European Skilled Membership Rugby | Stade Français search to mark return in type

Stade Français Paris is returning to Europe’s elite rugby competition for the first time since 2015/16, but was a regular quarter-finalist in the tournament’s early years – as we learn in this season’s latest analysis of the Heineken Champions Cup teams.

European Cup record

Stade Français have reached the finals twice but have been narrowly beaten each time. In 2001 they lost 34:30 to the Leicester Tigers at Parc des Princes in Paris, and four years later they put Stade Toulousain in extra time before losing 18:12 at BT Murrayfield.

Last season

The TOP 14 club never got past the pool phase of the EPCR Challenge Cup after losing their opening game 44:20 at home to Benetton Rugby.

Rugby director

Gonzalo Quesada is in charge of Stade Français in his second term, having been on the hot seat there for the first time between 2013 and 2017, when he led the Paris Club to the TOP 14 title (2015) and the EPCR Challenge Cup (2017). The former Argentine aviator had one season as sporting director at Biarritz Olympique before returning home to take on Los Jaguares, which he led to an inaugural Super Rugby final in 2019. He then returned to Stade in June 2020.

Key characters

The Stade Français squad is a multi-talented mix of French, Argentine, Australian, New Zealand, Tongan, Fijian, Samoan, Canadian and Georgian internationals, the most famous of whom are probably the French curls Yoann Maestri and Paul Gabrillagues, Argentina flies half Nicolas Sanchez and Striker Marcus Kremer in the back row.

Pool accessories

Stade Français begins its Pool B program with a trip to Connacht Rugby on December 12th and a week later it’s a home game against the Bristol Bears. Round 3 is the second leg against the English club at Ashton Gate on January 15th and Stade closes its pool games with a game against Connacht at Stade Jean Bouin on January 23rd.

Hertz names ex-Ford CEO Mark Fields as interim CEO

Hertz rental cars are parked in a rental car park near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

Shares in Hertz Global up as much as 13.3% on Tuesday after the car rental company named former Ford CEO Mark Fields as interim CEO.

fields, who led Ford from 2014 to 2017, joined Hertz’s board of directors in June. He is a senior advisor to TPG Capital and a CNBC employee.

Hertz said Fields will succeed Paul Stone, who will become president and chief operations officer.

The appointments are effective immediately, according to the company.

Hertz is in an important phase after the bankruptcy in June. The company’s business was devastated last year Forced by the coronavirus pandemic to restructure and reduce debt.

“Hertz’s unmatched global presence is combined with forward-looking investments that completely change the face of travel and mobility,” Fields said in a statement. “The world will hear a lot more from Hertz in the coming weeks and months.”

Hertz stock rose 11.4% to $ 22.45 at 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday.

In May, Hertz announced that a group of investors including Knighthead Capital Management, Certares Opportunities and Apollo Capital Management were funding the company’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy $ 6 billion turnaround plan.

Fields isn’t exactly known as a turnaround expert. He spent 22 years at Ford before being ousted from the automaker’s leadership in 2017 due to the company’s lagging stock price and lack of a solid vision for the automaker regarding electric and autonomous vehicles.

At Ford he succeeded earlier Boeing Alan Mulally, CEO of Commercial Airplanes, credited with turning the automaker’s operations and saving it from bankruptcy during the Great Recession.

David Beckham posts candy tribute to spouse Victoria to mark anniversary | Leisure

David Beckham thanked Victoria Beckham for “giving him her amazing kids” as he celebrated her 22nd birthday.

The former soccer star paid tribute to the singer and fashion designer of the Spice Girls with a sweet Instagram post on her milestone wedding day.

He wrote: “22 years later, still matching outfits… Happy Anniversary, I love you so much and thank you for giving me our great kids so we can all wear the same… @victoriabeckham… @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven (sic) “

While Victoria shared in her own post, “I love you David … Happy Anniversary (sic)”.

David and Victoria, who share Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16 and Harper Seven, 9, previously announced that they were “happy” to keep their family together during the COVID-19 lockdown, when her husband David Beckham had to go to Miami to work in his football club.

She said: “He has not been able to come to the club for over a year because of the ban.

