Large Metropolis Mayors coalition desires state cash to fund homeless housing applications

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – The California Coalition of Metropolitan Mayors, a group of 13 of California’s largest cities – including Fresno – has come together to demand that $ 20 billion of the state budget be used to provide permanent housing for people with Homelessness will be provided across California.

Mayors say this is an important and feasible request given the $ 26 billion the state received from the US bailout, as well as the record surplus in California.

Funding, which Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said is badly needed in the city where they have already bought five motels to be converted into temporary homes under the state’s Project Home Key program.

To continue those efforts, Dyer said they need more money to pay outreach workers, provide security in these transitional housing units, and provide support services.

“Mental health, alcohol and substance abuse addiction services to appeal to the growing population of domestic violence victims and their families who roam our streets, our veterans who are often abandoned,” said Dyer. “All of these services need to be provided, not in the short term, but in the long term.”

According to Dyer, the next step is to create permanent housing solutions and vocational training to keep people off the streets.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo says the state will decide how the money will be distributed among counties and major cities.

“The allocation is usually based on a formula that combines both the number of homeless people at a given point in time and the population, so we expect these formulas to continue,” Liccardo said.

“And we will certainly work to ensure that the cities that have been hardest hit – after all, it is the big cities that have suffered the most from homelessness – are actually at the fore and in the center.”