Delta Air Strains battles with nation’s largest flight attendant union over shortened Covid sick depart

Flight attendants distribute refreshments to a packed Delta Airlines flight departing from Ronald Regan National Airport to MinneapolisSaint Paul International Airport on Friday, May 21, 2021.

Kent Nishimura | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

Delta Airlines sent a cease and desist letter to the country’s largest cabin crew union after its president criticized the company’s reduced sick leave policy for employees with Covid-19.

Last Thursday, Association of Flight Attendants President Sara Nelson tweeted that the union had received “multiple reports” that Delta was “notifying workers in all work groups that they should come to work with symptoms, even if someone in the household tests positive.” She also said positive workers were told “to come to work after 5 days if the fever is below 100.9, even if they still test positive.”

A day later, Peter Carter, Delta’s Chief Legal Officer, mailed the letter to AFA.

“This information is not only false, it is criminal offense because it casts Delta in a highly negative light by suggesting that Delta asked employees to work while they were ill,” Carter’s letter said. “Such irresponsible behavior is inappropriate, defamatory and must be stopped immediately.”

Nelson, whose union does not represent Delta flight attendants but started one organize drive there in November 2019, defending her comments and saying Delta’s policies confused flight crews.

“Delta’s policy now addresses being asymptomatic before returning to work, which was a serious concern since those CDC policies were originally omitted from Delta’s policy announcement,” she wrote to Delta CEO Tuesday Ed Bastian. “But we still get questions from Delta flight attendants about returning to work with a low-grade fever and the fact that Delta’s current policy only recommends testing before returning to work and doesn’t require testing.”

Delta updated its Covid sick leave policy on Dec. 28 to five days off with wage protection — reduced from 10 days — that doesn’t require employees to spend days in their medical banks. Employees can get two extra days if they test positive again on the fifth day.

“Delta has always looked to science to formulate our policies regarding COVID-19,” a Delta spokesman said Tuesday. “We have sent a cease and desist letter because we believe institutions and leaders must speak carefully, truthfully and factually.”

The airline had asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to halve the recommended isolation time for breakout Covid infections to five days, warning of staff shortages and flight cancellations coming later. JetBlue Airways and other airlines asked for the same change. CDC updated its guidance Dec. 27 after relaxing recommendations for healthcare workers.

Cancellations from staff ill with Covid and a series of winter storms topped 20,000 between Christmas and the first week of the year. United Airlines, which has 10 days of wage protection left for crews with Covid, said Tuesday it would further cut its schedule, with 3,000 workers, about 4% of its US employees, testing positive for the coronavirus.

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines Give employees 10 days of wage protection if they test positive for Covid.

Southwest drops plan to place unvaccinated employees on unpaid go away

Travelers wait to check-in at the Southwest Airlines ticket booth at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on October 11, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kevin Dietsch | Getty Images

Southwest Airlines has abandoned a plan to put unvaccinated employees who have filed an application but have not received a religious or medical exemption on unpaid leave beyond a state deadline in December.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines belong to the transport companies that are federal contractors and are subject to the Biden administrative obligation, against which their employees must be vaccinated Covid-19 until December 8th, unless exempted for medical or religious reasons. The rules for state contractors are stricter than this expected for large companies, which enables regular Covid tests as an alternative to a vaccination.

Executives of both airlines have been trying in the past few days to reassure employees about job security under the mandate and asking them to apply for exemptions if they cannot be vaccinated for medical or sincere religious beliefs. Airlines are expected to ask more questions about the mandate when the quarterly results are released on Thursday morning. Pilot unions tried to block the mandates or looked for alternatives such as regular tests.

Southwest’s Senior Vice President of Operations and Hospitality, Steve Goldberg, and Vice President and Chief People Officer Julie Weber, wrote to employees on Friday that if employees’ requests for an exception are not approved by December 8th, they will continue to work in accordance with the mask and spacing guidelines until the request has been verified.

The company gives employees until November 24 to complete their vaccinations or apply for an exemption. It will continue to pay them while the company reviews their requests, saying that it will allow the rejected individuals to continue working “while we coordinate with them on whether the requirements (vaccine or valid accommodation) are met”.

“This is a change from what was previously communicated. Initially, we communicated that these employees were taking unpaid leave and that is no longer the case,” they wrote on the CNBC-verified note.

Southwest confirmed the policy change, which comes just weeks before the deadline.

United Airlines implemented its own vaccine mandate in August, a month before the government rules were announced. United had told employees that if they were given exemptions, they would take unpaid leave. More than 96% of the employees are vaccinated. Some employees sued the company for unpaid leave, and a federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas has temporarily prevented the airline from proceeding with its plan.

American CEO Doug Parker met with union leaders Thursday to discuss vaccination exemptions.

American Airlines management “indicated that, contrary to United’s approach, they are looking for accommodations that allow employees to keep working,” said the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the union that directs American flight attendants Airlines represents, in a notice to members Monday. “You have not given any information about what such accommodations might look like at that time.”

Hundreds of Southwest employees, customers and other protesters demonstrated against the vaccination mandate outside Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas on Monday, the Dallas Morning News reported.

An airline spokeswoman said the airline was aware of the demonstration.

“Southwest recognizes various positions regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and we always support and will continue to support the right of our employees to speak up by having open lines of communication to share problems and concerns” , she said.

