Air security website lists 20 finest airways on the planet

Travelers back on the fence about flying may want to read a new list of the world’s best airlines.

The flight safety website published its list of the “Top Airlines in the World”, which traditionally classifies airlines according to safety, on-board service, passenger comfort and flight routes.

But this year new evaluation criteria are shaking up the ranking. For the first time, airlines are being judged in part on how they have responded to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“Covid has affected ratings in two ways,” said Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas. “Airlines had to be Covid compliant by our standards to be considered, and we removed profitability as a criterion this year.”

And the winner is…

Qatar Airways took first place this year and was named “Airline of the Year” by the website.

The Doha-based airline received the grand prize for its cabin innovation, in-flight service and “commitment and dedication to keep operating during the Covid pandemic,” according to the website Notice on the 20th of July.

Qatar Airways, based in Doha, was founded in the mid-1990s and currently flies to more than 140 destinations.

Courtesy of Qatar Airways

According to, Qatar Airways also presented industry innovations, such as being the first provider of the International Air Transport Association Security audit and one of the first to test their Covid Safe Travel Pass.

Qatar Airways also has one of the youngest fleets in the world, the announcement said.

The rest of the list

Here is the full list, followed by each airline’s position over the past year:

1. Qatar Airways (9)

2. Air New Zealand (1)

3. Singapore Airlines (2)

4. Qantas (4)

5. Emirates (6)

6. Cathay Pacific (5)

7. Virgin Atlantic (7)

8. United Airlines (not applicable)

9. EVA air (8)

10. British Airways (17)

11. Lufthansa (11)

12.ANA or all Nippon Airways (3)

13. Finnair (12)

14. Japan Airlines (13)

15. KLM (14)

16. Hawaiian Airlines (16)

17.Alaska Airlines (18)

18.Virgin Australia (10)

19. Delta Airlines (19)

20. Etihad Airways (20)

Most airlines maintained a similar position to the 2020 list. However, Qatar Airways has jumped eight places to take the top spot, a position typically dominated by Air New Zealand.

“Air New Zealand has been our Airline of the Year for six of the past eight years for its outstanding innovation and cabin service,” said Thomas.

The much-acclaimed Qsuites from Qatar Airways, which create a private room with double beds and privacy screens, have been named the airline’s “Best Business Class” for three years in a row.

Courtesy of Qatar Airways

British Airways jumped seven spots in the rankings to 10th place while United jumped 8th place after failing to make the 2020 list at all.

Only airlines with seven security stars are taken into account for the annual list. This assessment is based on crash history, pilot-related incidents, government audits – and now Covid logs like social distancing, aircraft cleaning and masked cabin crew.

Less than 150 of the 350 airlines rated by have seven stars. Eight airlines have only one star, according to the website.

The company said rankings judged by the site’s editors also take into account airline service, staff engagement, and passenger feedback.

Excellence Awards

Individual airlines are also honored with the “Airline Excellence Awards” for their outstanding service and products. This year’s awards went to:

Best First Class: Singapore Airlines

Best business class: Qatar Airways

Best Premium Economy Class: Air New Zealand

Best economy class: Air New Zealand

Best Low Cost Airline in Asia Pacific: Jetstar

Best low-cost airline in Europe: EasyJet

Best Low Cost Airline in America: Southwest

Best ultra-low-cost airline: Vietjet Air

Best regional airline: Qantas

Best cabin crew: Virgin Australia

Best lounges: Qantas

Award for catering on board: Qatar

In-flight entertainment award: Emirates

Separately, gives an annual “The twenty safest airlines“List that analyzes crash recordings and safety compliance. In the next year, too, they will take into account the airlines’ Covid compliance measures,” said Thomas.

This list is expected in January 2022.

Drew Barrymore writes gratitude lists each evening | Leisure

Drew Barrymore and her daughters make “gratitude lists” every night.

The ‘Blended’ star has said that at the end of each day she and her two children – Olive, eight and Frankie (six), who she has with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, started making lists, to thank the “things and people” Who has helped you in the last 24 hours?

She said, “I made a gratitude list at night. This is a new thing for me, but my daughters are involved and we stamp things and people and names to be put on the list.”

Drew also revealed that she never uses an alarm to wake up because it “scares” her. Instead, she has a song to help her get out of bed in the morning.

