SpaceX launches NASA’s Crew-Three astronaut mission

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launches the Crew 3 mission on November 10, 2021.

NASA television

SpaceX launched four astronauts from Florida to the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday evening as the company conducts a steady pace of manned missions.

Known as Crew-3, NASA’s mission will bring the quartet to the ISS for a six-month stay in orbit of the research laboratory. SpaceX launched the astronauts in its Crew Dragon capsule on a Falcon 9 rocket.

“It was a great ride – better than we imagined,” said Raja Chari, NASA astronaut and Crew Dragon commander, after mission control started.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule on Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on November 9, 2021 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

The launch marks SpaceX’s third operational crew launch to date for NASA and the first through the latest addition to their Crew Dragon capsules, dubbed Endurance by Crew 3 astronauts. The Crew 3 mission brings the number of astronauts SpaceX launched to 18.

The mission carries three Americans and one German: NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn and Kayla Barron as well as the astronaut of the European Space Agency, Matthias Maurer. This is the first space flight for three crew members: Chari, Barron and Maurer.

SpaceX developed its Crew Dragon spacecraft and refined its Falcon 9 rocket as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew program, which provided the company with $ 3.1 billion to develop the system and launch six operational missions.

Commercial Crew is a competitive program, and NASA has also awarded Boeing $ 4.8 billion in contracts to develop its Starliner spacecraft. However, Boeing’s capsule remains in development due to an unmanned flight test in December 2019 which brought great challenges.

Crew-3 marks the third of these six missions for SpaceX, with NASA now benefiting from the company’s investments in spacecraft development.

NASA emphasizes that SpaceX offers the agency, in addition to the USA, the possibility of sending astronauts into space, cost saving option as. The agency expects to pay $ 55 million per astronaut who flies on Crew Dragon, as opposed to $ 86 million per astronaut who flies on a Russian spaceship. NASA estimated last year that two private companies were competing for contracts saved the agency between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion in development costs.

The SpaceX Crew 3 astronauts stand on the transporter in front of the stack of Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 in the SpaceX horizontal processing facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on October 26, 2021.


Endurance is a new Crew Dragon capsule that is debuting for this mission. Previously, the capsules Resilience and Endeavor have flown astronauts, and SpaceX expects to add a fourth Crew Dragon early next year.

Ecosia launches World Fund to again local weather tech founders

KONYA, TURKEY – SEPTEMBER 13: Rows of solar panels are seen on a Tekno Ray solar farm on September 13, 2018 in Konya, Turkey. By 2023, Turkey wants to generate 30 percent of its electricity from renewable sources in order to reduce its dependence on energy imports from Iran, Russia and Iraq. Due to its geographical location, Turkey has the second largest solar energy potential in Europe with an average of 7.2 hours of sunshine per day. (Photo by Chris McGrath / Getty Images)

Chris McGrath | Getty Images

Ecosia, the search engine that uses its advertising revenue to plant trees, has launched a € 350 million ($ 405 million) venture capital fund to focus on the climate crisis.

The so-called World Fund will invest in the “next generation” of founders who want to tackle the problem, Ecosia said, and measure its success in terms of “climate returns” as well as financial returns.

“Our goal is to solve climate change,” Christian Kroll, CEO of Ecosia, told CNBC before the start on Tuesday, just days before the COP26 climate summit.

“We have been doing that at Ecosia for a long time by planting trees,” said Kroll, adding that the company has planted 136 million trees to date. “But that alone will not be enough to solve climate change.”

research published Tuesday shows that climate technology startups have raised more money so far this year than any other year, and as of early 2021, $ 32 billion has been pumped into startups fighting climate change around the world.

The search engine Ecosia has 15 million monthly active users and expects annual sales of 25 million euros (29 million US dollars) this year. However, the size of its user base pales in comparison to Google, which has billions of users.

Kroll said Ecosia is “extremely well connected to many start-ups in the air conditioning sector,” but could not support them with the money it makes through its search engine.

“Our promise to our users is that if they look to us, we will use the money to plant trees,” he said. “If we were to put that in risky start-ups and then it didn’t work out, it wouldn’t go down so well.”

He hopes that setting up a separate VC fund that will raise capital from alternative sources will help eliminate this problem.

Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, said in an interview that aired on Wednesday: Climate Tech will produce eight to ten Teslas, one Google, one Amazon and one Microsoft. The people at Ecosia takes a similar view and believes that the most valuable companies of the next decade will be those that enable a decarbonized world.

Reduce CO2 emissions

More than half of the funding for the World Fund has already been provided by entrepreneurs and large institutions, Ecosia said, adding that the fund has made three investments that are yet to be announced.

“We have invested in a vegetable meat company that is revolutionizing the high end of the market and a cocoa substitute that is reducing deforestation,” said Danijel Visevic, head of investments at Ecosia and head of the World Fund.

The World Fund supports around 40 companies in their early and growth phases.