Southwest’s Goldberg and Weber advised employees that if their application for exemption is denied, employees can reapply if the employee “has new information or circumstances that the company should consider”.

Southwest is demanding that new hires be vaccinated, as is American Airlines for new staff for mainline operations, spokesmen said.

Delta Airlines is also a federal contractor who is subject to state requirements but does not yet require vaccinations for staff. Last week the carrier reported that about 90% of the approximately 80,000 employees are vaccinated. In August, Delta announced that unvaccinated workers would start Pay $ 200 more a month for company health insurance in November.

Opinion: Daniel Craig doesn’t plan to depart a lot cash to his youngsters when he dies

Now Daniel Craig’s children know how the rest of us feel when thinking about his legacy.


The James Bond actor, who allegedly raised $ 25 million for the reopening of the role, has told Candis magazine in his native UK that he has no plans to leave much of his fortune to his two children.

“My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go,” Craig told the magazine. He cited a saying that “when you die rich you have failed” and called it “disgusting” to leave huge sums of money to your heirs.

If you’re the kid of one of the highest paid actors in the world, it’s the financial equivalent of starting with Casino Royale, arguably the greatest Bond movie ever made, and then ending with Skyfall and Specter being your correspondent for the two worst holds.

Maybe his kids knew that all along. So maybe their high hopes were not disappointed.

Craig isn’t the only rich man who says he has no plans to leave his fortune to his children. Billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates said the same thing. On the other hand, everything is relative. Most people would be lucky enough to leave, say, a few hundred thousand dollars for their children. What you leave after the first million or two is moot.

It has been wisely argued that you must leave your children enough money so that they can do anything is much better for them than leaving them enough money to do nothing.

We Tried Sloppy Steaks, ‘I Suppose You Ought to Go away’ Type

Foto: Netflix

„Früher war ich ein Stück Scheiße“, a Tim Robinson Charakter namens Shane sagt in einer Skizze von Ich denke, du solltest die zweite Staffel von verlassen. „Nach hinten gekämmtes Haar, weißer Badeanzug, schlampige Steaks, weiße Couch.“ Zuerst scheint es, als würde er nur Dinge aufzählen, die komisch klingen. Aber er fixiert sich auf die Steaks, kreist um sie herum und verdoppelt: „Großes, seltenes Stück Fleisch mit Wasser darübergeschüttet, Wasser plätschert um den Tisch.“ Schließlich sehen wir Shane aus vergangenen Leben, der mit seinen Jungs bei Truffoni schlampige Steaks bestellt. Der ernsthafte, angeschlagene Kellner bittet den Tisch: „Keine schlampigen Steaks, bitte – ich meine es ernst.“ Aber sie vermasseln sie, gießen Gläser mit Eiswasser über ihre T-Bones, und die Kellner sind hilflos, sie aufzuhalten. Es wird ein Original-Lied von Ezra Koenig über schlampige Steaks gespielt. Es ist die Nacht ihres Lebens.

Robinson hat eine Fixierung auf Douchebags und das Fleisch, das sie während seiner Arbeit essen. Da ist der Hot-Dog-Auto aus der ersten Staffel und der Hotdog-Erstickungsvorfall aus der zweiten Staffel, die stinkenden Plastikfleischbällchen und etwas, das als “Cherry Chuck Salad” bezeichnet wird. Er präsentiert uns oft Typen, die sich in Restaurants furchtbar verhalten, von dem schockierten Erstickungsmann mit einer Brieftaschenkette und den “Nuggets of Meat”-Nachosplainer bei einem schlechten Date in der ersten Staffel bis hin zu John Early, der den drei urkomischen Kellnerbrüdern sagt, sie sollen aufhören und den Hungrigen Professor, der in der zweiten Staffel Robinsons Burger essen will. Restaurants sind öffentliche Theater der Geselligkeit, in denen Sie nach einer festgelegten Liste unausgesprochener Sitten auftreten, und Robinson findet immer wieder den Humor in Charakteren, die das Regelwerk nicht gelesen haben und nicht herausfinden können, was sie falsch machen. Schlampige Steaks bei Truffoni’s sind jedoch anders. Es ist stolz, fröhlich, rücksichtslos. Die Skizze handelt davon, wie Babys wissen, dass sich Menschen ändern können; Nur weil du ein Stück Scheiße warst, heißt das nicht, dass du es immer noch sein musst. Aber könnte das Gegenteil der Fall sein? Könnte mich der Sirenenruf von schlampigen Steaks in ein richtiges Stück Scheiße verwandeln? Ich beschloss, dass es nur einen Weg gab, das herauszufinden: Ich würde im schönsten Steakhouse in Manhattan reservieren und selbst ein Steak schlürfen.

