Ocean Metropolis Resident Gives Fashion, Consolation With Clothes Line

WoodLuck clothing offers unique and sporty clothing with style and comfort in mind. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)


Jake Brown, who is only 24 years old, is a budding entrepreneur.

His WoodLuck clothing line offers a range of items for the outdoor type. And the clothes are selling fast. The young talent not only keeps pace with the growing business, but also expands his company and still offers his regular and new customers special offers.

Brown is offering 20 percent off WoodLuck inventory and free shipping through Saturday, December 4th. The coupon code is Beer20. To order, visit WoodLuck at https://woodluckapparel.com/

Clothing is about quality, style, and uniqueness, Brown said. Every “WoodHood” hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the WoodLuck logo sewn into the garment. The company name arose from Brown’s superstition that “knocking on wood” as a lucky charm.

WoodLuck’s customer base has been growing steadily since the website launched in 2018.

And Brown is pretty sure why that could be.

“It’s about quality,” he said during an interview on Saturday in his new office in downtown Ocean City. “A lot of our older shirts just weren’t as good as they are now. I researched various companies and clothing until I found the brand with the best quality. “

Brown, who works full-time in insurance risk management, is an avid surfer and animal lover who is devoted to his family and friend, Alex Valentini of Manasquan.

Jake Brown and his girlfriend Alex Valentini in his new office in downtown Ocean City.

His passion drives the success he has achieved with WoodLuck.

Brown claims that thanks to his business philosophy – quality over quantity – he ensures he delivers a garment that is comfortable, casual, yet stylish and memorable.

“I want my customers to come back,” he says. “If people like the design or the color, but the quality just isn’t there, they won’t come back.”

Thick and soft sweatshirts from coffee to bone color define the hoodies. Like the other items of clothing, the long-sleeved shirts have the WoodLuck logo with a simple, clear gradient under the logo. The backs of the shirts have designs ranging from surfboards to sundials. The hoodies have the thin wooden labels.

Although his garments are competitively priced, Brown also knows the importance of rewarding returning customers and attracting new WoodLuck fans, he said.

That’s why Brown regularly offers discounts and specials on the website.

He attributes good business acumen to his parents Marnie and Jim Brown, who helped him with his dream, which was once a hobby but quickly turned into a career.

Each hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the logo for the superstitious. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

WoodLuck started out at his parents’ house after all.

Now that he has opened an office in Ocean City that he uses for his inventory and WoodLuck office, he sees even more expansion in the future.

He grew up in Ambler, Pennsylvania with his parents and brother Ryan, 20, but always spent the summers in Ocean City.

“I’ve vacationed here since I was a baby,” noted Brown. “I thought Ocean City would be an ideal place to start WoodLuck.”

He is a 2019 graduate of Bloomsburg University where he studied business administration. During his studies WoodLuck was born and the website was launched.

WoodLuck orders, at least for now, exclusively online. While Brown said he was open to the possibility of opening a retail store in the future, the WoodLuck website currently gives customers the benefit of ordering exactly what they want and getting it delivered to their door.

Brown has ideas for some new items and will definitely continue to grow.

“This month itself is the best month we’ve had so far,” he said. “I only fill out order after order. It’s getting really full now, that’s great. My goal is to have more space for more inventory and possibly introduce some new parts into the line. “

Brown has some ideas but doesn’t share the details yet.

“We’ll get some new hats and shorts in the spring,” he said. “We might see some new categories over the summer. We will definitely have something new for our customers. “

WoodLuck is all about stylish yet comfortable clothing. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

Mike Tyson joins the checklist of celebrities launching a hashish line

In this handout picture, Mike Tyson attends the Hublot x WBC “Night of Champions” gala at the Encore Hotel on May 03, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Omar Vega | HUBLOT via Getty Images

Mike Tyson told CNBC that cannabis makes him “a different person” and that he is releasing his Tyson 2.0 cannabis line to help others who are looking for emotional and physical relief.

“It’s really all about the love of medicine,” said the co-founder and chief brand officer of Tyson 2.0. “I put a lot of time into farming and discovered the right strain.”

The former heavyweight boxing champion added, “It’s gotten pretty complex, but the best time of my life.”

Tyson 2.0 launched in Colorado on Friday through a partnership with Columbia Care, a US-based multi-state operator that currently operates 99 pharmacies in 16 states, according to its website.

“Based on Mike Tyson’s passion for cannabis and the insights he brought to the brand through his own positive results, we knew we needed to get this line of products to market as quickly as possible, which has as broad an appeal as we can are thrilled to be able to intensify our partnership at this point in time, “said Jesse Channon, Columbia Care’s Chief Growth Officer, in a statement. using our experience and size to bring them to fruition across the country. “

Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards

The Tyson 2.0 brand will begin selling 1 ounce flower pouches of a variety of varieties – including the popular “Maui Wowie” – of varying potency at a price of $ 89.95. The average price for an ounce of cannabis in the US in November is $ 82, according to data from Cannabis Benchmarks. Tyson 2.0 plans to sell pre-rolls and 3.5-gram flower jars in the coming months.

“He doesn’t just write his name on a product. We won’t bring any product to market unless Mike agrees, ”Adam Wilks, CEO of Tyson 2.0, told CNBC. Tyson is involved in the research and development process, added Wilks. “Mike can actually choose the strains he prefers, with ‘Sour Diesel’ and ‘The Toad’ being some of his favorites,” he said.

