Lewis Hamilton describes personal driving fashion which has uncanny resemblance to Max Verstappen | F1 | Sport

Lewis Hamilton described his driving style in a way that is eerily similar to his title rival Max Verstappen. The duo took part in a competition for the ages in 2021 before the Dutchman finally prevailed and took the crown in Abu Dhabi.

It was a controversial season, no more than the final at Yas Marina.

In footage that has been replayed around the world, Verstappen was given a lifeline with one lap to go when FIA Race Director Michael Masi contentiously brought the couple bumper to bumper.

The Red Bull man prevailed in an exciting duel on fresher tires and won his first world title in the process.

Hamilton and the Mercedes garage were stunned, and understandably so, considering that they had been comfortably driving for most of the race.

Since then, not much has been heard from Hamilton, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff then refused to rule out the resignation of the Briton.

But fans are invariably hoping that both Verstappen and Hamilton will return for the 2022 season, with the pair’s heated fights leading to blockbuster viewers.

And although they did not always agree, the description of the Mercedes man’s own driving style suggests a striking similarity.

When asked to describe his driving style, from the PETRONAS Motorsport On YouTube channel he replied simply: “Aggressive.”

Throughout the 2021 season, many would have attributed the aggressive style to Verstappen rather than Hamilton.

In fact, the Dutchman was counted as an early turn overtaking maneuver against Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, and his final lap overtaking maneuvers were pulled in by a daring nosedive.

Verstappen was also central to the drama that unfolded in Brazil when he met Hamilton in the 48th

Although the Red Bull man does not give up a place so easily, Hamilton’s assessment of his own driving style was also clearly visible at times during the season.

At Silverstone, his controversial rise inside resulted in Verstappen falling at high speed and rushing him to the hospital before the Briton eventually won the race.

Although it can be described as aggressive, Red Bull boss Christian Horner thought it was an exaggeration.

“Lewis has more than enough experience to know that this is unacceptable and as I said, I’m just very disappointed that a driver of his caliber should take such a step,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“It’s dangerous, he put a competitor in danger, it looked desperate and thank God unharmed, he’s in the hospital and is being examined.”

Max Verstappen reveals how he’s adapting his driving model to go well with the 2022 vehicles

Max Verstappen has revealed how he wants to adapt his driving style for the cars of 2022. After trying out the first prototypes in Red Bull’s simulator, Verstappen is of the opinion that the new cars differ significantly from the outgoing generation of vehicles.

In an interview with team sponsor CarNext, the Dutchman said:

“The tires will look completely different with 18-inch (rims); The tires also react differently, so I have to adapt my driving behavior to this. ”“ It feels a bit sharper, the reaction of the tires and just the general traction that you get out of the corners feels a little different. So I’m curious to see how it feels in real life. ”“ Everyone always says, ‘How is your driving style?’ Well I don’t think I really have one, it’s just that you adapt to the situation. This is your driving style, because when the car is understeer you have to adjust to the understeer. If the car oversteers, you have to be prepared for it. So you can’t say, ‘That’s my driving style and that’s how I’ll drive.’ ”“ That’s impossible because sometimes it just doesn’t work with the material you have. I think adjusting at the end of the day is key. ”How it started ↔️ how it goes

It took a few days for what happened last Sunday to take effect. Many thanks to everyone for the support and the lovely news 🙏

How it started ↔️ how it works It took a few days to take in what happened last Sunday. Many thanks to everyone for the support and the lovely news 🙏 https://t.co/i2kplMU4NY

Max Verstappen will return to Formula 1 in 2022 sporty number 1 on his Red Bull to try to defend his F1 title. However, the young Dutchman could face tougher competition from rival Lewis Hamilton who is aiming for a record-breaking eighth World Cup.

Meanwhile a possible resurgence of midfield teams McLaren, Ferrari and even Aston Martin could jeopardize the title hopes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen hopes 2022 cars will be able to follow more easily, as promised

For years, F1 has been criticized for going in the wrong direction and creating “qualifying cars” that could not follow one another in “dirty air”. To tackle the problem the 2022 season will show brand new cars that are the result of extensive technical regulations aimed at Improve wheel-to-wheel racing.

