Main League Soccer viewership is up, now it wants networks to pay extra

New York City FC striker Valentín Castellanos (11) plays the ball forward against Portland Timbers midfielder in the MLS Cup Final between the Portland Timbers and New York City FC on December 11, 2021 at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon Diego Chara (21).

Brian Murphy | Sportswire icon | Getty Images

While other US sports leagues battle another Covid outbreak, Major League Soccer ended its 2021 season on some good news as it tries to convince TV networks to pay $ 300 million a year to broadcast their games numbers.

ESPN said this week the 2021 MLS Cup averaged on ABC 1.14 million viewers, with a high of 1.6 million viewers, the fifth most viewed viewer for an MLS Cup on a Disney-owned broadcaster since 2009. New York City FC defeated the Portland Timbers on penalties (4-2) to win their first championship.

That’s an increase from the 1.07 million average viewers who saw the 2020 game at Fox Sports last year, and 38% from an average of 825,000 viewers for the 2019 game.

The audience report comes at a good time for MLS as the league is looking for a significant boost from the broadcasters. Industry sources suggest that MLS is aiming for $ 300 million per season – versus the roughly $ 90 million it brings in from ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision combined.

However, the MLS rights package could be devalued due to important aspects of its offering.

“You will do well,” said Lee Berke of LHB Sports, a sports media consultancy. “But there are things that will work for them and things that may reduce their surge.”

New York City FC celebrates winning the 2021 MLS Cup during the MLS Cup Final between the Portland Timbers and New York City FC on December 11, 2021 at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon.

Brian Murphy | Sportswire icon | Getty Images

MLS uses the entire fleet

Let’s stay at the front of the audience figures – it is the most critical metric in rights business. The MLS had some exciting moments for the 2021 season that the league can use to highlight the increased fan interest.

Fox Sports broadcast the Thanksgiving Day playoff game between the Timbers and Colorado Rapids, which was average 1.8 million viewers on Fox platforms. It became the most watched MLS game on the network and the highest MLS audience since April 2004.

That year, the then 14-year-old soccer star Freddy Adu made his MLS debut with DC United at RFK Stadium against the San Jose Earthquakes. The competition drew an average of 1.97 million viewers.

For the 2021 regular season, MLS said it had an average of 276,000 viewers for 31 regular season games on ESPN channels, including ABC. That’s more than the average of 233,000 viewers who consumed 39 MLS games on ESPN platforms in 2020.

And on Fox Channels, MLS said viewership was up 4% compared to the 2020 season.

“The ratings were okay for linearity, but they still have difficulty comparing to ratings for MX league or Premier League, “said Berke, referring to international leagues.

MLS said it had an average of 284.00 viewers per game on the Spanish-speaking network Univision. But soccer viewers have shown more interest in consuming international leagues through MLS.

NBCUniversal, CNBC’s parent company, said it was average 414,000 spectators for the English Premier League football package for the 2020/21 season. And for EPL’s current season so far, NBC Sports has said the games have been average 609,000 spectators through its TV channels.

The network supposedly ready to pay $ 2.7 billion retain US Premier League rights. That number is higher than the $ 1 billion EPL the network received in the previous agreement.

Berke said the networks will pay premium rights fees for soccer because the sport’s fan base is typically “younger and more tech-savvy”.

“That’s why you see Paramount + aggressively bidding on a wide variety of international offerings Football packages“He said, referring to Viacom’s streaming service. “That’s why you saw the huge step up NBC paid to keep the Premier League. And that will work well for MLS. “

MLS Commissioner Don Garber said all MLS content, including games in local markets and the league’s data rights, will be used for the 2023 media package.

“Many years ago we went to our clubs and said that all of your local deals had to expire by the end of the year [2022] Season, “Garber told reporters on December 7th.

“All of your streaming deals need to expire,” Garber added. “All of your data deals, all of your sports betting deals, everything that comes in contact with a consumer are now in one package that we can share with traditional media companies that are digitally transforming into new media companies.”

Does MLS have bargaining power?

The new MLS agreement may differ from its current rights package, which the former ESPN boss John Skipper once called a “futures deal” and how “Buy pork bellies.”

In the current deal, ESPN has the rights to most MLS games and rotates all-star games and MLS Cup events with Fox. The companies also share a set of US men’s national games.

The media rights for the national team were negotiated by Soccer United Marketing, the marketing arm of the MLS. But the U.S. football association that exercises the rights ended his partnership with SUM last May. This means that MLS cannot add these rights to its new package.

It is unclear how this will affect MLS’s position at the negotiating table. Media experts estimate that MLS could approach $ 200 million in rights as it lost US national rights.