“My best strain is ‘Sour Diesel,'” Tyson said with a smile as he explained his goal of building new and deeper relationships with his fans through cannabis. “It’s a strong bond with the buyer,” he said.

The boxing legend joins a long list of celebrities who have used her fame to promote lines of cannabis or CBD.

The family of music legend and cannabis advocate Bob Marley has the “Marley Nature” Cannabis line in 2016. Rapper and mogul Jay-Z got the “Monogram” Cannabis line in 2020. Actor and comedian Seth Rogen, best known for stoner comedies, started his “Houseplant” Cannabis companies in 2019. Martha Stewart launched her eponymous CBD Brand in 2020 and markets the wellness product line for humans and animals.

Tyson, 55, said he also uses his line of cannabis for wellness, noting, “I use them for life.”

“If I don’t use it for a week or three days, some of that ability, I’m a completely different person. And I’m not a personable person,” he said.

Mountain of Cash Fuels Newsom’s Surge to Recall Election End Line

Governor Gavin Newsom’s offer of defense a recall in California has been bolstered in the past few months by a tens of millions of dollars in infusion from major donors that gave him a tremendous financial advantage over his Republican rivals on the final leg of the race.

There had been moments over the summer when Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, had appeared in public polls as vulnerable as California’s unique callback rules seemed to provide an opening for the Conservatives in one of the nation’s most trusted democratic states. But Mr. Newsom raised more than $ 70 million in an account this year to combat the recall, much of it in July and August, which allowed him and his allies to dominate the television network and promote their opponents online .

California has no restrictions on donations to recall committees, and Mr. Newsom has taken full advantage of these loose rules. His contributions included an early $ 3 million from Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix; $ 500,000 from liberal philanthropist George Soros; and $ 500,000 from Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. Dr. Priscilla Chan, a philanthropist and wife of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, contributed $ 750,000 and real estate tycoon George Marcus gave $ 1 million.

Millions of dollars more came from stakeholders doing business in front of the state, including unions representing service workers, teachers and prison guards, the real estate industry, and Indian tribes who run casinos.

On the Republican side, the financial cavalry never made it.

Mr. Newsom’s aggressive efforts to deter other prominent Democrats from running for office cemented the party’s financial power to protect his post. When dismissed in California, voters ask themselves two questions: first, whether the governor should be removed, and second, who should be the replacement. During the last recall election in 2003, Democrats struggled with the notoriously unwieldy slogan “no recall; yes on Bustamante ”when Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, moved into governorship.

This year, the state’s Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing ahead of Tuesday’s election: Money mattered. All in all, Mr Newsom spent more on fighting the recall than he did on his 2018 election.

“If Gavin couldn’t raise the money, he could have lost in the face of the amount of apathy and fear,” said Kerman Maddox, a Democratic strategist in California who also served as a party donor. “I’ll just be real.”

Dave Gilliard, a Republican strategist who was involved in the recall effort, said of the cash gap, “It definitely made a difference.”

Despite the large sums of money involved in the recall, the total cost of the race is actually less than that of a single election last year, than Uber and Lyft have teamed up to successfully push for rules App-based companies allow drivers and other workers to continue to be classified as independent contractors. This ballot has drawn roughly $ 225 million in spending because of the state’s many large and expensive media markets, including Los Angeles.

Mr Newsom used his financial advantage to overpower his Republican rivals and supporters of the televised recall in July and August by a ratio of almost four to one, giving the $ 20.4 million for the $ 5.6 million, according to data -Dollars of callback advocates from ad tracking company AdImpact. Some of these advertisements framed the race in the crassest of words, with a passage saying that was the result of the recall “it’s about life and death” because of the coronavirus.

On YouTube and Google, the financial inequality was even worse. Newsom has spent nearly $ 4.1 million, according to Google’s disclosure documents, while its leading Republican opponent, radio talk show host Larry Elder, has spent just over $ 600,000.

the sudden appearance of Mr. Elder As the Republican front runner – he entered the competition in July and had raised more than $ 13 million by the end of August – Mr. Newsom supplied a finished Republican slide. A blatant conservative, Mr. Elder had left a number of radio clips outlining unpopular positions with the Democrats on issues such as the environment, abortion, and the minimum wage.

“Lo and behold, he received a gift from the gods on behalf of Larry Elder, the conservative African-American version of Donald Trump,” said Maddox, adding that the specter of an elder-governor had motivated donors large and small alike.


9/10/2021, 1:05 p.m. ET

It hadn’t always been clear that Mr. Newsom would have such a crucial monetary advantage. Some party contributors were slow to get involved. Ron Conway, a San Francisco-based venture capitalist who made early stage efforts in the tech community to combat product recalls and fundraisers, said he was fired early. “Back then, a lot of people thought I was scare tactics,” he wrote in an email. “They don’t think so anymore!”

State records show that nearly two-thirds of donations of $ 10,000 or more went to Mr. Newsom’s primary account against recalls after July 1. And overall, more than 80 percent of the US $ 10,000 donations came from California.

“Democrats would rather not have to fund an off-year race in California,” said Dan Newman, an advisor to Mr. Newsom. “But they didn’t hesitate when it was clear what was at stake.”

