LETTER: Troubled by military-style weapons | Letters

An AR-15 and an AK-47 are military-style weapons. During the Vietnam War, the M16-A1 rifle was used by the US Army. During training with the army, you will be taught two important facts. 1. You handle the gun so that it is always loaded. 2. You never point the gun at anyone unless the aim was to kill them. These guns can have a clip that holds either 15 rounds or 30 rounds. Every time you pull the trigger, the gun will fire. They were trained to respect the gun not as a toy but as a weapon for killing the enemy.

For us who served during the Vietnam War, it is disturbing to see citizens carrying a military-style weapon on the streets of our cities. The police are trained to use them only when necessary to maintain peace in society. I hope this helps your opinion on the use of military style weapons in an open society.

Letter: Biden’s model of italicized speech can also be getting previous

Much could be said about Donald Trump’s previous presidential speeches, which were predictably tiresome. His often repeated short sentences and “zing words” were sometimes crude in content and were uttered for their emotional impact, mainly to please his political base. I think he wanted to keep his television personality during his tenure.

Now we have a US president who has come into predictable use of what I would call “italic speech.” It’s a whispered, slightly higher voice delivered from a mouth, and an overall tense face. It is usually a brief final statement to appeal.

It’s quite entertaining to listen to these styles of presidential action. I believe that political personality and language behavior have a lot to do with getting elected and getting good public approval. Sometimes the style communicates more verbally than the words themselves. Just listen!

Randall Wehler lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the forum’s editors or forum property.

Letter to the editor: In relation to masks, whose type is being crimped?

My house is on the Vista Trail Open Space on the Highlands Ranch, a few hundred yards east of the Platte River Academy on South Colorado Boulevard.

There was a bag on my doorknob last week that contained a letter, a school calendar of events, and a bag of microwave popcorn. My house is one of a dozen or so houses that parents park in front of during the school year when they drop off or pick up their children. The letter thanked us for being good neighbors. You are the good neighbors.

This morning, August 5, 2021, there was a section on the news that showed Douglas County parents screaming at a school committee meeting for only suggesting that masks be recommended for the upcoming school year.

I immediately switched to a channel that showed a doctor from New Orleans giving COVID-19 / Delta stats for his city. Thirty percent of their hospitalized children are under 12 years old, and some teenagers in the hospital needed oxygen.

It’s been about 75 years since my kids were in elementary school and I’m going to move parenting to the parents screaming in the school board meeting, but I have a 16 year old great granddaughter honor student who is fully vaccinated.

When I asked her why she volunteered, she replied: “We (her older sister and herself) don’t want mom to get sick.”

Maybe we’re not giving our kids enough credit and we should honestly ask ourselves whose style is ruffled?

Roy Legg

Highlands ranch

Letter: Comply with the cash on Arizona election audit

Bill Windsor, Sun City West

Hopefully readers of the Daily Independent took the time to read and review two recent articles in the July 30th issue. The first was “Trump supporters raise US $ 5.6 million for election exams”.

What’s interesting here is that Senate President Karen Fann first got the ball rolling by hiring Cyber ​​Ninjas, an unknown company with no experience or credentials and at the helm of an outspoken Trump supporter named Logan.

The price of $ 150,000 … what a bargain. In reality, you can’t buy rye ham without a drink for $ 150,000 in these circles. But Logan knew what he was doing. The ticket is now $ 5.6 million and growing. Not to say he (Logan) will get it all, but he will likely need help getting to the bank.

Well, in fairness, Karen Fann has invested many extra hours (beyond her duty as a Senator) in promoting this exam fraud, and it is only reasonable that she should receive a portion of the $ 5.6 million as a “finder’s reward.” “For recommending Cyber ​​Ninjas, a company recommended to her by someone whose name she” cannot remember. “

Apparently, the names of entities (or people) who donated to this fiasco are sacred and do not need to be disclosed for the purposes of the First Amendment.

If a topic is so important to me personally that I would make a donation, I would like to see my name in lights.

The point I want to get across here is to follow the money. I am sure the Daily Independent will keep us updated.