Aber zuerst musste ich mit einigen Experten sprechen. Ich habe dem New Yorker Restaurantkritiker eine E-Mail geschickt Adam Platt um ihm zu sagen, dass ich ins Keens gehe, das schönste und traditionellste Steakhouse in Manhattan, das ich mir vorstellen kann (mangels Truffoni’s), um Wasser über ein Steak zu schütten. Ich fragte, ob dies einen möglichen kulinarischen Reiz oder Vorteil hätte. „Was ist das für eine fehlgeleitete, verrückte Blasphemie?!“ er antwortete per E-Mail. „Für mich klingt es nach einer absolut guten Möglichkeit, ein nicht sehr gutes Steak zu ruinieren, geschweige denn ein ausgezeichnetes.“ Aber dann überlegte und analysierte er mehr, als das Konzept verdiente, und schickte eine Folge-E-Mail. Vielleicht könnte es als „der skurrile, ritualisierte Versuch eines Puristen dienen, die Kuh in ihrer ursprünglichen, vorgesalzenen, vorgewürzten, vorkarzinogen gebrühten Form zu genießen. Eine Art Taufe, wenn man so will, die Ihrem Steak auch den klassischen Steakhouse-Geschmack nimmt.“ Vielleicht hatte Platt recht, und diese Scheiße waren auf der Spur, ob sie es wussten oder nicht. Vielleicht war ein schlampiges Steak eine symbolische Wiedergeburt der Kuh, bevor sie sie unter das Messer legte, sowohl Geburt als auch Tod durch eigene Hand. Oder vielleicht waren es nur schlampige Steaks, ein Unsinnesessen für die Art von Männern, die ihr ganzes Geld in die Luft jagen Dan blinkt.

Ich habe mich dann per E-Mail an die Metzgerin Cara Nicoletti in vierter Generation gewandt, die dahinter stehende Wurstflüsterin ist Mehr Fleisch & Gemüse in Brooklyn, um zu fragen, welche Vorteile ein schlampiges Steak haben könnte. Nicoletti, die, wie sich herausstellte, ein großer Fan von Tim Robinson und ITYSL ist, weil sie eine Frau mit Geschmack ist, leitete ihre Analyse mit der Warnung ein, dass “ich zuerst aktenkundig machen möchte, dass es keine Rechtfertigung dafür gibt.” Trotzdem erklärte sie die Wissenschaft hinter schlampigen Steaks und gab sogar Empfehlungen, welche Fleischstücke man zu Hause aufschlecken sollte:

Das einzige Mal, dass Sie dem Fleisch Wasser hinzufügen, ist, wenn Sie es salzen oder schmoren. Im Allgemeinen würde ich jedoch immer eine trockene Salzlake einer nassen Salzlake empfehlen, da eine nasse Salzlake nur Wasser in Ihr Steak pumpt, während eine trockene Salzlake dazu beiträgt, dass Fleisch seine eigenen würzigen Säfte behält. Und ich würde nicht unbedingt Wasser als Schmorflüssigkeit empfehlen – Brühe oder Wein sind besser.

Es sieht so aus, als würde Tim hier Wasser auf ein T-Bone-Steak gießen, und ehrlich gesagt bin ich darüber nicht sauer. Ich hasse T-Bone-Steaks. Holen Sie sich einen Streifen oder ein Filet. Bringen Sie sie nicht beide zusammen, sie kochen zu unterschiedlichen Preisen. Auch ein T-Bone ist eine Abzocke, weil man für den Knochen mehr bezahlt als für das winzige Filetstückchen.

Wenn ich Wasser auf ein Steak gießen würde, würde ich wahrscheinlich Wasser auf ein wirklich mageres, sehr verkochtes Steak gießen. Vielleicht etwas vom Bein, wie ein rundes Auge, das einfach so trocken und ausgetrocknet und zäh ist, dass Sie tatsächlich ersticken, wenn Sie es nicht zuerst schmieren.

Robinson hatte also die richtige Idee, T-Bones zu verwenden, ungeachtet der Tatsache, dass ein T-Bone immer ein sehr komödiantisches Stück Fleisch ist – es ist das, das sie in Cartoons den Hunden werfen. Nun, da ich mit professioneller Anleitung bewaffnet war, war es an der Zeit, in einem öffentlichen Lokal ein paar Steaks zu verschlingen.

Ich tauchte am Nachmittag im ehrwürdigen Keens Steakhouse in Midtown auf, um einen schlampigen Genuss zu genießen. Ich stellte mir vor, wie ich wie Robinson mit nach hinten gekämmten Haaren in den Joint sauste und in eine Nische rutschte. Wirklich, ich war übermäßig höflich und entschädigte für die Schande, die dem schönen Fleisch des Hauses zugefügt wurde. Ich saß in einer Nische im Hauptspeisesaal, „genau wie in der Show“, bemerkte meine Freundin und Komplizin Dana. Ich nahm einen Schluck New Yorker Zapfhahn. „Spar dir etwas davon“, erinnerte mich Dana. Es hatte einen höheren Zweck.

Ich verstand sofort, was schlampige Steaks zu so einem durch und durch beschissenen Zug macht. Hier war ich an einem schönen Ort, einem besonderen Ort, einem Ort, auf den die Gäste sparen und auf den die Mitarbeiter stolz sind. Und wir benutzten ihn für eine Parodie und einen Schwachsinn, unsere eigene kleine Scherzshow, bei der der Witz nur auf uns gerichtet war. ein paar schlaue Idioten. Es gab ein paar größere Partys im Raum, darunter ein Generationentisch mit acht Personen, auf dem „Salud!“ angestoßen wurde. zum 80. Geburtstag ihres Opas. Sie feierten Meilensteine. Ich habe es gefeiert, ein Dum-Dum zu sein, der eine lustige Show mag.