She added, “My morning ritual is I’d rather wake up to a song than an alarm. [An alarm noise] is the wrong note! It prepares me for a day of fear. “

And the 46-year-old actress said her perfect way to unwind after a busy day includes good TV, “delicious” food, and a good skin care routine.

On her ‘Dear Drew’ series for Entertainment Tonight, she said, “If I can get my hands on a remote control and a tasty takeaway, I’m happy. I love a TV in the bedroom and if I’m wrong, I want to not be right.

“I always brush my face too. The face is washed every night. Going to bed with makeup on only clogs your pores. They’re just begging for blackheads and acne! Make-up off, gratitude list, lights off. “

In the meantime, Drew previously admitted that she doesn’t find time to exercise every day, but tries to balance exercise with the rest of her daily chores.

She said, “The truth is, I don’t find the incentive to exercise every day. My best advice is: [if] You don’t feel like exercising that day, that’s fine. Maybe eat better that day. If you let go of it for a couple of days, you get [back] a couple of days later.

“You have to find that balance, and it took me my whole life to get there. And you rarely, if never, leave a workout and say, ‘That was a waste of time.’ You always feel better. “

1930 Colonial-Type Mansion, With Parking for 150 Vehicles, Lists in Connecticut for $6.7 Million

This Connecticut villa has hit the market.


Text size

A nearly one-hundred-year-old Georgian colonial mansion on eight acres in Connecticut was listed for $ 6.7 million this week.

The home has nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and is nearly 18,000 square feet. There is a basketball court, a pool and an English garden on the premises. The property is located in the city of New Canaan, about an hour’s drive from New York City, according to listing agents Cliff Smith and Todd David Miller of The Agency, a Los Angeles-based broker expanding its presence to the northeast.

More: The historic 1920s property on Miami’s Star Island is selling for $ 39 million

The house, built in 1930, has since been expanded and updated. For example, the chef’s kitchen and master bathroom suite were recently completely renovated, said Mr Smith.

“This is for the New York buyer who wants a classic home with all the modern conveniences,” stated Miller.

The main reception areas contain authentic details. These include a large room with oversized windows and exposed beams, a wood-paneled bar and lounge with an arched door, a formal dining room, and a game room.

From Penta: A nearly 64-carat diamond Cartier bracelet could fetch HK $ 40 million at Sotheby’s

The house is asking for $ 6.7 million.


A family room is off the kitchen and there is a spacious terrace for al fresco dining. There’s also a solarium with a fireplace, nicknamed the “canopy room,” because it’s like sitting in the trees, Mr. Smith explained.

The master bedroom suite has two walk-in closets and dressing rooms, as well as a recently renovated bathroom.

Additional features include an office with built-in bookshelves, a gym, a terrace, well-tended grounds and lawns, and a poolside cabana. A separate two bedroom cottage is also on the property.

The mansion offers complete privacy and “the grounds are great,” he said.

Long before the restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, parties with up to 400 guests were held on the property. As a result, support structures were installed under part of the property to allow parking of an additional 150 cars, Mr. Smith noted.

The house was last traded for $ 2.5 million in 1996. The seller did not immediately return requests for comments.

This article originally appeared on Mansion Global.

Rocky Level ranch-style house lists for $339,996

A two-bedroom, one-bath ranch-style home in Rocky Point is $ 339,996.

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, says listing agent Laura Cochran, H&G Realty.

“The reason the house is a rare find is because there are rarely 0.46 acres of land in Rocky Point,” says Cochran. “It’s usually 50 times 100 tickets; 60 times 100 tickets; 40 times 100 tickets. So it’s unusual to find something this big: multiple times.”

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, the agent said. Photo credit: Long Island Real Estate Photography / Brian Botticelli

Built in 1931, the home has hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings in the kitchen and dining room, a fireplace surrounded by built-in bookcases in the family room, custom colors throughout, and front and rear porches. The roof and heating have recently been updated.

The home has an extended driveway that is also unique to the Rocky Point area, where most properties don’t have adequate parking, notes Cochran.

The fully fenced property has a deck and shed as well as beach rights at nearby Friendship Beach on Long Island Sound.

“It’s just a short walk to the beach,” says Cochran.

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The home is also near the Rocky Point State Pine Barrens Preserve and State Forest, and not far from Brookhaven and Wildwood State Parks.

Annual property tax is $ 7,121.