“And he just said, ‘You know I have to stay, there is so much to do.’ He’s invested so much in this club. It has been his dream for as long as he can remember. The fact that he could be there physically, work with the team, work with the players, make the changes he needed to make, you You know, it was an amazing time for him. He really rolled up his sleeves. He was at the club every day. And I was just so happy that he could do that. But yeah, it was frustrating for him. There is only you can do so much of that remotely. That’s why we have decided that we will stay together and be there too. “

Marlboro resident making mark in leisure area with ‘can do’ perspective

As a resident of Marlboro Andrew Suydam came to an independent film set to cast a role as an extra, he also got a leadership role with a new streaming platform.

Suydam, 29, is the chief producer of live events for MOBFI-TV, a streaming service named for the media to which it is dedicated (cellular, film and television). In his position he is responsible for comedy specials, concerts and congress reporting as well as the animation of the platform.

Started in March 2020, MOBFI-TV has undergone a content expansion this year with the participation of Suydam. Before he secured his current position, Suydam was on the lowest production level of the platform.

It was summer 2020 and the production of “Love Dave” had just started when Suydam showed up for a bar scene.

His appearance came at the request of Mike Mazza, a social media friend and lead actor, who posted a message on Facebook looking for extras. Suydam had never met Mazza before that day, but the sight of the post made him take part in Love Dave.

What followed was the first face-to-face meeting between Suydam and Mazza, which might have been their last meeting if Suydam had left for the day with the other extras.

Instead, Suydam was willing to take another risk with someone he had just met. He stayed back to speak to the film’s director, Marcus Reyes, and made an offer for a bigger role on Love Dave.

The offer was not for a major acting role as Suydam’s main skill was in a different area.

During Suydam’s standby to achieve resulted in a meeting with Reyes. That commitment was complemented by something that would grab Reyes’ attention: Suydam’s decades of manufacturing expertise and a lifelong passion for creating projects.

“I’ve always wanted to be a content creator,” says Suydam. “I’ve always wanted to do something, bring it out and let people criticize it.”

Speaking from his home in Marlboro in a room adorned with movie and television memorabilia, Suydam described how he spent many years making videos, drawing cartoons, and filming live events such as bar mitzvahs, weddings, and plays.

He had built an impressive and creative résumé, but he hadn’t found the industry connections he needed to advance his career.

Despite its place outside the entertainment world, Suydam stood firm in creating its own material. He once had an opportunity to work in the larger industry while interning at Nickelodeon under Nick Cannon.

Cannon was Suydam’s celebrity boss, but he was far from being Suydam’s only celebrity encounter.

Suydam often met celebrities at events, autograph sessions and on the street, which often led to positive and sometimes less positive encounters.

While these experiences were meant for fun only, they were the accidental ignition to get into the industry after Mazza, an aspiring actor, saw Suydam’s celebrity photos.

“When I saw him meet all of these celebrities, I was hoping he would pair me up,” Mazza said.

It was through Mazza that Suydam had his first real connection in Reyes. Their first meeting was followed by a phone call during which Suydam presented his previous work.

“We got along very quickly, very well,” said Suydam. “He was very impressed with what I could do.”

One of the videos submitted by Suydam was “The Unsuspecting”, a short film that he made in 2013. The film was shot in 48 hours for a film festival at Brookdale Community College in Middletown, where it took second place and won an award for best editing.

But aside from showing off his skills to Reyes, Suydam believes they are connected through their common goals.

“[Reyes] asked me what I wanted to do, ”he said. “I said I just want to do content.”

After talking to them, Reyes realized that Suydam would be a valuable addition to “Love Dave”.

“He shared his ideas, I mean, and we realized that we can definitely work together,” said Reyes.

Suydam became the producer on Love Dave and was responsible for ensuring the cast and crew arrived on time, planning locations and dates, and confirming that those around them understood their roles.

At Reyes’ request, he did camera, light, and audio work and provided special effects.

The production of the film was concise. Reyes said the script, which emerged from a conversation between him and Mazza, was completed in a day.

Filming took place in the summer and fall of 2020 at locations in Jersey Shore and White Plains, NY. In November “Love Dave” was released digitally. And because all the scenes filmed before Suydam’s arrival had to be re-shot, Reyes thought Suydam was part of the bigger picture.

