Formulation E keep away from F1-style controversy which noticed Lewis Hamilton lose title after race is ended behind security automotive

FORMULA E avoided an F1-style controversy in the Middle East after the Round 2 race in Saudi Arabia was ended behind the safety car.

Unlike bungling F1 race director Michael Masi, who fudged the outcome of the Abu Dhabi GP, his opposite number at the all-electric series, Scot Elkins, stuck to the rules as the race ended under yellow flags.


Formula E driver Edoardo Mortara almost fell victim to same fate that befell Lewis Hamilton in the Abu Dhabi Grand PrixCredit: GREGORY LENORMAND / Every Second Media / DPPI
But Mortara won round two of the Saudi race as officials stuck to protocol


But Mortara won round two of the Saudi race as officials stuck to protocolCredit: GERMAIN HAZARD / Every Second Media / DPPI

Swiss racer Edoardo Mortara held on to win his third ePrix for the Venturi team, whose CEO, Susie Wolff is married to Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff.

Mortara said: “I am glad to bring the win to the team and I have now won three races.

“This was a strategic race. It was difficult for the nerves because I didn’t have much battery energy.

“It was the same for my colleagues around me, who tried to put me under pressure. But I tried to keep my head cool and it worked.”

The Abu Dhabi debacle – which resulted in Sir Lewis Hamilton being controversially pipped to a record-breaking eighth F1 title by Max Verstappen – is still being investigated by the FIA.

A statement on Saturday read: “At this stage, no decision has been taken on the outcome of the detailed analysis currently underground into the events of the last Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“As previously announced, the findings of this detailed analysis will be presented at the F1 Commission meeting in London on 14th February after an open discussion with all F1 drivers and then finally have to be approved at the World Motor Sport Council meeting on 18th March in Bahrain, under the authority of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.”

Hamilton, 37, has remained tight-lipped since the race and reportedly won’t decide his future until the outcome of the inquiry is known.

But Williams team boss Jost Capito recons the seven-time F1 king should make way for a younger driver.

Capito told German outlet RTL: “I don’t care about it.

“I don’t really care whether he drives or not. [It’s] totally irrelevant, really totally irrelevant.”

Lewis Hamilton has yet to decide his future since being pipped to an eighth F1 title by Max Verstappen


Lewis Hamilton has yet to decide his future since being pipped to an eighth F1 title by Max VerstappenCredit: PA

“They always say there are not enough places for young drivers and then I think, if someone has been World Champion seven times.

“He has actually done enough and could make room for a youngster, why not?”

The new F1 season, in which Dutchman Verstappen will bid to defend his controversially-claimed world title, will get commenced on March 20.


Lewis Hamilton describes personal driving fashion which has uncanny resemblance to Max Verstappen | F1 | Sport

Lewis Hamilton described his driving style in a way that is eerily similar to his title rival Max Verstappen. The duo took part in a competition for the ages in 2021 before the Dutchman finally prevailed and took the crown in Abu Dhabi.

It was a controversial season, no more than the final at Yas Marina.

In footage that has been replayed around the world, Verstappen was given a lifeline with one lap to go when FIA Race Director Michael Masi contentiously brought the couple bumper to bumper.

The Red Bull man prevailed in an exciting duel on fresher tires and won his first world title in the process.

Hamilton and the Mercedes garage were stunned, and understandably so, considering that they had been comfortably driving for most of the race.

Since then, not much has been heard from Hamilton, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff then refused to rule out the resignation of the Briton.

But fans are invariably hoping that both Verstappen and Hamilton will return for the 2022 season, with the pair’s heated fights leading to blockbuster viewers.

And although they did not always agree, the description of the Mercedes man’s own driving style suggests a striking similarity.

When asked to describe his driving style, from the PETRONAS Motorsport On YouTube channel he replied simply: “Aggressive.”

Throughout the 2021 season, many would have attributed the aggressive style to Verstappen rather than Hamilton.

In fact, the Dutchman was counted as an early turn overtaking maneuver against Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, and his final lap overtaking maneuvers were pulled in by a daring nosedive.

Verstappen was also central to the drama that unfolded in Brazil when he met Hamilton in the 48th

Although the Red Bull man does not give up a place so easily, Hamilton’s assessment of his own driving style was also clearly visible at times during the season.

At Silverstone, his controversial rise inside resulted in Verstappen falling at high speed and rushing him to the hospital before the Briton eventually won the race.

Although it can be described as aggressive, Red Bull boss Christian Horner thought it was an exaggeration.