Mr Newsom’s campaign said it was expecting 600,000 donations by the election after running a robust online donation program. Much of the money, however, came from huge donations, with $ 48.2 million in its main account against recalls from donations of $ 100,000 or more.

In late August, attendees at a donor retreat in Aspen, Colorado for Democratic Governors Association contributors said there was some grumbling and anger about the need to redirect all resources to a blue state like California – especially given the tough races in the world of governors are scheduled to take place in 2022.

The Governors Association has so far transferred $ 5.5 million to the Newsom operation against the recall.

“It’s not a good sign for the Democrats in 2022 when they have to burn millions of dollars on a recall in America’s most liberal state,” said Jesse Hunt, communications director for the Republican Governors Association.

From the start, Mr. Newsom’s campaign framed the recall as a Republican seizure of power, making it particularly unattractive for some major GOP contributors to get involved in the race, according to National and California Republicans. The unusual demand by the state that the names of the top donors appear in advertisements was also a deterrent, along with widespread disbelief that California could ever really be turned around.

“There are a lot of people who are for us but never believe it’s possible,” said Anne Hyde Dunsmore, campaign manager for Rescue California, one of the pro-recalls. “No, the money didn’t come in, and no, it wasn’t for lack of demand.”

Some major checks came. Mr. Elder received $ 1 million from Geoffrey Palmer, a real estate developer and major Republic donor. Saul Fox, a private equity manager, donated $ 100,000. And Mr. Elder quickly outstripped the rest of the Republican field in fundraising with donations large and small.

John Cox, the Republican who lost to Mr. Newsom in a 2018 landslide, has again spent millions of his own dollars. One of his costly moves was campaigning with a 1,000 pound Kodiak bear named Tag, Who else appeared in Mr. Cox’s advertisements.

Kevin Faulconer, a Republican former mayor of San Diego, raised more than $ 4 million for his candidacy, and Kevin Kiley, a Republican MP, raised more than $ 1 million.

Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender activist and former Olympian, received a wave of publicity their entry to the race. But their offer and fundraising have largely failed. By the end of August, Ms. Jenner had raised less than $ 1 million and had less than $ 28,000 in cash – with more than unpaid bills.

Gale Kaufman, a Sacramento-based Democratic strategist, said the fragmented and financially weak Republican field had “prevented them from ever launching a ‘yes’ campaign” – for the recall – “met with response.”

“They don’t speak with one voice and they don’t say the same thing,” she said.

Mike Netter, a Republican who was one of the early organizers of the recall, was frustrated by the Democratic attack that the push was a Republican attempt to seize power. He said there was little conservative support after supporters of the recall put the measure on the ballot.

“If we’re supposed to be so Republican, where’s our money? Where is the air cover from our supposedly right-wing secret organizations? ”Mr Netter said, referring to the lack of large donations from the party and leading Republicans such as MP Devin Nunes. “Nobody believed in us for so long. And it’s not that we have that much money. It’s not like the Koch brothers are my cousins ​​or anything. I went to the state of San Diego. “

Shawn Hubler contributed to the coverage.

Companies line up ‘inexperienced’ ammonia for fertilizer and future gas

As society tries to find ways to reduce its ecological footprint, the decarbonization of a wide variety of sectors and industrial processes will be crucial in the years to come.

Time is of the essence when it comes to finding new solutions and technologies for if the latest findings of the IPCC are correct.

The report released last week warned that limiting global warming to nearly 1.5 degrees Celsius or even 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels over the next two decades would be “unattainable” without immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions .

Against this sobering backdrop, a number of companies are trying to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia production, which, according to a policy briefing by the Royal Society, is responsible for around 1.8% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

On Monday, for example, three Norwegian companies – energy company Statkraft, Aker Clean Hydrogen and fertilizer specialist wound – founded a company that focuses on the production of so-called “green” ammonia.

The new company, called HEGRA, is jointly owned by the three companies. According to Statkraft, which is itself owned by the Norwegian state, HEGRA will focus on electrifying and decarbonising an ammonia plant in Herøya, Norway.

The basic idea behind the initiative is to use renewable energies to produce ammonia on a large scale. The ammonia would then be used to make carbon-free fertilizers. Statkraft also described green ammonia as “a promising zero-emission fuel for the maritime sector”.

In a conversation with CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” on Monday morning, Yara CEO Svein Tore Holsether emphasized the importance of developing solutions for the big picture.

“The technology is there, but it’s also about making a product out of it,” he said. “And the nice thing about ammonia production and fertilizer production is that you already have an existing infrastructure.”

“By converting some of it into renewable energy using hydropower, as we speak here in Norway, we can produce a renewable fertilizer product and deliver it to farmers on a large scale.”

In terms of a schedule, Holsether stated it would take five to seven years to get the project up and running.

Read more about clean energy from CNBC Pro

The founding of HEGRA is just one example of how companies are looking for ways to reduce the emissions associated with ammonia production.

Yara also works in Australia ENGIE in the development of a plant for the production of renewable hydrogen and ammonia. The project is supported by an Australian $ 42.5 million ($ 31.15 million) grant from the Australian Government.

Last week, oil and gas giant BP announced that “producing green hydrogen and green ammonia using renewable energy” is now technically feasible in Australia.

