Cruise line CEOs press White Home Covid group on U.S. sailings: Sources

Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Sea cruise ship berths in Port Miami on March 2, 2021 in Miami, Florida.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

In a meeting with the White House Covid Response Team and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CEOs of carnival, Norwegian cruise line and royal caribbean have spoken out in favor of replacing the government’s phased approach to US ports and creating a clear roadmap that will allow voyages to resume this summer, area sources told CNBC.

Earlier this month, the CDC updated their conditional sail order framework. However, the agency has not yet set a date on which operators can resume voyages from American ports.

The CEOs of the virtual meeting on Monday made it clear to U.S. health officials that by requiring vaccinations and negative Covid tests for everyone on board, passengers could sail safely, the sources said. One participant who did not wish to be identified described the meeting as “encouraging”.

A spokesman for the Cruise Lines International Association trade group told CNBC, “For the first time, industry leaders have been able to highlight the cruise community’s unique ability to implement and accurately manage health protocols that incorporate rigorous reviews, tests, prevention, detection, and monitoring and response procedures all in one controlled environment throughout the cruise experience. ”

The time for the meeting this week has come as communication between the cruise lines and the U.S. health authorities has been tense and politicians on both sides have also exerted pressure.

On Thursday afternoon, Norwegian Cruise Line reiterated its request to the CDC to allow the company to resume cruising from US ports on July 4th. “I continue to await further discussions with the CDC and respectfully request an immediate response to my written proposal to resume cruising in July so we can join America’s national reopening,” CEO Frank Del Rio said in the statement .

It is. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. And Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Calif., said in a statement On Thursday they sent a letter to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and told her to keep the sailing order.

On Tuesday, Florida GOP Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick scottand Senator Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, announced a bill aimed at overriding the CDC’s current framework for cruise ship return to sea. The economies in Florida and Alaska are feeling the effects after more than a year without cruising. cruise was discussed later on Tuesday at the first hearing of a new Senate Travel and Tourism subcommittee.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the state last week will file a lawsuit Demanding cruise ships are allowed to sail again immediately against the CDC.

A former tour operator told CNBC that the cruise lines are not a priority after the March 2020 event, when several cruise lines were stranded at sea and the ports did not let them in.

CNBC has approached the CDC and the White House for comment and received no response.

Dick’s Sporting Items launches males’s athleisure line VRST

VRST debuts on both Dick’s Sporting Goods website and a standalone on Tuesday and will be rolled out in more than 400 Dick’s Sporting Goods locations across the country in the coming weeks.

Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s sporting goods entered the highly competitive men’s sportswear market with the introduction of its own brand VRST.

VRST debuted Tuesday on Dick’s website and a standalone website. The brand’s products will be available in more than 400 Dick’s stores in the coming weeks, the company said. Items in the line – from joggers and shorts to T-shirts, quarter zips and hoodies – range from $ 30 to $ 120, putting them at the high end of the market.

Hereinafter Dick’s success with his Calia Athleisure line For women, the retailer said it saw a blank space in its stores to have an upscale and lifestyle-oriented line for men. The line won’t directly compete with the performance sweat-wicking gear from Under armor and Nike. Instead, it’s more similar Lululemon.

However, the company’s increased investment in private label products came as well-known brands like Nike and Under Armor pledged to sell more goods directly to consumers. Adidas said earlier this month that its direct selling industry should account for 50% of net sales by 2025. While Dick’s still carries these brands, the linchpin has put more pressure on wholesalers to have exclusive lines to drive traffic and sales.

Dick’s had $ 1.3 billion in sales with its own brands in 2020. Total sales were $ 9.58 billion. The company said its own brands outperformed national brands in the golf, fitness, outdoor equipment and team sports categories. It is said that Calia is the second best women’s clothing brand after Nike last year.

Fill the ‘white space’

After Calia, VRST is the second brand that Dick’s has launched with its own website.

“When you see VRST it will be a very different range of products than we currently have with our major supplier partners, and it’s a blank space,” CEO Lauren Hobart said during a call for earnings in March. “It covers a wide range of activities.”

