Is the state getting cash off unemployment?

WESH 2 News investigates: Does the state make money with unemployment?

Updated: 3:36 p.m. EDT May 14, 2021

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JIM: THE PANDEMIC KNOCKED THE TOURISM INDUSTRY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA OUT OF THE FEET. Millions of people have been laid off across the state, and the system is designed to help them collapse and burn to death under the pressure. BECAUSE THE STATE PAID ALMOST DOLLARS 27 BILLION IN UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS TO MORE THAN 2.3 MILLION FLORIDIANS. MEREDITH: MORE THAN A YEAR LATER, THE MELTING IN THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY DEPARTMENT THAT DELAYED THE BENEFITS IS ANOTHER nightmare for thousands of people. BUT ALSO AS JOBLESS PEOPLE FIGHT WITHOUT BENEFITS, THE DEO FIND NEW WAYS TO EARN A VERY HEALTHY PROFIT. WESH 2 INVESTIGATION REPORT GREG FOX SHOWS US HOW THE STATE IS USING PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECEIVED SMALL AID. >> I ask for assistance and when I qualify I feel like they should be handing out money. GREG: CATHY PLUCHEL FROM WINTERGARTEN PAYED THE CAREER SOURCE, THE STATE’S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. The 62-year-old unemployed dental assistant is trying to reinvent himself and looking for money to attend training to become a certified medical assistant. GREG: FLORIDA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY DEPARTMENT CERTAINLY HAS MORE MONEY TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE KATHY THROUGH THE STATE’S WAY2GO DEBT CARD. It is made available to the unemployed who refuse to use direct deposit at a bank for benefits. IT IS PART OF THE GOPROGRAM THAT CONDUENT RUNS. Under a contract signed by WESH 2 Investigations, the DEO has a revenue-sharing arrangement with CONDUENT. IT RECEIVES 19% OF REVENUE FROM DEALER CHANGE FEES. In short, every time a WAY2GO debit card is stolen from a store, FLORIDA makes more money. THE RESULT? FLORIDAS 19% REDUCTION IN REVENUE DISTRIBUTION SALES, WHICH WAS $ 345,000 IN FIVE YEARS BY APRIL 2020. SINCE THEN? It rose to $ 1.6 million in just 10 months. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CONTRACT ARE TO GENERATE A PROGRAM THAT WILL OPERATE INCOME, REDUCE PROGRAM FRAUD, AND ABUSE AND IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. >> It’s very miserable. GREG: REESE CRAYTON, an assistant to the nurse, has been unemployed since November and is still waiting for her jobless benefits to take care of her and her nine year old son, VINCENT. SHE THINKS THE STATE OFFER TO EARN MORE WHEN PEOPLE EARN LESS IS WRONG. >> I find that very annoying. Knowing in my head that the state benefits from me and I received no benefit from them. >> WHAT’S REALLY KILLING ME ABOUT THIS SCENARIO IS THAT THE UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM HAS CRIMINALLY BROKEN WHILE THE STATE MAKES MONEY FROM IT’S PART. GREG: DEMOCRATIC LOCAL LAWYER ANNA ESKAMANI WANT TO KNOW IF THIS ADDITIONAL MONEY is actually being used to contain fraud and identity theft, which can result in people being locked out of their accounts for legitimate reasons. AND TAKE INTO ACCOUNT TO INCREASE THE BENEFITS THAT AT LEAST PEOPLE OF THE STATE BENEFIT FROM THE UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM IF THEY JUST SCRAP THE BOT NOW

WESH 2 News investigates: Does the state make money with unemployment?

Updated: 3:36 p.m. EDT May 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the Florida tourism industry. Millions of people have been laid off across the state, and the system should help them collapse and burn under the pressure. Since then, the state has paid nearly $ 27 billion in unemployment benefits for more than 2.3 million Floridians. More than a year later, the collapse of the Department of Economic Opportunities that delayed services is still a nightmare for thousands of people. But even when the unemployed struggle with no benefits, the DEO notes WESH 2 News has found new ways to make a very healthy profit. Greg Fox from WESH 2 shows us how the state benefits from people who have received little help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the Florida tourism industry.

Millions of people have been laid off across the state, and the system should help them crash and burn under the pressure.

Since then, the state has paid nearly $ 27 billion in unemployment benefits to more than 2.3 million Floridians.

More than a year later, the collapse of the Department of Economic Opportunities that delayed services is still a nightmare for thousands of people.

But even if the unemployed are struggling without social benefits, the DEO is finding new ways to make a very healthy profit, WESH 2 News found out.

Greg Fox from WESH 2 shows us how the state benefits from people who have received little help.