The conclusion of the energy major is based on the results of a feasibility study announced in May 2020, which is supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the solar developer Lightsource bp and the professional service company GHD Advisory.

In a statement, BP described the vast state of Western Australia as “an ideal place” to develop “large-scale renewable energy plants that can in turn produce green hydrogen and / or green ammonia for domestic and export markets.”

– CNBC’s Sam Meredith contributed to this report

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) Q2 2021 earnings beat

The cruise ship Norwegian Dawn will dock in the French Mediterranean port of Marseille on July 27, 2021.

Gerard Bottino | SOPA pictures | LightRakete | Getty Images

Norwegian Cruise Line announced mixed second quarter results on Friday as future bookings ahead of the first US cruise remained strong since last year.

On Saturday, Norwegian Encore sails from Seattle to Alaska. The cruise operator plans to bring 40% of its fleet capacity into operation by the end of the third quarter and 75% by the end of the year. The company plans to resume full capacity by April 1st.

It will require that all passengers of all three brands be vaccinated.

“We are ready and eager to welcome guests back on board and continue to see an incredible strength in our booking trends for future cruises,” said President and CEO Frank Del Rio.

The company’s shares rose more than 2% in pre-trading hours.

The company performed in the second quarter ended June 30, compared to the expectations of the analysts surveyed by Refinitiv:

  • Loss per share: $ 1.93 adjusted vs. $ 1.97 expected
  • revenue: $ 4.37 million versus the expected $ 10 million

For the second quarter, the company recorded a net loss of $ 717.8 million, or $ 1.94 per share, compared to a loss of $ 715.2 million, or $ 2.99 per share, last year.

With no items, the company lost $ 1.93 per share, which was less than the loss of $ 1.97 per share expected by analysts surveyed by Refinitiv.

Revenue fell to $ 4.37 million, well below the $ 10 million analysts had expected.

However, the company said bookings for 2022, taking into account future cruise credits, are well above the 2019 records.

As of the end of the second quarter, the cruise operator had pre-sale tickets valued at $ 1.4 billion, including $ 800 million from future cruise credits.

As it prepared to go back online, the company had average monthly cash usage during the quarter of $ 200 million, which is higher than last quarter’s value and previous forecast of $ 190 million. The company expects a monthly cash burn rate of $ 285 million for the third quarter, excluding cash inflow from new and existing bookings.

The company expects to report a net loss in the third quarter and beyond until it can resume regular travel.

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is unable to estimate with any certainty the impact it will have on its business, financial condition, or short or long-term financial or operating results,” Norwegian Cruise Line said in a press release.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s shares are down nearly 5% this year as the cruise industry remained closed due to Covid-19.

There were several at the height of the pandemic Sensational outbreaks on board ships This led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to impose harsh restrictions on cruise lines.

Cruise stocks rose earlier this year, as vaccinations raised hope for an industry recovery, but the proliferation of the highly contagious Delta variant in recent weeks has reversed the trend in the stock.

Last month, Norwegian Cruise Line filed a lawsuit against the Florida surgeon general End the law of the state that prohibits companies from requiring customers to provide proof of vaccination. In the court filing, the company said it wants its guests to show proof of vaccination on all cruises.

The company’s first scheduled departure from Florida is August 15, which Norwegian says will be a 100% vaccinated cruise.

“The company has been unable to work with the state of Florida to find a mutually acceptable solution that would allow them to request proof of guests’ vaccination status prior to boarding Florida cruises,” Norwegian said in a press release. “[At Friday’s hearing,] the company hopes to have additional clarity shortly on its path to resume sailing from Florida. “

Famed Movie star Type And Development Go-To WhoWhatWear Launches Its DTC Attire Line

WhoWhatWear, die Anlaufstelle für Laufstegtrends und Promi-Style, hat gerade seine neue DTC-Bekleidung auf den Markt gebracht … [+] Linie mit Fokus auf „trendige Klassiker“.


Gegründet im Jahr 2006 mit der Weitsicht und Vision, die Einstellung von Frauen zu Mode und Schönheit zu verändern, WhoWhatWear.com, die Anlaufstelle für Laufstegtrends und Promi-Style, setzt sich mit der heutigen Einführung der allerersten DTC-Bekleidungslinie der Marke weiterhin für die Idee ein, dass Stil inklusiv und erreichbar ist.

Mit dem Fokus auf „trendige Klassiker“ ist diese neueste Markteinführung ein natürlicher Übergang für die Marke. Unter der Leitung von Chefredakteurin Kat Collings, die Anfang 2017 zu WhoWhatWear (WWW) kam, hat das Unternehmen eine beeindruckende Erfolgsgeschichte vorzuweisen. Die Leserschaft ist um über 117 % von 5 Millionen monatlichen Einzelbesuchern auf über 12 Millionen monatliche Einzelbesucher im Jahr 2021 gestiegen. Zusammen mit einem kometenhaften Umsatzwachstum von über 230 % seit 2017 auf über 5 Millionen $ pro Monat bei den geworbenen Verkäufen heute scheint Collins den Finger auf den Punkt zu bringen ständig wechselnden Puls dessen, was weibliche Verbraucher wollen.

Unter der Leitung von WhoWhatWear-Chefredakteurin Kat Collings (links) als Creative Director und … [+] Brianna Mobrem (rechts) als Präsidentin expandiert das Duo stark und passt seine Rollen an, um das neue DTC-Label zu leiten.


