Jack Leiter Indicators with Rangers for All of the Cash

The Texas Rangers will hold a press conference around 12:30 p.m. CT to announce that they have signed Jack Leiter (and will likely tell us the exact amount they paid him).

I wanted to wait until they announced it before writing this post, but Jeff Passan is for baseball news like Woj is for the NBA, so I’m doing it.

Jack Leiter, the number 2 in the draft, agrees with the Texas Rangers on a deal that will gross him more than $ 7.9 million, sources told ESPN. This is the highest bonus for a pitcher since the draft rules changed a decade ago and is just under the $ 8 million Gerrit Cole received in 2011.

-Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) July 28, 2021

Congratulations, Leits Out, on a terrifying amount of money. And play a game to make a living. Must be good.

Notable Vanderbilt-centered unsigned players to keep an eye out for until 5pm on Sunday MLB signing deadline are now:

  • Kumar Rocker (1st round, 10th overall, NY Mets—Contract talks are supposedly “in the balance”)
  • Jordan Lawlar (1st Round, 6th Overall, D-Bags – Rumors have it that the Bags have about $ 7 million available and ready to give that to Lawlar, but he’s still 50/50 with signature )
  • Davis Diaz (Round 12, D-Bags – could be a consolation prize if the Bags sign a late overslot, if they can’t close the deal with Lawlar, probably not both)