Hronis Racing Main Del Mar Proprietor For Races And Cash Gained – Horse Racing Information

Hronis Racing of Kosta, Stephanie and Pete Hronis of Delano, California were the leading owners at the 2021 Del Mar Summer Meet in terms of both money won and number of wins on the Del Mar, California coastal track.

This is the sixth time the Hronises have been the leading owner of Del Mar for the money won. They did it previously in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2014, and 2013.

Hronis Racing made $ 1,020,440 during the season, a large portion of that – $ 600,000 in fact – when their horse Tripoli won the TVG Pacific Classic on August 21. Hronis Racing also had eight wins, the most from all owners.

Second in cash were Red Baron’s Barn and Rancho Temescal for $ 499,951. Third was Reddam Racing for $ 442,140.

Nick Alexander and Kaleem Shah finished second in the victory division with seven first places each.

owner Starts 1 purses
Hronis Racing 37 8th $ 1,021,440
Red Baron’s Barn & Rancho Temescal 48 5 $ 520,852
I will be returning to racing 42 5 $ 442,140
Downstream racing 16 6th $ 424,890
LNJ Foxwoods 16 4th $ 406,320
Gary barber 39 6th $ 395,740
SF Racing, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables,
Masterson, Stonestreet, Schönfarber, Waves Edge Capital,
Donovan, Golconda & Siena Farm
11 5 $ 393,200
Nicholas B. Alexander 25th 7th $ 392,800
My racehorse & Lavish farm 5 2 $ 316,500
CRK stall fifteen 5 $ 292,580
Kaleem Schaha 7th 3 $ 233,332
Willow Grace Farm & Petersen 2 2 $ 222,000

Texas Abbott is main the Republican push for Trump-style border measures – WJET / WFXP /

Austin, Texas (AP) – Promises to build a wall. Descriptions of American homes that have been “raided” by immigrants and traces of “genocide”. Plans to arrest cross-border workers and send them to prison.

Not a 2016 Donald Trump. This is Greg Abbott, Texas Governor in 2021.

Ambitious Republicans are the first in a group of GOP governors to raise the former president’s suspension for tough immigration policies.

In the past few weeks Abbott has developed rigorous plans and rhetoric unprecedented even in Texas, where Republicans have spent a decade putting border security at the center of their agendas. Abbott was a presidential candidate in 2024, pledging to continue building the Trump border wall and adopting the questionable methods of crowdsourcing and advertising.

Abbott’s new impulse is called political drama, and he turned it down because there are still many people crossing the border. But it gets Trump’s attention. The former president will travel to the US-Mexico border for the first time since leaving the White House in January. He will perform with Abbott on Wednesday, and other Texas Republicans are expected to join.

Movements by Abbott and other Republican governors, including those who may have ambitions for 2024, are a sign of how Trump’s immigration policy extends beyond the presidency.

Republican leaders hoping for the party’s future are aggressive, compounded by 2020 results, which suggest Trump’s tact did not drive out Latin voters, as some Democrats had predicted. We continue to see support for traditional border measures as the political winners.

There is evidence that Republican pressure is working. After weeks of criticism for not visiting the border, Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to El Paso on Friday.

“It’s a solid topic for the governor from a Republican audience perspective,” said Texas Republican strategist Matt Langston. “It’s about paying dividends to Governor Abbott.”

The persecution isn’t limited to Abbott.

Another presidential candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, was the first governor to announce last week that he would deploy law enforcement at the 2,000-mile line from his state to Mexico. The commitment is unclear.

Since Democrat Joe Biden took office, Abbott has sought to position America’s largest Republican-led state as the number one opponent of federal border policy. He suggested in the spring with no evidence that COVID-19 immigrants are putting Texans at risk due to Biden’s easing of Trump-era immigration policies. Abbott began closing more than 50 shelters in June that house thousands of migrant children.