Jetzt mit der Einführung der neuen Marke WhoWhatWear DTC unter dem Klicken Sie auf Marken Dach, Collings als Kreativdirektorin und Brianna Mobrem als Präsidentin erweitern und passen ihre Rollen stark an, um das neue DTC-Label zu leiten, basierend auf den wichtigsten Erkenntnissen ihrer über 20 Millionen weltweiten Leser. Da das Duo und sein Team in ständiger Kommunikation mit ihrem Publikum stehen und umfangreiche Umfragen und Affiliate-Daten nutzen können, wurde die Linie mit Blick auf den Leser entwickelt.

Wer ist sie? Der WWW-Verbraucher ist küstennah, Mitte 20 bis 30, und hat Modeeinfluss in seinem Kreis. Sie wollen aktuell aussehen, überlegt einkaufen und Trends folgen, aber nur in solche investieren, die Bestand haben. Betreten Sie die Who-What-Wear-Kollektion.

Von Anfang an hatten Collings und Mobrem die Vision, „eine Kollektion mit bewussten Preisen und gehobenen Garderoben-Grundlagen aufzubauen und zu kuratieren“ zusammen mit dem Ziel, zurückhaltende Luxusklassiker aus pflanzlichen organischen Materialien in kleineren Chargen herzustellen.

Inspiriert von dem Wunsch, „einen sich ständig weiterentwickelnden persönlichen Stil“ zu haben und zu schaffen, ist die bewusste Wendung der „feel-like-luxury“-Designansatz, der das vereint, wonach ein Verbraucher jetzt sucht, aber auch das einbezieht, was er für morgen im Sinn hat .

Die in LA entworfene Kollektion bietet monatliche Drops in kleinen Mengen, mit besonderem Fokus auf Wohlfühlstoffe, die die „perfekte“ Interpretation von Must-Have-Stücken sind. Die Eröffnungskollektion besteht aus 27 Teilen, deren Preis bewusst so festgelegt ist, dass sie eine investitionswürdige Qualität bietet, aber auch für eine bessere Zugänglichkeit für den Verbraucher mit einem Startpreis von 55 US-Dollar ausgelegt ist.

Jeder der Drops der Marke basiert auch auf einer ausgewählten Anzahl von Heldenstücken, die die aktuelle Garderobe von Frauen aufwerten und mit dem sich entwickelnden Stil einer Person wachsen sollen. Das Unternehmen wird aus natürlichen Rohstoffen und Textilien hergestellt und konzentriert sich auch darauf, umweltfreundliche Entscheidungen in seinen Design- und Produktionsprozessen zu treffen.

Neue Kleidungsnormen für die hybride Arbeitsumgebung sind integraler Bestandteil des neuen WhoWhatWear DTC … [+] Linie mit Looks, die sich leicht vom Tag in den Abend verwandeln lassen.


Es ist immer ein langer und komplizierter Prozess, eine neue Bekleidungsmarke auf den Markt zu bringen. Collings und Mobrem setzten sich zusammen und teilten die wichtigsten Modetrends mit, die das Duo und sein Team in die Eröffnungskollektion der Marke aufgenommen haben, sowie ihre Vorhersagen zu den aufkommenden Trends, die Frauen als Teil unserer neuen, hybriden Arbeitsumgebung und Lebensstile suchen.

NJ Falk: Welche Trends werden sich Ihrer Meinung nach entwickeln, wenn sich mehr Frauen der neuen, abgelegenen (hybriden) Arbeitsumgebung anpassen und sie annehmen?

Brianna Mobrem: Ich gehe davon aus, dass das hybride Arbeitsmodell teils Büro, teils Fernarbeit einige neue Kleidungsnormen mit sich bringen wird. Das Büro wird als Chance gesehen, mit Ihrem Outfit Eindruck zu machen, mit mehr Aufwand und Aufmerksamkeit für die Tage, an denen Sie Ihre Kollegen im wirklichen Leben sehen. Die Freuden des bequemen Anziehens werden jedoch nicht so schnell vergessen. Nach einem Jahr in Pantoffeln fühlen sich Super High Heels an wie ein Schleudertrauma. Ich erwarte, im Büro eine Fülle von niedrigen Absätzen und eleganten Flats zu sehen. Unsere Linie erfüllt die Anforderungen einer hybriden Arbeitsumgebung: entspannter Anzug für Kundenbesprechungstage, ein gehobenes Lounge-Set für Ihre Arbeit von zu Hause aus und ein schickes, aber dennoch bequemes Kleid, um die Kollegen im Büro zu beeindrucken.

NJ Falk: Was sind einige der wichtigsten Trends, die Sie von der redaktionellen Seite des WWW identifiziert haben, die Sie in diese Sammlung eingebracht haben? Können Sie bestimmte Stile nennen, die zu jedem dieser Trends sprechen?

Kat Collings:Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Plissee- und Second-Skin-Strickware riesig sein wird, da sie einfach zu tragen, zu reisen und leicht für den Tag oder den Abend verwandelt werden kann. Sie sind neben Tops, Hosen sowie Midikleidern mit passenden Cardigans ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Kollektion.