The reigning world champion Max Verstappen hopes that the work of the F1 specialist department in developing the new regulations will pay off.

Despite his preference for the “downforce giants” of the current generation, Max Verstappen wants the new cars to be able to follow one another closely. In an interview with team sponsor CarNext, the Red Bull driver said:

“I like the current cars in terms of speed because it’s really impressive how much grip you have. So the new cars will definitely be a few seconds slower. ”“ But that with the idea of ​​having better races that you can follow a little more closely, that’s what they want. Because at the moment, when you are close, you will be greatly disturbed by the vehicle in front. “” I hope that happens. “

After yesterday’s tweet about the 2022 rule.
This is what the underside of the car looks like
A small diffuser and a flat bottom are replaced by larger venturi tunnels. This is (incorrectly) called the floor effect like it was in the 80s (+ no skirts)
Bargeboards & the Y250 front wing replaced

According to yesterday’s tweet on Rule 2022. This is what the underside of the car will look likeA small diffuser and flat floor will be replaced with larger Venturi tunnels. This is (incorrectly) called floor effect as it was in the 80s (+ no aprons) replacing bargeboards & the Y250 front wing https://t.co/AIfn7AROBC

While the new regulations aim to improve the “racing spectacle” over time, many have raised concerns that the new regulations could damage racing in the short term.

The narrow performance gaps between teams across the grid meant that the 2021 season was one of the most competitive championships in F1 history, but the new regulations could potentially split the field even further.

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Inexperienced Lantern collection on HBO Max would have a darkish fashion like Watchmen – CVBJ

Warner Bros. has had many problems developing its superheroes’ stories successfully over the past few years, but the above keeps them passionate about developing stories for the small screen. With the premiere of the Marvel Studios series on the Disney Plus platform, Warner wants to do justice to the occasion with new projects for television, one of which is Green Lantern, which was announced a few months ago for HBO Max. With that title, things are gradually taking shape and now it is revealed by The Illuminerdi that the production would have a grown-up and dark tone similar to that of Watchmen – 80%.

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What are the details we know about the new Green Lantern series? It will have 10 chapters and its showrunner is Seth Grahame-Smith, author of LEGO Batman: The Movie – 91%. Green Lantern represents a broad catalog of characters who have rarely had the opportunity to be developed in live action projects, but soon fans will see their dreams come true. Warner and HBO already got the series off the ground and it seems like something great is coming.

Illuminerdi reports that Warner wants something spectacular with the Green Lantern series with Finn Wittrock, something on par with what Watchmen has achieved, this prolific series that caught the attention of the Emmy Awards some time ago. The production will include some of the most popular Green Lanterns in comics and would have been the style of Guardian; It’s clear that with this title the studio wants to go a long way in terms of adapting the Alan Moore comic, or even what WandaVision has achieved – 95% back then. Very soon we will witness an insatiable competition where the superhero genre is again the most viewed and commented on.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve had a real action adventure for the famous Green Lantern. Remember the 2011 film that tells the story of the ruthless test pilot Hal Jordan who receives an alien ring that gives him unearthly powers and introduces him to an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern was directed by Martin Campbell and additionally Reynolds, features appearances by Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong. Without a doubt, it’s one of the worst-received jobs in the world Ryan and Warner, and we need very little footage to find out.

Few fans will agree that in live action, Green Lantern was forever cursed by the movie from Reynolds and that we will never see altitude adjustment again. But maybe Warner Bros., with the series prepping for HBO Max, will make us change our minds and grant an adventure worthy of the character on television. At the moment there is no release date known for the project.

Warner Bros. and DC have many film and television plans. Despite the many setbacks in the past, the club is working with all its might to become the first choice for fans of the genre and is presenting ambitious projects with their favorite characters. Is it time Green Lantern got the recognition it deserves in live action format? Time will tell whether it achieves pride of place among DC and Warner Bros. productions and stands out from other superheroes who have been successful in the cinema or on television.

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‘The Neighborhood’ Finale: Max Greenfield Teases a Season 3-Ending Twist | Leisure

After Calvin received an unexpected gift from his mother – his late father’s ashes – his neighbor Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield) brings him fishing, which Calvin used to do with his father. Greenfield fills us in and teases a twist towards the end of season three.

It sounds like we might need tissues for this finale.