An important caveat is that every company in which the World Fund invests must contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. In particular, the fund only invests in companies that have the potential to remove 100 megatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

“Everything comes back to that number, regardless of technology,” World Fund partner Craig Douglas told CNBC.

The World Fund said it would support carbon-reducing companies in areas such as food and agriculture, transportation and the “built environment”.

Ecosia claims the World Fund is the largest of its kind in Europe, while the largest in the world is operated by Gates’ Breakthrough Ventures and is worth $ 2 billion.

Global VC investment in climate technology has grown from $ 6.6 billion in 2016 to $ 32.3 billion in 2021, according to a report by advertising agency London & Partners and VC analytics firm means an almost five fold increase in funding.

The VC industry has traditionally been reluctant to invest in air conditioning startups, but Dara Saharova, a General Partner with the World Fund, said companies in the sector established between 2008 and 2013 now have a market capitalization of around $ 800 billion .

“There are a lot of people in Europe who are investing $ 1 million to $ 5 million and there are now some large institutions willing to invest more than $ 30 million per company,” said Douglas. “But there is practically no one in between.” He added that the World Fund was created to fill the void.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launches William Shatner to house and again

[The livestream is set to begin at 8:30 a.m. ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see the web player above.]

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launched its New Shepard rocket for the fifth time this year on Wednesday, and Canadian actor William Shatner joined the company’s second manned spaceflight to date.

This New Shepard mission, called NS-18, led a crew of four: Shatner, Blue Origin VP of Mission and Flight Operations Audrey Powers, Planet Labs co-founder Chris Boshuizen, and Medidata co-founder Glen de Vries.

It took off at about 10:50 a.m. ET.

The crew of NS-18, from left: Audrey Powers, William Shatner, Dr. Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries.

Blue origin

Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the original television series “Star Trek”, is 90 years old and the oldest person to fly into space, starting with a crew in July.

The rocket launched from Blue Origin’s private facility in West Texas and reached over 100,000 kilometers (or more than 340,000 feet in altitude) before safely returning to Earth a few minutes later. The start took about 11 minutes from start to finish. The crew experienced weightlessness for about three minutes.

Star Trek actor William Shatner, along with former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, clinical research entrepreneur Glen de Vries, and Blue Origin Vice President and Engineer Audrey Powers receives NS-18 from Blue prior to their suborbital flight on New Shepard’s NS-18 mission Origin near Van Horn, Texas, USA in a still from a video broadcast on October 13, 2021.

Blue origin | Reuters

The New Shepard capsule accelerated to more than three times the speed of sound to exceed the 80-kilometer (about 50 miles) limit that the U.S. uses to mark the edge of space. The capsule will be flown autonomously without a human pilot and returned under a set of parachutes for landing in the Texas desert.

The New Shepard rocket booster is also reusable and landed on a concrete platform near the launch site. NS-18 was the fourth take-off and landing for this booster.

The company also flies New Shepard for cargo missions, as in Augustcarrying research payloads in the capsule.

The NS-18 crew returns in the New Shepard capsule.

Blue origin

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Omm Launches Decentralised Cash Markets on ICON

Dunedin, New Zealand, August 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain wire) Omm ( today announced the launch of its decentralized money market at the ICON blockchain. Omm allows anyone to lend or borrow digital assets and earn interest, and includes bridge as a login option and Fiat on / off ramp.

In traditional finance, money markets provide short-term funding and liquidity to borrowers. They are attractive to investors because of their relatively high interest rates and instant liquidity, making the money market a cornerstone for retail investors, small businesses, and corporations.

With $ 80+ billion Now locked into DeFi, money markets are becoming just as important in the blockchain ecosystem. However, they are not easily accessible to people unfamiliar with crypto due to foreign concepts such as private keys, gas charges, and slow transaction speeds. Omm simplifies the process of decentralized lending / borrowing and liquidity generation through direct fiat onboarding and offboarding through bridge. When people sign up with Omm, they have the option of depositing USD directly from their bank account via Bridge and Stable, or to connect a wallet that already contains supported assets.

“Omm will begin as a pillar of the ICON DeFi ecosystem, but plans to develop as a cross-chain money market. Our big vision is to create an open money market that drives the mass adoption of DeFi by allowing anyone around the world to experience it – without having to know they are interacting with a blockchain service, “said a former employee of Omm.

Omm consists of two market participants: lenders and borrowers. Once enrolled, participants can provide assets to earn interest and borrow (pay interest) assets, with interest rates automatically adjusting for supply and demand. Participants earn Omm Tokens (OMM) as a reward and can use them or provide them as liquidity Balanced to earn even more. OMM gives the holders governance authority and allows them to vote on the future of the protocol.

Bridge allows Omm users to borrow funds and then transfer them directly to their bank account. In addition, people with no blockchain knowledge can liquidate Omm tokens and participate in governance. ICON native cryptocurrency holders, ICX, can also use Omm to borrow stablecoins against their ICX to trade and continue to earn staking rewards.

