Teaching type of Florida State’s Leonard Hamilton makes its solution to Nigeria sidelines

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WTXL) – Luke Loucks’ career in the State of Florida was marked by setting the school record for the most games played as Garnet and Gold (136). And helped lead the FSU to its first ACC championship in 2012. All along the way, Loucks was soaking up information from one of the best coaches ever.

When he left the state of Florida, the coaching was out of sight from Luke. But when his time as a professional overseas player came to an end, he remembered all the times Leonard Hamilton tried to give him a chance. Loucks is now on the sidelines of the Nigerian men’s basketball team, ready to implement one of the most important lessons he learned during his time under coach Hamilton.

“I always go back and we talk about it all the time with the Warriors and even with Team Nigeria, exactly the defensive intensity he asked you to do. I learned that from day one when I played for coach (Leonard) Hamilton, ”says Loucks. “And it’s something I will always have wherever I train. No matter what kind of athlete I have, when you get on the pitch you will be on your guard. And that’s why it’s always so difficult for me to play Florida State. “

Logical transfer: Boston pays tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy | Leisure

BOSTON (AP) – In an absolutely logical step, Boston pays tribute to the actor who played Mr. Spock on the TV show and films “Star Trek”.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced Leonard Nimoy Day in town on Friday March 26th, his daughter Julie. shared on them Twitter Account.

Nimoy, who died in 2015, was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston.

Nimoy furthered his acting talent as a teenager at Elizabeth Peabody House and the West End Boys Club, and as a teenager, according to the proclamation, received a summer scholarship to teach acting at Boston College.

He “brought honor to his hometown with his achievements as an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, photographer and philanthropist,” states the proclamation.

He also contributed to cancer research, as well as scholarship programs for arts and space research, and through the fictional half-human, half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock gave the immigrant, the refugee and the oppressed a hero, according to the city.

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Kawhi Leonard suggests NBA is prioritizing cash over gamers’ well being in planning All-Star Sport

Kawhi Leonard, MVP of last year’s All-Star Game, suggested the NBA prioritize money over the health of their players when planning the midseason exhibition in March.

“We all know why we play it,” said the Los Angeles Clippers star on Friday night. “It’s about money, it’s an opportunity to make more money. I’m just putting money on health now. “

The game and its skill contest will take place in Atlanta on March 7th, the league announced to its teams earlier this week. It remains unclear when players would need to report and how testing will work in Atlanta, or whether fans will be part of the game.

“We play games now and it’s still a pandemic to follow all of these protocols and rules, so I’m not really surprised,” Leonard said on a video call after the Clippers lost to Boston.

Sacramento security guard De’Aaron Fox said he thought the idea of ​​an all-star game to be “stupid” during a pandemic.

Lakers star LeBron James, who is the second largest fan voter behind Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant, said he wasn’t happy with the staging of the exhibition.

“I have no energy or excitement about an All-Star game this year,” said James. “I don’t even understand why we have an all-star game, but it’s the deal.”

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