Watch GM CEO Mary Barra take her first autonomous automotive trip with Cruise

General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra speaks during a meeting with private sector CEOs hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden to discuss the Build Back Better agenda at the White House in Washington, United States, January 26, 2022 discuss.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

“It’s just surreal” General Motors CEO Mary Barra says while testing one of the company’s driverless cars in San Francisco, calling it a highlight of her career.

Barra last week rode in a retrofitted Chevrolet Bolt EV with Kyle Vogt, founder and interim CEO of Cruise, the automaker’s majority-owned autonomous vehicle subsidiary. The self-driving vehicle, called Tostada, is one of a fleet of driverless cruise vehicles currently cruising around San Francisco at night as the company prepares for the commercialization of the operations this year.

“It was amazing,” Barra says in a video posted to Cruise’s YouTube page. He later added, “This is going to change the way people move in such a positive way… I’m over the moon.”

Vogt stepped in as CEO after Dan Ammann, a former GM executive who ran Cruise allegedly suppressed over internal disagreements with Barra.

Autonomous vehicles are seen as a potential multi-trillion dollar market. GM expects the operations to potentially contribute as much as $50 billion in annual revenue by the end of this decade. However, the commercialization of self-driving vehicles has been far more challenging than many predicted just a few years ago.

The ride was Barra’s first ride in an unmanned vehicle without a safety driver.

Late last year, Cruise began testing a fully driverless vehicle fleet with no human backup drivers. In November, Cruise posted a video of Vogt doing his first driverless drive in San Francisco.

The nearly three-minute video with Barra also shows GM President Mark Reuss and Craig Buchholz, senior vice president of GMs Communications, in another self-driving vehicle called Disco.

Reuss called the drive “amazing” and spoke about the vehicle’s performance and its potential impact on society, including seniors like his 85-year-old father Lloyd Reuss, who was also the automaker’s president in the early ’90s.

GM acquired Cruise in 2016. Since then it has attracted investors such as Honda engineSoftbank Vision Fund and more recently Walmart and Microsoft.

Mary J. Blige: My followers saved me from suicide | Leisure

Mary J. Blige credits her fans for keeping them from suicidal thoughts.

The 50-year-old musician has admitted that she considered suicide early in her professional career, but ultimately decided to seek help because she knew she had fans who counted on her.

She said, “I think subconsciously, I was like, ‘Oh, I can’t kill myself now. All these people, someone is going to get behind me’ because people were too persistent and strong and emotional about this album. So believe I So In my subconscious I thought: “I can’t” [die] now. I just have to go through this. I have to assert myself. ‘ And so I just kept pushing, no matter how hard it got, no matter how ugly it got. “

The ‘Family Affair’ hitmaker has been concerned with her mental health for over two decades, and while it’s an ongoing process, Mary says she is in a much better place than before.

She added to People magazine, “It’s not as bad as it was, I’m in a great place. But I have to fight for my freedom and happiness every day because that was a tough captivity, you know?”

Meanwhile, in December, Mary spoke about the pain she faced after her divorce in 2016 from Kendu Isaacs, who she was married to for 13 years.

She said, “I just have to go through this until something excellent comes up. I don’t know when that will happen. But I’d rather be myself than make the same mistakes over and over again. I’m going to be patient and see this thing and love me now. “

And Mary previously talked about how music saved her life as well.

She said, “Music was a vessel that God used to save my life. If I didn’t have music … I probably wouldn’t be here.

“So many things have happened… My mother struggled to raise us as a single mother.

“My father was away as a little kid and made us fight in a terrible place. I love him and respect him now, but I was angry about it for years.”

GM CEO Mary Barra says firm is price extra conserving EV battery unit in home

General Motors unveiled its brand new Ultium modular platform and battery system on March 4, 2020 at its Tech Center campus in Warren, Michigan.

Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors

General Motors CEO Maria Barra on Wednesday again pushed back the spin-off of the up-and-coming battery business for electric vehicles.

Remaining the unit with GM will add more value to the company than the spin-off, Barra said.

“An electric vehicle is all about the battery,” she told CNBC.Screeching in the street. “” I think we will accelerate that value creation if we keep this technology close and use the extensive battery know-how that General Motors has that we have. “

bar announced the company’s plans to sell its Ultium battery cells as well as its Hydrotech fuel cell technology to other companies. GM has signed a contract with Honda Motor for two electric cars. The company also announced this week that it had signed a letter of intent for GM to develop and supply its Ultium battery and Hydrotec systems for Wabtec freight locomotives.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer told Barra he believed the battery business may be worth more than the entire automaker, which currently has a market cap of nearly $ 90 billion. He asked why investors are not allowed to buy into the battery business.

GM does not currently produce its own battery cells for electric vehicles. It has announced plans to build four plants for such production, including two currently under construction in the USA through a joint venture with LG Chem until 2025.

Speculation and pressure from Wall Street about a possible spin-off of GM’s electric vehicle business have been rife for some time. Deutsche Bank has said that such a company is likely to be worth at least $ 15-20 billion and could potentially be worth up to $ 100 billion.

GM President Mark Reuss said in November The automaker analyzed the potential of a spin-off and determined that it would not be the right move for its business. He cited the cost of outsourcing as well as the benefits of having the EV operations part of the larger company.

Mary McCartney’s new pet | Leisure

Mary McCartney has a new puppy.

The 51-year-old photographer – the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney – has confessed that she is very “sleep deprived” from taking care of her new dog.

Talking about the new addition to her family, she said, “I have a new puppy. I’ve been sleep deprived. He’s 11 weeks old, he’s from Battersea Dogs Home, and he’s a ridiculous little fluffball. Very cute. He. He is called Murphy. It is the only name that all children and my husband can agree on. “

While Paul added, “Your last dog was called Paddy so there is an Irish issue going on.”

Mary has fond memories of touring with her father.

When asked what her memories were of the early tour days, she shared, “It’s kind of a family atmosphere so we’d see a lot of music. All of the crew I think are my biggest memories of playing around with the crew and the roadies. They all became family. “

The mother of four, Arthur, 22, and Elliot, 18, with ex-husband Alistair Donald and Sam, 12, and Sid, 9, with her current spouse, Sam Aboud, admits she’s told her father, Paul is more nervous now on tour, mostly because he added new fireballs to his set for ‘Live And Let Die’.

She told Table Manners’ podcast, “I tried it on the last tour because he thought ‘Live And Let Die’ was a big pyrotechnic, and all these explosions go on [through the song] and then dad suddenly felt like at the piano, he had to have burning fireballs going around the front and back and the explosions on the back and i said, ‘dad, really Do you have to do this to yourself? ‘”

Beforehand unreleased music from Mary Wilson on the way in which | Leisure

So far unheard music by Mary Wilson is to be released.

The former Supremes star, who died in February aged 76, had a large collection of unreleased music when she died and there are plans to share with the world, according to Bruce Resnikoff, President / CEO of Universal Music Enterprises .

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