Omm is the result of a collective effort by ICX station, iBriz, and PARROT 9. Hashed, CMS Holdings, FBG Capital and several renowned personalities are there strategic partner. The protocol was checked by Slowmist. To find out more, check out the Omm websitejoin in Omm Discord Channel, or follow Omm on Twitter.

About Omm

Omm is a decentralized money market on the ICON blockchain. Omm enables anyone to loan or borrow digital assets and earn interest with direct fiat onboarding and offboarding. Omm is made up of two market participants: lenders and borrowers. Lenders receive interest and borrowers pay interest, with interest rates automatically adjusting for supply and demand. Participants earn Omm Tokens (OMM) as a reward and can use them or provide them as liquidity Balanced to earn even more. Omm is a fair launch protocol and its tokens give holders governance powers that allow them to vote on the future of the protocol.

Walmart launches supply enterprise to attach different native retailers with shoppers

Walmart announced Tuesday the launch of a delivery service called GoLocal that will move goods from other local retailers to consumers.

The company said it expects delivery to begin in late 2021 and that the delivery fleet will include newer technologies like self-driving vehicles and drones.

“It’s about bringing the skills we at Walmart have focused on building and connecting for our own customers to life for local and national businesses,” said Tom Ward, senior vice president of Last Mile at Walmart CNBC.

Walmart said GoLocal will be a white label service, which means deliveries will not be made on Walmart-branded vehicles. The company said it will offer two-hour shipping at competitive prices, as well as a two-day delivery option. Deliveries are handled by a combination of staff, gig staff, and sometimes other delivery companies.

Walmart is currently partnered with FedEx for online parcel delivery. The company wouldn’t say if FedEx is being used for GoLocal.

However, Ward said the company will find innovative delivery partners including Cruise, a self-driving electric vehicle startup that the retailer invested in last year, as well as Waymo and Nuro. The delivery of drones will also be a focus Partners like DroneUP, another company Walmart invested in last year, as well as ZipLine and FlyTrex.

“We’re excited to have all these different disruptive technologies as we scale up that bring the final mile together at Walmart,” said Ward.

Walmart has spent the past five years building its ability to deliver goods to customers. In August 2016, it acquired the e-commerce start-up for $ 3.3 billion. In March 2018, Walmart launched its Grocery delivery serviceTo fulfill orders from Walmart stores. The company started Walmart Fulfillment Services in February 2020 to compete with the growth of marketplace-centric websites like Amazon and Shopify.

The company closed down in May 2020, but CEO Doug McMillon credited the acquisition Supporting Walmart in expanding its delivery network.

Amazon has a similar service called Amazon shipping, in 2018 designed to compete with UPS and FedEx, however it has stopped working in June 2020.

David Vernon, senior transportation analyst at Bernstein, said a retailer’s local delivery service was unlikely to have a significant impact on FedEx and UPS revenues.

“The local delivery market has 230,000 companies competing in every city across America,” Vernon told CNBC. “There are two national packet networks. They have some overlap; business is shifting towards part of this local business. But in the long run, it’s not exactly the same.”

GoLocal already has contracts with a number of national retail customers, according to Walmart, and will begin accepting applications for new partners starting Tuesday.

Darkish cash group launches marketing campaign to push Portland-area leaders for outcomes on police reforms, homelessness, cleanup efforts

A new anonymously funded political group launched a campaign on Friday to encourage elected leaders in the Portland area to move faster and better coordinate to address challenges viewed by unnamed donors as the greatest challenges in the city.

Many of the things they want to do, from creating safe homes for people on the streets to reducing gun violence, are in great demand with voters and officials from across the political spectrum. But they do not have easy solutions and there is no broad consensus on which steps to take in the right direction.

The dark money charity People for Portland began broadcasting television spots Friday urging officials at all levels of government to “end the humanitarian crisis on our streets, reform the police force, restore public safety and cleanse our once beautiful city “.

“Portland is still full of potential, but the politicians are doing too little, too slowly, to save our broken city,” says a woman in the TV ad as black and white pictures of tent camps, graffiti and headlines about murders pass by.

“Let’s tell the politicians to do their job to save the city we love,” concludes the ad, suggesting that people go to the group’s website and sign up for unspecified future political activity.

With the group’s funders remaining largely anonymous, the two longtime political advisors who lead the campaign have a more public role in the appeal. Dan Lavey, who has worked for independents and Republicans like Chris Dudley, and Kevin Looper, who has worked for progressive causes and Democratic candidates like Governor Kate Brown, are partners in this effort.

Under state and federal campaign funding rules, it is legal for the group’s donors to remain anonymous under their establishment as a political nonprofit.

Looper said in an interview on Friday that the central problem Portland is facing is “the lack of courage among elected officials … which makes them more afraid to do wrong than to do something”.