Efficient production took place despite the fact that the film (according to Suydam’s admission) had no budget and was shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, Suydam found that the pandemic made it easier for the small cast and small team to film in locations that would otherwise have been open to the public and would have resulted in more people attending.

Marked during 2020 The end of “Love Dave” did not mean the end of Suydam’s work with Reyes. Before Reyes started working on Love Dave, he created a more ambitious project – MOBFI-TV.

“Marcus wanted to do MOBFI-TV because Netflix, Hulu, Hollywood and everyone else have red tape,” Mazza said. “If you bring them something, they can refuse it because they don’t like it, they can cancel you. Marcus wanted to avoid all of that and we are filming original content so there are no rules for us. If we do a TV series, it can run as long as we want. “

MOBFI-TV was scheduled to launch before Reyes met Suydam – “Love Dave” was original content for the service – but the experience of working with Suydam convinced Reyes to take him on as the project grew.

“I realized he knows a lot about what he’s doing,” Reyes said. “I could trust him to take on the role of producing projects for MOBFI-TV. He was always one step ahead and, as I have seen, he was always on point in everything he did. “

In line with his previous experience, Suydam was responsible for the live events and animation of the platform. And perhaps most importantly, he maintains unity among his teammates.

“It’s our moral compass,” said Joey Sousa, a chief producer for the service. “He is the heart of the group. We have become a band of brothers with our strengths and weaknesses, but Andrew holds us together. He controls the chaos by keeping us all on track. And he’s really nice. “

Suydam has shown his generosity towards the MOBFI-TV team by once again going beyond his responsibilities.

In addition to the animated introduction for “Dat’s Slamin”, a MOBFI TV series with Sousa, he created merchandise to promote the platform.

Suydam proudly displayed the MOBFI TV shirt he designed and worn, while Sousa showed the “Dat’s Slamin ‘” stickers he made.

In his new role, Suydam tries to help people with whom he was previously friends. Among them is Vinnie Brand, the owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick.

While MOBFI-TV wants to show a lot of comedy acts, there will be a special section dedicated to the Stress Factory.

Another comedian Suydam contacted was Paul Venier, who joined for MOBFI-TV.

Venier shared how Suydam would bring crowds to his live shows and now Suydam is hoping to attract a larger audience to his work.

In addition to comedy specials, Venier will be seen in his first serious role in the upcoming thriller series “Secret Society”. Suydam believes Venier was born for the role.

“I know he’s always wanted to do something like this, so it’s really his dream to be part of a project,” Venier said of Suydam. “I’m happy for him.”

Since MOBFI-TV wants to expand in 2021, Suydam is looking for more creative minds – provided they bring the same commitment, passion and ambition as he did in summer 2020.

“I’m very lenient, but you have to give me a chance,” he said. “If you keep saying ‘no’ to me, I can’t use you. But I’m still very generous. I like to help people, especially in this difficult business. “

If Suydam hadn’t been helping a Facebook friend (Mazza) he’d never met, he wouldn’t have met Reyes.

If Suydam hadn’t offered to take on more responsibility without being asked, he probably wouldn’t have joined Reyes’ team.

But that commitment has led Suydam to take up his greatest creative stance to date, with full support from the rest of MOBFI-TV.

“I love working with him,” Reyes said of Suydam. “He understands the vision of the project, he understands what is needed and is always there and very reliable. As a team, we have a great relationship. “

Mark Cuban kicked off Mavs’ playoff run in type — in Luka Doncic’s new Air Jordan ‘Cosmic Deception’ sneakers

Mark Cuban showed his appreciation for Luka Doncic on Saturday afternoon not only by sitting in the yard at the Staples Center and cheering as the 22-year-old all-star scored a 31-point triple-double.

He also added a new particularly fashionable support for the Mavericks’ opening playoff win over the Clippers.

Cuban watched Game 1 in a pair of Air Jordan 35 Low “Cosmic Deception” shoes in Doncic’s colorway that Jordan Brand released and sold out on May 20.

The shoes are neon green at the bottom and radial on the sides and pink and purple in sections with a cosmic design. They contain his lightning bolt logo “LDL” and are part of a Doncic colorway package “Cosmic Deception”, which also contained a Jordan Max 200 and a Jordan foil.

ICYMI: Mark Cuban with Jordan 35 Low “Cosmic Deception” yesterday afternoon ??