“VRST will put us in a much stronger position to compete with similar offerings from premium apparel brands and specialty sports stores.”

The VRST line of products, which include joggers, shorts, t-shirts, quarter-zip closures, and hoodies, sell for between $ 30 and $ 120 and are priced at the high end of the market.

Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Companies like Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor have done better Clothing brands that focus on workwear and more elegant items during the last 12 months. This resulted in more traditional clothing brands and department store chains quickly shifting their merchandise and marketing to casual and comfort clothing, adding more gamers to an already crowded space.

Activewear gains market share

Lululemon, for example, said before the pandemic It was planned to double the men’s business in five years. Direct-to-consumer sports brands like Rhone, Ten Thousand and Vuori have also doubled their online marketing spend to reach new customers. Even department stores Nordstrom and Kohls have again focused on activewear to increase sales. Kohl’s efforts include an internal line called FLX, which debuted this month.

At the same time, the space has grown enormously.

According to consumer research firm NPD Group, men’s active clothing accounted for 45% of the total men’s clothing market last year, up from 39% in 2019. Categories that helped boost dollars in space included sweatpants, which rose 16% year over year % and sweatshirts, which increased by 3% from 2019.

VRST was not designed to take advantage of a pandemic pop. it’s been in the works for a couple of years, the company said.

“And of course we are maximizing the current momentum,” said Nina Barjesteh, senior vice president of product development. “Most importantly, we continue to look to the long term and make sure we develop products that you’ll want to return more for.”

Dick’s shares fell 2.8% on Tuesday but are up 258% over the past 12 months. The company has a market capitalization of $ 6.8 billion.

Clothes line Assist Black Schools celebrates HBCUs in type

Support Black Colleges clothing brand aims to empower historically black colleges and universities, and strives to encourage people to support and participate in HBCUs. The brand was co-founded in 2012 by Howard University students Corey Arvinger and Justin Phillips and has grown in popularity over the past year. The apparel line recently partnered with the NBA to create NBA All-Star merchandise that celebrates HBCUs.

After discovering a lack of representation among black clothing designers, particularly those highlighting black colleges, Philips and Arvinger wanted to create a space for people who look like that and “are able to capitalize on it because it is necessary, ”Arvinger told CBS News.

Arvinger and Phillips’ experience at Howard University influenced the two to spread information about the importance of HBCUs “without them becoming cheesy or force-fed”. The duo immediately thought of clothes.

Inspired by black sitcoms like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Arvinger said he wanted to convey a “90s feel” to her clothes. “A lot of black sitcoms used to wear HBCU paraphernalia. I think paying homage to that while looking forward to the future and keeping it up to date has been a great way to bring the two together and make something of it. Everyone loves the 90s, ”added Arvinger.

According to the American Council On Education, more than 70% of HBCU students have limited finances. Support Black Colleges was able to provide scholarships for HBCU students in need and to donate 7% of all sales of clothing with an HBCU school logo to that particular school.

The clothing line quickly took off when it was publicly attracted by a number of celebrities including singer Brandy, model Eva Marcille and NBA star Chris Paul.

Support Black college clothing was also widely seen at demonstrations for racial justice held this summer. The clothing line raised $ 100,000 after the release of their Support Black Lives t-shirts and donated all of the proceeds to the Black lives count Organization. “Lots of people started wearing them to protest, which added to sales. It was a snowball effect they were prepared for, ”said Arvinger.


With renewed support for Black Lives Matter, several companies have made statements and pledged donations, as well as internal initiatives to ensure that black businesses and voices are empowered. Support Black Colleges has partnered with Billboard, BET, MTV, Google, Shopify, and the NBA to support this effort.

For this year’s NBA All-Star Game, the NBA has partnered with Support Black Colleges to develop NBA All-Star merchandise to celebrate HBCUs. The clothing line will sell an official 2021 NBA All-Star T-shirt, to which all proceeds will be donated The Fund for Social Change, an organization founded by NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade to invest in and support organizations that focus on empowering color communities and advocating the human rights of all black lives.