The campaign targets every elected official with ties to the Portland area, including city officials, district officials, metro regional government councilors, the sheriff and district attorney, state lawmakers, and the Portland-home governor who is also from Portland. Through digital and television advertising, the total cost of which they rejected, Lavey and Looper plan to urge local voters to contact their elected leaders and urge them to take action on People for Portland’s priorities.

“We need to get the public more involved so … elected officials at all levels feel the heat of the people they represent,” Lavey said.

Local leaders, particularly on the Portland City Council, are already working to resolve most of the problems that People for Portland lament. But the group says they want them to get results faster.

That includes making body-worn cameras mandatory for the Portland Police Department, which the U.S. Department of Justice asked the city to enforce July. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler directed the police bureau this month to prepare for body-worn cameras, including researching various camera systems and getting bids. OPB reported. Long a vocal opponent of body-worn devices, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said she was learning how to use the technology successfully in other cities, OPB said.

People for Portland urged the city to request the body-worn cameras in a comment sent to The Oregonian / OregonLive and made separately available to the newsroom on Friday.

The city commissioners are already in the process of defining six locations where it will be built Protected Villages with showers, toilets, laundry service, psychiatric care and case managers. The move is tied to the latest from the city council politics in the evacuation of camps, which lowered the bar for the removal of “high impact” camps, in part because of the idea that people could move to the city-sanctioned villages.

The city and other regional and state government agencies also began concerted efforts to accelerate garbage collection and landfill cleaning in the Portland area after service cuts and lack of coordination resulted in solid waste accumulations around the city during the last year. However, the group says governments have more to do and “professional sanitation is an expected basic function of government”.

In addition, People for Portland wants Multnomah County’s District Attorney Mike Schmidt and other prosecutors to “prosecute those involved in violence and vandalism” during demonstrations, according to a form letter posted on the group’s website. Schmidt has obtained guilty pleadings and multi-year prison sentences for several people charged with arson, window smashing and other vandalism in connection with nighttime protests in downtown and other parts of the city.

People for Portland Cities Survey paid for by FM3 Research as proof that many Portlanders agree with its priorities and want local executives to deliver faster results. According to the group, a poll of more than 800 likely voters conducted more than three months ago showed that 84% of respondents agreed that tent camps are a “humanitarian emergency” that requires more urgent action from city and county officials, and 85% supported it Redirecting existing taxpayers’ money to create “50 Safe Sanitary Villages” for the homeless across the city. When it comes to public safety, the group cites survey results that found 62% of respondents said the Portland police force could be reformed, 91% supported police body cameras, and 49% believed the city had too few police officers. 84 percent of respondents agreed that law enforcement agencies “should aggressively pursue the small number of people who use protests to cover for property damage and violence”.

Finally, People for Portland asked if Portland voters would stand against the city and county incumbents in the next election if things didn’t get better. Almost nine out of ten eligible voters surveyed said they did.

A poll of 300 Portland residents conducted by Portland firm DHM Research for The Oregonian / OregonLive over a very similar period April 30 through May 6 found that 42% said the city should hire more police officers . Most of the city dwellers surveyed said the police presence should remain unchanged (30%) or decrease (24%).

Lavey and Looper repeatedly pointed out a short timeframe – Looper suggested two years – in which elected leaders need to make significant improvements to prevent Portland from becoming a “lost city” in which a critical mass of people have decided not to renew commercial leases and stop supporting elements of a vibrant city like art.

Andrew Hoan, CEO and President of the Portland Business Alliance, did not immediately respond to a call Friday afternoon asking whether the group supports the People for Portland campaign.

However, two well-known business owners expressed their support. Businessman and philanthropist Jordan Schnitzer, whose commercial real estate company owns Portland real estate, said he had “been approached about funding,” met with the group, and believed the campaign had “some good goals.”

“I support anything that helps Portland get back on track,” said Schnitzer, who refused to say whether he made a donation to People for Portland.

Tim Boyle, President and CEO of Columbia Sportswear Company, was open about his support for the group in an interview Friday. “I contributed some money to surveys to validate what everyone in town thought was right,” said Boyle. “The city is close to my heart, I grew up here.”

“Every elected official in the state of Oregon, especially the senior official, is all complicit in the problem we have in Portland today,” Boyle said. “Half of them live in Portland, the other half visit Portland, and it’s a shame they don’t actively move forward on all the issues that are clearly visible to everyone.”

Boyle said some Columbia Sportswear Company employees cited problems in the city as the reason they were leaving, and some potential hires turned down jobs they should have worked in the city.

“I’m more than happy to talk about this out loud and put my name on my loudness,” said Boyle. “I’m not a black money person.”

– Hillary Borrud; @hborrud

Famed Movie star Type And Development Go-To WhoWhatWear Launches Its DTC Attire Line

WhoWhatWear, die Anlaufstelle für Laufstegtrends und Promi-Style, hat gerade seine neue DTC-Bekleidung auf den Markt gebracht … [+] Linie mit Fokus auf „trendige Klassiker“.