“Lewis has more than enough experience to know that this is unacceptable and as I said, I’m just very disappointed that a driver of his caliber should take such a step,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“It’s dangerous, he put a competitor in danger, it looked desperate and thank God unharmed, he’s in the hospital and is being examined.”

Lewis Hamilton showcases his distinctive sense of fashion in royal blue jacket with purple tapes

Lewis Hamilton turned around as he competed in the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates.

The 36-year-old racing driver is aiming for an eighth record title on Sunday, but the winner of the last four F1 titles has been pushed by the 24-year-old all season Max Verstappen.

And on Saturday, Lewis made sure all eyes were on him when he showed up in a royal blue jacket with large pockets and purple ribbons in the front and matching pants.

Stylish: Lewis Hamilton, 36, wore a royal blue jacket with large pockets and purple ribbons at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday

The athlete wore a sky blue T-shirt under his jacket and had a chunky silver chain around his neck.

His t-shirt matched his Gucci shoes, which had a white border around the bottom green and red stripe on the side.

Lewis could be seen protecting his eyes from the bright sunlight by opting for dark sunglasses.

Fashion forward: The athlete wore a sky blue T-shirt under his jacket and had a chunky silver chain around his neck

He wore black face covering to protect himself and others from the coronavirus.

The star wore her hair in a ponytail behind her head to complete her look for the day.

His excursion takes place when Formula 1 announced a contract to continue the race in Abu Dhabi, in which the season finale will take place on Sunday, until 2030.

Brave style: Lewis wore dark sunglasses and he wore black face cover to protect himself and others from the coronavirus

Brave style: Lewis wore dark sunglasses and he wore black face cover to protect himself and others from the coronavirus

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place at the Yas Marina Circuit and was added to the F1 calendar in 2009.

Sunday’s race marks the conclusion of three consecutive events in the Middle East and the fourth and final stop in the region on the F1 calendar.

“We are pleased to announce that under this new agreement we will be driving in Abu Dhabi until 2030,” said F1 Managing Director and President Stefano Domenicali on Thursday.

“We’re really looking forward to the season finale this weekend, when more Formula 1 history will be written.”

Hamilton used three wins in a row to draw level with Verstappen in the overall standings before the final.

It is the fourth time that the title will be decided in Yas Marina, where the championship was held in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

Max has insisted that he be “treated differently” from other drivers and that he will not change his driving style after receiving two time penalties in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman has refused to give in to his conviction that he did nothing wrong in the penultimate race of the season and is going into his championship showdown Lewis.

Max was deeply involved in fights with Lewis twice at Turn 1, both times asked to relinquish position – and received a five-second time penalty for gaining an off-track advantage.

Winner: Lewis and Max Verstappen (L) celebrate on the podium at the end of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix (picture in June 2021)

Winner: Lewis and Max Verstappen (L) celebrate on the podium at the end of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix (picture in June 2021)

At the most controversial moment of the Grand Prix, Max was found guilty after the Hamilton brake check on lap 37 – after braking to let the Briton through, which resulted in a ten-second penalty.

Lewis hesitated to overtake Max in front of the DRS line so he could gain the speed advantage on the main straight before the Dutchman hit the brakes and the Briton damaged his front wing after cutting off the Red Bull’s rear.

Looking back on Thursday’s race, Max said that “clearly things don’t apply to everyone”.

As reported by Motorsporthe said, ‘The things I did about defense, two other guys did about racing too, and they didn’t even get a mention or a penalty.

“So I don’t get it because I thought I was just driving hard. What happened to me didn’t deserve a punishment, and the other two who did it clearly didn’t get one, but obviously it’s only me who get it.

“Of course the people at the front are a bit more critical, but I don’t understand that for me.” The 24-year-old added: “I think on my part, which is unfair.” [is] that I am treated differently than other drivers. “

Close: Verstappen has been criticized for his wheel-to-wheel battles with Lewis in Saudi Arabia

Close: Verstappen has been criticized for his wheel-to-wheel battles with Lewis in Saudi Arabia

Lewis Tan joins About Destiny solid | Leisure

Lewis Tan was cast in “About Fate”.

The 34-year-old actor will appear alongside Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann in the romantic comedy directed by Marius Weisberg.

The film tells the story of two people who believe in love but never seem to be able to find its true meaning.

In a wild turn of events, fate gets in each other’s path on a stormy New Year’s Eve as comedy and chaos ensue.

Tiffany Paulsen will write the script for the film. Filming will begin in Boston next month.

Lewis stars in the new film “Mortal Kombat,” based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, and explained how he could relate to his character, the fighter Cole Young, after losing two major Hollywood groups -Roles had suffered career blows.