Mit einem Fokus auf Second-Skin-Strickware und Forever-Pieces wurde die WhoWhatWear-Bekleidungslinie geschaffen, um … [+] im Trend sein, gepaart mit einem Sinn für Aktualität. Die Materialbeschaffung und der Fokus auf Detaillierung waren entscheidend, um die Luxuskomponente hinzuzufügen, die Teil der gesamten Markenstrategie ist.


Falk: Wenn Sie die Kollektion beschreiben, sprechen Sie von „trendigen Klassikern“ und „Qualität, die sich als werthaltig anfühlt, aber nicht so aufs Portemonnaie trifft“, was bedeuten diese Sätze für Sie? Und wie wird die Who What Wear-Kollektion die Marktlücke für solche Stücke füllen?

Mobre: Die Marktlücke, die wir zu füllen versuchen, sind hochwertige Qualitätsprodukte zu einem schuldfreien Preis. Wir möchten, dass unsere Kollektion die Aufregung und Befriedigung erzeugt, die Sie empfinden, wenn Sie ein tolles Angebot erhalten, ohne auf den Verkauf warten zu müssen. Trendige Klassiker sind Keep Forever Pieces, die für den aktuellen Moment entworfen wurden. Zum Beispiel haben wir in unserer Launch-Kollektion ein toll sitzendes Leinenkleid mit Spaghettiträgern entworfen. Dies ist ein unverzichtbares Kleidungsstück, das Sie jahrelang tragen können, aber wir haben ein Trendelement hinzugefügt, indem wir die Träger zusammengezogen haben, um ihm das gewisse Etwas zu verleihen.

Falk: Was raten Sie jemandem, der sich eine Garderobe aus hochwertigen Stücken zusammenstellen möchte?

Collings: Achten Sie auf die Materialien, da sie ein sicheres Zeichen für Qualität sind. Wir haben wirklich hart daran gearbeitet, unsere zu beschaffen, sei es Bio-Baumwolle, die 5 Stunden nördlich von Los Angeles angebaut wird (einige der feinsten Pima-Baumwolle überhaupt) oder Merinowollegarne aus Australien. Einige unserer Lieblingsstücke der Kollektion bestehen auch aus Naturfasern, darunter Leinen, das als die haltbarste Naturfaser der Welt gilt, und Cupro-Baumwolle, die aus unglaublich starken Pflanzenfasern hergestellt wird. Denken Sie auch daran, dass ein wirklich solider Kleiderschrank nicht über Nacht gebaut wird. Wir empfehlen immer, Stück für Stück zu investieren, damit Sie sicherstellen können, dass Sie Ihre Garderobe sorgfältig ergänzen. Schließlich, wenn Sie über einen Gegenstand nicht begeistert sind, bekommen Sie ihn nicht. Aus meiner Erfahrung wird die Liebe nur mit der Zeit verblassen.

Falk: Was sind deine liebsten Styling-Tipps für diese Kollektion?

Collings: Wir entwerfen für Vielseitigkeit, was bedeutet, dass die Styling-Optionen im Überfluss vorhanden sind. Unser Kat-Kleid kann zum Beispiel auf drei verschiedene Arten getragen werden. Es kommt mit einem abgesetzten gerüschten BH-Oberteil, das unter dem Kleid getragen werden kann. Sie können auch beide Teile einzeln oder das BH-Oberteil mit High-Waist-Jeans oder zusammen tragen.

Der Fokus auf Materialien als Qualitätsmerkmal ist ein entscheidendes Element der ersten WhoWhatWear … [+] Kollektion mit Styling-Details wie einer zarten Bauchkette, die die WWW-Redaktion zum Accessoire der Saison gekürt hat.


Einer meiner anderen Lieblingslooks ist die Kombination des mit Wirbel bedruckten Courtney-Urlaubsbuttons mit dem passenden Sliprock. Um das Styling-Feeling des Augenblicks zu gewährleisten, empfehlen wir, es mit einer zarten Bauchkette zu probieren (unsere Redakteure haben es als das Accessoire der Saison) über dem Rock und knöpfen Sie nur ein paar der oberen Knöpfe des Oberteils zu, damit Sie einen Blick auf die Taille bekommen.

Falk: Was sind neben der Identifizierung der wichtigsten Trends die wichtigsten Aspekte bei der Gestaltung dieser Kollektion für Sie?

Collings:Wir sind der Meinung, dass sich hochwertige, trendige Stücke und faire Preise nicht ausschließen sollten. Wir möchten, dass sich unsere Marke wie eine Investition anfühlt, aussieht und getragen wird. Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns mit einigen der gleichen Fabriken wie Luxushäuser zusammengetan.

Ein Teil unserer Stoffphilosophie bedeutet auch, dass wir mit Absicht einkaufen. Auf der gesamten E-Commerce-Site werden Stile angezeigt, die als lokal hergestellt, aus Pflanzen und biologisch hergestellt sind. Aus unserer Sicht führt die Sorgfalt bei der Materialbeschaffung zu Stücken, die viele Jahre in der Garderobe bleiben werden.

Unsere Strategie umfasst auch kleine Chargen – weniger ist mehr, also produzieren wir gerade genug. Online-Shopping kann oft überwältigend sein, weshalb wir mit nur 27 Styles starten, und unser überarbeitetes Out-of-the-Gate-Sortiment bedeutet, dass wir an jeden Style glauben, damit die Verbraucher nicht durch die Seiten scrollen müssen. Wir produzieren auch Mindestmengen, um Abfall zu reduzieren.