“A lot of people don’t talk about HBCUs because they don’t know, especially large companies,” Arvinger told CBS News. “They don’t want to talk about something or highlight something they don’t know about and they don’t usually have a person on their staff who articulates properly and that’s where we come in,” said Arvinger.

Support Black Colleges has also worked with Paul Highlight HBCUs. The basketball star organized a sneaker tour in collaboration with the clothing line, during which Paul had a different HBCU school on his feet at every game in the 2020 NBA playoffs. Support Black Colleges created graphics for Paul’s Instagram that were published after the games and provided additional information about the HBCU presented that day.

“I just want to make sure everyone understands that HBCUs are nothing less than, they are very capable and important to our history, to our culture, to everything,” said Paul.

Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee and Vice President Kamala Harris are some well-known names who have studied at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The majority of HBCUs were founded after the Civil War to provide African Americans with higher education when most schools in the country prohibited blacks from attending.

Home panel investigates One Medical for allegedly letting shoppers reduce Covid vaccine line

Amir Dan Rubin |

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

A congressional committee overseeing the Covid-19 crisis has launched an investigation into the concierge health care provider A doctor reports of vaccination shots being given to family and friends of executives and wealthy customers that were not yet eligible in their states.

Rep. James Clyburn, DS.C., Chair of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, sent a letter Monday to Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of One Medical, for documents regarding their vaccine allocation practices.

With supplies of Covid-19 vaccines remaining scarce, state health departments have rationed priorities for prioritized groups of people, mostly frontline health workers, the elderly, and those with underlying medical conditions that put them at higher risk. In the letter, Clyburn alleged that San Francisco-based One Medical “has repeatedly and deliberately violated vaccine approval requirements in several cities and states in the past two months.”

One Medical, with a market cap of approximately $ 6.4 billion, offers VIP healthcare services to its customers for an annual fee of $ 199. The company, which went public last year under the name 1Life Healthcare, operates in nine states and the District of Columbia. according to its website.

“While One Medical has been warned that the company’s lax oversight of vaccine licensing rules allowed unauthorized patients to cross the line, it has reportedly failed to properly implement an effective admissibility review protocol and instructed staff to not to monitor the authority of the police, “wrote Clyburn.

“I am deeply concerned that medical providers’ refusal to adhere to vaccination prioritization guidelines and deliberate delivery of doses to people in lower priority groups are costing more American lives and delaying or even delaying containment of the virus across the country can derail, “wrote Clyburn.

James Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, speaks during a press conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Amanda Andrade-Rhoades | Bloomberg via Getty Images

One Medical representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

One Medical shares fell more than 1% on Tuesday morning.

The congress examination is carried out according to NPR received internal communications from the company last week this showed that it routinely enabled wealthy customers and people with ties to business leaders to cut the limit on the vaccine. In some cities where One Medical operates, the company has been given thousands of doses of the rare vaccines, according to the NPR.

Complaints about the company have caused regulators, including the Washington State Department of Health, to stop distributing the vaccines to One Medical, NPR noted.

“These reports raise concerns that the company could use the federally funded vaccine rollout to increase membership rates and generate fees regardless of whether or not potential fee-paying members are actually eligible for the vaccination,” Clyburn wrote in the letter to the company.

NPR reported that some healthcare providers asked One Medical to change its practice.

“Why are young patients with no health problems who are enrolled in a trial membership … allowed to book and receive a Covid vaccine while health care workers are put on the waiting list?” A doctor asked about internal communications from NPR in January. “I’ve just seen two dates for it.”

In response to similar questions, staff were told not to discourage patients from receiving the vaccine.

“If that person sees themselves at a stage being vaccinated, they can confirm and schedule an appointment,” said Spencer Blackman, the company’s director of clinical education, in a message to a doctor, according to the NPR. “You can’t make the decision when someone ‘gets’. [a] Vaccine or not. “

What Is Your Spending Model And Do You Stroll The Line?

By: Pichi Bellingrath McClure

What’s your spending style and are you going the line?


The American individual credit card balance decreased from $ 6,629 to $ 5,897 from 2019 to 2020; However, emotional spending is still prevalent in society.