His intention to resume one of Trump’s most famous and imperfect promises – building more walls – was borrowed from Texas in a decade of spending and expansion on the Mexican border. It’s a step I didn’t have. According to Abbott, Texas will put the state’s $ 250 million in new barriers through crowdsourcing, website installation, mailbox installation, and so on so that project backers can donate their money. Start with that. According to his office, the project has raised more than $ 459,000 to date, but no donor numbers have been reported.

The latest high-profile crowdsourcing attempt to build a wall was spearheaded by Trump supporters and Steve Bannon, a former chief strategist for the president who was later charged with defrauding thousands of donors for the project. it was done. Trump pardoned Bannon on his last day in the office.

The promise of a new barrier is included in the plans for Texas soldiers to arrest cross-border commuters and have them jailed for state crimes such as trespassing. Abbott said that “homes were robbed” along the border. Abbott said landowners have lost livestock and crops due to “genocide caused by cross-border people”.

US Customs and Border Protection registered more than 180,000 encounters at the Mexican border in May since March 2000. ..

Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children were picked up along the border in March, the highest month ever. April was the second highest and May the third highest.

Abbott dismissed criticism that his actions were merely a shame.

“Anyone who thinks this is politics has no idea what’s going on at the border,” Abbott told the Texas Capitol last week. “Anyone who thinks this is politics doesn’t care about Americans or Texas residents.”

Immigration was a weakness for Biden.

A poll by the Associated Press-NORC Public Relations and Research Center in May found that 43% of Americans supported the topic and 54% disagreed. Republicans across the United States have picked up on discontent, saying that even Republican governors in Idaho and Nebraska would send small numbers of state law enforcement officers to the border.

Last year Trump carried out a dramatic invasion of Latin American voters along the Texas border. The border with Texas, long home to the Democratic Party, is more socially conservative than the state’s liberal metropolis. The Rio Grande Valley in Texas was an important background in Trump’s immigration policy, but the building of the wall and the occupation of the border guards also created jobs.

Some Democrats and immigrant rights groups have not yet filed lawsuits in court, but have questioned the legality of Abbott’s plans. Texas border democrat Vicente Gonzalez said he needed a solution to slow down the number of immigrants, but not the ones Abbott wanted. He said the wall never worked and Abbott should invest in technology like cameras and sensors.

“He thinks it’s terribly wrong,” he said. “He may be speaking to audiences across the country, but obviously it doesn’t represent the majority of the people in Texas.”


Associated Press Writers Anita Snow from Phoenix and Adrina Gomez Recon from Miami contributed to this report.

Texas Abbott leads Republican push for Trump-style border measures – WJET / WFXP /

Source link Texas Abbott leads Republican push for Trump-style border measures – WJET / WFXP /

Seagram’s Escapes Hosts Digital Dialogue with Main African American Ladies in Leisure

WHAT: Summer is in full swing, the popular flavored malt beverage brand, Sea grams escape, in partnership with Rolling Out, organizes a virtual discussion with black influencers in the fields of comedy and entertainment with the fourth episode of their Empowerment Tour 2021. During the discussion, the presented women tell how they climbed the ladder of success in the entertainment industry, personal branding tips and how they overcame challenges. Attending the panel discussion is free and also includes a few laughs, gossips and tea-spilling “to complement the conversation. The contents create the perfect combination of information and entertainment for the audience at a summer get-together with friends or when relaxing at home alone.

WHO: The June panel features well-respected African American female entertainers – including comedians, reality TV stars, radio hosts and actresses – covering aspects of entertainment from a variety of spectrums. Panelists include:

  • B. Simone – rapper, singer, comedian, actress, esthetician, and social media personality who has appeared on MTVs Wild ‘N Out
  • Claudia Jordan – Talk show host (Cocktails with the Queens), actress, model, businesswoman, former reality TV personality (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Radio personality (The Rickey Smiley Morning Show) and host of VH1s love and hip hop reunions
  • LaLa Milan – Actress, comedian and podcast host, best known for her roles in the hit BET series Boomerang and the popular and provocative podcast The Salon With Lala Milan
  • Nina Parker – News correspondent (E! ‘S Nightly Pop, E!’ S Daily Pop, E! News, Live from the Red Carpet), apparel designer and producer. (Moderator)