Falk: Was waren die größten Hürden beim Launch dieser Kollektion?

Mobre: Den Preis zugänglich halten, gleichzeitig ein Qualitätsversprechen einhalten und durchdacht produzieren.

Die Linie umfasst organische Materialien pflanzlichen Ursprungs und interessante Details wie Rüschen.


Falk: Viele Frauen interessieren sich für Mode und streben eine Karriere in der Branche an. Wie kamen Sie beide dazu, diese Sammlung zu leiten? Wie war Ihr Weg zu dieser Rolle?

Mobre: Ich glaube von ganzem Herzen an das Potenzial und die Kraft von Who What Wear und seine Mission, Stil zugänglich zu machen. Dies treibt mich dazu, ständig zu fragen, was als nächstes kommt, Business Cases für neue Möglichkeiten zu entwickeln und alle Hindernisse auf dem Weg zum Wachstum zu überwinden. Wir haben aus 5 Jahren unserer Who What Wear at Target-Linie viel gelernt und sind bereit, den Sprung von der Lizenzierung zu einer Bekleidungslinie zu wagen, die wir vollständig betreiben. Meine Entschlossenheit, unsere Mission zu erweitern, führte dazu, dass ich die Sammlung beaufsichtigte.

Collings: Ich habe fast ein Jahrzehnt am Editorial von Who What Wear gearbeitet, um Trends zu verfolgen und Einkaufsempfehlungen zu geben. Ich kenne den Who What Wear-Leser durch und durch, daher fühlt es sich wie eine natürliche Weiterentwicklung meines Jobs an, die kreative Vision unserer Linie zu leiten, die für unser Publikum entwickelt wurde. Ich bin auch in der einzigartigen Position, an der Strategie zu arbeiten, wie wir die Kollektion in unseren redaktionellen Geschichten bewerben, die Kluft zwischen Verbrauchermarken und Medien überbrücken und nach Synergien suchen. Wenn ich zum Beispiel an der Auswahl von Materialien, Besätzen oder Drucken arbeite, denke ich an das redaktionelle Storytelling, das wir darum machen und wie es bei unseren Lesern ankommen könnte.

Falk: Sie sind beide schon früh zu Who What Wear gekommen und Ihre Rollen haben sich mit dem Wachstum des Unternehmens stark weiterentwickelt. Welchen Rat haben Sie für andere, um einen Karriereweg zu finden, für den sie leidenschaftlich sind?

Mobrem:Ausdauer ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Glauben Sie an sich selbst, haben Sie Mut zum Risiko und die Verletzlichkeit, Fehler zuzugeben und daraus zu lernen.

Manschetten: Wenn Ihnen das, woran Sie arbeiten, sehr am Herzen liegt, werden Ihre Leidenschaft und Ihr Engagement ganz natürlich in Ihrer Arbeit zum Ausdruck kommen. Irgendwann werden es andere bemerken, sei es Ihr Chef, Ihr Publikum oder Ihre Kunden, und Sie werden das Karrierewachstum erreichen, das Sie anstreben. Auch wenn diese Aufregung für das, woran Sie gerade arbeiten, nicht vorhanden ist, nehmen Sie dies vielleicht als Zeichen, um zu etwas überzugehen, das Sie antreibt. Zeit ist so wertvoll, daher kann es hilfreich sein, sich zu fragen: „Worauf warte ich?“

Mit dem Dressing Uptick stehen fröhliche Prints und Farben plötzlich wieder im Mittelpunkt.


Falk: Abschließend: Wie sehen Sie den Trend zu Bekleidung nach der Pandemie und wie haben sich die Styles verändert?

Mobrem:Unser Daten-/Intelligenzteam sieht immer noch ständige Käufe von Loungewear und Grundnahrungsmitteln, daher ist Komfort nach wie vor wichtig. Es ist eine Pandemie-Lektion, die wahrscheinlich dauern wird. Trotzdem haben wir einen Anstieg bei Kleidung für soziale Aktivitäten gesehen, die sich optimistisch anfühlen, einschließlich fröhlicher Prints und Farben.

Hinweis: Die Konversation wurde aus Gründen der Übersichtlichkeit bearbeitet und komprimiert.

Zhao Benshan and the effective line between leisure, enterprise, and politics in China – SupChina

Zhao Benshan and the fine line between entertainment, business and politics in China – SupChina

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Line 12: Now we have been very accountable, it’s not our fashion to filter info: Sheinbaum – Explica .co

MEXICO CITY.- “It is not our style to filter information and it never will be. What sets us apart is that we tell the truth directly, without intermediaries, ”replied the head of government. Claudia Sheinbaum for the report published by The New York Times about the accident Subway line 12.

He assured that the government of Mexico City had been very responsible to await technical and professional comments on the causes of the incident.

Via his Twitter account, he denied that the information published by this medium, in which he reports possible reasons for this tragedy, comes from sources of the city government.

I make it categorically clear that we have never used journalistic leaks to provide information or to get our work done.

Sheinbaum reiterated that the most important thing is to look after the victims and fix the golden line as soon as possible, and the sanctions are in line with other bodies such as the Mexico City prosecutor.