What are emotional issues? The coined expression “retail therapy” sums it up. Retail therapy actively buys things with the intention of making you feel better. In itself, it’s not a bad thing – when it is measured measured.

However, it becomes a problem when you lack self-regulation and spending gets out of hand. You can develop Self-control in relation to your expenses by understanding the opposites of emotional expenses.

Life is full of opposites. Personal finances are the opposites of impulsive and cautious spending. Careful spending is not a bad thing in itself. There is no real consequence other than that you may be overly careful and not enjoy the little things in life. However, there can be serious financial consequences for pulse outputs.

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How do you balance the two? Just as Johnny Cash was singing “I Walk the Line” there is a line you go between them. The line represents self-regulation and forms the balance between self-awareness and discipline.

Sometimes it’s okay to be impulsive, but you need to watch your finances and see if this is an impulse that you can afford. This is the line to go.

On the flip side, the benefit of self-regulation coupled with discipline and confidence with your purchases of all sizes is that you stay within your budget – with little or none fault and a good FICO score.

Before making any purchase, follow these steps to break the line of self-regulation on current spending:

  • Wait 48 hours before making a purchase.
  • Analyze the purchase to see whether it is a real need or just a need.
  • Evaluate your financial resources.
  • Check your budget.
  • Comparison shop.
  • Do you assess how empowered or guilty the purchase makes you feel?

If, after going through the steps above, you feel empowered rather than guilty, exercise your personal financial freedom by crossing the line of self-regulation between the two areas of cautious and impulsive spending.

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If you break the line of self regulation, you can build up your financial nest egg. You can put every dollar you don’t waste into a financial instrument that can be used to make money. Compound interest, your tireless moneymaker, works for you even while you sleep to increase your income.

Once you master the path between the impulsive sphere and the cautious sphere via the line of self-regulation, you will have the best of both worlds by understanding the balance between impulsive shopping and responsible spending. The money saved can be financed Investments are worthwhile.

Constructive spending, consistent discipline and constant self-confidence lead to money habits that create a strong reserve for retirement assets. Long-term savings behavior begins with your decision to consistently self-regulate between the two opposing circles of impulsiveness and caution.

Acting between the circles of impulsiveness and caution by crossing the line of self-regulation is a lifelong way of thinking. Ultimately, this lifestyle is to be adopted. If you practice these attitudes and behaviors consistently, you will be self-sufficient and rich. Peace of mind emerges – a peace that is priceless and cannot be bought.

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– –

Pichi Bellingrath McClure is a resilience expert. She helps people to strengthen their personal leadership and to overcome the impossible through their content, tools and strategies. Subscribe to something her bi-weekly resilience tips and follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Furtschegger Appointed International Head of Leisure Line of Enterprise at AGCS

Michael Furtschegger has been appointed Global Head of Entertainment at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) and reports directly to Dr. Renate Strasse, board member of AGCS SE and Chief Underwriting Officer Specialty.

Munich-based Furtschegger has temporarily headed the global entertainment team since the end of 2020 after his predecessor Lauren Bailey stepped down and left the alliance. Furtschegger’s appointment takes effect immediately.

Michael Furtschegger

The AGCS Entertainment division offers specialized insurance solutions for film productions and live events in sports, music or culture.

Before heading up the global team of 60 entertainment colleagues around the world, Furtschegger had been Head of Entertainment International since 2016 and managed the international expansion of this division.

He originally joined AGCS in 2009 as a global customer relationship manager before several other roles followed. He was assistant to the management of Dr. Axel Theis, founding member and long-time CEO of AGCS, before taking on a role in the New York office as manager for quality and projects in the area of ​​global underwriting coordination. He then headed Global Strategy & Development for the Chief Underwriting Office Specialty.

Before Furtschegger came to Allianz in 2009, he worked as a management consultant after his MBA (Mexico / USA) and his degree in business administration (Germany).

