Simple shifts takes darkish Mediterranean room to shiny transitional type

During the pandemic, Beth Walker often worked in the kitchen instead of the home office.

The more she stared at the dark floors, dark wooden cabinets, and the copper hood, the less she liked her.

“At first I thought let’s just get white cabinets everywhere,” said Walker, 43, a legal recruiter at Neuhaus Noblinsaid about her kitchen bathed in a Mediterranean color palette. “We wanted to work with what we had without having to redo the counter and the tiles.”

Your interior designer Yesely Love of Canaima designShe knew she could do a lot more by adding color and texture to a lighter and brighter kitchen in a transitional style.

Instead of doing a complete remodel for the Briarcroft house where the Walkers have lived for three years, they opted for a refresh that kept most of the closets but put in new doors, added new lighting, and painted the closets. Love said that replacing doors while storing cabinet boxes can save a homeowner about 65 percent since cabinets are an expensive part of kitchen remodeling.

It also saves time and means a family doesn’t necessarily have to move out of their home during the remodeling. The project started in mid to late November and the Walkers were able to host a family for Christmas.

The cabinets have got the biggest makeover, with glossy paint in Sherwin-Williams “White Sand” and new Shaker-style doors that replaced older ones with a lot more ornamentation.

The raised edge of the island was torn off so that the surface was entirely on one level. Then they painted it Sherwin-Williams “Stormy Sky”, a blue that is part of today’s kitchen trends.

The whole kitchen originally had granite countertops with a creamy background and beige and brown swirls. Rather than replacing them all, Love encouraged her client to install a 2-inch maple top on the island, a blonde wood tone that matched the colors of the granite and beige back wall, which they also kept.

A lower counter at which Walker, her husband, 47-year-old Raymond, was attorney Walker iron brown, and their two children, 11-year-old Lillian and 7-year-old Graham, can now eat together, prompted the purchase of four bistro-style bar stools by Serena & Lily.

They kept their appliances, sinks, and plumbing, but painted their copper hood the same blue paint and silver trim.

Another trend in kitchen cabinets is to provide upper and lower cabinets with different surfaces. Sometimes designers and their clients opt for different paints or a combination of wood stain and paint, but in this case Love recommended installing grass wallpaper – Windfield Thybonys “chain” Pattern in powder blue, a shimmering chain link pattern on natural fiber – on the front door panels of the wall units.

Door panels on one end in a butler’s pantry and the other on a bar and wine rack are fronted with glass.

Dark pendant lights with light bulbs have been replaced by new LED pendants with wood decor, plus a large pendant light with a woven fiber shade from Shadow of light was placed over the breakfast table.

“All I wanted was a lighter kitchen, all white. Yesely kept showing us ideas and pictures. She said there is so much more you can do and have a unique kitchen that is unique and different, ”said Walker. “I’m so glad she pushed us; I love what we have. “

Chai Type Residence: Jewish Renaissance Meets Mediterranean

Emilie Posner Haas was born and raised in Buckhead before spreading her wings in the New York fashion industry. She did marketing and public relations for the designers Perry Ellis, Georgio Sant’Angelo and Daniel Hechter. She started her career at Rich’s here in 1968. Fast forward to marriage and family before meeting urologist Dr. Joe Haas (who died in 2018) and first met at The Temple Sunday School.

“Unique is a great way to define how Joe and I got engaged at The Varsity, got Krispy Kreme donuts, and then got married in Vegas.”

After retiring from real estate sales, Haas noted, “When Joe and I stepped on the doorstep here in 2005, we both gave the thumbs up before we even looked around.” The result is a home design that rolled into one The vortex of Old World romance is lively and captivating. The arched doors have unique moldings in expansive spaces.

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The Mediterranean Brookhaven house is 7,000 square meters with blooming peonies in the front yard. // Photos by Howard Mendel

Tour of ancient Rome:

Jaffe: What about this property that you “sold”?

Haas: The house is 7,000 square feet and the master is on the main level. I was most impressed to find a level back yard in Brookhaven. We have created a paradise with a pool and complete privacy. We included the loggia where the house’s original bricks were used as the floor.

Jaffe: When you bought the house, there were a lot of incredible things included?

Haas: Barbara Ames was the builder and former resident. Much of the lighting was here: the amber chandelier in the dining room, the curtains and the sink in the farmhouse. The unusual beams in the “Chamber of Commerce” are actually plaster of paris, not wood. Joe contributed the Waterford chandelier in the master bedroom of his former home.

The unusual beams in the stable are made of plaster, not traditional wood. // Photos by Howard Mendel

Jaffe: What’s going on in that elongated 35 foot kitchen?