Es fühlte sich an, als würden wir etwas tun, das uns an den Kragenkragen packen und rausschmeißen würde. Aber wie Shane in der Skizze sagt: “Sie können dich nicht davon abhalten, ein Steak und ein Glas Wasser zu bestellen.” Die Steaks in der Skizze sehen aus wie T-Bones, und Shane gibt an, dass man sie selten bekommen muss, also haben wir das gemacht. Das Steak kam mit einem wunderschönen Saibling außen auf unserem Tisch an und sah auch ohne Wasser super zart und saftig aus. Ein wichtig aussehender Mann im Smoking – vielleicht der Generaldirektor oder der Maître d’ – ging langsam durch das Esszimmer, die Hände hinter dem Rücken. Da ich immer noch ein POS in Ausbildung bin, hatte ich große Angst davor, auf frischer Tat ertappt zu werden. Ich wartete, bis ihm der Rücken zukehrte und unser Kellner an einem anderen Tisch beschäftigt war, und ich tat die Tat. Ich habe es abgeladen. Ich gab meinem „USDA erstklassigen, handverlesenen und trocken gereiften“ Steak ein Hurenbad.

Es gab Spritzwasser. Wasser sammelte sich über dem Teller und tropfte fleischige braune nasse Schlieren auf die knackig weiße Tischdecke. Shane und die Jungs mähen wirklich ihre Steaks in der Skizze; Schnell essen gehört dazu. „Kellner kamen, um sie zu schnappen – wir mussten so schnell wie möglich essen“, sagt er. Ich habe mir ein nasses Stück in den Mund gegabelt für das kulinarische Urteil, das nur jemand abgeben kann, der früher einen Schreibtisch in der Nähe der Grub Street-Autoren hatte …

… Und es war so verdammt gut!

Es ist nicht so lustig oder lustig, wenn etwas, das lustig und schlecht aussieht, eigentlich nur wirklich gut ist, aber am Ende des Tages ist ein gutes Steak ein gutes Steak, selbst wenn man monatelange sorgfältige Trockenreifung und einen verkohlten Maillard braucht Vorbereitung und schmieren Sie es mit einem großen Dump o’ Agua. Unser Kellner Joey hatte erklärt, dass Keens seine Steaks nach dem Garen etwa sechs Minuten ruht, damit die Säfte zirkulieren, und dann vor dem Servieren entlang des T-Bones schneidet. Dies verschaffte uns letztendlich einen taktischen Vorteil gegenüber den schlampigen Steaks in ITYSL, da unser Wasser in dem Moment, in dem es herunterspritzte, direkten Kontakt mit den inneren seltenen Steaksäften hatte und der schwammig-spritzige Pool schließlich das Geschmacksprofil eines guten au jus annahm . Es sah immer noch verrückt aus, und um unser Kichern zu unterdrücken, machten wir eine kleine Barriere aus Getränken und Salz-und-Pfeffer-Schüttlern, um den Blick anderer Gäste auf unsere nassen Teller und das überall spritzende Wasser zu versperren. Es erinnerte mich an diese Szene in Succession Wo ein Stück Scheiße Tom beim Training von Cousin Greg ein Stück Scheiße nimmt, um frittierte Singvögel zu essen, und sie essen es rituell mit Servietten über dem Kopf: „Der genaue Zweck wird diskutiert. Manche sagen, es soll die Scham verschleiern, andere, um das Vergnügen zu steigern.“

T für Timthe SpritzbereichRebekka Alter.

T für Timthe SpritzbereichRebekka Alter.

Die Scham setzte wieder ein, als ein Busser kam, um unsere Reste einzupacken. „Tut mir leid, dass der Teller nass ist“, sagte ich ihm. “Dort war ein Unfall. Ich habe verschüttet.“

„Wir werden es für Sie entleeren“, sagte er mit einem solchen Mangel an Urteilsvermögen, dass mir klar wurde, dass ein jahrhundertealtes Restaurant – ein jahrhundertealtes Restaurant in Midtown, nicht weniger – sicherlich schon viele unaussprechliche Dinge getan hat Steaks. Also erzählte ich unserem Server Joey, was wir getan hatten und warum. Er war kein alter Mann mit Schnurrbart wie in der Skizze, also hat er uns nicht aus dem Restaurant gejagt, aber er war aus Jersey, und das fühlt sich spirituell nahe genug an.

“Das hört sich an, wie Milchsteak aus Immer sonnig,“ sagte er und hatte vollkommen recht. Aber während Shane und seine Freunde schlampige Steaks essen, weil sie Scheiße sind, isst Charlie Milchsteak, weil er der ultimative Naive ist und einen Hirnschaden hat.

„Ich schäme mich, weil es einfach eine sehr unhöfliche Sache zu sein scheint, ein gutes Steak in einem netten Restaurant zu machen“, sagte ich zu Joey, der nicht länger in der Lage war, das Stück Scheiße aufrechtzuerhalten. “Ich wollte sauber kommen.”

„Mädchen, tauche dich in einen Fluss und wasche dich ab. Du bist gut“, sagte mein neuer bester Freund Joey.

Dana musste wieder an die Arbeit, also ging ich nach dem Mittagessen eine Weile in einem Fugue-Zustand nach dem Sloppy-Steak durch Midtown. Mein Bauch hat gechannelt Karl Chaos, sagt “Ich will nicht mehr hier sein” in Morsezeichen. Das Wasser ließ zu viel Steak zu leicht durch meine Speiseröhre gleiten, und jetzt saß es da, beschwert vom Schlick.