? Smiley Pool via Dallas Morning News

– Luka Donkicks (@LukaDonkicks) May 23, 2021

Perhaps Doncic and his Jordan Brand team helped the Cuban catch his pair before they sold out almost instantly.

Or maybe Kuban’s foray into cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain technology made him one of the few sneakerheads fast and nimble enough to land a pair when they went online.

In any case, the Cuban might think the shoes are happy now for debuting them as he watched Doncic become the ninth player in NBA playoff history to record multiple 30-point triple doubles – in just his seventh career postseason game.

More Mavericks coverage from the Dallas Morning News can be found here.

Mark Cuban, different traders, put $250,000 in basketball tech firm GRIND

Thomas Fields, founder of GRIND Basketball.

Source: GRIND

The term has become popular in professional basketball, but Thomas Fields really “trusted” the process when he attracted money from investors, including Mark Cuban, to expand his business.

Fields is the founder of GRIND, a sporting goods manufacturer, and convinced the owner of Dallas Mavericks to get into the deal. The 26-year-old Houston native received $ 250,000 from its appearance to “Shark Tank” for his portable shooting machine.

In an interview with CNBC on Wednesday, days after his appearance on Shark Tank on May 7, Fields recalled the process of introducing GRIND into Mach 2020, days before the sport was suspended due to Covid-19.

“It literally took two weeks for the pandemic to hit,” Fields said. “After that, we worked in a Covid world, so we don’t even know what this non-Covid world looks like.”

Throw the sharks

In business terms, GRIND has done well during the pandemic. The basketball machine is set up for a single user and automatically returns the ball to the player, allowing 1,000 hits per hour.

Fields said the company had revenue of around $ 217,000 in the first five months from lockdowns and large gatherings banned. The product currently retails for $ 1,595 website. On Amazon, similar shooting machines are listed for over $ 5,000.

And Fields notes that GRIND folds into a duffel bag in 90 seconds, weighs about 100 pounds, and describes the product as “affordable and accessible to any athlete who wants it”.

When asked about recent sales, Fields declined to disclose numbers, citing privacy concerns for his new partners. “Shark Tank” invited Fields to the show after six rounds of interviews. The last pitch took place in Las Vegas last September.

Mark Cuban on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

Jessica Brooks

His fiancée applied for the show before the company started. Fields said he watched pre-recorded episodes that air on CNBC and made notes. And while he was quarantined in Las Vegas before meeting the sharks, he continued to study the process of his one-off pitch.

“All I could do was practice,” Fields said, adding that he was in “run mode” when he arrived. He re-cast a cast including Cubans Minnesota Timberwolves Owner Alex Rodriguez, CNBC employee Kevin O’Leary and businesswoman Barbara Corcoran. After the pitch he got two investors – Cuban and Corcoran – who took over 25% of the company.

“I love the product,” Cuban told CNBC in an email. “I ordered one while the show was filming.”

Fields added, “It was great going through this and after knowing that these two believed in me as an entrepreneur and loved the product, that was more than enough validation to say the company was going to be special.”

Batteries not included

Shortly after recapping the show, Fields remembered more about GRIND’s process. He pointed to 2017 when he was recovering from four ACL surgeries, one of the more extreme injuries in sports, especially basketball. At this point, Fields knew that making it into the National Basketball Association was not achievable.

Fields said he learned to weld thanks to a friend and started working on the concept of the GRIND machine. He raised early investors, but no one provided money. So he started working at Raising Cane’s, a popular fast food chain and local car wash, and saved nearly $ 25,000.

Fields said he had become a “self-taught mechanical engineer,” paid $ 300 a month, and worked on prototypes and proof of concept in his garage.

“Just perfect the machine and make it great,” recalled Fields.

Even Rodriguez welcomed Fields’ persistence on social media. “I got a lot of love, but in the end he was out,” Fields said of Rodriguez.

Today the shooting machines are made in Idaho and Fields has eight employees, including four engineers. GRIND also has an NBA team deal with the San Antonio Spurs, who use the machine for their youth camps.

“We targeted the Spurs because they have the best and largest youth organization in the NBA,” Fields said. “It was strategic and we didn’t partner with them because they were around.”