Via the AGCS entertainment line

The entertainment line became part of AGCS in 2015 when North American Allianz’s commercial insurance business, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co., was integrated into AGCS. Building on its presence in film, television productions and live events in North America, the entertainment line has expanded and hubs have been established in London, continental Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2020, Entertainment contributed 3% to AGCS’s global gross premium of EUR 9.3 billion. Over the past year, AGCS and many other insurers have seen a surge in COVID-19 claims in the entertainment industry, particularly due to the cancellation of live events and the interruption of movies or movie productions due to government bans and social distancing measures.

The entertainment insurance usually covers property and accident risks for productions and live events. This may include physical risks to the cast, crew, cloakroom, sets and equipment, as well as covering additional costs associated with a production delay caused by these physical risks. Liability is also an important form of entertainment coverage – for example, at events where an organizer needs coverage for injuries to performers and spectators.

Source: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)

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Funds 2021 tip: Methods to save cash, construct up financial savings to beef up your backside line

CHICAGO (WLS) – If you’re trying to save money and build your savings in 2021, here’s a quick tip on how to save money.

If you are trying to cut spending in 2021, cut your budget slightly by 5 or 10%.

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According to financial experts at Forbes Advisor, it’s better to start small and be realistic.

Also put restrictions on “taking out” and delivering food during the pandemic. Think ahead and make sure you have a certain amount of meals planned from the grocery store.

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This is also a good time of year to check your credit card statements for subscriptions that you are not using and to cancel them.

Have fun saving!

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New Colorado greeting card line celebrates growing old | Arts & Leisure

Make it your 30th birthday and chances are you’ll receive a card with black balloons telling you it’s going downhill from there.

What couldn’t be further from the truth, says the Denver anti-ageism group, which is changing the narrative. The campaign is particularly frustrated with the racks of greeting cards that perpetuate the idea that the older you get, the worse you feel: deafness, forgetfulness, crabs. Ageism isn’t funny, however, the campaign says. It’s harmful.

“I was looking for one for a friend and there was a picture of a woman in a tracksuit bending over and saying you know you can get too old if you can get a mammogram and a pedicure at the same time,” he said Campaign manager Janine Vanderburg says.

“All the scenes are grumpy and everything hurts. This is not real life. If you look around, a lot of us do cool things. The narrative is very different from the reality. “

The new gallery in downtown Colorado Springs features taxidermists

Last year, the campaign announced a competition for Colorado artists to create greeting cards that celebrate aging, rather than the all-too-familiar narrative that revolves around decline, depression, loneliness, and addiction. The result is 23 new $ 6 cards that can be purchased online at Anti-Ageist Birthday Cards.

And with the resurgence of greeting cards, Vanderburg says, perhaps due to people unable to see their friends and family during the pandemic, the field was ripe for entry. According to the website greetingcard.orgAmericans buy approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, with annual retail sales ranging from $ 7 billion to $ 8 billion. Nine out of ten households buy greeting cards every year.

The Colorado Springs artist perfects vintage-inspired paintings of “Eye Candy”.

The mandala design by Colorado Springs artist Heather McKinnon adorns one of the cards. Inside her text reads: “Give yourself permission to expand like the mandala. With every year and every additional shift, your gift to the world grows. Best wishes for your greatest year yet. Happy Birthday.”

The campaign message resonated with McKinnon, a former website creator who left the workforce in her thirties to raise children and cure breast cancer. When she tried to find a job in her forties, her skills were out of date and she decided to log out. At 50, she tried again. No luck.

It was at this point that she decided to give in to her creative urge to paint mandalas. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit and is a geometric configuration of symbols. She was delighted when she found a mandala-painted stone from the 719 Rocks! Art project that encouraged people to paint stones and hide them around the 719 area code for others to find.

Colorado Springs creatives go on scavenger hunts for works of art

Her dot mandala work is now hanging in the Art 111 gallery and she will have a new show at Springs Restaurant 503W in February.

“I can do this until I’m 100. Nobody looks at people and says they are too old to make art. I wrote a little essay about how much this really set me free at this time of my life, but it’s unfortunate that doors are closed, ”said McKinnon of the essay she submitted to the competition.

“I still feel like 20 in my head. I’m still sharp enough to get any work done. “

Contact the author: 636-0270

Contact the author: 636-0270