“You have to weigh the variety of factors that add value to football against the fact that SUM commitment is no longer there on the men’s and women’s teams,” said Berke.

“And the NFL took a lot of money off the table,” added Berke, referring to the more than $ 100 billion deal last March.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber (left) and Charlotte MLS owner David Tepper announce that Major League Soccer 2021 will come to Charlotte at an event in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

Nell Redmond | AP

MLS adds more content

The MLS could make up for the loss of national team rights with its new league cup format.

The new month Championship tournament starts in 2023 and all MLS teams will play against clubs from the Mexican League MX. MLS can benefit from the popularity of Liga MX in the US as Liga MX has more than 3 million viewers for games on Univision.

MLS will add TV stores in Charlotte in 2022 and St. Louis in 2023 and plan a 30th MLS franchise in the US Las Vegas Market. It will also use its rights to add additional teams to its MLS Next Pro Minor League operation.

The minor league component could help streaming services create storytelling opportunities that can attract viewers. The concept helped Liberty Media– own Formula 1 expand its audience about a Netflix series, for example.

In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, Seth Bacon, senior vice president of media at MLS, said this MLS offering was “a package for the 21st century media landscape.”

Bacon said MLS had “numerous and productive conversations with every rights agent” despite refusing to identify any particular networks. He also agreed with Garber’s comments that a new agreement would be reached by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

“We got a lot of momentum from our regular season and our playoff spectators,” said Bacon. “And we have the tailwind of the 2026 World Cup,” which will be held in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

When asked about confidence in attracting a cheap media deal that will help stabilize MLS, Bacon said the league was “very excited about where we’re going to end up”.

S.I. man charged in main money-laundering scheme for drug traffickers. Over $28 million modified arms, say feds.

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A Staten Island man played a key role in a ring that laundered over $ 28 million for drug trafficking organizations in the United States and Mexico, authorities claim.

Dielong Wu, 58, was among seven defendants, officials said.

He was the only defendant in the county.

Five defendants, including alleged ringleader Ying Sun, 65, are from California. The remaining suspect is from Queens.

Authorities said Sun led the group for about a year and a half from November 2019 to May 2021.

During that time, he received large sums of money that were laundered by drug dealers in the United States and Mexico, officials said.

From April 2020 to April 2021 alone, Sun arranged more than 130 cash pickups in 23 states, with drug trafficking revenues totaling over $ 20 million, authorities said.

Wu and the five other defendants took the money, then transported it and deposited it with private banks, officials said. In some cases, they transferred the money to different people or institutions, the authorities said.

According to an indictment, Wu made 11 cash withdrawals for over $ 1 million between April 28 and May 4 last year.

Sun arranged the pickups in and around Staten Island, the Bronx and Philadelphia, the indictment states.

On May 4, Wu Jie Lin, 58, handed a co-defendant a bag of cash in or around Mount Laurel, NJ, the indictment said.

After that, the authorities confiscated about US $ 300,000 from Lin and one other person when they tried to deposit the money with a retail bank, the indictment said.

During the investigation, authorities confiscated over $ 6.5 million from the group of defendants, officials said.

Authorities said they secured an additional $ 8 million in assets attributable to illicit revenue laundered from the ring.

Six of the defendants, including Wu, were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transfer business.

The charges are subject to maximum sentences of 20 years and five years behind bars.

Wu was arrested Wednesday and remains vacant on a $ 250,000 bond, online court records show. His community was not immediately available.

He was charged in federal court in Manhattan.

“Mr. Wu has made a plea not guilty and as such we intend to fight these allegations aggressively,” said Xavier Donaldson, the defendant’s attorney.

The arrests were announced by Ray Donovan, Special Envoy for the New York Department of the Federal Drug Administration, and Audrey Strauss, US attorney for the New York Southern District.

“One of the most powerful criminal elements in transnational drug trafficking organizations is money laundering,” Donovan said in a statement. “As with any business, the ultimate goal of drug trafficking is profit. These money laundering networks provide human traffickers with an invaluable service by transferring their ill-gotten gains around the world. “

Engineer discovered main structural injury years earlier than

Search and rescue workers are working in the rubble of the 12-story condominium tower that fell to the ground in a partial building collapse on June 24, 2021 in Surfside, Florida.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Almost three years before a Florida condominium tower collapsed, an engineer warned that the building’s failure to seal the pool deck was causing “major structural damage.” according to files.

Champlain Towers South, the twelve-story residential tower in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed in the middle of the night on Thursday. The death toll has risen to four, while 159 are missing.

Officials said at a press conference Saturday that fire and smoke from deep within the remains of the tower are slowing the search. While the rescue effort continues, the City of Surfside has released a number of documents about the building.