Gegründet im Jahr 2006 mit der Weitsicht und Vision, die Einstellung von Frauen zu Mode und Schönheit zu verändern,, die Anlaufstelle für Laufstegtrends und Promi-Style, setzt sich mit der heutigen Einführung der allerersten DTC-Bekleidungslinie der Marke weiterhin für die Idee ein, dass Stil inklusiv und erreichbar ist.

Mit dem Fokus auf „trendige Klassiker“ ist diese neueste Markteinführung ein natürlicher Übergang für die Marke. Unter der Leitung von Chefredakteurin Kat Collings, die Anfang 2017 zu WhoWhatWear (WWW) kam, hat das Unternehmen eine beeindruckende Erfolgsgeschichte vorzuweisen. Die Leserschaft ist um über 117 % von 5 Millionen monatlichen Einzelbesuchern auf über 12 Millionen monatliche Einzelbesucher im Jahr 2021 gestiegen. Zusammen mit einem kometenhaften Umsatzwachstum von über 230 % seit 2017 auf über 5 Millionen $ pro Monat bei den geworbenen Verkäufen heute scheint Collins den Finger auf den Punkt zu bringen ständig wechselnden Puls dessen, was weibliche Verbraucher wollen.

Unter der Leitung von WhoWhatWear-Chefredakteurin Kat Collings (links) als Creative Director und … [+] Brianna Mobrem (rechts) als Präsidentin expandiert das Duo stark und passt seine Rollen an, um das neue DTC-Label zu leiten.


Jetzt mit der Einführung der neuen Marke WhoWhatWear DTC unter dem Klicken Sie auf Marken Dach, Collings als Kreativdirektorin und Brianna Mobrem als Präsidentin erweitern und passen ihre Rollen stark an, um das neue DTC-Label zu leiten, basierend auf den wichtigsten Erkenntnissen ihrer über 20 Millionen weltweiten Leser. Da das Duo und sein Team in ständiger Kommunikation mit ihrem Publikum stehen und umfangreiche Umfragen und Affiliate-Daten nutzen können, wurde die Linie mit Blick auf den Leser entwickelt.

Wer ist sie? Der WWW-Verbraucher ist küstennah, Mitte 20 bis 30, und hat Modeeinfluss in seinem Kreis. Sie wollen aktuell aussehen, überlegt einkaufen und Trends folgen, aber nur in solche investieren, die Bestand haben. Betreten Sie die Who-What-Wear-Kollektion.

Von Anfang an hatten Collings und Mobrem die Vision, „eine Kollektion mit bewussten Preisen und gehobenen Garderoben-Grundlagen aufzubauen und zu kuratieren“ zusammen mit dem Ziel, zurückhaltende Luxusklassiker aus pflanzlichen organischen Materialien in kleineren Chargen herzustellen.

Inspiriert von dem Wunsch, „einen sich ständig weiterentwickelnden persönlichen Stil“ zu haben und zu schaffen, ist die bewusste Wendung der „feel-like-luxury“-Designansatz, der das vereint, wonach ein Verbraucher jetzt sucht, aber auch das einbezieht, was er für morgen im Sinn hat .

Die in LA entworfene Kollektion bietet monatliche Drops in kleinen Mengen, mit besonderem Fokus auf Wohlfühlstoffe, die die „perfekte“ Interpretation von Must-Have-Stücken sind. Die Eröffnungskollektion besteht aus 27 Teilen, deren Preis bewusst so festgelegt ist, dass sie eine investitionswürdige Qualität bietet, aber auch für eine bessere Zugänglichkeit für den Verbraucher mit einem Startpreis von 55 US-Dollar ausgelegt ist.

Jeder der Drops der Marke basiert auch auf einer ausgewählten Anzahl von Heldenstücken, die die aktuelle Garderobe von Frauen aufwerten und mit dem sich entwickelnden Stil einer Person wachsen sollen. Das Unternehmen wird aus natürlichen Rohstoffen und Textilien hergestellt und konzentriert sich auch darauf, umweltfreundliche Entscheidungen in seinen Design- und Produktionsprozessen zu treffen.

Neue Kleidungsnormen für die hybride Arbeitsumgebung sind integraler Bestandteil des neuen WhoWhatWear DTC … [+] Linie mit Looks, die sich leicht vom Tag in den Abend verwandeln lassen.


Es ist immer ein langer und komplizierter Prozess, eine neue Bekleidungsmarke auf den Markt zu bringen. Collings und Mobrem setzten sich zusammen und teilten die wichtigsten Modetrends mit, die das Duo und sein Team in die Eröffnungskollektion der Marke aufgenommen haben, sowie ihre Vorhersagen zu den aufkommenden Trends, die Frauen als Teil unserer neuen, hybriden Arbeitsumgebung und Lebensstile suchen.