Max Greenfield: Yes totally. The two make this trip, Calvin remembers his father and the boys wonder where they are in their relationship. I always wanted to stay away from making them too tight. You want this [sentiment] wrap around at the end [of each episode]. There’s still a distance, but they’re getting closer.

Recently the boys were trapped in a tipping tree house. Now You fish. How does that happen on a sound stage?

[The tree house] was probably the funnest set we’ve ever had. It was on hydraulics. Every time they write something crazy you say, “How do we do this?” Our crew make it seem like we are actually fishing and pulling the other end of the rod and we say, “Ah!”

(Photo credit: Monty Brinton / CBS)

What can you say about the surprise in the closing moments of? this episode?

Somebody finds out some pretty big news and it goes, “How are we going to tell the boys?” It definitely affects the characters going into the next season.

The neighborhood, Season 3 Finale, Monday May 17th, 8 / 7c, CBS

‘Mad Max’ prequel shot in Outback to be launched in 2023 | Leisure

Actor Chris Hemsworth attends a press conference to announce the new “Mad Max” film on Monday April 19, 2021 at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney.

From left, producer Doug Mitchell, actor Chris Hemsworth and director George Miller attend a press conference to announce the new “Mad Max” film at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney on Monday, April 19, 2021.

SYDNEY (AP) – A precursor to the “Mad Max” film franchise starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth is set to be filmed in Australia on Monday.

“Furiosa” is slated for release in mid-2023 and is expected to be the biggest film ever made in Australia, said New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian.

Hemsworth said being involved in such a project back home was a dream come true.

“This will be my fourth or fifth film here in Australia,” said the “Thor” star in Sydney.

“Of all that I’ve done, it really is the biggest pinching moment because I grew up looking at it so iconic,” said Hemsworth.

“It’s a great honor. Lots of pressure, but exciting pressure that is sure to motivate, ”he added.

Actors and crews travel to locations across New South Wales including the mining town of Broken Hill, the surrounding area traditionally depicting the post-apocalyptic landscapes of the films.

The newest film in the franchise, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which was released in 2015, was shot primarily in Nambia because the unusual rain made outback New South Wales unusually green.

Taylor-Joy, who starred in the miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit,” will star in the film as the younger version of Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron in 2015.

Max Huang Talks Kung Lao’s Preventing Fashion within the Film

In a world already filled with unique characters, Kung Lao is probably one of the most recognizable characters featured in Mortal Kombat. In the video game series and even in previous films, Kung has always had a very distinctive fighting style, thanks in part to the blade hat he wears as a weapon. When it comes to the upcoming reboot of the Mortal Kombat movie, actors Max Huang Whoever plays the role of Kung Lao this time has now communicated what he wanted to bring closer to the character in combat.

During a visit to the Mortal Kombat set that ComicBook.com was attending, Huang was asked about his own fighting style that he’s used to and how he had to adapt it to play Kung Lao. Huang stated that his own martial arts background stems from the Wushu style. “I started with wushu, went to competitions and became a professional wushu athlete who represents the German national team,” said Huang.

While Huang was most familiar with Wushu, historically Kung Lao is a fighter who used Wing Chun techniques. As such, Huang said that he actually had to retrain a little to learn the style, even though it was already a martial art that he was fairly familiar with. “It’s actually funny because the first martial arts I started practicing was Wing Chun,” he said. “So I did that for about a year of intense training and yes, it helped a lot. And then we also have a great martial arts teacher, Nino, who also trained parts of the other cast. So I picked up a few things from him and I think yes it will work fine. “

The fact that those who are creating this new iteration of Mortal Kombat on the big screen cast so many actors familiar with so many fighting styles definitely gives the film quite a bit of authenticity. Indeed producer Todd Garner went so far as to say that the fight scenes and the actors they picked for the film are the things that excite him the most about the project overall.

Mortal Kombat is slated for release next month on April 16th and hits both theaters and theaters at the same time HBO max.

Court docket guidelines in opposition to artist Peter Max over broken works | Leisure

A New Jersey appeals court ruled Thursday against famous pop artist Peter Max in a dispute over his million dollar works that were damaged in a warehouse during Superstorm Sandy.