Documents released by Surfside authorities late Friday include a 2018 field survey report by Morabito Consultants that found the concrete structural slab under the building’s pool needed repair.

“If the waterproofing is not replaced in the near future, the extent of concrete deterioration will expand exponentially,” the report said.

A view of the grounds during a rescue operation of a 12-story Champlain tower that partially collapsed on June 25, 2021 in Surfside, Florida, USA.

Stringer | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The company recommended replacing the damaged plates. She also found “frequent cracks and flaking” in the concrete supports, beams and walls of the parking garage. The tower was built in 1981.

The report did not warn of impending danger and it is still unknown what caused the building to collapse. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told CNN that he had not seen the 2018 structural field survey report but said it was “not clear at the moment exactly what was going on in this building”. According to the New York Times, the report helped develop plans for a multi-million dollar repair project that should begin soon.

Burkett said during a press conference that he was working on a plan to relocate residents of Champlain Towers North, which was built that same year. FEMA has agreed to pay for the accommodation. City officials are still collecting more information about the Champlain Towers East, which was built in a different style and likely built at a different time.

CNBC asked Morabito Consultants for a comment.

The largest errors vacationers make in main world cities

Travel writers make their trade out of helping tourists navigate unknown places. Still, even the most savvy traveler tends to make the occasional gaffe while on vacation.

This is where CNBC’s travel agents share the biggest mistakes visitors make in the cities they call home.

A stroll through Singapore

“Trying to stroll around Singapore is a huge mistake. If you cover just a few miles that you would love to walk in most cities, you end up drenched – either from the heat or from tropical weather.” Regardless of whether Google Maps shows your destination is not far, take a taxi or the MRT [Mass Rapid Transit] Train. They’re both cheap and luckily air-conditioned. “

—Christian Barker, Australia

See everything in New York City

“New York is a huge travel destination with a multitude of options, and that makes a tourist’s time in the city precious. Unfortunately, I’ve found that many visitors – especially first-time visitors – try to squeeze too much into a trip to their Midtown hotel to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, then speed up to Uptown to tour part of Central Park, before seeing a Broadway show that evening.

The view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

cmart7327 | E + | Getty Images

“Rather than packing an itinerary for 12 hours each day, I recommend picking a handful of sights to explore. And leaving some unplanned blocks of time as the moments you’ve only heard of in New York are almost over . ” always unplanned.

“For example, don’t try to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in one day. You will be so exhausted – you won’t appreciate any of Liberty and then head to nearby Ellis Island and its immigration museum, or dedicate a day to Central Park and the surrounding areas – the park is bursting with beauty in every corner and nooks and crannies of its 840 hectares.

“Remember, New York is not going anywhere. The city will be ready and waiting to welcome you back.”

—Tracy Kaler, United States

“Stick to the script” in Jamaica

“I’ve nested in Jamaica for the past six months and vacationed here many times over the past 20 years. Now that I’ve spent time here, I realize how much I’ve missed – and how many tourists miss.

Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script.

Sheryl Nash-Nance

American travel writer

“So many come to the island and hardly venture beyond their all-inclusive resort or stick to the tours that the hotel offers. Heavy sigh. Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script if you haven’t gone to a beach only locals know about, or if your taste of Jamaican cuisine is limited to the typical jerk chicken or pork, try a restaurant outside the hotel and the tourist area.

“Dunn’s Rivers Falls is fine, but there are spectacular waterfalls without the crowds. Negril and Montego Bay get all the press, but make your way to Portland. Jamaica is full of secrets. Do a little digging before your trip, be it from your social media groups or friends of friends. Find an insider who will give you the skinny. “

—Sheryl Nash-Nance, United States

Be a morning person in Melbourne

“Stroll around Melbourne on Saturday morning at 9:00 am and you might be wondering if aliens abducted most of the population overnight.

Melbourne’s most popular coffeehouses are busiest after 9 a.m.

Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd | DigitalVision | Getty Images

“The only people in museums and galleries at 10 am are families with young children. Instead, we tend to pile up the other end of the day and meet later – brunch should never start before 1 p.m. – and go to the footy [football match], linger over dinner, meet for a drink, then maybe see a show. It’s not uncommon for a headliner to take the stage in a pub … at midnight.

“If you got up at 7 a.m. and filled the day with activities, you won’t make it to the encore. Relax, get a good night’s sleep and make sure you see the best of Melbourne – it glows after dark. “

—Carrie Hutchinson, Australia

I miss the quieter side of Hong Kong

“I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 2005 and many first-time international visitors still assume it is mostly a concrete jungle when it is actually made up of 261 islands. There are stunning secluded hikes, beaches on par with the French Riviera.” can accommodate, cascading “Waterfalls, jungle-covered temples and great snorkeling spots … there is so much more than just skyscrapers here.”