From Arlene Gross
Especially for Newsday

Stablecoin Innovators e-Cash Lists Staking Token on BitMax

Stablecoin 2.0 Innovators e-money lists put tokens on BitMax



COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 26th, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Stable coin project based in Denmark E-money has its native NGM token on the list BitMax Exchange.

E-money has made waves in the blockchain world with the development of an entirely new form of the stablecoin model. E-money issues currency-based tokens of various denominations that can do everything the stablecoins you know can do. They can be used as a store of value, smoothly sent and received, used as a medium of exchange for a wide range of commercial activities, etc. The currency-secured tokens from e-Money can already be purchased directly from the e-Money DEX. Against the backdrop of a stablecoin market dominated by USD-backed tokens, e-money is offering a first basket of stablecoins backed by European currencies. The first batch of currency-based tokens consists of eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK and eDKK. Further tokens are to be released in early 2021. Unlike other stable coins, however, e-money tokens actively earn interest while supporting almost numbly and almost instantaneous transactions.

While most stable coins aim to maintain a 1: 1 peg to their underlying assets, e-money’s currency hedged tokens follow a measured, deliberate, and determinable shift in value that over time results in a decoupling of values ​​between the underlying underlying assets and the token. This ability to shift in value makes the tokens of e-money very malleable and can withstand volatile market conditions. This unique feature is the result of a token economy design that is new to e-money.

The value of e-money is continuously being influenced by the two opposing forces of interest and inflation. The collateral deposited by holders of currency-hedged tokens is deposited in bank accounts and low-risk government bonds. The accrued interest and the total value of this collateral is reflected in the price of the tokens themselves. The quarterly audit of the assets held in the e-money reserve is carried out quarterly by Ernst and Young for the purpose of transparency and trust.

The story goes on

At the same time, the supply of all currency-hedged tokens will be increased at a rate of 1% per year. The additional tokens generated by this process will be used to buy back e-Money’s native NGM tokens from the stakers and burn them. This secures the system, the incentives of the stakers and validators are aligned with those of the currency-based token holders, the transaction fees are minimized and the smooth operation of the entire e-money ecosystem. The supply of NGM is in turn increased at a rate of 10% per year, with the newly minted tokens being distributed to all stakers in proportion to their use. This is an incentive for the continued acquisition and involvement of NGMs so that holders can 1) collect more currency-backed tokens and 2) more NGMs.

The result of this unique token model is a form of stable coin that is very resistant to fluctuations in the value of the underlying currencies. This circular model is an incentive to reinvest tokens stemming from systemic inflation, a near-zero fee ecosystem (as stakers and validators receive compensation from the inflation mechanism), and a protocol that is fair, transparent, accessible, and value-adding . Combine all of this with the network effects and instant finality and settlement that comes from building e-money on the Cosmos network and it becomes clear that e-money will change the stablecoin world forever.

Together with one already impressive list of existing partners, e-Money recently announced a number of new partnerships, including Polka starter, MantraDAO and Ava Labs With announcements of several more partnerships to be published in the coming weeks. After almost USD 2 million in three financing rounds – most recently a first decentralized exchange offer for Polka starter Closing on January 19, 2021 – with investments from big players like Dokia Capital, Cryptium Labs, ChainLayer, Vendetta Capital, Brilliance Ventures, Magnus Capital Partners and Moonrock Capital Among other things, the native NGM token from e-Money can now be purchased via the BitMax exchange under the trading pair NGM / USDT.

“The listing of NGM on BitMax is an important milestone for the e-money project. This will allow us to expand our community of e-finance advocates who will accompany us on our way to becoming a leading stablecoin issuer. “

– E-Money CEO Martin Dyring-Andersen

A look at e-money Roadmap shows a number of other milestones that are planned for the near future. Dyring-Andersen explains, “We are now looking to improve the issuance and distribution of our stablecoins by working with exchanges, wallet providers and blockchain ecosystems to integrate our token. While we are already present on Cosmos, we expect to integrate into Ethereum and Avalanche in the first half of 2021. “

At the time of writing, those who employ NGM can benefit from a 16.77% stake reward. Just off the starting line, e-money is expected to become a major player in the stable coin world and has the potential to fundamentally change the way we think about digital finance in the future.

Media contact

Company: e-Moneys

Contact person: Martin Dyring-Andersen






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