Haas: Certainly I don’t cook. We have an ironic cast of The Last Supper and then various Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.

Jaffe: Is your daughter a Hollywood actor?

Haas: I spent seven years in California with my daughter, Alyson Hannigan, to advance her acting career.

In Los Angeles, she had roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “How I Met Your Mother” and the “American Pie” trilogy. She is currently the presenter and producer of Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Jaffe: Describe the ambience here.

Haas: I answer “whimsical or unique”. There’s a mix of things from David’s interiors, real estate sales, goodwill, an antique rolltop desk, closets, and mid-century modern. There’s a framed Hermes scarf from Central Park, a collage of beeswax and sticks bought in Piedmont [Park] Arts festival. I love a painting by [former U.S. Attorney General] Griffin Bell’s daughter Melanie and a colorful wall hanging that once belonged to the Consul General from South Africa.

The ground floor contains vibrant colors starting with the carpet. Both ends of the room are anchored by reworked pews. // Photos by Howard Mendel

Jaffe: Work out the family items you have.

Haas: My grandparents Esther and Hyman Mendel were one of the founders of the Ahavath Achim Synagogue in the late 1890s. Their vases became our living room lamps. One of my favorite possessions is the Shabbat candle holders that my late and wonderful aunt and uncle Helen and Dr. Irving H. Goldstein belonged.

Speaking of family, my late sister Marie Posner Saxe lived in Manhattan and did the interior design here. From the house plans and photos of each piece of furniture, she created a book with instructions on where each piece of furniture should be placed. That was incredible. We settled in in two days.

Jaffe: Your lower level contrasts stylistically with the rest of the house.

Haas: The terrace level has 13 foot ceilings and had no walls. We have added a lot of them. The archway to the wine cellar and sauna rooms opens with a vintage Paris elevator gate that was purchased from Paris on Ponce. The wine cellar has the doors of Joe’s former house and the sauna room has the original Moorish front doors from that house.

The vases of Emilie’s grandparents Esther and Hyman Mendel became living room lamps. The roll-top desk is from David’s Interiors. // Photos by Howard Mendel

The ground floor contains vibrant colors starting with the carpet. Both ends of the room are anchored by original pews. We designed the loungers and had them manufactured in Norway. The gym has 90 framed old album covers. The guest bathroom is tiled in black and white and has the same sink and mirror as Elton John in his bathroom. We bought them both from Atlanta Fixture.

Jaffe: Are you in the accessories business?

Joe and Emilie made this 2.70 meter high sculpture using an original anesthesia machine and a painted fishbowl. // Photos by Howard Mendel

Hate: I have a booth and showcase at Antiques & Beyond on Cheshire Bridge Road and sell a variety of items that I keep changing, including original art, art and costume jewelry, crystal, furniture and my own “Tchotchke” art.
Joe and I have traveled to small towns all over the place bringing back collections of vintage toys and other interesting things that we built or framed in towers. My favorite is the garden art we made from Joe’s broken Alfa Romeo muffler. A special feature on the lower level is a 2.70 meter high original anesthesia machine with an artistically painted fishbowl.

Jaffe: What are your voluntary activities?

Haas: I am a big supporter of the Brookhaven Police Department and the establishment of a souvenir shop in the new Brookhaven Public Safety Building for the benefit of the BPD Foundation. I am also a volunteer at the Oakland Cemetery Visitor Center.

To make it easier, I’m starting a singles group for 65+ through The Temple with the aim of mingling, mingling, and making new friends. Before that, I introduced 15 couples who got married. That reserves my place in heaven!

Baba opens in Kendall Yards, serving Mediterranean, Center Japanese, Asian-style consolation meals

February 23, 2021, 8:14 a.m.

Richard’s fate

Posted: Feb 23, 2021 8:14 am

SPOKANE, Washington. – A new East Good Group restaurant has now opened in Kendall Yards.

Baba opens in place of The Wandering Table, which closed earlier this year.

Chef Adam Hegsted believed this was the right time to open up a place with a more casual dining experience.

This restaurant offers comfort dishes with a cultural touch – the menu is inspired by Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine.

CONNECTED: New Mediterranean restaurant opened in place of The Wandering Table at Kendall Yards

We live in Baba this morning, a new restaurant replacing the Wandering Table in Kendall Yards!

Get a first look at the restaurant and some of the Good Morning Northwest menu items! ? @ kxly4news

– Destiny Richards (@DstnyRichardsTV) February 23, 2021

To see the full menu, Visit the Baba Spokane website.

Baba is located at 1242 W Summit Pkwy. and is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.