In der Skizze sitzt Shane nach den Steaks an einem Strand, blickt auf das Wasser und denkt über sein gefährliches Leben nach. Ich ging in den Bryant Park und dachte über meine Entscheidungen nach, während ich zusah, wie ein Mann mittleren Alters lustlos knöcheltief in einem Brunnen herumschlurfte. Mein Körper hatte sich wie ein Stück Scheiße angefühlt, aber war ich eins geworden? Ich sah die Finanzbrüder an, die in den Gebäuden rund um den Park ein- und ausgingen. Am Ende des Tages zeigt Robinson auf I Think You Should Leave ein ziemlich niedriges Stück Scheiße, das Dinge auf niedriger Ebene tut. Hochrangige Scheißkerle nehmen ihre Firmenkostenabrechnungen als selbstverständlich hin und koksen im Keens-Bad. Hochrangige Scheiße Nehmen Sie ihre Steaks durch und spritzen Sie sie mit Ketchup auf. Sie fahre mit Privatraketen ins All. Was ist, wenn Sie ein schlampiges Steak mögen? Es muss dich nicht definieren. Menschen können sich ändern. Jetzt schütte Wasser auf ein Steak und schau einem Baby in die Augen.

Trevor Bauer positioned on administrative go away following sexual assault allegations

Referees check the hat and glove of Trevor Bauer # 27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers for foreign matter after the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium on June 28, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Meg Oliphant | Getty Images

Los Angeles Dodgers’ superstar pitcher Trevor Bauer was put on a week-long administrative vacation from Major League Baseball on Friday a criminal investigation into allegations that Bauer sexually abused a woman in brutal incidents.

Bauer’s forced leave was announced on the same day as President Joe Biden Hosted the Dodgers at the White House to celebrate their World Series win last fall.

Bauer, who won the 2020 National League Cy Young Award while playing for the Cincinnati Reds, agreed to a three-year deal with the Dodgers in February that could gross him a total of $ 102 million, making him one of the highest-paid baseball players .

The 30-year-old next to face the Nationals in Washington on Sunday wasn’t prosecuted for the incidents that allegedly occurred in April and May. But He is under investigation by the California policewho started an investigation in mid-May.

Bauer is also the subject of a restraining order against domestic violence filed Tuesday by his 27-year-old accuser.

Major League Baseball said in a statement that an investigation into the woman’s allegations against Bauer is “ongoing.”

“Although no decision has yet been made in the case, we have decided to put Mr. Bauer on a seven-day administrative vacation with immediate effect,” said the MLB’s announcement.

“MLB continues to gather information in our ongoing investigation in parallel with the active criminal investigation of the Pasadena Police Department. We will provide further comments in due course.”

United States President Joe Biden holds up a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball jersey as he greets the 2020 World Series Champions during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on July 2, 2021.

Almond Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

Bauer’s agents said in a statement received by The Athletic reporter Ken Rosenthal: “We confirm and refute our original statement” [the woman’s] Accusations in the strongest possible way. “

“Mr Bauer will not be contesting MLB’s decision to take him on administrative leave at this point in order to minimize the distraction of the Dodgers organization and its teammates,” the statement said.

“Note that the administrative leave is not a disciplinary measure nor is it a result of the league’s investigation.”

A spokesman for Dodgers told KNBC-TV, “I don’t think the administrative leave can be appealed.”

“It gives the MLB time to investigate without disciplinary action,” said the spokesman, adding that disciplinary action can be appealed.

The announcement came a day later Sports Illustrated published an article online entitled, “Trevor Bauer Is Not Allowed To Start Sunday.”

The article berated the Dodgers and MLB for “cowardice” for failing to give Bauer a leave of absence despite the “disgusting” allegations against him.

Bauer’s prosecutor said in her application for an injunction that he choked her to unconsciousness in two sexual encounters and hit her repeatedly in the face and genitals in one of the encounters, injuring her so badly that she was hospitalized.

She also claims he behaved sexually that she did not consent to one of the encounters.

Bauer’s co-agent, Jon Fetterolf, previously said that Bauer had “a brief and fully consensual sexual relationship” with the woman she initiated.

“Your basis for filing a protection order is non-existent, fraudulent, and deliberately omitting important facts, information and your own relevant communications,” Fetterolf told NBC News.

Bauer, who made his major league debut in 2012, has appeared in 17 games this season. He has a record of 8-5 and a earned run average of 2.59.

– Additional reporting by Jessica Golden from CNBC and Jabari Young

Duke of Sussex Takes Parental Go away 5 Months After Childbirth | Leisure Information

The Duke of Sussex will be unable to work for five months after the birth of his daughter.

Prince Harry, who welcomed his daughter Liribet Diana and wife Duchess Sussex last week, will be unable to work for 20 weeks after the baby is born, in line with what he is offering to staff at the Archwel Charity Foundation.

“We’re used to royal men returning to work the next day, sometimes the same day,” said the couple’s biographer and friend, Omid Scobie. It sets a good example and offers mothers and fathers up to 20 weeks of parental leave.

“You’re doing exactly the same thing, so your job will be out for a few months.”

And Omid believes that Harry and Megan’s happiness lies in keeping the baby’s arrival a secret for a few days and enjoying the time with the newborn.

Regarding Good Morning America, he added, “As you can see from Harry and Megan’s team, they are very happy to be home. Yourself.