NJ Falk: Welche Trends werden sich Ihrer Meinung nach entwickeln, wenn sich mehr Frauen der neuen, abgelegenen (hybriden) Arbeitsumgebung anpassen und sie annehmen?

Brianna Mobrem: Ich gehe davon aus, dass das hybride Arbeitsmodell teils Büro, teils Fernarbeit einige neue Kleidungsnormen mit sich bringen wird. Das Büro wird als Chance gesehen, mit Ihrem Outfit Eindruck zu machen, mit mehr Aufwand und Aufmerksamkeit für die Tage, an denen Sie Ihre Kollegen im wirklichen Leben sehen. Die Freuden des bequemen Anziehens werden jedoch nicht so schnell vergessen. Nach einem Jahr in Pantoffeln fühlen sich Super High Heels an wie ein Schleudertrauma. Ich erwarte, im Büro eine Fülle von niedrigen Absätzen und eleganten Flats zu sehen. Unsere Linie erfüllt die Anforderungen einer hybriden Arbeitsumgebung: entspannter Anzug für Kundenbesprechungstage, ein gehobenes Lounge-Set für Ihre Arbeit von zu Hause aus und ein schickes, aber dennoch bequemes Kleid, um die Kollegen im Büro zu beeindrucken.

NJ Falk: Was sind einige der wichtigsten Trends, die Sie von der redaktionellen Seite des WWW identifiziert haben, die Sie in diese Sammlung eingebracht haben? Können Sie bestimmte Stile nennen, die zu jedem dieser Trends sprechen?

Kat Collings:Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Plissee- und Second-Skin-Strickware riesig sein wird, da sie einfach zu tragen, zu reisen und leicht für den Tag oder den Abend verwandelt werden kann. Sie sind neben Tops, Hosen sowie Midikleidern mit passenden Cardigans ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Kollektion.

Mit einem Fokus auf Second-Skin-Strickware und Forever-Pieces wurde die WhoWhatWear-Bekleidungslinie geschaffen, um … [+] im Trend sein, gepaart mit einem Sinn für Aktualität. Die Materialbeschaffung und der Fokus auf Detaillierung waren entscheidend, um die Luxuskomponente hinzuzufügen, die Teil der gesamten Markenstrategie ist.


Falk: Wenn Sie die Kollektion beschreiben, sprechen Sie von „trendigen Klassikern“ und „Qualität, die sich als werthaltig anfühlt, aber nicht so aufs Portemonnaie trifft“, was bedeuten diese Sätze für Sie? Und wie wird die Who What Wear-Kollektion die Marktlücke für solche Stücke füllen?

Mobre: Die Marktlücke, die wir zu füllen versuchen, sind hochwertige Qualitätsprodukte zu einem schuldfreien Preis. Wir möchten, dass unsere Kollektion die Aufregung und Befriedigung erzeugt, die Sie empfinden, wenn Sie ein tolles Angebot erhalten, ohne auf den Verkauf warten zu müssen. Trendige Klassiker sind Keep Forever Pieces, die für den aktuellen Moment entworfen wurden. Zum Beispiel haben wir in unserer Launch-Kollektion ein toll sitzendes Leinenkleid mit Spaghettiträgern entworfen. Dies ist ein unverzichtbares Kleidungsstück, das Sie jahrelang tragen können, aber wir haben ein Trendelement hinzugefügt, indem wir die Träger zusammengezogen haben, um ihm das gewisse Etwas zu verleihen.

Falk: Was raten Sie jemandem, der sich eine Garderobe aus hochwertigen Stücken zusammenstellen möchte?

Collings: Achten Sie auf die Materialien, da sie ein sicheres Zeichen für Qualität sind. Wir haben wirklich hart daran gearbeitet, unsere zu beschaffen, sei es Bio-Baumwolle, die 5 Stunden nördlich von Los Angeles angebaut wird (einige der feinsten Pima-Baumwolle überhaupt) oder Merinowollegarne aus Australien. Einige unserer Lieblingsstücke der Kollektion bestehen auch aus Naturfasern, darunter Leinen, das als die haltbarste Naturfaser der Welt gilt, und Cupro-Baumwolle, die aus unglaublich starken Pflanzenfasern hergestellt wird. Denken Sie auch daran, dass ein wirklich solider Kleiderschrank nicht über Nacht gebaut wird. Wir empfehlen immer, Stück für Stück zu investieren, damit Sie sicherstellen können, dass Sie Ihre Garderobe sorgfältig ergänzen. Schließlich, wenn Sie über einen Gegenstand nicht begeistert sind, bekommen Sie ihn nicht. Aus meiner Erfahrung wird die Liebe nur mit der Zeit verblassen.

Falk: Was sind deine liebsten Styling-Tipps für diese Kollektion?