—Chris Dwyer, United Kingdom

The view along the Dragon’s Ridge, a popular hiking trail in Sheck O Country Park on Hong Kong Island.

Nukorn plain pan | Moment | Getty Images

“Hong Kong was my expat home for 20 years. I have always asked myself why visitors – be they tourists or business travelers – make the city a shopping and dining paradise. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ has so much more to offer just requiring tourists to be on the MTR. climb [Mass Transit Railway] or a minibus and get off at one of the many landscape parks.

“After living in the city for a long time, I started kayaking to get a new and different perspective on the place. There is much more for tourists to explore, discover and enjoy. “

—Petra Loho, Austria

Worries about street food in Bangkok

“Bangkok’s reputation as one of the world’s most incredible culinary destinations is largely due to its street vendor offerings. The street chefs produce a fantastic selection of Thai classics and conjure up everything from Chinese-inspired stir-fries to spicy salads, spicy curries and grilled meat.

A seller cooks street food in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nigel Killeen | Moment | Getty Images

“Despite the fame of the street dining scene, some visitors are squeamish about the hygiene standards in these places. It doesn’t have to be. Every street vendor stall that’s worth its price – fish sauce with blindingly hot bird’s eye chilies – has freshly cooked food.

“Look out for long lines of local guests and you will know you are on a good cause.”

—Duncan Forgan, United Kingdom

25 main actors who’ve directed nice motion pictures | Leisure

With a few exceptions, Hollywood directors are often only as good as their ability to work with actors. Accordingly, actors themselves seem particularly suited to the job of director. However, it’s a transition that is much easier said than done and that tends to generate more failures than hits. In fact, one doesn’t have to look any further than “The Jesus Rolls” to understand that John Turturro are certainly no Coen brothers. On the other hand, most directors can’t really act, and few bother to try.

Yet an impressive number of actors have stepped behind the camera and proven to be skilled. Clint Eastwood, for example, has won more Academy Awards and nominations for his work as a director than as an actor. Ben Affleck and Greta Gerwig seem to be following suit, with several major directing jobs under their respective belts and more on the way. Who else made the transition and made a great movie in the process? Let’s find out.

Forklift researched several hyphens and selected 25 actors who have directed a great movie. In at least one film, the actor had to feature a IMDb User rating above 6.5 and a Metascore over 65.

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Rickie Fowler aiming so as to add long-awaited main substance to his fashion

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC – Adam Scott is a former Masters Champion and Tyrell Hatton is number 8 in the official golf rankings. On Thursday, they spent 18 holes of a major championship listening to fans cheer on the 128th player in the world.

Lots of people love Rickie Fowler, which is why many people don’t. Almost anyone in golf will say that Fowler is as nice a person as he is at the game, who is prone to small, friendly actions and who is constantly aware that other people have feelings too. Yet it is rumored that he is a marketing creation – a player with only five PGA Tour wins and what appears to be ten times as many referrals. Regular viewers of the PGA Tour are used to Fowler being in a “featured group” for television whether they want to see him or not, and commercial breaks just bring another onslaught from Fowler. It’s annoying that he became a star by wearing light colored clothes, had a pretty face, and (these days) sporting a mustache that looks like it has grown just to show that it could make him look good .

Rickie Fowler steps onto the second green during a practice round for the 2021 PGA Championship on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort.

That’s right, but it also shows how well Fowler played. He won the Players Championship and fought in all major subjects. He came here this week in a terrible break-in, so bad that he smiled when asked if he had any problems in the past few months and said, “Well, it’s definitely been more than a couple of months.”

It has. Fowler wasn’t invited to the Masters and needed a special invitation to this week’s PGA Championship. He relied on some famous friends while he passed out; He saw part of the Masters with Tiger Woods and played a lot of golf with Michael Jordan at Jordan’s new course, The Grove XXIII. Fowler said playing with Jordan is a great way to prepare as he has to give Jordan 10 punches which Jordan is too good to make, money is always at stake and challenging, good with MJ to play chirping in your ear.

“He’s not silent,” said Fowler.

The best way for Fowler to get critics on his side would be to enlist majors. But the next best thing, bizarrely, might be to do what he did: play like a PGA Tour fringe player for a while. It erases the perception that he’s only heading for third place. Golf fans generally appreciate it when players struggle and succeed. If Fowler regains his form, he could go from over-the-top to the charming underdog.

He appeared to be on his way back on Thursday, finishing 1-0 on a brutal ocean course. But even Fowler understands this was just one lap.