“They had some private time in the hospital, went home and partied, and then shared it with all of us.”

The couple previously thanked fans for their support and good luck after the baby’s arrival.

In a statement posted on Archewell’s website, they said: “She is more than we could imagine and the love and prayers we felt from all over the world. This is a special time for our family. “

Duke of Sussex takes parental leave 5 months after birth | Entertainment news

Source link Duke of Sussex takes parental leave 5 months after birth | Entertainment news

LeBlanc’s type of management ought to depart with him – The GW Hatchet

This morning the GW community received news it asked for it but did not expect it: University President Thomas LeBlanc calls it finished. LeBlanc, who has come under fire from faculty and students alike during his tumultuous tenure, announced in an email to students that he will be retiring at the end of the next academic year.

As students, faculty, and GW Twitter celebrate, it’s worth taking stock not only of what brought us to this point, but also of what should happen next. LeBlanc’s upcoming retirement is undoubtedly good news for students and the university community at large, but the yawning divide he has created between administrators and students is not going to go away anytime soon. To prevent the next university president from becoming LeBlanc 2.0, the board of trustees needs to bring students and faculty to the table to find a replacement who is genuinely receptive to the GW community.

The end of LeBlanc’s term in office has been a long time coming. Over the years dozens of student organizations have required his resignation. Have students, faculties, and staff protested in front of his house. Have petitions labeling him a threat to GW’s values collected Hundreds of signatures. The ax editor asked him to step aside twice above two separate volumes.

The most recent evidence that LeBlanc had lost the university’s faith was a survey the faculty at GW, which showed a miserable confidence in LeBlanc’s leadership. His decision to retire comes just weeks after the university and survey results were announced Furthermore.

The mutiny of the GW community against LeBlanc, which had lasted for years, was justified again and again. LeBlanc has apparently taken every opportunity to ignore or belittle the university’s culture and the students who are its lifeblood. From the beginning of his term in office, he set off ruthlessly advance GW’s STEM program at the expense of the humanities. These efforts, dubbed the 20/30 plan, would also have increased the barriers for lower-income students and dealt a severe blow to diversity on campus. Neither the student body nor the faculty wanted this plan – and it took the COVID-19 pandemic that brought GW’s finances to its knees to make it a reality stop.

LeBlanc has also consistently gotten fed up with student activism – which is what any official or anecdote is claiming account, one of the trademarks of the GW student body. The entire campus burst into a justified rage when asked if the university would comply with student demands to divest fossil fuels, compared the effort to “shoot all black people here”. Not only did he show the depth of his apathy towards the way the students he represents actually think and feel, but he managed to make just one more addition to the range of injustices that GW color students endure had to. Overall, it is clear that LeBlanc GW never understood, and apparently did not care enough to try.

When the Board of Trustees begins looking for a replacement, it must ensure that the next President is the Anti-LeBlanc in all respects. Whoever comes next should invest in healing the ever-controversial relationship between administration and students. The next president should commit to building on GW’s long-established academic culture rather than being more interested in “building new areas of excellence,” as Trustee Chair Grace Speights emailed shortly after LeBlanc’s message wrote. The position is not and should not be treated as a vanity project that promotes the president’s personal interests over those of the community they serve, as we have seen with LeBlanc’s relentless interests to press Making GW a STEM oriented school or his decision to rent one killed of his old colleagues at the University of Miami. Instead there must be presidents accessible Address student and faculty concerns and focus on topics that the community believes are most important.

If the Board of Trustees is actually looking for an Anti-LeBlanc replacement, it makes sense to look for a racially diverse group of female candidates. However, identity in and of itself should not be viewed as a quick and easy fix. GW deserves a president who represents both the demographics of the student body and one who adequately cares for the marginalized communities at GW. Hire more diverse Group of faculty and administrators and listen To care of students Color are just two ways to measure a president’s commitment to creating a more equitable and equitable campus environment.

The hiring process should be both transparent and take into account numerous student contributions. In an employee editorial last September, we wrote called civil servants to do just that, whether by giving a student leader a chance to vote on the board or by giving faculty a say in administrative research. The Board of Trustees might also consider setting up focus groups for students to discuss the qualities they would like to see in the next president and the direction GW should take to involve various voices in the search process for a new president.

Students cannot afford to spend their four years at GW to criticize the senior executive for failing to do the job it was hired to do. The next president must be everything LeBlanc wasn’t – respecting the desires of the student body, investing in and appreciating the long-established academic and social culture at this school, and committed to raising students from historically marginalized communities. LeBlanc may be on his way to the door, but it’s up to the students and faculty to insist that his hideous leadership style go with him.

The editorial team consists of Hatchet employees and works separately from the newsroom. This week’s staff editorial was written by opinion editor Andrew Sugrue and contributing opinion editor Shreeya Aranake, based on discussions with arts editor Anna Boone, contributing sports editor Nuria Diaz, design editor Grace Miller, editor Jaden DiMauro, and assistant editor Karina Ochoa Berkley.

Ought to I go away cash to nieces I don’t like? – Monterey Herald

Question: I am single and have no children. I am close to some of my nieces and nephews and plan to leave part of my estate to them. I think I hesitate because I’ve worked hard for my money and don’t want to leave them money to buy a new car or otherwise blow it up! I believe that money is more valuable to you when you have to work for it. I am also close to some, but not to others. Is it okay to just leave it to those who are nice to me and cut out the ones I don’t like?