GRIND is working on a battery that can be added to the machine. This was one of the problems Cubans faced before investing. The machine uses an extension cord for power supply. Fields noted that Cuban told him the product was not portable because it still needed an electrical outlet.

“Ultimately, we don’t want customers running around with 100-foot extension cords,” Fields said. “We want them to be ready and to worry that they will be better.”

Nike and Peloton ambitions

Fields enters a competitive exercise equipment market. According to the company Grand View Research, the sector is expected to be reached $ 89.2 billion in 2025. And GRIND also competes with the tech industry as companies like Apple to sell Sports and fitness training subscriptions.

“The way I see it, there is only so much software can do to an individual,” Fields said. “There’s so much hardware can do to a consumer too. I’ve always believed it brings the best of both worlds.

“I believe our hardware solves a real problem that no software can ever figure out – you can get your shots made and missed, pass the ball automatically, and allow you to shoot more than a thousand shots an hour. No software can. ” “”

Fields says he wants to build GRIND as a combination of Nike and Peloton.

“It is a perfect time for us to change the world of basketball through interactive sports equipment,” said Fields. “I think the future is bright for us. We’re much more than a shooting machine company.”

And now the process continues.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reveal ‘old school’ relationship | Leisure

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have an “old-fashioned” marriage.

The couple, who have been married for 25 years and have children Michael (23), Lola (19) and Joaquin (18) together, may be “politically progressive”, but behind closed doors they take on “traditional” roles in their household.

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My Leisure’s One Foot Ahead Inks Content material Offers With Mark Wahlberg, Extra – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: My conversationThe recently launched division, formed to develop and produce premium, scriptless content for the leading streaming services, has released an impressive list of early content deals and IP content. Partners include Michael Sugars Sugar23 (Spotlight, Worth), Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas (HBO’s Wahl Street, McMillions), Laurent Bouzereau (HBO’s Natalie Wood: What’s Behind It, Netflix’s Five Came Back), and original Saturday Night Live writer Alan Zweibel (700 Sundays), Curb Your Enthusiasm, upcoming feature Here Today), Jeremiah Crowell (Netflix Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, HBO Max / Alex Gibneys Generation Hustle at Jigsaw Productions), Paul Pawlowski (Starz / Steven Soderberghs Leavenworth ), UFC: Road to the Octagon) Dave Check, Emmy and Peabody award winners (Leavenworth by Starz / Steven Soderbergh, ESPN 30 for Brothers in Exile from the 1930s) and Scout Productions (4-part documentaries equal to HBO Max, Emmy -Winner Queer Eye) for Netflix). The division is led by Joe Townley, COO / Executive Producer of My Entertainment.

Discovery Orders Global Series “Billy buys Brooklyn” with “Baggage Battles” star Billy Leroy

Michael Yudin, Joanna Zwickel
Courtesy of My Entertainment

The announcement was made on Tuesday by My Entertainment President and Founder Michael Yudin and Joanna Zwickel, Development Director of One Foot Forward.

Mark Wahlberg of Unrealistic Ideas, Steven Levinson, Archie Gipps
Courtesy of Unrealistic Ideas

Projects include Pellicano, a film that captures the real-world story of Hollywood’s most sought-after private investigator, Anthony Pellicano from Sugar23; Milk Carton Kids, a documentary that introduces four missing child survivors who were safely brought back after their photos were displayed on milk cartons as part of an advertising campaign from the 1980s to bring missing children home, out of Wahlberg’s unrealistic ideas ; and Marge Schott, a sports documentary directed by Emmy-winning Paul Pawlowski, about the first woman to own a baseball team and the first woman to take a team to the World Series.

One Foot Forward has also contracted the exclusive multimedia rights to Dorothy Carvello’s critically acclaimed anthology Anything for a Hit: An A&R Woman’s Tale of Surviving the Music Industry, Sex Cape in the Executive Suite at Atlantic Records, and the Toxic Work culture in the music business.