WHY: As part of the tour, Sea grams escape presents this virtual panel to highlight black women entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles on their path to becoming innovators in their fields. Sea grams escape launched the virtual conversation to nurture black women and provide resources and tools to advance them in pursuing their passions. The series of virtual tours provides a space for honest conversation where a variety of trailblazers openly share their stories with others in similar spaces to inspire, encourage, and share the knowledge they need to accelerate their entrepreneurial journeys.



WHEN: Saturday, June 26th 2021 7 p.m. EST

SOURCE Seagrams Escapes

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ is main a romance novel renaissance | Leisure

The show was a huge boon for romance lovers too.

Stacker used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (published January 2021) to analyze the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline from 1976 to 2020. Click for more.

But what will change and who will benefit from it is a story that has yet to be written.

Unsafe times have turned everyone into romantics

“Romance has a moment. The trend is to pass out” Tessa Dare, a bestselling historical romance authortells CNN. She says it was exciting to see Bridgerton become a worldwide phenomenon and to prove what millions of romance readers already know: these types of stories have something for everyone.

“Love, sex, and relationships are generally compelling subjects,” says Dare.

They are also profitable. A spokeswoman for Avon, the cast that publishes the “Bridgerton” novels, said CNN sales of the original eight “Bridgerton” books have “increased exponentially since the show premiered.”

It’s no surprise that such ultra-romantic, ultra-sensual stuff tops bestseller lists and breaks streaming records. In fact, it’s just business as usual.

“Last year was so difficult for everyone. Together we needed a mass infusion of joy,” says Dare. “If the world can not agree on anything else, at least 63 million households can celebrate the perfectly raised eyebrow of the Duke of Hastings.”

“Bridgerton” could attract new romantic readers

Although it is a thriving and evolving genre, outsiders often view romance novels with disdain. Every time a show like “Bridgerton” takes hold culturally, part of that stigma falls away. The effect can be a win-win situation that attracts more readers to the romance and encourages long-time fans who may have hidden their passion to talk more about the genre they love.

“Growing up we had the image of cheesy novels you pick up at the supermarket and people stuck to that idea,” he says Roni Loren, a bestselling contemporary romantic writer. “Seeing the popularity of ‘Bridgerton’ legitimizes the genre for some people. It gives people permission to check things out in the romance section.”

Exactly why novelists and readers continue to struggle with these assumptions is a sensitive question.

“Sexism,” says Tessa Dare simply. “Society is prepared to regard everything produced by women for women as inferior, and there has always been an assumption that romance is frivolous, poorly written, and unattractive to men. Bridgerton’s success proves that all of these assumptions are wrong. “

Just like in the books, there are parts of the “Bridgerton” show that are spicy to say the least. (Episode 6. It’s episode 6. You’re welcome.) There are even some real tears in the bodice. And a lot has been written about how the series, like most romance novels, is purely structured from the female gaze: The women are best friends, family, rivals and sharp schemers. The men are complex in their own way, but everything you could want from a partner: caring, funny, respectful and good, very hot.

“I watch ‘Bridgerton’ for the act” another popular meme says, followed by several photos of the sexy male leading characters labeled: “The plot”.

That kind of value can’t be tagged with a dollar sign, and having people joking and sharing their naughty romantic opinions on social media doesn’t only add to the bottom line. It reveals the true impact of the genre and invites others to bask in the softly lit glow.

New eyes for romance put inclusivity in the spotlight

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However, this glow does not seem uniform in all experiences, and when it comes to inclusivity, “Bridgerton” occupies a strange place. From the start, the show attracted attention due to its diverse cast, including a black lead, a black queen, and people of color in all sorts of roles, big and small. This is a departure from Quinn’s novels, which make no reference to race and, like so many Regency-era novels, are set against the very white backdrop of 19th century London high society.