His fall was confusing. “When I started being outside the top 50 in the world, it didn’t start being in Augusta,” he said. “I had to deal with it for a few months.” In his words, he only recently started playing golf instead of playing “golf swing” – developing strategies and taking shots instead of thinking about the mechanics.

He’s been as bad off as in years. That’s confusing too, but it’s pretty normal too. Players who work so hard to fix their swing tend to lose their sharpness on the greens. It happened to Jordan Spieth in the last few years. Fowler said he spent “three or four hours” on the practice greens this week, apart from preparing for the course, to get his putting feeling back.

Once Fowler regains his game, he can resume the challenge that preceded his demise: finishing a major. It is possible that, as critics say, he was consumed too much by car chases. But it’s just as likely that his sensitivity and tendency to empathize with others makes it harder to develop a Jordanian mentality.

Maybe he doesn’t need that mentality. He came here determined to take advantage of his special invitation – not just by playing well, but by appreciating it.

“In a way, it’s just a perspective and an understanding that I can do this for a living,” he said. “And that’s great. I’ve had a great run out here so far. I definitely want more. But at the end of the day we can play an awesome game to make a living … we damn good out here and we’re having fun. Go play golf. “

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International Browser Video games Market Report 2021: Main Gamers Embrace King Digital Leisure, NCSOFT, GungHo On-line, Zynga, Tencent, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard Inc., Sega, Sony and Peak Video games

The “Browser Games Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery by 2030” Report was added Offer.

Major players in the browser games market are King Digital Entertainment, NCSOFT, GungHo Online, Zynga, Tencent, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard Inc., Sega, Sony Corporation and Peak Games.

The global browser games market is projected to grow from $ 23.81 billion in 2020 to $ 24.99 billion in 2021, with an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%.

The market is projected to reach $ 34.47 billion in 2025 with an annual growth rate of 8%.

The rapid increase in the number of active players around the world is driving the browser game market. According to the League of Betting, the number of online gamblers is projected to reach 1 billion by 2024, up from 877 million in 2020. According to the online gaming report as of 2019, gamers play an average of seven hours and seven minutes a week, but younger gamers spend a lot more time playing games, while 26- to 35-year-olds play 8 hours 12 minutes a week.

Germany and the United States were linked with the highest number of players playing for more than 20 hours at 11.6% per week. Hence, the rapid increase in the number of active players around the world is expected to drive the browser game market.

Player frustration from slow downloads is the main limiting factor in the browser game market. The time it takes to download games has been reported as the world’s biggest problem. 33.8 percent said this is the main problem.

Seasoned gamers are most concerned about download speed. Over 41% of ambitious professionals and experts indicate that experienced gamers are more likely to play more complex games that require larger downloads. The download performance affects their games more from experience.

According to the 2019 Online Gaming Report, frustration with download speed is highest in the US, where 39.4% of gamers register sluggish downloads as a primary concern. Hence, the frustration of gamers from slow downloads is expected to hamper the growth of the browser game market.

The story goes on

The browser games market covered in this report is divided into cellphone games, pay-to-play games, free-to-play games, pay-in-play games by type, and by end-users in smartphone and tablet, PC, TV, etc. divided.

Companies in the browser gaming market are focusing on technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to improve the gaming experience and offer better products. Industry experts expect VR / AR games to get a big boost in 2019 and headset prices to become more affordable for an even more immersive gaming experience. Many popular games are likely to incorporate VR and IR.

Stormland, which was released in 2019, is an open world shooter. It has some great features like reloading and updating that use VR technology in very creative ways. It also includes a play area that has been procedurally created to ensure that each playthrough is different.

Pokemon GO is probably the most popular augmented reality game and is expected to release some new updates in 2019 to ensure it stays strong for a while. Niantic Labs, developer of the Pokemon Go game, has already raised $ 225 million in the company’s funding round and is now focused on developing more AR-based games.

In September 2020, Microsoft Corporation, a US-based technology company, acquired ZeniMax Media for $ 7.5 billion in cash. With this acquisition, Microsoft will grow from 15 to 23 creative studio teams and add Bethesda’s franchise to Xbox Game Pass. ZeniMax Media, an American video game holding company based in Rockville, Maryland.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Market characteristics of browser games

3. Market trends and strategies for browser games

4. Effects of COVID-19 on browser games

5. Browser Games Market Size and Growth

5.1. Historic Global Browser Games Market, 2015-2020, Billion US Dollars

5.1.1. Driver of the market

5.1.2. Restrictions in the market

5.2. Global Browser Games Market Forecast, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

5.2.1. Driver of the market

5.2.2. Restrictions in the market

6. Market segmentation for browser games

6.1. Global Browser Games Market, Segmentation By Type, Historical And Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

