Classic aptitude: Tulsan Trey Thaxton begins Greenwood Ave. model to mix type with substance | Life-style

The Greenwood Ave. brand has become a favorite of many for its mix of vintage flair with a keen eye on today’s fashion.

founder Trey Thaxton is the man behind this brand, and he’s sporting the classic BWS bomber at his 19&21 pop-up inside Mother Road Market. Look for the shop through mid-February.

Greenwood Ave. began in 2018 with T-shirts sporting logos from landmark businesses destroyed in the 1921 Massacre. “There’s more meaning than just looking cool,” Thaxton says. It’s the conversations and stories these designs ignite that’s really the goal, he says.

Since its inception, the clothing line has expanded to include sweatshirts, jackets and accessories for women and men. A children’s line might be in the future, he adds. He’s especially proud of a recent partnership with Legion cycling team and the brand’s expansion outside of Tulsa.

Thaxton originates the designs for Greenwood Ave., and the majority of the products are screen printed here in Tulsa.

“Whatever I touch or do has to have meaning,” he says. Take the shop — along with Greenwood Ave. brand items, Thaxton has mixed in products from other local, Black-owned companies. On the shelves today are candles from Subtle Home Co., barbecue sauce from Albert’s Gourmet Barbecue Sauce and Zela roll-on pain relief.

Thaxton hopes to open 19&21’s brick-and-mortar in the Greenwood District this year, which will give him even more opportunities to give back to the community. Right now, 10% of all Greenwood Ave. Sales go to north Tulsa community efforts. Recent recipients have included Oasis Fresh Market and Crossover Preparatory Academy. “For me it’s about uplifting other people,” he says.

Tulsa favourites


Date night with wife ambergris means getting a babysitter for their two children, grabbing some sushi and catching a movie at Cinemark Tulsa.


the Rainbow cab design is one Thaxton’s favourite. The nostalgic logo was one of the first he put on Greenwood Ave. Clothing back in 2018.


Thaxton loves to browse the sneaker selection at silhouette. Store owner Venita Cooper has carried Greenwood Ave. products from the beginning.

13 methods a wholesome life-style can prevent cash

Water has many health benefits and few drawbacks unless the water is contaminated or of poor quality. As per the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention too Water and healthier drinks, Water can help regulate your body temperature, get rid of waste, prevent dehydration, protect your spinal cord, and lubricate joints.

However, the financial benefit of water is that it is virtually free for many people. When you spend a lot of money on other beverages that are usually less healthy than water, you are paying for things your body doesn’t necessarily need. This can include soda, coffee, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, and more.

Eliminating most non-water drinks can lead to healthier lives and more money in your pocket. Even if you live in a place where you’d rather buy bottled water, it’s likely cheaper than other drinks.

How’s The Southlake Market? – Southlake Fashion — Southlake’s Premiere Way of life Useful resource

April 2021


$ 1,234,804 | + 16.3%


$ 247 | + 16.0%


40 | -36.5%


30 | -9.1%


35 | -49.3%


0.8 | -71.4%

SOURCE: NTREIS MLS, March 2021 vs. March 2020.

All statistics are averages unless otherwise stated.

The real estate market in North Texas is in the top 10 in the country and exceeds the national average in many of the metrics listed on the front page. For every new listing that comes on the market, 1.5 houses are under contract. This is good news for anyone considering putting their home up for sale.

As you can see in Southlake, prices have increased, the time it takes to sell a home has decreased, and the stock of home for sale in our area has decreased significantly. You will be surprised what your home is worth in this market. Today it is possible to walk away from the closing table with even more money to invest in your next home than at this time last year. Combined with historically low mortgage rates, you could find yourself in a really cute place.

If you’re interested in (maybe a little hesitant) upgrading, downsizing, or moving to another location, I’d love the opportunity to speak to you about strategies. Contact me today!

Life-style Equipment & Leisure Middle serves clients by means of the pandemic

The Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center continued to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were lucky when some of the stores were closed to be seen as an essential business selling refrigerators, washing machines and things that people can’t do without,” said Toni Wegenast, who runs theirs Husband heard. Colin.

“When they talked about what was important and what wasn’t, we didn’t know where we were going to end up in it,” she said. “But especially during a pandemic when people are sick, washing machines for disinfecting things are pretty important, refrigerators are always important. … “

Colin noted that employees wore hand sanitizer and wore face masks when they called. They also asked questions about health screening before delivering products or services to customers’ homes, Toni said.

“Everyone was really good at it,” she said. “And we asked our employees in the first few months to limit the trip to the vicinity (Jamestown) in order to protect them and the customers. We are really lucky with employees and customers. ”

Although the traffic in the store initially slowed down, there were more phone discussions and phone orders, according to Toni. The store also offered roadside service so people could pick up the parts they needed.