Collings: Wir entwerfen für Vielseitigkeit, was bedeutet, dass die Styling-Optionen im Überfluss vorhanden sind. Unser Kat-Kleid kann zum Beispiel auf drei verschiedene Arten getragen werden. Es kommt mit einem abgesetzten gerüschten BH-Oberteil, das unter dem Kleid getragen werden kann. Sie können auch beide Teile einzeln oder das BH-Oberteil mit High-Waist-Jeans oder zusammen tragen.

Der Fokus auf Materialien als Qualitätsmerkmal ist ein entscheidendes Element der ersten WhoWhatWear … [+] Kollektion mit Styling-Details wie einer zarten Bauchkette, die die WWW-Redaktion zum Accessoire der Saison gekürt hat.


Einer meiner anderen Lieblingslooks ist die Kombination des mit Wirbel bedruckten Courtney-Urlaubsbuttons mit dem passenden Sliprock. Um das Styling-Feeling des Augenblicks zu gewährleisten, empfehlen wir, es mit einer zarten Bauchkette zu probieren (unsere Redakteure haben es als das Accessoire der Saison) über dem Rock und knöpfen Sie nur ein paar der oberen Knöpfe des Oberteils zu, damit Sie einen Blick auf die Taille bekommen.

Falk: Was sind neben der Identifizierung der wichtigsten Trends die wichtigsten Aspekte bei der Gestaltung dieser Kollektion für Sie?

Collings:Wir sind der Meinung, dass sich hochwertige, trendige Stücke und faire Preise nicht ausschließen sollten. Wir möchten, dass sich unsere Marke wie eine Investition anfühlt, aussieht und getragen wird. Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns mit einigen der gleichen Fabriken wie Luxushäuser zusammengetan.

Ein Teil unserer Stoffphilosophie bedeutet auch, dass wir mit Absicht einkaufen. Auf der gesamten E-Commerce-Site werden Stile angezeigt, die als lokal hergestellt, aus Pflanzen und biologisch hergestellt sind. Aus unserer Sicht führt die Sorgfalt bei der Materialbeschaffung zu Stücken, die viele Jahre in der Garderobe bleiben werden.

Unsere Strategie umfasst auch kleine Chargen – weniger ist mehr, also produzieren wir gerade genug. Online-Shopping kann oft überwältigend sein, weshalb wir mit nur 27 Styles starten, und unser überarbeitetes Out-of-the-Gate-Sortiment bedeutet, dass wir an jeden Style glauben, damit die Verbraucher nicht durch die Seiten scrollen müssen. Wir produzieren auch Mindestmengen, um Abfall zu reduzieren.

Falk: Was waren die größten Hürden beim Launch dieser Kollektion?

Mobre: Den Preis zugänglich halten, gleichzeitig ein Qualitätsversprechen einhalten und durchdacht produzieren.

Die Linie umfasst organische Materialien pflanzlichen Ursprungs und interessante Details wie Rüschen.


Falk: Viele Frauen interessieren sich für Mode und streben eine Karriere in der Branche an. Wie kamen Sie beide dazu, diese Sammlung zu leiten? Wie war Ihr Weg zu dieser Rolle?

Mobre: Ich glaube von ganzem Herzen an das Potenzial und die Kraft von Who What Wear und seine Mission, Stil zugänglich zu machen. Dies treibt mich dazu, ständig zu fragen, was als nächstes kommt, Business Cases für neue Möglichkeiten zu entwickeln und alle Hindernisse auf dem Weg zum Wachstum zu überwinden. Wir haben aus 5 Jahren unserer Who What Wear at Target-Linie viel gelernt und sind bereit, den Sprung von der Lizenzierung zu einer Bekleidungslinie zu wagen, die wir vollständig betreiben. Meine Entschlossenheit, unsere Mission zu erweitern, führte dazu, dass ich die Sammlung beaufsichtigte.

Collings: Ich habe fast ein Jahrzehnt am Editorial von Who What Wear gearbeitet, um Trends zu verfolgen und Einkaufsempfehlungen zu geben. Ich kenne den Who What Wear-Leser durch und durch, daher fühlt es sich wie eine natürliche Weiterentwicklung meines Jobs an, die kreative Vision unserer Linie zu leiten, die für unser Publikum entwickelt wurde. Ich bin auch in der einzigartigen Position, an der Strategie zu arbeiten, wie wir die Kollektion in unseren redaktionellen Geschichten bewerben, die Kluft zwischen Verbrauchermarken und Medien überbrücken und nach Synergien suchen. Wenn ich zum Beispiel an der Auswahl von Materialien, Besätzen oder Drucken arbeite, denke ich an das redaktionelle Storytelling, das wir darum machen und wie es bei unseren Lesern ankommen könnte.

Falk: Sie sind beide schon früh zu Who What Wear gekommen und Ihre Rollen haben sich mit dem Wachstum des Unternehmens stark weiterentwickelt. Welchen Rat haben Sie für andere, um einen Karriereweg zu finden, für den sie leidenschaftlich sind?

