LETTER: Troubled by military-style weapons | Letters

An AR-15 and an AK-47 are military-style weapons. During the Vietnam War, the M16-A1 rifle was used by the US Army. During training with the army, you will be taught two important facts. 1. You handle the gun so that it is always loaded. 2. You never point the gun at anyone unless the aim was to kill them. These guns can have a clip that holds either 15 rounds or 30 rounds. Every time you pull the trigger, the gun will fire. They were trained to respect the gun not as a toy but as a weapon for killing the enemy.

For us who served during the Vietnam War, it is disturbing to see citizens carrying a military-style weapon on the streets of our cities. The police are trained to use them only when necessary to maintain peace in society. I hope this helps your opinion on the use of military style weapons in an open society.

We needs to be offended about wasted cash — Lynn Schmitt | Letters to the Editor

I am outraged that leading Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are planning to spend $ 680,000 in tax dollars on a cyber investigation into a nearly a year-old election – a choice that has already been proven correct and legitimate.

This effort is not only unnecessary and useless, but also confirms the nepotism that is the hallmark of the GOP. Former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and other GOP patrons are just refilling their pockets so they can continue to support the seizure of power.

Assembly spokesman Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and his “fabricated” claim about election fraud are just another lie. All taxpayers – even Republicans who pronounce the misery of government waste – should be outraged.

Inevitable letters (video) akin to “blacklist” and “buddies” | Leisure Information

back blacklist The final is Raymond “Red” Redingtons (James SpaderTo find out who he was we had to rethink the other memorable letters (I don’t know if they’re both on screen).

For example, Year Special Agent Kensi Blye to find out what’s in the boxDaniela Ruah |) Was turned into an LAPD detective for her partner (and later her husband) – NCIS investigator Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) On NCIS: Los Angeles, And it was accompanied by a heartfelt letter. That’s all NCIS, Clue is Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) I was really alive. And how can I forget a certain 18-page (front and back!) Letter? friend??

Check out these and other memorable letters on TV below.

Catalina’s letter to Liz (blacklist)

Red promised Lizkeen (Megan Boone) In a letter, her mother Catalina wrote to her, “if it is time to tell the truth,” who he is, she will get all the answers she wants. “It’s a beautiful story full of ambition and hope, love and loss,” he said. But she couldn’t read it if she knew the truth, so she couldn’t read it until she killed him. She was (probably) deadAnd fans wondered what was written (and if it was actually written) Make sure red is Catalina).

Rachel’s letter to Ross (friend)

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) And Ross (David Schwimmer) I was on the verge of going back together … if he read your 18-page letter and didn’t fall asleep and silently agreed to take full responsibility for what went wrong in their relationship. We can’t help but read every word of it … but not at 5:30 am

Letter from Stabler to Benson (Law and Order: Organized Crime)

Detective Elliott Stabler (Christopher Meloni) And his wife Kathy (Isabergillies) I was in town for his former partner, Captain Olivia Benson’s awards ceremony (Mariska Veres Thai). (Nobody attended. Cathy was killed when a bomb was placed on Stables’ car.) When he confirmed his presence, he was asked to say a few words, but instead wrote a letter to her. After reading it, she went to him to talk about it, but he distracted her. I still do not understand the content of the letter.

A note to the Bishop of Jiva (NCIS)

Back to season 13, Tony Dinozzos (Michael Weather) The last episode, Ziva, is said to have been killed. But one clue that she was really alive was on Erie Bishop’s season 16 (Emily Wickersham) Find a note in Ziva’s secret office that no one else received: “For the safety of my family, keep my secret.”

Kenji’s Letter to Dikes (NCIS: Los Angeles)

In season 4, Kenji gave Dikes a box of what he always wanted. On the wedding anniversary of season 10, he (finally) opened it. There was a letter on her father’s ring. After losing him: “I thought I would no longer feel safe and would never feel so much love in my life. Nobody could stand my father, ”said Kenji. wrote. “But I was wrong because you stepped into my life and showed me what it means to feel really loved and safe again.”

Granger’s Farewell (NCIS: Los Angeles)

Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) She thought she was going to visit her boyfriend Owen Granger (late) Miguel FerrerI just found his room in the hospital empty after he was stabbed. He left her a letter. “Don’t blame the doctors and nurses. But I have enough hospitals for the rest of my life and some unfinished jobs to do. I know what you say to everyone. No, but I’m sure you will think about something … you always do. “(It later became clear that he was spending his final days with his daughter.)

Karl’s Farewell Letter (Walking Dead)

Curls (Chandler Riggs) Bitten and dying, he left the last word of a letter to his father Rick ()Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Gurira. call), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and Enid (Katelyn Nacon). The content included a plea for peace between Rick and Negan’s group.

