassador for why we need to protect sea turtles because he’s on the list of endangered species. Before COVID, we had feeding shows in the aquarium every day. The feeding show consisted of feeding the fish and sharks in our sea turtle exhibit. After feeding the animals, we talked to our guests about Seamore, loggerhead sea turtles, and sea turtle protection. I always enjoy talking about Seamore to guests because I absolutely love educating the public about animals and why it’s so important to preserve them! “