The second article reads, “The DOJ is issuing the strongest warning on election scrutiny yet.” This article discusses the efforts Fann and Attorney General Mark Brnovich (among others) are making to undermine the credibility of President Joe Biden’s election. The two (Karen and Mark) want to intimidate minority voters, then and now. So comes the 2022 election time, which will give your party an advantage.

Voting is a right, not a privilege.

This couple know their efforts are in vain, but they will persist in this farce to keep their names until the next election. Their intent is to rally the Trumpers (with Trump’s help) and keep their support through thick or thin. This couple are so evident in their pursuit of political power that, for lack of a better word, they are disgusting (yet entertaining nonetheless).

For these two, power is money and money is power.

Leisure Information Roundup: Joyful ‘Within the Heights’ is love letter to Latinos in U.S.; Warner Bros. plans anime film in ‘Lord of the Rings’ collection and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Joyful ‘In the Heights’ is a love letter to Latinos in U.S

It took 13 years to get from the stage to the big screen, but In the Heights is throwing a party and wants everyone to join in. Opening in theaters on Thursday and streaming on HBO max, Hollywood’s greatest Latino film in decades, tells the stories of the dreams and challenges of the largely immigrant community in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

Warner Bros. plans anime film in ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

The Warner bros. The film studio will produce an anime feature film set in the world of JRR Tolkien’s popular “Lord of the Rings” books, officials said Thursday. “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” tells the story of a legendary battle that Middle earth in the years leading up to the events in the 2001 film “The Lord of the Rings”, a statement from the studio said. The new film will explore the fortress of Helms Deep and show the king of Rohan, helmet Hammer hand.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t regret the end of the reality series’ Keeping Up ”

After 14 years of drama, fashion, and family, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the television series that Kim Kardashian and the familiar names of their siblings, bowed on Thursday with hugs, tears and gratitude. “I regret nothing. That was the best decade and a half of my life. ” Kim Kardashian says in the final.

One minute with: Boy George turns 60, new music and biopic

Culture Club front man Boy George is looking for an actor to play him in a new music biopic set to begin filming this summer. The British Singer, who will turn 60 next week, launched the social media call for auditions in April for the film “Karma Chameleon,” based on one of the band’s 1980s hits.

Actor Riz Ahmed leads to an offer to change the path Muslims seen in movies

British actor Rice Ahmed Thursday started an effort to improve the path Muslims are portrayed in films after a study shows they are barely seen and portrayed in a negative light when they appear. Ahmed, the “Sound of Metal” star and the first Muslim to get a best actor Oscar Nomination said the blueprint for Muslim Inclusion would provide funding and mentoring for Muslim Storyteller in the early stages of her career.

Placido Domingo honored in Spain after harassment allegations

Spanish opera star Placido Domingo was honored with an award at Madrid’s Teatro Real on Thursday, the day after receiving a standing ovation for his first performance in his home country since a union said he routinely molested women. Spain last year, Domingo’s planned performances in publicly funded theaters were canceled while the singer withdrew from shows after an investigation by the American Guild of Musical Artists found he had behaved inappropriately towards female performers.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed.)

Letter to the editor: Deceptive advertisements funded by darkish cash PACs

It is disturbing to see the waves in the air flooded with advertisements sponsored by dark money political action committees that are full of falsehoods and half-truths. But it’s no surprise to see that Karl Rove‘s Super-PAC (American Crossroads) is against HR 1 / S.1, the For the People Act, which among other things would eliminate dark money in politics, and that US Chamber of Commerce seeks to protect the drug industry’s grossly inflated profits by preventing Medicare from negotiating drug prices.

I am all for freedom of expression, but a line should be drawn against deliberately spreading lies. At a time when the very existence of our democratic form of government is under attack, these advertisements serve no useful purpose.

Joseph Duclos

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Letter: Consolidate counties to save cash | Letters

The State Capitol in Lincoln on July 1st.

Nati Harnik, Associated Press

Regarding your April 28 editorial (“Stop throwing money on tax problems; Let’s fix the root causes“) I believe as long as the state of Nebraska has 93 counties for less than 2 million people, we taxpayers will never be able to afford them.

We need more counties the size of Cherry if we are to live within our means. Consolidation is our only recourse.