He said, “I would get to the top of this mountain. And I’d just kind of roll down the hill. I don’t know how it went from here.

“But those moments of pressure, those moments of loss can turn into something really beautiful. They can make you great. Cole Young goes through that too. What we both went through is really phenomenal.”

Tan also believes he completed the best work of his acting career on the movie “Mortal Kombat”.

The ‘Den of Thieves’ star said, “As someone who has fought their own struggles, struggling my entire career to do so at this level, with this caliber of actors, with this franchise, I’m very proud of it . “

Lewis also appeared in ‘Deadpool 2’ as Gaveedra-Seven / Shatterstar and is hoping for a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

He said, “The Marvel Universe is like the Mortal Kombat world, there are many different timelines and many things can happen.

“The Marvel Universe could easily bring (Shatterstar) back, or I could try another character. In the end, it was a good experience.”

New propane buses might assist district lower your expenses say Lewis County C-1 directors

LEWIS COUNTY, Mon. (WGEM) – For a school district in three states, the ride to school just got better, and there was less diesel odor.

Lewis County’s C-1 School District Superintendent John French said four of their buses now run on propane.

He said they hope this will save taxpayers money on transportation that they can use instead for education.

French said at the moment the district is paying $ 2.25 a gallon for diesel fuel and they are paying $ 1.55 a gallon for propane, but that’s not the only reason administrators are responsible for why their new propane buses work better for them than diesel.

Lewis County’s C-1 bus driver Candi Hudson said she’s been driving a 100% zero-emission propane bus since December after the district got the buses in late fall.

She said apart from driving the same thing, it couldn’t be more different than a diesel bus.

“I don’t have to go out so early to start it so that it doesn’t run that long, it heats up a lot faster in winter. Really, really, on this one [cold] I had it for days and I didn’t even plug it in, “said Hudson.

She said diesel buses broke down in winter and had trouble starting. Plus, they’d be pumping out things that aren’t good to breathe in.

“It’s pretty important while the kids are out there so they don’t breathe in all these fumes and emissions,” Hudson said.

French said the biggest problem is savings. With grants, these buses cost around $ 37,000 less than a diesel bus, which typically costs around $ 100,000.

“For us it was about getting out of the cold and cutting costs if we can and getting more money into class,” said French, “and this was a perfect opportunity.”

In addition, oil changes in propane buses only use a few liters instead of the 8-gallon diesel buses.

“As for the maintenance and stuff, so actual day-to-day operations and, as you know, the total cost of ownership are expected to be lower in a propane bus and even lower in an electric bus,” said French.

However, Hudson said for the kids that they just love having a new bus.

“And the kids notice so much to say when they don’t have their new bus,” said Hudson.

French said they expect to get an electric bus in April as well.

French said at the moment it was hard to know how much they will save compared to a diesel bus, but for the next year they plan to record expenses to compare the cost of diesel, propane and electric bus.

He also mentioned that the propane buses help them meet emissions standards, which he believes has become more difficult over the years, even with new diesel buses.

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Lewis Capaldi says Girl Marmalade was his ‘sexual awakening’ | Leisure

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil Kim’s version of ‘Lady Marmalade’ was his “sexual awakening”.

The 24-year-old singer opened the legendary cover of Labelle’s 1974 hit from 2001, which was made for the “Moulin Rouge!” Soundtrack – and admitted that it impressed him at the time.

On the podcast ‘On With Mario Lopez’ he said, “All the women in that ‘Lady Marmalade’ video. It was my sexual awakening.”

Hitmaker “Someone You Loved” has also opened up to potential ad campaigns, suggesting that he would be more than happy to team up with Calvin Klein, like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.

He quipped, “I like a letter from Calvin Klein, but I don’t need you for assistance, nothing is going on down there.

“I’ve been a boxer all along and I think this year I’ll be 25 in October, going from a boxer to a letter.

“I want my budgie to be smuggled and the goodies on display. I am very excited about it. “

Meanwhile, Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall recently announced that she was “piebalded” by both Lewis and AJ Tracey after going through a period of “trying to slip into a slot of DMs”.

However, she confessed that it didn’t go according to plan as she was ignored by the singer and rapper.

She said, “I went through a phase where I was trying to push in lots of DMs and I literally failed to realize how much cake a person can get. I love cake, but not in a romantic way.

“But I once asked Lewis Capaldi if he’d like to play karaoke with us and he just didn’t answer. [I once tried] slide in AJ Tracey’s DMs [and] was checked. “