“I’m incredibly proud of the relentless work Joanna and our team put into developing these shows and working with such outstanding partners to bring this compelling list of new projects to life,” said Yudin. If I know the ways this industry is going as well as I do, it is amazing to me that all of this has been achieved in less than six months since we started One Foot Forward. “

Zwickel added, “From an international scam to issues of race, political controversy and the pursuit of human happiness, these headline-grabbing stories are powered by access to the key players involved. One Foot Forward is thrilled to be in business with such high profile talent and bring their unique point of view to the market. “

Here’s a closer look at the first one foot forward content deals:

Pellicano – Developed with Sugar23 and directed by Laurent Bouzereau. This film tells the personal story of Hollywood’s most sought-after private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, behind the headlines. An original, classic American character, Pellicano is revealed much more than the person who found their way into the well-known Tinseltown scandals and stories you read about. This will be a look at Pellicano’s passionate boss mentality and code, an ethic too far-fetched to invent – had it not been Hollywood that made it all come true.

Milk carton children – Series develops Mark Wahlberg’s unrealistic ideas. In the early 1980s, missing children were shown in milk cartons in hopes that widespread advertising would help bring them home. Hundreds of milk carton children are known to have been safely returned to their families only a dozen because of a milk carton. This documentary series will show the never-before-told story of four of these survivors.

Comedy documents – Executive Producer of the 5-time Emmy Award and Tony Award winner Alan Zweibel. Leveraging its longstanding industry relationships, Zweibel will add to this series of 30-for-30 documentaries some of the biggest names in comedy who apply a comedic tone to layered pieces of human interest. Zweibel said: “The first three documentaries are innovative in both content and approach. While ‘Sick Humor’ anecdotally explores jokes and their beneficial medicinal effects, with ‘Hangover Cure’ we tell the remarkable story of Martin Greenfield – the perfect example of the American dream a 93-year-old Auschwitz survivor lived as a youngster After that he came to America and founded a company in which he finally made bespoke clothing for six US presidents, top athletes and casts of successful TV shows and films. I am thrilled with the team we have put together to make these comedy documentaries a success. I will have the privilege of working with Bill Scheft – a 16-time Emmy nominee for David Letterman – and Ferne Pearlstein – 2004 Sundance Cinematography Prize winner for Imelda, who had four feature film premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Russian roulette – Directed by Jeremiah Crowell and co-produced by Xpedition. This series offers an in-depth look at the capers in which a highly paid escort inadvertently posted an Instagram photo of their billionaire client, which in turn opened the door to a multinational scandal that pointed to Russian collusion in American politics.

Margin Schott – The director is Emmy Prize winner Paul Pawlowski. Former Cincinnati Reds star Eric Davis, who played Schott during the Marge era, is on board as an advisor on this sports documentary, which depicts the life and times of Schott, the first baseball team owner and first woman to team up brings the world investigates series. Schott was a controversial character from the start – in the current political climate with players getting on their knees and longstanding sports organizations changing their team names, it’s finally a good time for players to tell stories about the unsavory behavior they’ve seen during their tenure. Marge’s infamous behavior regarding racism, anti-Semitism, and general claims is revealed in this multilayered portrait of one of baseball’s most shocking characters.

Happiness project – In collaboration with Emmy-winning Scout Productions and in collaboration with the professor of Harvard’s Most Popular Course, the series is based on the popular happiness-based curriculum that combines the rigor of Ivy League studies with the personal stories and everyday applications.

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s mom Alma laid to relaxation | Leisure

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s mother, Alma, was retired.

The ‘Wahlburger’ star died at the age of 78 after battling dementia on March 18. On Saturday (April 24th, 21st) the brothers were seen carrying the coffin of their late mother at their funeral in the Church of Saint Teresa of Calcutta in Dorchester. Massachusetts.

The siblings’ wives, Rhea Durham and Jenny McCarthy, also attended.

In a touching homage, 51-year-old Donnie greeted the Wahlberg matriarch as the “dearest person” he “has ever known” and who “undoubtedly” shaped him into “the man” he is.

Part of his lengthy Instagram homage, which included a video montage of memories with his parents, read: “I am so blessed to be raised, taught and put on the path of my life, such a great woman. My mother Alma’s joy in life, love, and people – combined with a pride in her humble beginnings and a refusal to forget where she came from – has undoubtedly shaped me into the man I am.

“I have often said that if you liked something about me, Alma gave it to me. I am saying this because it is true. She was without a doubt the most loving person I have ever known. “

Mark, 49, wrote next to a picture of his mother: “My angel. Rest in peace.”

While Donnie’s wife also posted a touching tribute to her mother-in-law.