German-born Max, whose signature psychedelic drawings have largely been reproduced on posters and postage stamps and exhibited in museums since the 1960s, has claimed that an arbitrator’s insurance price of $ 48 million is too low.

Thousands of his paintings, posters, and other works were damaged in a warehouse in Lyndhurst, northern New Jersey, when Superstorm Sandy entered the area in late October 2012.

When Max and his insurers, Great American Security and Lloyds, couldn’t agree on the cost of the damage, a former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice was hired to settle the dispute.

Max and his affiliates claim that the judiciary miscalculated the value of the damaged works by offering a discount on some entire categories, including posters.

A lower court judge had ruled that the ratings were reasonable and that Max’s approach “overlooked the possibility that many of the items had not been sold in the past and that the entire work was likely not to be sold at those prices in the future” on Thursday’s judgment.

The appellate court also wrote in its decision that it did not have jurisdiction and left the decision of the lower court undisturbed.

Stay leisure returning to the MAX

MERIDIAN, miss. (WTOK) –

Most Mississippi schools will be on the spring break next week, and the Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience has a variety of activities for families to participate in, as well as some sort of reopening.

From Tuesday, March 16, until Saturday, March 20, the MAX is offering activities for young people to “make and take”, court games in the inner courtyard and various other events. Customers can also take advantage of one-week discounts in the MAX Store and entry to MAX at half price until the end of March.

“As you know, it’s been a challenging year for museums across the country,” said Laura Hester, director of communications and programs at MAX. “We are very happy to be able to celebrate such a beautiful day and such a beautiful spring break and to offer the guests some special things that will help them celebrate our reopening with us. We want to have something for everyone. Whatever your interests, we like to think we can find something that everyone can find their place in. “

The entertainment returns on Thursday with a brown bag lunch with an Irish dance demonstration in the courtyard. MAX officials will post many more spring events in the coming weeks.

Copyright 2021 WTOK. All rights reserved.

‘It was so frenetic:’ HBO Max follows Wolfgang Puck Catering | Leisure

NEW YORK – Cooking a meal for a large group is always stressful. Imagine cooking for more than 1,000 guests. Turn these guests into incandescent celebrities like Brad Pitt.

That’s what usually goes to Chef Wolfgang Puck’s catering business, which has to prepare hundreds of plates of salmon with miso glaze or slow-braised short ribs during busy events.

Usually such Shindigs cameras are trained on the celebrities, but with the new HBO Max series “The event,” They held on to the cooks and waiters struggling behind the scenes.

“I think we tend to take catering for granted,” says John Watkin, who co-directed and executive produced the documentary series with frequent contributor Eamon Harrington.

From the Screen Actors Guild Awards to the HBO party for “Westworld”, the four-part series shows the intensive planning and details that go into top-class catering.

Things can go wrong with complex dishes and makeshift kitchens, and that’s one of the lessons home cooks can learn from the series – flexibility. One chef notes: “For me, catering is all about adjustments.”

That was evident last January at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles. Puck’s team had created a dish for 1,280 people that contained roasted chicken with beet and ginger puree and gooseberry salsa verde, as well as misoglazed salmon with sticky rice and sesame pickles.

Then a few days before the event, the chefs received a breathtaking bombshell from the organizers: the award ceremony had decided to go vegan.

Puck’s caterers quickly canceled orders for 250 pounds of salmon and 300 pounds of chicken to prepare a paella rice dish with kale and pumpkin, charred baby carrots with harissa glaze, and bean salad with arugula, olives, and baby peppers.

Cameras recorded the careful building of the bowl on plates that stretch element by element over several meters, often with a tiny leaf tipped with tweezers at the end.

“It moves like an assembly line. But the quality of the product is so high that you can make assembly lines of the most expensive Mercedes you can buy, ”says Harrington.

“It was so hectic,” says Watkin. “So much is happening, so fast, and trying to find ways to capture it all and make sure we have the cameras in the right place and that we are getting the footage we want – it was really a challenge.”

In the second episode, 1,200 business venture capitalists and business bigwigs gather for the Upfront Summit in the Rose Bowl for a two-day event, during which breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served. Puck is as much a celebrity as the guests. The chef was often busy – he tried, advised and even manned a cooking station.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.