For us, the most important thing is to look after the victims comprehensively as before and to know the causes professionally in order to deal with line 12 as quickly as possible.

Find accurate information about Mexico City in Community.

Are you about to go through a procedure? Check costs and requirements here.



Rausch requests cash in state finances for youth psychological well being help textual content line | Native Information

State Senator Becca Rausch has tabled a budget change to allocate $ 250,000 to a pilot line-of-text program to support adolescent mental health.

The 2022 budget change was approved by the Senate last week, said Rausch, a Needham Democrat who represents Attleboro, North Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham and Norfolk.

The funds would help Samaritans, Inc. from Boston to develop a text service accessible to youth in the state regardless of insurance, income, or background, she said.

For 40 years, Samaritans have provided life-saving suicide prevention services and non-judgmental support across the state.

According to Rausch, the line of text will be staffed by Samaritans to train and supervise youthful volunteers who provide evidence-based suicide prevention and mental health support.

Funding will also support marketing and communications promoting the service, suicide prevention and youth mental health support workshops, as well as culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services to reach diverse communities.

“The idea for this pilot program came directly from many young people I represent,” said Rausch in a statement.

During a virtual student legislative forum in her district, Rausch said voters spoke about classmates they’d lost to suicide and the real-life fears they faced when they decided to seek help with mental health problems.

According to Mental Health America, nearly 8 percent of teenagers in the United States have major depression and 60 percent of them are not receiving mental health treatment.

Depression rates are highest among adolescents who, according to the organization, identify as more than one race, at 12.4 percent.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teenagers 11-17 years of age were more likely than any other age group to experience moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Samaritans have trained more than 5,250 volunteers in friendship skills, offered suicide prevention workshops to 135,000 people, and provided help and support to 13,000 people who have lost a loved one to suicide.

David Linton can be reached at 508-236-0338.

String of ex-PMs anticipated to look earlier than ‘Line of Obligation-style’ lobbying inquiry

A number of former Prime Ministers are expected to appear on a Line of Duty-style investigation into the Westminster lobby scandal.

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) will investigate lobbying rules as questions continue to be asked about David Cameron’s leisurely chats and texts with ministers.

It is thought Tony BlairGordon Brown and Sir John Major will be asked to testify before the committee.

And David Cameron’s spokesman has already said that the ex-prime minister would respond “positively” to any invitation to a parliamentary committee.

According to the Telegraph, the only surviving former prime minister not invited to testify will be Theresa Maywho is still a seated MP.

Details of the committee’s investigation are expected to be released this week.

Chairman William Wragg said, “PACAC may not be Whitehall’s AC12, nor are we planning to come across anything as exciting as a TV drama.

“However, it is at least a sense of duty that motivates our work, just as duty and service motivate the vast majority of people in public life. We must not allow the questionable judgment of a few to tarnish everyone. “

The PACAC probe is one of seven inquiries the government is facing in response to the Greensill series.

The National Audit Office, which reviews government spending, announced an investigation into Greensill and its stake in Greensill Coronavirus Support programs.

The Treasury Committee, the Public Accounts Committee and the Committee on Standards in Public Life will examine various aspects of lobbying.

David Cameron’s spokesman said he would respond “positively” to any invitation

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Cabinet Secretary Simon Case ordered officials to urgently clarify whether they have moonshine in the private sector after it was discovered that a senior official had worked for Greensill while on the government payroll.

And the prime minister’s investigation, led by the non-executive director of the business division, Nigel Boardman, will look at lobbying David Cameron on behalf of Greensill – but will have no enforcement powers and will likely not make recommendations.

Environment Minister George Eustice defended David Cameron today for his leisurely conversations and texts with ministers such as the Chancellor Rishi Sunak on behalf of the failed bank Greensill.

“He didn’t break any of the rules. That is acceptable, ”said Eustice.

He also argued that ministers do not have to explain who they are meeting with because it does not “matter”.

“Basically, it depends on how the ministers react and not with whom they speak,” he said.

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He argued that in his role he meets a range of people including voters, farmers and environmental activists.

He said, “What matters is not who I’ve talked to, but whether I’m overly influenced by the people I talk to. And I’m not.”

BBC presenter Andrew Marr told him his argument was “let’s regulate, we are above suspicion”.

In response, Mr Eustice argued that the lobbying rules – which allowed David Cameron’s texts to Mr Sunak to go undeclared and the “private drink” with Matt Hancock to go undeclared – were already “robust”.

“What we have,” he said, “are some pretty robust systems. And the principle is the ministerial code, and this is how ministers act based on the people they have spoken to.”

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In November, Sir Alex Allen, former ministerial code officer, resigned Boris Johnson suspended his advice and refused to dismiss Home Secretary Priti Patel for “bullying” behavior.

Mr Eustice, who defended former Prime Minister Cameron, argued that former ministers cannot be “disapproved” of taking on new posts two years after leaving government.

Mr. Eustice, who was Mr. Cameron’s press secretary as opposition leader, said: “I think the most important thing is that he didn’t break any of the rules.

“It’s acceptable because it was within the rules.

“The point I want to make is that when ministers step down, including prime ministers, they are not allowed to take on such paid roles for two years – these are rules David Cameron himself put in place.

“He stepped down five years ago and you can’t allow people to pursue a different career.”