She wrote: “To my sweet Alma. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother-in-law.

“Always nice, I’ve always felt loved and she will always be an inspiration to so many. I love you so much, Alma.”

Alma was also the mother of Paul, Arthur, Tracey, Michelle, Jim, Robert and the late Debbie Wahlberg, who died in 2003.

Last summer, New Kids on the Block star Donnie gave an update on his mother’s health.

He wrote, “I know so many of you have asked how my mother Alma is doing.

“During my visit she didn’t remember much and was often confused, but somehow she was still Alma.

“She’s still lighting a room. She still made me smile. She’s still stubborn.

“I send my heartfelt love and sincere wishes to all who are not loved ones.”

Oscars Mark Return of Stay Crimson Carpet — and Hints of L.A. Model Scene – WWD

In 2020 LA was ahead of the Oscars. Tom Ford’s star-studded runway show drew Jeff Bezos, Miley Cyrus, and Lil Nas X, fashion brand and magazine events that sprawled over days and nights with champagne and loot, and the effects of so much primping even seeped down to the packed, solid dry bar locations of the country City.

What a difference does a pandemic year make.

Nevertheless, the mostly digital award season ends on a high level Oscars Sunday with the return to a living red carpet at Union Station in LA, albeit on a much smaller scale, and a new, more cinematic show format with a theme that could change every year, like the Met Gala does. according to co-producer Steven Soderbergh. (This year’s slogan is “Bring Your Movie Love”.)

“Red carpet fashion, in my view, is still a moment of escape and dreaming, which is probably more relevant today than ever before. I say this from the perspective of a very pragmatic designer and entrepreneur, ”said Giorgio Armani, who more than any other designer was responsible for the rise of fashion on the Oscars red carpet and in 1992 put on Jodie Foster again.

“I understand a momentary lack of interest after things go virtual, but it’s going to be important again, and in fact it is already,” he said, noting how Cate Blanchett and other stars have led the charges for sustainability by wearing his clothes again on red carpets.

“Now that there are more vaccinations and we know the numbers are lower, we want glamor, excitement and joy. That’s what the Oscars are about, ”said Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster, who is attracting the nomination for Best Supporting Actress Maria Bakalova from“ Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ”.

Nominees like Bakalova and her pluses will be the only people living on the red carpet, where there will only be a handful of media outlets and no publicists, who will be reduced to dozens of people who normally number in the thousands. What will they wear

At the virtual Golden Globes in February, the director of “Nomadland”, Chloé Zhao, kept her refreshingly real based on the example of her extraordinary film and accepted her award from a distance without wearing make-up and an army green T-shirt.

But Oscar attendees are encouraged to bring the shine up.

Chloé Zhao receives the award for best director at the virtual Golden Globes 2021.
Courtesy NBC

“We strive for a fusion of inspiration and ambition, which in actual terms means that formal is totally cool when you want to go, but it’s really not casual,” the dress code was explained in a widespread email from the producers Show.

Will all of this attract viewers is a question where awards ratings are already hitting all-time lows, and this year’s nominated films, led by Mank, a particularly esoteric and little-respected bunch, especially when compared to current box office giant “Godzilla vs. Kong. “

Even so, the Oscars red carpet is still the holy grail for fashion designers and brands.

“It’s been a terrible year, I’ve had so many conversations with stylists who say, ‘If it doesn’t happen, don’t worry, no one will see it anyway,” Oscar de la Renta designer Fernando Garcia explained why The Red One Carpet is still important to him. “I don’t care. It’s more about connecting with someone who wants to support your vision as a designer. Celebrities connect people who are not celebrities with brands. That’s why I fell in love with fashion, so that I can always be inspired by it. “

Come from its 40th anniversary collection and Broadway preshow, Michael Kors also has high hopes for this year’s red carpet.

“There can never be enough awards for me.… I’m a cultural junkie,” he said, adding, “But we never show our cards. When Julia Roberts won the Oscar and wore vintage Valentino, she wore a Michael Kors dress the day before and was thrilled. When Gwyneth Paltrow won the Oscar and wore Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors fitted her into a Celine the day before and was thrilled. So I learned – until I see the body arrive, you never know. “

Smaller fashion brands are also still in the game, competing against luxury houses and jewelers, some of whom are paying $ 150,000 or more for a celebrity placement and have the funds to spend on custom designs. “It’s the worst year yet with fewer opportunities and when the pressure on designers who couldn’t sell and PRs who don’t have the same budget increases,” said a publicist, who asked for anonymity.

