Neo-Nazis are nonetheless on Fb. They usually’re being profitable

BRÜSSEL – Es ist die führende Kampfsportgruppe in Europa für Rechtsextremisten. Die deutschen Behörden haben ihr Signature-Turnier zweimal verboten. Aber Kampf der Nibelungen, oder Schlacht der Nibelungen, gedeiht noch immer Facebook, wo Organisatoren mehrere Seiten pflegen, sowie auf Instagram und Youtube, die sie nutzen, um ihre Ideologie zu verbreiten, Rekruten anzuziehen und Geld durch den […]


MMH is just not creating wealth off COVID sufferers

On Tuesday morning, Midland Health officials involved in the morning COVID update decided to reach out to those who believe the hospital was taking advantage of a pandemic to make money. “We don’t make money,” said Stephen Bowerman, Midland Health’s chief operating officer. “Given the past few months and the surge in the census we’ve […]


Being profitable in boxing means not saying you are sorry

Making money boxing means never having to apologize. Not for Evander Holyfield risking his life at the age of 58 just to make a few dollars. Especially not to steal money from gullible fans for a farce of a pay-per-view show that would have done terrible damage to the sport, if only it hadn’t been […]

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17-year-old Korean CEO on making $1 million in gross sales

At the age of just 17, Sukone Hong realized his entrepreneurial dream by building two companies at the same time. The first, a South Korean fashion brand of which he is the CEO, made over $ 1 million in sales this year and gained Harvard University recognition. The second, a Braille smartwatch for the visually […]


This unusual-style of creating Japanese Omelette has left netizens amazed

Eggs are a universal favorite, although every part of the world enjoys egg-based delicacies in a unique way! Such a unique way of making omelette has taken the internet by storm. The Japanese are known for their innovation and this unique way of preparing omelette has amazed internet users with its unique rose-like shape and […]


Three Causes Most Employees Aren’t Making As A lot Cash As They Did in 2019

Total wages and salaries continued to rise in July, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Economist AnnElizabeth Konkel said wages are “moving in the right direction”. But the ongoing pandemic and its impact on workers are still being felt across the economy. Loading Something is loading. July brought some promising signs of economic recovery […]

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Shares making the largest strikes noon: Pfizer, Moderna, Boeing, extra

A Boeing 737 MAX 10 airliner stops while taxiing on the airline. Stephen Brashear | Getty Images Check out the companies that are making the headlines in midday trading. Boeing – Boeing shares rose 3.2% after Virgin Orbit, a satellite launch spin-off from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, announced that it will go public at […]

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Spurs’ Becky Hammon seems to ‘subsequent step’ in pursuit of creating extra NBA historical past

San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon (left) speaks to Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich (right) on the court during a time out in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers in San Antonio. Darren Abate | AP Becky Hammon moved the needle, but the National Basketball Association assistant […]


Ukraine criticized for making feminine cadets parade in heels | Leisure

MOSCOW (AP) – The Ukrainian Defense Minister is being put under pressure by members of the government because he has decided to let female military cadets wear heels at an important parade. “The purpose of any military parade is to demonstrate the military capabilities of the army. There should be no room for stereotypes and […]


Marlboro resident making mark in leisure area with ‘can do’ perspective

As a resident of Marlboro Andrew Suydam came to an independent film set to cast a role as an extra, he also got a leadership role with a new streaming platform. Suydam, 29, is the chief producer of live events for MOBFI-TV, a streaming service named for the media to which it is dedicated (cellular, […]