Scandinavian Cottage Fashion Conjures up a Cozy Kitchen Makeover in Melrose

After raising two boys in her 1930s, Melrose was The Colonial House Holly and John Markham were more than ready for a kitchen redesign. The original room had a long, thin galley floor plan that did not offer enough natural light or that flowed well into the adjoining living room. As the owners of European Home, a luxury fireplace company, they knew that the focal point of the new space should be a modern electric fireplace. They took inspiration from the Scandinavian style they had admired on their frequent trips to Europe, but also envisioned the space taking on a cottage feel that matched the natural surroundings of the house on a quarter acre vine arbor and greenery .

Holly explains, “White walls, wood, and black splashes go down well and are timeless. I wanted the kitchen to feel modern, but not austere. ”The Markhams turned to Hannah Oravec, founder and interior designer of Lawless Design, to bring their Scandinavian cottage vision to life.

“The customers and I place great value on sustainability, and that was the main reason we worked so well together,” says Oravec. “Overall, the room should look good, but also be functional and healthy for the family’s wellbeing.” The palette of materials they landed on are clear Scandinavian design elements: wood, stone and metal.

The black-framed windows look out over the garden.

Oravec first tried to perfect the tricky layout and, in collaboration with CAL Construction, put a 3-foot extension on the side of the kitchen to allow for a new side entrance with a compact, cleverly designed mudroom with built-in white oak shelves, a bench , Coat hooks and a practical guest toilet. Meanwhile, a new door to the living room creates a better circuit for entertainment.

Next came an oversized island kitchen with Calacatta gold countertops, beadboard paneling, and enough black Windsor stools for the whole family to gather for casual meals. The real eye-catcher of the island is the energy-efficient fireplace, a Cupido 70 by Element4, which exudes the cozy, warm “hygge” feeling that is important for Scandinavian design.

A center island became the perfect place to meet for breakfast or to use as a work-from-home station.

Five black-framed windows have been added above the farmhouse’s sink to let in the morning sunlight and provide a direct view of the fire pit, brick-built pizza oven, and a popular cherry tree beyond. The black walnut window cladding is particularly sentimental as it comes from the farm in rural New York where Markham grew up. “One of the trees fell in a storm, so my father had it cut into boards and brought it to me over 20 years ago.” The wood stood in the garage for two decades, waiting for the right project.

Windsor stools give the kitchen a rustic look.

The modern kitchen faucet in matt black contrasts unexpectedly with the schoolhouse cup handles made of brass and other fittings. Oravec says, “I do a lot of neutral tones, but I don’t like it when things look matchy-matchy or too muffled. I add contrast by mixing metals. “

The kitchen cabinets also mix wood grains so effortlessly that they give visitors the illusion that they have been used in the room for years. Bespoke white oak cabinets and drawers (complete with panels to cleverly hide appliances) manage to keep the look both streamlined and folk. Two custom-made cabinets with black frames, retro brass latches, and glass doors display mid-century modern pottery and other keepsakes. There is additional storage space below in white oak and above in white-washed wood. A Nordic design trick, the white reflects natural light and makes the kitchen brighter in the darker winter months.

A Café Appliances oven and range is installed on the opposite wall in front of a back wall made of Cambria stone collected as scrap from a local stone yard. On the left and right, the building contractor installed ceramic tiles with a raised print that looks like field stone, a lucky find at Home Depot, which, in contrast to the marble worktops, makes for a really unique high-low room.

Instead of sourcing expensive ceramics and art, Oravec scoured thrift stores and Etsy for accents in yet another commitment to sustainability. “It saves shipping costs, production and manufacturing, but is also completely unique.”

The project was completed just in time for work from home on the island and family dinners by the fire in 2020. The extra light and space turned the previously cramped space into the heartbeat of the house. “In the cold months, it was so nice to keep the kitchen warm with the fireplace and look out the window at the pretty scene outside,” says Markham.

How Olivia’s Fashion Makeover Exhibits Her Evolution

Olivia Plath has experienced many ups and downs on Welcome to Plathville. Her glam style transformation shows how she has changed as a person.

Olivia Plath out Welcome to Plathville has changed since the show’s first season and her latest hair transformation seems to symbolize her personal growth. Olivia’s marriage to Ethan Plath was central to the show, and fans watched as the couple struggled to make their relationship work. Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia’s journey, and how her glamorous makeover tells a story about who she is now.

The popular reality show follows strict parents Kim and Barry Plath, their nine children and their daughter-in-law Olivia. The children grew up away from popular culture, with strong beliefs that made it difficult to meet anyone outside of their family. While Olivia was once in good favor with Kim and Barry, fans watched them turn on Olivia and even insisted that they be present with the custody when Olivia is around the younger Plath kids. the Plath parents treat Olivia worse than Max Kallschmidt, Moriah Plath’s boyfriend, which led fans to label Kim and Barry as hypocrites.

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Welcome to Plathville has explored how Kim and Barry’s strict rules broke Ethan’s relationship with them while straining his marriage. Ethan and Olivia met seven years ago in a camp and began a long-distance relationship where they wrote letters and occasionally got to make phone calls. The couple started dating and married in 2018 when they were both around 20 years old, and Olivia kept her blonde hair and signature style for years. Her signature blonde look seemed to show how comfortable she was with Ethan at the time. It might have been a safe choice.

Olivia has always broadened Ethan’s horizons, from the first taste of lemonade to being encouraged to travel with her. Olivia has expanded her photography business and explore life outside of small town Georgia. Their location in Cairo has become a source of conflict for the two of them, as Ethan wants to stay there because he likes the country life, while Olivia wants to move to a bigger city, away from his parents. Ethan and Olivia admitted they argued all the time, and many fans noticed that Olivia’s hair went from plain blonde to fiery red. Fans speculate that the hair color change was triggered by tension in their relationship.

Olivia has said that she has come a long way over the past year, and her bold new hair color could be another way of asserting her independence. The red color could also give her the courage to live alone for a while, as the fans saw Olivia breaks up with Ethan in the latest Welcome to Plathville Episode. Olivia had said that she had always dreamed of dyeing her hair red and the fact that she recently dyed her hair might show that she is finally ready to do what she wants instead of settling down .

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