Toni and Colin believe that more home projects have been carried out in the past year and with that came the need for equipment.

“Despite all the worries, we had a really good year and of course it is thanks to our customers that we couldn’t do it without them,” said Toni.

What Lifestyle Appliance is dealing with is a shortage of some products, something other industries have been looking at, Colin said. Many companies closed for a few months because of the pandemic and had “hundreds of thousands of repeat orders,” said Toni after reopening.

Colin thanked his customers for their patience during the shortage and found that availability improved.

Lifestyle Appliance took the advantage of having less inventory than it did to do a near-full facelift in the store, Toni said. This included paint, flooring, ceiling and lighting, rearranging the display floor, and moving the sales counter from the front of the store to the back for better product display.

The Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center has been offering new post-sale products and services free of charge for 44 years.

“We support the community very much. We’re also giving back to the community, ”said Colin.

Luck O’ The Irish – Southlake Model — Southlake’s Premiere Way of life Useful resource

Everyone wants to feel the happiness of the Irish and there is no better place to experience it than Dublin. The capital of Ireland has a rich history as a 9th century Viking settlement and home to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It also has one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world with a massive six day festival filled with music, dance and a deep appreciation for Irish culture. While this year’s festival is taking place virtually, there is still a lot to experience in this happy country.

Where to sleep

The first thing you want to decide before heading to Dublin is where you will be staying. The historic Merchant Hotel was restored in 2005 to retain the 18th century suites named after Irish writers WB Yeats, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Bram Stoker. The Dean has 52 rooms in six different styles, from modern to cozy. The rooftop bar has some of the best views in town. The Spencer Hotel has a relaxing spa, sauna and steam room to help you relax. The Clayton Hotel offers the convenience and convenience of being in the city center. But if luxury is what you’re looking for, The Merrion is for you. Combining some of the most impressive Georgian architecture with Ireland’s largest private collection of 19th and 20th century art, this five star hotel makes this beauty one of the city’s finest wonders.

What should I do

Once you are settled in, there is no shortage of fun things to do. Start with a visit to Trinity College and check out the extensive library with 200,000 books or stroll through the National Botanic Gardens and experience the exotic and colorful flowers. The Dublin Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Phoenix Park with more than 400 animals. If the Lions look a little familiar, it’s because their ancestor Leo was used in MGM’s movie logos in the early 1960s. Learn how to play skilled Irish sports like hurling and handball at Experience Gaelic Games, and Wild Rover Tours takes you to all of the locations where HBO’s Game of Thrones was filmed. And no trip to Dublin is complete without a stiff taste of real Irish liquor, which you can sample at the Guinness Storehouse Factory, Jameson Distillery and the Irish Whiskey Museum.

Where shall we eat

When it comes to pub food, Dublin is king and the options are endless in the city center dining scene. You can have hearty full Irish breakfasts at a variety of places including The Bakehouse, O’Neill’s and The Hairy Lemon and you won’t be judged for having a big pint of Guinness early in the morning. Leo Burdock has served his famous fish ‘n’ chips since 1913 and even has a famous wall dedicated to celebrities who dined there. Delahunt has its own twist on boxty potato pancakes, and fast-paced eateries like Bunsen and Bobo’s offer flavourful organic Irish beef burgers. But one of the most popular dishes is the beef stew, and few places are as satisfying as the Church Cafe on Mary Street. The slow-cooked lamb with root vegetables and baby potatoes will make you fall in love with a bite.

Where to explore

There are several photogenic sights to discover in Dublin that are not to be missed before you leave. Built in 1816, Ha’Penny Bridge is one of Dublin’s oldest historic sites and glows in a colorful display at night. The National Leprechaun Museum is entirely dedicated to Irish folklore and mythology, while the Little Museum of Dublin houses 5,000 exhibits on three floors for 20th century events. The historic Dublin Castle offers an even deeper look back at the 13th century, and the tower has an impressive exhibition at 120 meters high. Escape the hustle and bustle by taking a breather by the pond in St. Stephen’s Green Park. Nothing says Ireland like green spaces.

Three cash adjustments that permit me stay a ‘retirement’ life-style proper now

You have seen the stories before. You know the ones I talk about: “24 year old is retiring after eating ramen for 6 years and saving $ 1 million.” Or, “The couple worked 87 hours a week for 5 years, saving $ 2 million for retirement.” If you are anything like me you are both intrigued and easily worried about what people are ready to become millionaires. And if you are like me in any other way, you are a normal person too Student Loans, A bit too much Credit card debtand the longing for something better. So these stories have a certain charm.

I was in my mid 30s when I started questioning everything I had accepted about my life. I had lived in France before and I loved the way the French embraced life. They seemed to have so much time to enjoy life and my American life was completely different.

Like most workers, I commuted to work every day. I was fortunate to have a fantastic package of benefits, a great vacation and opportunities for professional development. But I always felt that I didn’t want to live to work. I wanted to work to live. I had other things that I wanted to do in my life.