David A. Anderson, Lincoln

Ethical Hazard and the Way forward for Cash | Midas Letter RAW ft Emerald Heath & Hashish Fund Supervisor

Money is an economic unit that acts as an offer of exchange for transaction purposes in an economy. But what happens to this concept if the US Treasury Department’s 10-year rate is different from the current Fed rate? Are stimulus checks and capital generation enough to suppress returns? Is hyperinflation here yet? Are cryptocurrency and bitcoin (BTC) valuations showing that confidence in central banks is deteriorating to keep the inflationary boogie man under wraps? Stay tuned as we talk about the moral hazard in “money” today and the future of money.

Midas Letter RAW is the disrespectful / intelligent investing show for the little guy. A former stockbroker and Reformed accountant, Ed Milewski, brings his knowledgeable but unconventional technical chart observations into focus. At the same time, investment author James West criticizes the machinations, gimmicks and listings that are being forced upon private investors by what we call capital markets institutions.

In today’s episode we have two exclusive interviews on deck:

1. Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals [not to be confused with Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) (OTCMKTS:EMHTF) (FRA:TBD) – although both are owned by Emerald Health Sciences.] – a science-based company that leverages the unique convergence of science, biology and cannabis molecules like cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) to create new molecules – that can produce beneficial effects (which CBD does not produce) to do so possibly treat – far incurable diseases.

Emerald is currently running an increase in Regulation A (ending at midnight on Sunday March 28, 2021) that will allow individuals to invest in the private company. See here to see how the CEO explains it.

2. Charles Taerk, CEO of Faircourt Asset Management and Manager of the Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund – a manager who has his finger on the pulse of cannabis investing (evidenced by the excellent financial performance of his funds). He makes a strong case for why US cannabis multi-state operators (MSO) have a significant advantage over Canadian licensed producers (LP). We could no longer agree with his thesis, and we believe this interview will give our weed audience a lot of thought-provoking.


Midas Letter serves only as a source of information and is in no way to be understood as investment advice. James West, the author and editor of the Midas Letter, has no authority to advise investors and is only making this information available to readers who want to know what he invests in and how he makes such decisions.

Investing in emerging public companies involves high risk and investors in such companies could lose all of their money. Always consult a properly accredited investment professional in your jurisdiction before making any investment decision.

Midas Letter occasionally accepts advertising and sponsorship fees from public companies featured on this website. James West and / or Midas Letter may also receive compensation from companies affiliated with companies featured on this website. James West and / or Midas Letter also invest in companies on this website. Therefore, readers should consider any information on this website to be biased.

LETTER: 1st District Republicans should return stimulus cash | Letters

My Republicans / Trumpists, you must return your $ 1,400 worth of stimulus checks. You asked Rep. Rob Wittman to vote no to the American relief plan. He doesn’t want you to receive any stimulus money as per your mandate.

While most Americans overwhelmingly supported the ARP, our congressional district did not. Wittman listened to your calls, survey responses, etc. and voted no as your representative.

So all true patriots have to give back the stimulus money they didn’t want. Please mail your check (payable to the Treasury Department) to Rep. Rob Wittman, No ARP Incentive For Me, 2055 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC, 20515.

Mr. Wittman will collect the returned money and do the right thing with it. Hopefully he’ll tell us the final amount.

Let’s go, true patriots!

Letter: The federal government is handing out cash to individuals who do not want it

L’absurdite ‘is French for “absurdity”.

The latest partisan absurdity to come out of Washington is putting the federal teat in the mouth of those who don’t need it. That is, checks for $ 1,400 each go to individuals earning up to $ 6,250 per month ($ 75,000 per year) or individual householders earning $ 9,333 per month ($ 112,000 per year). These numbers refer to the “Adjusted Gross Income” on your federal tax forms. These will only “expire” after $ 6,666 per month ($ 80,000 per year) or $ 10,000 per month ($ 120,000 per year) for individuals.

For those filing together, the full check amounts go to couples earning up to $ 12,500 per month ($ 150,000 per year). These “run out” at $ 13,333 per month ($ 160,000 per year).

At least the claim of our current POTUS to be bipartisan on issues of national importance has been exposed for what it was. I don’t have a problem with making decent payments to people who need it, but that’s absurd.

Mark Hanlon lives in Bismarck.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the forum’s editors or the forum owners.