Nightlife, leisure making a return in Albuquerque

While bars in Bernalillo County can open, they can only be opened outdoors to a capacity of 25%.

Entertainment venues such as family fun centers, arcades and bowling alleys in Bernalillo are allowed to offer 25% capacity

Holmes Pizza and Arcade previously only offered pizza, but the arcade is now open.

“I’m really excited that people are finally coming to play,” said Daniel Reinhard, co-owner of Holmes Pizza and Arcade.

Cliffs amusement park is also planning to open. It is planned to welcome customers again on weekends starting May 8th. The days of the week are added in June.

The park will honor passes purchased for the previous season.

Native actor making splash in leisure

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An actor from here at CSRA in Keysville, Georgia is making a splash in the entertainment scene.

Lorenzo Williams spoke to weekend anchor Shawn Cabbagestalk about his role in Genius Aretha, as well as 17 other films he has appeared in since October.

He also has several comedy shows ahead of him. One will be at the Silver Spoon Event Center on 670 W Liberty Street on May 14th. Another is to take place in North Augusta.

A TV series called Dante and Lorenzo Show is also in the works. A short trailer below.

You can find more information about Williams and his projects, watch the video above and visit his social media platforms by searching for comedian Lorenzo Williams on all platforms.

Somebody in Toronto is making Sincere Ed-style buttons calling out anti-vaxxers

A Toronto artist tries to tackle COVID-19 misinformation with a new collection of buttons telling people to ignore the conspiracy theories on Youtube and get vaccinated out of the love of God.

Chris Aslanadis from the Button Machine, same artist behind it the Turunno shirt, just published a Trio of buttons called Honest Buttons, made in the style of Honest Ed’s iconic characters.

“I have been vaccinated, you are welcome!” says an honest button. “They call it social control, I call it social responsibility,” says another.

A third meets conspirators directly online with “YouTube deals”. Aslanadis makes the buttons with an old fashioned manual machine. The buttons are $ 2 each Honest Buttons Page.

Aslanadis, who has been making Toronto-themed merch on the Button Machine for 10 years, says the idea for his new buttons came from “a frustration with smug COVID denialists”.

He says he’s fortunate not to have had a lot of personal experience on his own network, but Aslanadis is aware that there are people in Toronto who are spreading misinformation across the city, including “that annoying” dude bro “with the veneers that are always with the lockdown protests. “

That type of brother had his Instagram account was deleted earlier this week after the spread of harmful vaccine misinformation on the platform.

“They will tell you that you have been brainwashed, call you sheep while using bad logic and quoting bad information about why COVID is not real or not a real threat,” Aslanadis says.

“And that’s annoying because most of us are having a hard time with this pandemic. We don’t wear masks or hug our friends and family. We take our precautions because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a social responsibility!”

In his Instagram post, Aslanadis encourages anti-Vaxxing theorists to turn their attention to more important conspiracies like the construction of the LRT.

“Honestly, if people think this is some kind of large-scale government plot they should look at the Eglinton LRT construction.”

Begin Making Cash with Affiliate Advertising With Assist From KISS PR Model Story

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UI Ophthalmology Residency Program graduate goes viral for making comedy-style medical TikToks

William Flanary, a former University of Iowa ophthalmologist, went viral on the TikTok social media platform for making comedy videos about medical life.

A doctor who graduated from the University of Iowa Health Care with a degree in ophthalmology became famous on TikTok for making comedy videos about his work in the medical field.

William Flanary or Dr. Glaucoma spots gained over 300,000 followers on TikTok by creating these comedy videos.

Flanary graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree before entering Dartmouth College for medical school and completing residency at UI hospitals and clinics. He currently works at EyeHealth Northwest in Portland, Oregon.

Flanary said he started doing TikToks in April 2020, but he had previously made comedy posts on Twitter. He came to TikTok when he felt like he’d done everything he could on Twitter, he said.

“I feel like there’s just so much you can do on Twitter alone,” Flanary said. “And then came TikTok. So I tried it and I loved it because it allowed me to use my comedy in a different way. “

Flanary is an ophthalmologist, a doctor who specializes in eye care. Although this is his specialty, he said his TikToks focus on medicine as a whole, not just his specialty.

“I didn’t want to just stick to ophthalmology because it’s such a small field,” Flanary said. “I like to do it this way instead of focusing on my own specialty because it helps me reach a larger audience. I like giving people an outlet and helping them laugh at a difficult time. It’s nice to be able to do that for all of medicine and not just my tiny area. “

CONNECTED: University of Iowa students highlighting locations in Iowa City win according to TikTok

Flanary hopes his TikToks can make people laugh and help medical school students realize that being a doctor can be fun. He said there are people in the business who are kidding and having a good time doing their job.