At that point I was intrigued by FIRE or financial independence / early retirement. I felt like these people really understood what life was about.

The people at FIRE start out by figuring out how much they need to save to live annually in retirement. Then they invest, earn, and aggressively save the way to get that number faster. I discovered FIRE while my debt settlement journeyand I knew I was years away from getting my FIRE number because of my debt. So I decided to do something different. I decided to hug Slow FIRE.

Slow FIRE is simply the opposite of FIRE in two key areas. It is an affirmation that you do not want to take extreme measures to reach your ideal pension number, but that you now want to enjoy certain aspects of FIRE life. I didn’t want to eat bad food to cut my expenses, make a pinch of money, or become a thrifty cartoon. Instead, I knew I wanted to enjoy my avocado toast, buy my daily latte, and take the occasional vacation while focusing on my retired millions.

For me, Slow FIRE was an opportunity to redefine my life as I worked towards my financial goals. When I began the Slow FIRE journey, I began living the “retirement” life I had dreamed of years before I hit my retirement number.

I have already sacrificed to some extent to pay off my debts, so it was an easy task to sacrifice as part of my lifestyle reorganization around Slow FIRE.

I started my Slow FIRE journey by imagining my best life

I commuted to my previous job for 10 years. I had a lot of time to think about what my best life would be. This is what I wanted from my ideal life:

  • Time freedom: I wanted the freedom to wake up naturally, to work when I felt like it, and to take time to self-care without asking for permission. I wanted to spend time with my friends and family without feeling guilty or having to sort that time out with someone else.
  • Work flexibility: I fell in love with the idea of ​​working online. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I just knew that I wanted to work in a way that wouldn’t limit my professional growth.
  • How I would spend my days: I thought about it all the time. I imagined I was going hiking, biking, or sitting on a patio and hanging out with my mother. I also thought about being able to work from anywhere as long as there was WiFi access.
  • Finances: I knew I had to keep working. I wasn’t a millionaire, far from it, so I spent quite a bit of time focusing on how to get on with my life, pay my bills, and keep making progress toward my financial goals.

Basically I created a Slow FIRE blueprint and made changes to live the life I envisioned.

Then I took practical steps to get there

Next, I made specific changes to live the life of my dreams French style.

1. I have cut my expenses

I spent a lot of time researching my expenses. I had to be honest with myself about what I wanted and didn’t want in my life. I started replacing services and products in order to pay less for what I wanted without affecting my overall quality of life.

For example, instead of buying a new car when my old car died, I started using a car sharing scheme. I pay $ 13 a month in membership dues plus the cost of using the car and gasoline for each trip. By using a car sharing service, I save thousands of dollars in transportation costs annually. I love having access to a fleet of cars without having to deal with all of the car ownership issues.

Another way to cut my expenses without compromising my quality of life was to live in a smaller house. Living in a small house is not for everyone, but my home is cheap enough to allow me to do business and not worry too much about my personal expenses. The great thing about my little home? It is in a wonderful part of my city.

2. I’ve found ways to earn more

Since I was doing business, I focused on getting as many clients as possible. I’ve made a lot of mistakes as an entrepreneur, but it wasn’t one of them. A full customer base meant there was always income flowing. I also found a sideline that paid off every two weeks and gave me access to fun experiences, saved me money, and allowed me to enjoy my life.

3. I have connected to my community

There are many people who focus on FIRE, but they are all at different points in the journey. I made sure to have frequent conversations with other people who stood before me on their own travels. It was also helpful to meet other women of color who were working towards what I was to be part of a community.

My methodical approach to FIRE has enabled me to “withdraw prematurely” in many aspects of my life, such as the decision to leave my traditional 9-5. I think it’s great that I can wake up without an alarm clock, travel when I feel like it, and go skiing during the week. I realized that retirement has multiple shifts and that you don’t have to stop working altogether to experience many of the benefits of retirement.

Looking back over the past six years

It’s now been six years since I accidentally did Slow FIRE’d, and I’m so grateful I did. The greatest reward for changing my life was the freedom I have ever experienced. I’ve spent more time with my mom, with friends, and even with myself, and it’s been wonderful. Indeed, living through COVID has confirmed that my focus on Slow FIRE was a wise decision.

I want to mention one thing. The most difficult hurdle on my Slow FIRE trip was finding affordable health insurance as a self-employed person. If there is one thing I would say to anyone thinking about FIRE or entrepreneurship in general, it is: take plenty of time to work through the types of insurance you need. You can choose to find a part-time job that will cover or subsidize your health insurance and that’s fine.

At this point, I am almost done paying off the majority of my unsecured debt and I will be investing very aggressively in the future. I am so grateful for the last six years of the accidental Slow FIRE and look forward to many years to come.