Reply: The work in the field of “inheritance” and the study of behavioral finance have shown me that blanket statements like yours do not always apply. Not everyone given a great inheritance will blow it up overnight. In fact, my experience has shown that real estate beneficiaries behave in one of three ways: some do what you say and blow it on a car, or maybe finance an unhealthy lifestyle. Others will cherish it for the gift and spend it wisely to improve their lives. Finally, members of a third group put the money aside and never touch it! This group believes that the money is not theirs, that they are just stewards of it.

As you can see, each of the three ways to deal with inheritance has its advantages – along with some shortcomings. The first group is having a great time – they live (and spend) in the moment on things that will be gone in no time. You’re having fun, but it’s fleeting. One would hope that when they realized how fast money can flow they would learn a lesson about unwise spending.

The third group, who don’t spend it at all, often feel burdened by the money. They don’t feel like it is theirs to enjoy, and they often disagree about what to do with it in their own estate planning. Such a beneficiary was genuinely afraid of the great inheritance that had been given to them. It took a lot of financial training to even get any level of comfort with her sudden wealth.

The “Goldilocks” beneficiary is the one who accepts the inheritance as a gift and uses your hard-earned fortune responsibly to improve their lives and the lives of their families and to donate generously to charity.

The best way to get the goldilocks effect is to make a statement with your money. Write a letter to your nieces and nephews about your commitment and dedication to earning and saving. Tell them why you wanted to leave them your fortune and how you hope they will use the money to enrich their lives and, hopefully, give generously. A personal letter goes a long way in impressing your values ​​with your beneficiaries.

As for giving money to some and not to others? Naturally! When you give gifts to everyone equally, including those who have not been kind to you, you humiliate the gifts to those who loved and cared for you. Your legacy will fluctuate across generations, whether you leave it to family or charity. Make sure you are extra proud of the ripple.

Liza Horvath has over 30 years of estate planning and fiduciary experience and is a licensed professional trustee. Liza is currently the President of Monterey Trust Management. This is not legal or tax advice. If you have a question please call (831) 646-5262 or email

School basketball: St. Scholastica males look to go away UMAC in type

While this hit the Saints like a technical foul, Nick Carlson and Co. said the Saints had no choice but to recover.

“That was pretty disappointing to hear just because we had such high expectations, but we still have something to play,” said Carlson, a 6-foot-4 junior guard from Canyon. “We’re still playing for a conference championship. Our boys understand we won’t make it to the national tournament, but what can you do, you know? “

And at this point in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic – and I hate to say it – athletes and fans are almost used to it, hardened by cycles of inflated optimism followed by deep disappointment.

“No kidding,” said Carlson. “Everyone’s going through it.”

While this week’s UMAC basketball tournaments don’t feature automatic bids for the NCAA Division III tournament as usual, they do offer the opportunity to win a UMAC championship trophy, let alone boastful rights. This is especially important for the Saints as they attend the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference next season.

“It’s our final year in UMAC so we want to go out with a bang,” said Carlson.

The top seed Saints (8: 0), who got off to their best start in the history of the program, will open the quarter-finals of the tournament against Northland (0: 7) in the Reif Gym on Thursday at 7 p.m.

“These guys are on a mission,” said CSS trainer David Staniger. “OK, it’s our last year in the league. Let’s win the league, let’s win the tournament. It’s our last dance. Let’s count it and become champions. “

From the Northland talent standpoint, the Saints are an easy-to-root team. It’s a bit of a who’s who of the recent News Tribune all-area teams.

CSS only finished one senior from last season in offensive spark plug Collin Anderson – who led the team at 15.4 ppg despite his drop off the bench – so the Saints were expecting big things.

“I would say we’re living up to expectations,” said Carlson.

Jack Silgen, a former Crosby Ironton star, played in high school point guard but is number 5 Saints. That’s how versatile he is. He leads the team with 16.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game, followed by Carlson (15.4 ppg, 5.4 rpg) and Quinn Fischer von Esko (12.0 ppg, 6.6 rpg).

“I’m really happy for the boys,” said Staniger. “You handled it much better than I did. If the first thing on your exercise schedule is, “Were they all tested today?” It’s a ton of things other than basketball and these guys have been great all year round.

“They have a serenity, they keep their demeanor. If things get a little mixed up, don’t panic in the crowd. These guys love to compete and that’s what I love about this team. “

Jarod Wilken (8.8 ppg, 4.6 rpg), the team’s only senior, follows next, followed by Isiah Hendrickson (8.6 ppg, 2.9 rpg) and Noah Winesett (5.8 ppg, 1, 8 rpg) by Duluth East and the former Hermantown Hawk Connor Bich (5.3 ppg) 3.0 rpg).

“It’s nice to do it with these locals, and that’s important to me – to thrive and win with local talent,” said Staniger, a graduate of Chisholm High School. “There are a lot of schools out there, especially in the Twin Cities, that don’t believe that basketball is very good in northern Minnesota, but we believe we are and we prove it. We are very versatile and can score on all levels. I think we are a tough watcher. “

Carlson’s shooting numbers this year are enough to impress everyone, no matter where they’re from. He shoots 55.6% from the field and 48.5% from the 3-point range (16 of 33).

While Carlson may put up the big college numbers, his high school basketball résumé doesn’t quite match that of his teammates.