Another reason the 2021 Oscars are still worth it is Instagram.

With no physical red carpets going on this awards season, stylists filled the fashion void with behind-the-scenes, behind-the-scenes photo shoots for social media that were Polish at an editorial level and made a significant impact.

“Because there weren’t any traditional red carpets, talent and stylists had to direct photo shoots, and in the end you got this great content that was more thoughtful and a little more productive. These assets were incredibly valuable to brands, ”said IHPR founder Jen Lowitz, who represents jewelry brands Forevermark, Fernando Jorge and Ana Khouri in her LA showroom.

Behind the scenes of Regina King in the Haute Couture by Schiaparelli for the virtual Emmys 2020.
Courtesy Schiaparelli

Forevermark was directed this season by Regina King, director of One Night in Miami, after years of working with her. She wore a dramatic blue, high-slit Schiaparelli gown in a shoot designed for her stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald for the Emmys in September 2020. In February, she wore jewelry from the brand for the Golden Globes.

As fun as it was producing creative content for the home, even Hollywood picture-makers who are used to being behind the scenes miss the thrill of the red carpet. Not to mention the awards season when emerging talent like Bakalova rely on future roles and fashion opportunities.

“This is her first American film, she shot nine in Europe. She is 24 years old if this had been a normal year. When she stepped on the red carpet of the globes in Armani, everyone would have known who she was, ”said Paster. “Now it burns rather slowly.”

Maria Bakalova and Prada

Maria Bakalova in Prada at the Virtual Critics Choice Awards.
Courtesy Prada

That other platform for fashion peacocks, Oscars after parties, won’t exist this year.

Not only have studios and talent agencies canceled their annual events, Vanity Fair also dropped its Oscar night bash on the A-list for an online interactive series that benefits COVID-19 relief that happened last week. This means that the Elton John AIDS Foundation remains the last Oscar night event – but it is still digital.

There are still a few places to see and see IRL during Oscars Week in LA as it recovered from the global hotspot for COVID-19 in December to one of the lowest fall rates in the country.

German facial doctor Barbara Sturm is hosting a four-day Anti-Inflammatory Oscars Retreat (the name is right for the time) and face masks at their spaceship-like West Hollywood Spa, which was filled with hundreds of fragrant pink roses for selfies and fresh juices on Wednesday.

“I’ve been coming here since 2003 and how I started promoting the brand was during the Oscars popups,” said Sturm. “Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] and others posted on their Instagram, and it was the first time they performed beauty treatments on social media. That was when my brand got a big boost because people could see what we were doing. “

In the midst of a global expansion, Sturm opened the LA location on Almont Drive in November and had to close it again two weeks later due to a new blockage. “Now that we’re fully open again, it’s organic to invite everyone – and we’re fully booked,” she said. Visitors to her spa (one treatment room has a hidden VIP entrance from the alley) can try her signature SturmGlow facial or super anti-aging facial, as well as the eyebrow sculpting by Hollywood Arch Queen Anastasia.

Dr. Barbara Sturm, left, organizes the “Anti-Inflammatory Oscars Retreat” in LA.
Courtesy Chris Singer

Meanwhile, Dior Skincare’s Joanna Czech has opened a store at the Peninsula Hotel using Carey Mulligan, Maya Rudolph and others for treatments using the brand’s new eye serum.

The LA restaurant scene is also heating up again.

At Jeff Klein’s Sunset Tower, the outdoor pool deck is the new place for Hollywood regulars to hang out with aspiring TikTokers, if not the entire cast of nominated films who dined together in previous award seasons.

“I think the industry ran all of Zoom’s Oscar campaigns because the cast could sit in their panties at home,” said the former Condé Nast editor, who became Sunset Tower Maître d’Gabe Double, and admitted for having seen her share of guests sweating – the ones that say off-white.

While the restaurant was closed on Sunday evenings during the pandemic year, it will open Oscar night and book tables for several nominees. “They can wear what they want,” said Doppel, “and everyone who wins eats for free.”