  • Mobile games

  • Pay-to-play games

  • Free games

  • Pay-in-play games

6.2. Global Browser Games Market, Segmentation By End User, Historical And Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

  • Smartphone and tablet

  • Pc

  • TV

  • Other

6.3. Global Browser Games Market, Segmentation By Operating System, Historical And Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

7. Browser games Market regional and country analysis

7.1. Global Browser Games Market Split by Regions, Historical and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

7.2. Global Browser Games Market Split by Country, Historical and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, Billion US Dollars

Mentioned companies

For more information on this report, see

View source version on

Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager
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For US / CAN Toll Free, call 1-800-526-8630
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Not simply $1,400 checks: Main well being care perks from the stimulus regulation may prevent cash

With the new business cycle accounting, you may be able to save money on health insurance this year.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Did you has still filed your taxes? If not, it’s time: Die The closing date for entries is Monday, May 17th Except for you File for an extension. But there is good news. Along with $ 1,400 stimulus checks and “Plus-Up” payments$ 300 extra per week in unemployment insurance and the one ahead monthly child tax credits for up to A total of $ 3,600 per child, the March stimulus law There are several ways that you can save money on healthcare costs, including deducting additional medical expenses from your tax return this year.

In 2021, the average cost of health insurance in the US is reported to be nearly $ 500 per person per month Worth penguinThe associated costs can add up gradually or all at once, including expensive premiums and taxes on purchases of medicines and other personal health items. The Boom Act offers people in need of health insurance and resources new ways to cut costs for those already insured.

Read on to learn how you can save money this year. Also, take two minutes See if your state owes you money. Here’s what we know about a potential fourth stimulus checknine strange stimulus check facts and where the current situation is Debt relief for student loans. This story was recently updated.

The COBRA insurance premiums are free until September

If you lose your job, you can usually get government insurance through your previous employer COBRA Program (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). However, you usually have to pay full price for this insurance, which can be very costly. Under the March Law, the government pays the entire COBRA premium for laid-off employees and family members from April 1 to September 30. (However, you will not be eligible if you have Medicare, left your job voluntarily, or if you qualify for new employer-based health insurance elsewhere before that date.)

The Economic Act stipulates that employers must send a declaration of eligibility to former employees who qualify for COBRA. But if you didn’t get that, you can call your previous employer to make sure you’re signed up for coverage.

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Stimulus Plus Up Payments: What You Need To Know


You can now sign up for cheaper health insurance

As part of business cycle accounting, you may be eligible for new short-term health insurance grants for which you can purchase coverage Almost everyone who takes out their own insurance through the Affordable Care Act has, according to a New York Times report.

The bill expands the health insurance subsidies available under the ACA so that people who are already eligible can receive more, and support can also be provided to those whose incomes were previously too high to qualify. For example, if your annual income is around $ 19,000, you can sign up for a plan with no monthly payment. If you make more than $ 51,000, your premium could drop as much as $ 1,000 per month in some markets, the Times reported. (For most people, subsidized health insurance eligibility is calculated based on your household’s modified information adjusted gross income, according to the UC Berkeley Labor Center.)

To take advantage of the new benefits, you need to register for plans at, or, for some statesto set up their own insurance market websites. The changes will take effect retrospectively as of January 1, 2021. So, if you already have a medical plan under the Affordable Care Act, you will get your money back as a refund when you file your tax return for 2021 next year.

The American Rescue Plan Act will fund these new grants for two years.


You may be eligible for free COBRA coverage for the next six months.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Deduct major medical expenses from your taxes

Some medical expenses are tax deductible – and Congress passed a more generous allowance for what you can deduct as part of the cost December Stimulus Act.

Instead of capping costs that exceed 10% of your costs adjusted gross incomeAs originally planned, you can now deduct medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your AGI. You can find the full list of medical expenses that you can deduct on the IRS website, including medical fees and inpatient hospital care.

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Child Tax Credit: How Much Do You Get?


Add more money to your flexible health spending plan, tax-free

If you have a healthcare FSA, good news: the tax-free contribution limit has increased to $ 2,750 – up $ 50 from last year. The change was part of the IRS annual inflation adjustments. That means you can put more money into your account without being taxed on it.

Use open insurance registration through August

While you typically have to wait for the six-week open enrollment period every fall to sign up for health insurance, the American Rescue Plan Act created a special enrollment period that runs through mid-August.

Most state marketplaces have done the same. That said, you can go to or your state option and sign up for insurance now if needed and take advantage of the new subsidies and changes. That way, you can save money by signing up for a cheaper plan sooner.