“It helps people who are already looking to get into medicine and are already on that path,” Flanary said. “It helps them feel better because they see there are doctors out there who are having fun and enjoying the medicine.”

Lucas Lenci, an ophthalmologist who has also completed his residency at UI and is a good friend of Flanary, said Flanary has the gift of making often difficult and sad situations more joyful with his comedy.

“He cares about making a difference, but he also does it in a way that makes it comfortable,” Lenci said. “He has such brevity and when you add some of that comedy and that funny aspect to what you do it makes the tough times a lot easier.”

Lenci said seeing the fun and light-hearted side of any profession in general, including the medical field, will naturally make people interested in it.

UI freshman Jenna Girard, well on her way to medical school, believes these TikToks will not only serve as consolation for medical students, but will also help inspire the next generation of doctors.

“I think the media often portrays medicine as impossible,” said Girard. “I haven’t done that yet, but I think watching these TikToks shows you that there are different specialties and different ways to get there. It shows that you don’t have to be the best student. Of course you have to work for it and want it, but it’s not impossible. “

Scott Pilgrim builders making a brand new retro-style TMNT sport

A new team of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who beat them up is being developed by some of the team members behind Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is coming too Cookie settings.

The art design is based on the classic 1987 cartoon series, and a new cover of the original themed music was recorded by Mike Patton of Faith No More (see trailer above).

The game follows Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello as they battle their way through classic locations from the series to bebop and stop

There will be co-op for up to four players, and the trailer seems to suggest that April O’Neil and Splinter could be unlockable characters.

The game has not yet received a release date and it has not yet been confirmed which systems it will come on other than “PC and Consoles”.

declared the greatest distributor of all time.

Charity making their very own canine treats to lift cash for trigger | KSNF/KODE

PINEVILLE, MO. – A local charity makes their own dog treats to raise money for people with disabilities who receive a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key started the Saber Life Foundation last spring when their daughter Gracie was hooked up with a service dog.

Service dogs cost about $ 3-5,000 plus $ 25,000 for training.

To pay the bills, the couple decided to make their own dog treats, which come in 7 flavors, from peanut butter squash to chick O’Nut twists.

It became a hit with the community and they decided to turn their project into a charity to raise money for local veterans and disabled people in need of a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key Founders say, “It’s getting very emotional because we walked in these shoes and so many other people who need these service dogs, and we have this now for our daughter, so that’s how we do it – very emotional. “

To date, the couple have helped 3 people maintain a service dog in the Four State Area.

If you’d like to volunteer or buy dog ​​food, you can call or visit 417-365-6917 Here or here

Granfluencers are making a ton of cash on Instagram

The world seems to be all about the influencers these days, but we haven’t seen this type of influencer before. They’re called…Granfluencers, and they consist of web-savvy seniors who have millions of followers and make a TON of money.

Helen Ruth Elam of Knoxville, Kentucky is 92-years-old, and started influencing at the age of 85. Per the NY Post, she now has 3.6 million Instagram followers and sponsorships that net her up to $9,815 per each promo she posts!

74-year-old Joan MacDonald has 1.1 million followers by posting pictures documenting her fit lifestyle.

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Turning large snowstorm right into a cash making alternative

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – All that white on the ground means green to some people who went to work when the snow fell. Some on a large scale, others with smaller operations.

This week there has been no shortage of snow to plow or shovel and the entrepreneurs in this community got to work.

Dominic Kline was digging job number five when we found him. It’s a day off from school but a full day of work.

“My arms hurt sometimes,” said Kline.

Aside from the pain, he digs himself in to make some money. Something he’s done several times now.

“I found a shovel on the side of the road and decided to find a place to shovel over the winter so I could make some money and help people,” Kline said.

Justyce Luna and Bomyea’s grass and snow removal teams held on to the truck to remove snow from a shopping mall parking lot on Monroe Street. They weren’t sure we’d get the big storm, but we got one for the record books.

“Oh yeah, it always feels good to make money,” Luna said.

The same plan for Randy Burns and his team that has been unavailable since Monday night.

“It’s a bit too busy,” said Burns.

There was a lot to do with Burns and his team working on several large properties across the region.

“It’s too much. I don’t know how much we got, but there’s about a foot in the parking lots,” said Burns.

Tyasia Allen did some of her best work on the sidewalk outside her Toledo home and found the fun in it.

“It’s like a little family bond,” said Allen.

But did it make her some money from mom?

“I’ll give her about $ 10. We’re just having a little fun, ”said Latoya Crittenden, Allen’s mother.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just about the money. Davonta McQuin did it for free, digging through the snowpack for a very simple reason.

“Because I thought it was fun. I just wanted to shovel, ”said McQuin.

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