While “Bridgerton”, the TV series, offers its fans a comprehensive experience, this level of representation does not carry over to the romantic world in its current form. While there are sparks of new interest in the industry, the writers hope that the show’s success will lead readers to explore a wider range of love stories.

“We welcome new readers to Bridgerton with open arms,” says Suliekha Snyder. “But the crux of the ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ philosophy is that sometimes it only lifts certain boats.”

“Will these new people just be interested in the romance of the white Regency era? Or, by opening a book by Julia Quinn and realizing that the Duke is indeed white, will they look for more diverse and comprehensive books and thus expand the web ? “

When South Asian Snyder got into novel writing, she noticed many books in the genre fetishized and other South Asian people. This led her to write stories with characters of South Asian heritage.

Snyder cautions against viewing this level of “variety” in publishing as some sort of option, or as a way to fill a specialized bookcase in the store. She indicates that it’s just a reality.

“Diversity and inclusivity are not just a teaching tool. It’s our life. That’s how we love,” she says. “And that’s part of the struggle we’ve had over the past few decades. We just have to remind people of that [authors of color] exist and are real, and our books have just as much mass appeal as those of a white author. “

Speaking of mass appeal: Bridgerton, the TV show, has also raised exciting questions about the popularity of inclusive media.

“I don’t think the show is helping to fuel the conversation about diversity in romance,” says writer Alyssa Cole. “But was it not the other way around?”

Cole, a contemporary, historical, and science fiction novelist, has received multiple awards for her books with black, disabled and LGBTQ heroes and heroines. Historically romantic fiction by and with people outside the white, heterosexual, able population was avoided by large publishers. In recent years, even the Romance Writers Association, the top organization in the genre was torn apart by accusations of prejudice.

In short, it was a common belief that such stories don’t sell.

But Cole notes that the truth that Bridgerton’s success and future he might invite has set out looks more promising.

“At this point, we’ve seen several romantic adaptations with black and colored characters – would these shows have been as successful without a diverse cast?” She asks. “And if diversity is a major factor in the success of an adaptation, why not adapt more books by color authors?”

In romance, everyone deserves a happy ending

If there is really to be a “Bridgerton Effect” in the romance industry, it is clear that it has to be one that encourages writers and readers of all backgrounds. After all, the unifying theme of romance – whether you’re into werewolves, cybersex, Scots in kilts, or women in residence – is that everyone deserves a happy ending.

“I think here is the importance of inclusion, having this space to safely navigate our identities while we know it will end in a happy ending,” says Snyder. “Queer readers, readers of colors … when we reflect on the pages, we see our happy aftermath normalize. And that’s radical. It shouldn’t be. It should be commonplace. Unfortunately, we are not yet there. “

These are the things to remember the next time someone dismisses romance as frivolous. Yes there is sex. Yes there is fun and escape. And these things don’t justify an apology.

But romance means more to people.

“It’s very feminist. In many romances, women save themselves. It’s so consenting – it’s our fantasy that we want to be treated with respect,” says Roni Loren.

Cole says another big win is trust. “Characters are often protected because of past trauma. Part of their story is learning to trust someone, and that trust isn’t a mistake,” she says.

“One of the greatest fantasies is that you can show yourself – all of yourself, including the bad things – to a partner or friend and trust that they will still love you. In a romance, that trust will always be rewarded in the end.”

When readers open a romance novel, they trust that something of themselves will be reflected on these pages, no matter who they are, who they love or how they live.

And if a very sexy, very profitable Netflix show can pave the way for more of those stories, then bring on the love.

Candy Launches Broad-Scale NFT Answer for Main Leisure and Shopper Manufacturers in Partnership With

Sweet, in partnership with, introduces a comprehensive NFT solution for leading entertainment and consumer brands

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