For more information, see Who Is Eligible for the Child Extended Tax Credit? and Seven other ways you can get more money back on your tax refund.

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Moonbug Leisure Pronounces Main Enlargement Throughout China With IQIYI and ByteDance

Moonbug has seen tremendous sales growth worldwide and has established itself within Moonbug over the past year China. Moonbug’s brands, which are focused on bringing enriching content to children, have continued to grow in fandom, and these new partnerships are opening up new market opportunities for the media company.

“The extension of CoComelon to China is the beginning of a new, expansive chapter for Moonbug and lays the foundation for future partnerships in the market, “said Nicolas Eglau, Managing Director EMEA & APAC, Moonbug.” Our goal is to make sure that every child is there China has the ability to connect to CoComelon characters through one or more of their preferred platforms. ”

CoComelon teaches children how to adopt everyday activities and role models for positive behavior with a sense of enthusiasm. Children can easily relate to the universal themes and everyday narratives such as: B. Eat vegetables, learn to tie shoes and prepare for bed. With its bright and bold colors and happy nursery rhymes and phrases, CoComelon attracts kids ages 1 to 4 to sing and dance with JJ and his siblings as they learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors and more.

Moonbug is in active discussions with other partners for further launches in the coming weeks. To learn more about Moonbug, please visit

About Moonbug Entertainment
Moonbug Entertainment is an award-winning global entertainment company providing value-based educational programs for children. The popular children’s program includes global sensations such as CoComelon, Blippi, Little Baby Bum and My Magic Pet Morphle. Supa strikes, Go buster, Playtime with Twinkle, Gecko’s Garage, ARPO and many more, available in 27 languages.

In just two years it has grown into a child programming powerhouse with a library of more than 550 hours of content distributed on more than 100 platforms worldwide including Disney, KT Corporation, SK Broadband, Tsutaya, Tencent and ByteDance / Xigua Video. In May 2020, Tubular Labs named Moonbug a world leader in children’s digital entertainment based on the total number of minutes viewed worldwide.

About iQIYI
Started on April 22, 2010iQIYI is known for its high quality standards as well as its youthful and stylish branding. iQIYI has since gained worldwide popularity and built a massive user base that enables the company to continually innovate in all areas of its business: technology, content, marketing, and product development. iQIYI will be listed on NASDAQ on 29 March 2018, with the ticker symbol “IQ”. The company’s extensive entertainment ecosystem provides users with services such as e-commerce, comics, literature, online games, ticket sales, and short videos. We have a diversified business model and are leaders in China Online video industry.

About ByteDance
ByteDance was founded in 2012 and aims to stimulate creativity and enrich life. With a suite of more than a dozen products including TikTok and platforms designed for the China In the marketplace including Toutiao, Douyin, and Xigua, ByteDance has made it easier and more fun for people to connect, consume, and create content.

The company has more than 240 offices in over 120 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, The angel, new York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo. From November 2019ByteDance employs over 60,000 people and 15 research and development centers worldwide.

SOURCE Moonbug

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Mayor Fulop Proclaims Main Partnership with Leisure Large; $72M Restoration Plan will take Historic Loew’s Theatre to the Subsequent Stage

Mayor Fulop Announces Major Partnership With Entertainment Giant; The $ 72 million restoration plan takes the historic Löwstheater to the next level

Devils Arena Entertainment, operator of world renown Prudential Center and home of the New Jersey Devils, selected to restore and maximize music, performance and live event bookings at the 3,300-seat Iconic Theater

For renderings click on Here.

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today announced a new partnership with Devils Arena Entertainment (DAE), the largest entertainment provider in New Jersey and operator of the Prudential Center, one of the ten most booked arenas in North America, to sign a unique $ 72 million agreement for the transformative restoration of the historic Loew’s Theater. The revitalization aims to transform the centuries-old theater into a state-of-the-art, 3,300-seat venue that will attract superstars and emerging artists, act as the engine of economic development and hub for the local Journal Square community, and expand Jersey City’s growing reputation as an unparalleled arts destination in the New Jersey.

“The restoration of the Löw is decades in the making, so I am encouraged and excited to work with Devils Arena Entertainment, a respected entertainment company and operator of the globally successful Prudential Center, to advance this monumental step in our commitment to restoring Löw Theater to its former glory, revitalizing Journal Square and growing our art community, ”he said Major Fulop. “This unique partnership signifies our long-term planning for a post-pandemic future in which we are confident that art and culture will be a staple of life.”