Inevitable letters (video) like “blacklist” and “friends” | Entertainment news

Source link Inevitable letters (video) like “blacklist” and “friends” | Entertainment news

Voice of the folks: On leisure and addictions of at this time | Letters to the Editor

About today’s entertainment and addictions

Gambling is popular with young and old alike. One researcher’s studies show that the majority of respondents view gambling as an acceptable lifestyle. The desire to win is a strong addiction. It is a very desirable practice, be it on the stock exchange, in the lottery, or in casinos.

Many states have vending machines that display items for the youth that drop coins in hopes of purchasing a toy only to be disappointed. Studies have also shown that winners don’t get the results they were hoping for. The desire to win has left some homeless and destitute behind.

In terms of the entertainment arena, how can games, movies, and sex trafficking provide any form of pleasure? Normal brain cells are affected, and many will be affected by these abnormal and lustful desires. The maker of a doll that most girls play with said they wouldn’t let their child play with it. Anorexia has had a major impact on many young girls. May God help us in this crippled society.

Letter: Consolidate counties to save cash | Letters

The State Capitol in Lincoln on July 1st.

Nati Harnik, Associated Press

Regarding your April 28 editorial (“Stop throwing money on tax problems; Let’s fix the root causes“) I believe as long as the state of Nebraska has 93 counties for less than 2 million people, we taxpayers will never be able to afford them.

We need more counties the size of Cherry if we are to live within our means. Consolidation is our only recourse.

David A. Anderson, Lincoln

Use federal cash to pay down Chicago’s huge debt — not on shiny new applications | Letters

Chicago should use all of its $ 1.9 billion in government pandemic aid to help reduce the city’s debt. That’s what the Federal Aid Act, the American Rescue Plan, is supposed to do – to cover lost revenue.

In a Sun Times message on April 14th report, Ald. Michele Smith, 43, appears to be complaining when she says the $ 1.9 billion in federal aid “barely covers” the $ 1.7 billion in city revenue lost in the pandemic. In reality, however, the city should only have received $ 1.7 billion.

Sorry, but the federal government also has problems. It cannot afford to fund the Chicago Universal Basic Income Program. And there the city is more than $ 36 billion The city of Chicago cannot go into debt either. The money should be used to pay off past debts and debts related to the pandemic. It shouldn’t be used for shiny new programs.

We cannot ignore the mountain of debt that is crushing the city.

Courtney Houtz, West Loop

When people defy the police

Don’t use it as an excuse for a terrible mistake, but do the Sun-Times editors blame a person who opposes or fights the police, given the inherently chaotic and dangerous situation that this creates? Police compliance reduces your chance of getting injured or worse by about 99.9%. I know it is a heresy these days to say that a person who is arrested should not fight. This is why most cops just answer calls and try not to do anything else. Good luck with the summer here, with your constant encouragement to the criminals.

Manny Irizarry, Norwood Park

Biden, infrastructure and climate change

President Joe Biden’s proposal to improve our country’s infrastructure, the American Jobs Plan, focuses heavily on combating climate change. The aim is to make our infrastructure more resilient to the effects of climate change, and it includes initiatives to reduce the emissions that cause climate change.

Biden’s plan would provide funding not only for roads, bridges, and transportation systems, but also sustainable homes and buildings, electric vehicles, and research and development for clean energy technology.

A report by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on managing climate risk for 2020 confirms Biden’s climate goals. This document describes the threat that climate change poses to American energy, water, transportation, and communications infrastructure. For example, it is claimed that extreme rainfall, sea level rise floods, extreme heat and forest fires “challenge almost every element of transportation systems, from bridges and airports to pipelines and ports”.

The report concludes that “it is important that the United States set a price for carbon … without such a price … instead of accelerating the transition to a grid, capital will continue to flow in the wrong direction -Zero emissions economy. ”

It is for this reason that I am encouraged that the Energy Innovation and Coal Dividends Act was introduced in the US House. This bill charges an ever increasing fee for carbon emissions and returns the money to the American people.

Let us urge our members of Congress to take action to address this critical national security threat.

Terry Hansen, Hales Corners, Wisconsin

LETTER: 1st District Republicans should return stimulus cash | Letters

My Republicans / Trumpists, you must return your $ 1,400 worth of stimulus checks. You asked Rep. Rob Wittman to vote no to the American relief plan. He doesn’t want you to receive any stimulus money as per your mandate.

While most Americans overwhelmingly supported the ARP, our congressional district did not. Wittman listened to your calls, survey responses, etc. and voted no as your representative.

So all true patriots have to give back the stimulus money they didn’t want. Please mail your check (payable to the Treasury Department) to Rep. Rob Wittman, No ARP Incentive For Me, 2055 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC, 20515.

Mr. Wittman will collect the returned money and do the right thing with it. Hopefully he’ll tell us the final amount.

Let’s go, true patriots!