Nett Lake’s second point guard, Cade Goggleye, who has 28 assists for just six turnovers this season, was the News Tribune’s 2018-19 All-Area Player of the Year. Fischer received the same award for 2017-18.

You don’t have to remind Carlson of that. He remembers all too well his days as a great four-athlete at South Ridge High School.

Carlson called Goggleye “the most selfless gamer I’ve ever played with,” but that doesn’t mean the North Woods product can’t make it shine as Goggleye reminds him from time to time.

“I played him in high school,” Carlson said before laughing, “and I hate to say it, but he lost 62 points on us.” Granted, we weren’t very good, but Cade is perfectly fine with just giving assists and not getting much. He’s just a good team player.

“And when we were in the Polar League we always played against Esko, and I can say I wasn’t a huge fan of Esko boys in high school – they always kicked our asses. But Quinn is a great guy. It’s great to play with people you played against in high school. You come together as a team and it’s really fun. “

Carlson was asked to describe this year’s saints in one word and he said “competitive” but soon added the words “deep” and “selfless”.

If things go well this week he could add the word champions soon.

“There is definitely no guarantee, but we all feel we are the best team at the conference,” said Carlson. “Now we have to go out and show it.”

The three remaining Twin Ports UMAC basketball teams are all very young and have dealt with growing pain this year.
Wisconsin Superior (3-3) fifth seed begins Thursday at 5:00 p.m. in the men’s quarterfinals in Mankato, Minnesota, with Bethany Lutheran (5-3) fourth seed.
The Yellowjackets have no seniors and only three juniors. UWS had difficulty starting games due to COVID-19 protocols but has been playing well lately. The Yellowjackets fell between 69 and 62 against Northwestern on Monday, but would have earned number 2 with a win. Superior Products Mason Ackley, Joe Barker, and Xavier Patterson all contribute, while Eli Vogel has been really good in the last three games. The newcomers J’Vaun Walker and Souleyman Gueye provided a boost.

The seventh St. Scholastica (0-8) will open on Thursday at 5 p.m. in the women’s quarter-finals in the second-occupied Northwest (13-4).

The Saints are very young and have dealt with injuries and COVID-related hurdles this year, with players signing out.

Littlefork Senior Guard Kaylee Kennedy is 18 points out of 1,000 for career and leads the team with 11.2 ppg. Another senior, Morgan Anderson, struggled with injuries to lead the team on ricochet with 6.2 RPG and is runner-up with 9.3 ppg. Proctor’s freshman Liz Fraze has played well in the post and has an exciting future with the Saints.

The fifth Wisconsin Superior (4-5) opens Thursday at 7 p.m. in the women’s quarterfinals in the fourth Minnesota Morris (5-3).

The Yellowjackets only have one senior and two juniors. Sophomore Kaija Davies missed most of last year with an injury, but provided consistent repercussions. She had 21 points and 11 rebounds in a 59-49 win over St. Scholastica on Monday.

Sophomore Kaelyn Christian was another reliable threat, especially from the outside. Superior by birth Ellie Leadstrom is the only senior citizen and has started every game.

Leisure venue capacities improve, however go away marriage ceremony business with 25 individual capability

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Virginia (WHSV) – New changes to Virginia’s COVID-19 restrictions went into effect March 1, and now allows more people to work in multiple public places, such as public places. B. Recreational sports events and overnight summer camps.

Entertainment venues can now have up to 250 people indoors or 30 percent capacity and up to 1,000 people outdoors or 30 percent capacity.

Social events such as weddings are subject to social gathering restrictions and only allow 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

2020 should be the first fully operational year for Peace Farms in Mount Crawford.

Event coordinator Becky Hummel said it has been difficult to gift clients their dream wedding with when restrictions allow only a portion of their closest family and friends, and she has heard that some couples are choosing to book outside of the state where COVID is concerned -19 restrictions allow more guests.

She said other states have different guidelines for home gatherings than venue gatherings, and she thinks Virginia should, too.

“We just want to ask the Virginia Governor to distinguish between the two and focus on what venues can do to improve security that many have already put in place,” said Hummel.

The Peace Farm venue has invested thousands of dollars in air purification systems and cleaning equipment, according to Hummel.

She said people can easily create social distance in their space, and they have entrances and exits, staff refurbishing high-contact areas during events, large doors that open, and hand sanitizer in their facilities.

Laurel Detamore and Cody Voltin originally planned their wedding to take place at Peace Farms in April 2020. After rescheduling several times since then, they are now hoping to get married in May.

“I don’t want to move for the fifth time,” Detamore said. “If you want to keep it down to 25, this isn’t the wedding I imagined as a kid, so I’ll probably put it off again.”

The couple is happy that Peace Farms didn’t charge them extra for rescheduling multiple times, but other couples weren’t as lucky. They said it was financially exhausted in other ways, such as sending out multiple save the dates and invitations, as well as memorabilia.

Hummel said that in 2020, Frieden Farms was able to host multiple half capacity weddings, which equates to 149 people. However, some couples have postponed their weddings to 2021 in hopes of having a bigger event.

Several other industries such as photographers, florists, bakers, caterers, DJs, evening wear shops and rental companies were also affected last year.

Hummel said the few events they held at half capacity went well with no reported outbreaks, and she says Virginia should allow the venues to do so, at least for now.

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