The majestic Loew’s Jersey will be an integral part of the revitalization and redevelopment of Journal Square – Jersey City’s historic downtown and one of the busiest transportation hubs in the area. Called once

When the Loew’s Theater opened in Jersey City more than 90 years ago, it was underutilized for decades after various roadblocks until the Fulop administration stepped in and worked with local residents and the community group Friends of the Loews (FOL) with the common goal to revive the local gem and discover its untapped potential.

Construction is expected to start in 2022 with an expected opening in 2025. Part of the agreement ensures that priority will be given to hiring local MWBE companies to revitalize the regional economy and get people back to work.

“Loew’s Jersey Theater is a cult community treasure that has long played a prominent role as the premier arts and entertainment venue in Jersey City. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Fulop, the Friends of the Löws and the local Journal Square community to bring this historic venue back to life, ”he said Hugh Weber, President of Devils Arena Entertainment. “As operators of the nearby Prudential Center, one of the top entertainment destinations in the United States, we understand the importance of live performance in electroplating communities and stimulating business. We envision Loew’s Jersey Theater as a catalyst to help the citizens of Northern Jersey literally get back on their feet to celebrate world-class art and music. “

“We look forward to actively working with JCRA to create a detailed restructuring agreement that leverages DAE’s expertise in commercial show management and marketing while implementing all of last summer’s RFP guaranteed by FOL” , he said Colin Egan, founder of Friends of the Loew’s. “This agreement will continue FOL’s role as a non-profit branch of the Lions. We will therefore continue our voluntary activities that enable direct community participation in the life and maintenance of this landmark, maintain our support for local arts and develop other non-profit groups, and offer affordable programs. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the Löws, ”said Colin Egan, founder and director of the Friends of the Löws.

The Rehabilitation and Operations Agreement ensures that DAE, a trusted owner and operator of industry-leading venues, will work closely with Jersey City and Friends of the Loew to restore the iconic theater to a world-class arts and entertainment hub. The $ 72 million deal aims to optimize the venue’s performance for both artists and audiences, including:

  • Modernization of technology with state-of-the-art visual and acoustic improvements, as well as concessions and ticket sales areas;
  • Reconceptualization of entrances and exits at the front and rear of the house to meet ADA requirements and expand audience capacity;
  • Major infrastructure improvements (HVAC, plumbing, code requirements, electrical upgrades); and
  • Historical preservation of the control lamp for the stage lighting, the pop-up microphone and the orchestra and organ lifts.

Once opened, DAE will continue to work with Jersey City to provide yet another exceptional resource in support of the surrounding community.


About Löws Theater

Loew’s Jersey is one of five “Wonder Theaters” built in the Tristate area in the late 1920s by Loew’s Corporation, which founded and owned MGM Studios and was one of the most important presenters of live stage shows and films at the time were. The five theaters were film palaces – a unique type of building that, as the name suggests, combined large seating capacities and some of the most elaborate architecture ever built with state-of-the-art film projection facilities, as well as stage and backstage facilities, and supported large-scale tours. Loew’s Corporation saved little money in building the five wonder theaters and made them exceptionally richly decorated and functional compared to many other film palaces. Loew’s Jersey cost $ 2,000,000 to build – a very large sum at the time.

The Loew’s early years hosted stage shows starring some of the greatest stars of the 1930s, including Cab Calloway, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Duke Ellington. Movie stars like Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart and Jean Harlow appeared there. In 1967 the four seasons gave a concert in the Löw.

In recent years, stars like Patti Labelle, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, the Neutral Milk Hotel, the Decemberists, The Duprees and Beck have taken the stage of the Löws. Authors George R. Martin and Stephen King and stars Nick Offerman, Anna Faris and Bryan Cranston all sat down to discuss their new books.

More recently, the theater has become a filming location for movies, television shows, and music videos. In 2018, the lion was used for scenes in the film The Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix stars in an Oscar-winning performance.

Via Devils Arena Entertainment and Prudential Center

Devils Arena Entertainment is a subsidiary of the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, which is responsible for the leasing, operation and maintenance of the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue in downtown Newark, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art arena opened in October 2007 and is home to three-time Stanley Cup champion Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL), Seton Hall University’s NCAA Division I men’s basketball program, and more than 175 concerts of family shows and special events each year. The arena is also home to the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, which opened its doors to the public in October 2017. The 8,200-square-foot experience marks the first outpost of the GRAMMY Museum on the East Coast and features a dynamic combination of educational programs and interactive permanent and traveling exhibits, including a look at legendary GRAMMY winners from New Jersey. Voted in the top 8 nationwide by Pollstar, Billboard and Venues Today, the Prudential Center is considered one of the premier venues in the United States and receives over 2 million guests annually. For more information about the Prudential Center, visit Follow the arena on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PruCenter.

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