Mobrem:Ausdauer ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Glauben Sie an sich selbst, haben Sie Mut zum Risiko und die Verletzlichkeit, Fehler zuzugeben und daraus zu lernen.

Manschetten: Wenn Ihnen das, woran Sie arbeiten, sehr am Herzen liegt, werden Ihre Leidenschaft und Ihr Engagement ganz natürlich in Ihrer Arbeit zum Ausdruck kommen. Irgendwann werden es andere bemerken, sei es Ihr Chef, Ihr Publikum oder Ihre Kunden, und Sie werden das Karrierewachstum erreichen, das Sie anstreben. Auch wenn diese Aufregung für das, woran Sie gerade arbeiten, nicht vorhanden ist, nehmen Sie dies vielleicht als Zeichen, um zu etwas überzugehen, das Sie antreibt. Zeit ist so wertvoll, daher kann es hilfreich sein, sich zu fragen: „Worauf warte ich?“

Mit dem Dressing Uptick stehen fröhliche Prints und Farben plötzlich wieder im Mittelpunkt.


Falk: Abschließend: Wie sehen Sie den Trend zu Bekleidung nach der Pandemie und wie haben sich die Styles verändert?

Mobrem:Unser Daten-/Intelligenzteam sieht immer noch ständige Käufe von Loungewear und Grundnahrungsmitteln, daher ist Komfort nach wie vor wichtig. Es ist eine Pandemie-Lektion, die wahrscheinlich dauern wird. Trotzdem haben wir einen Anstieg bei Kleidung für soziale Aktivitäten gesehen, die sich optimistisch anfühlen, einschließlich fröhlicher Prints und Farben.

Hinweis: Die Konversation wurde aus Gründen der Übersichtlichkeit bearbeitet und komprimiert.

Revolut launches US-Mexico remittance hall, enabling expats to simply ship a refund dwelling

NEW YORK, July 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Revolut, the financial super app with 16 million customers worldwide, today announced its simplification of cross-border payments between the USA and the. famous Mexico with the introduction of the US-Mexico remittance corridor. With this introduction, Revolut customers in the US and Mexico can now transfer money to one another without any hidden fees and at the real exchange rate.


In May 2021, Transfer flows between Mexico and the US has increased a whopping 31%to reach over $ 4.5 billion As migrants continue to send money to loved ones to help alleviate the effects of the pandemic. The timely introduction of this remittance corridor by Revolut will enable customers to easily make cross-border payments between the US and Mexico at a time when peer-to-peer cross-border payments are peaking.

With Revolut, customers worldwide can spend and transfer money as well as exchange 28 currencies in the app, so that users can change money abroad without paying the exorbitant fees – which can reach up to 11% – Collected by most of the major money transfer providers.

Revolut has designed its money transfer features with ease of use and transparency in mind to give its customers full visibility into where and when their money is going. Customers can sign up for an account in minutes and make money transfers shortly afterwards. With Revolut’s bank transfer tracker, customers can conveniently check the status of their transfers directly in the app.

About improving cross-border payments between the US and Mexico, Revolut is considering entering new markets in Latin America, special Mexico and Brazil. Although the company is still in the early stages of its expansion, the company has a Head of Operations in Brazil, and continues to evaluate new talent to help expand its team and offer across the region.

Ron Oliveira, CEO of Revolut USAsaid:

“At Revolut, we believe that sending peer-to-peer payments across borders should be easy. In today’s environment, more than ever, people need to rely on each other for support in an easy way to send money to loved ones and communities, no matter where in the world they are. We know what matters most to our customers, how we can ensure that most of their hard-earned money is sent home.This remittance corridor is a major milestone for Revolut – one that we are confident will have the financial life of the company Customers in the US and in Mexico. “

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ABOUT REVOLUT – one app, everything about money
Revolut is building the world’s first truly global finance super app to help people get more with their money. In 2015, Revolut started offering money transfers and exchanges in the UK. Today, more than 16 million customers around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to conduct more than 150 million transactions per month. Across our personal and business accounts, we help our customers improve their financial health, give them more control, and seamlessly connect people around the world.

Banking services are provided by the Metropolitan Commercial Bank, a member of the FDIC.

Jane Nho
Communication manager, Revolut



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Hen Soup for the Soul Leisure’s Crackle Plus Launches Three New Linear Channels on VIZIO SmartCast

Crackle Spotlight, Crackle Classics and Truli Channels bring over 10,000 new films, TV shows and originals to SmartCast via curated live channels

COS COB, Connecticut, July 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq: CSSE), one of the largest operators of streaming advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) networks, announced today the agreement to launch three linear channels on. known VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) Smartcast: Crackle Spotlight, featuring the best of Crackle’s Originals and Exclusives, Crackle Classics, with an emphasis on classic TV shows and Truli, his faith and family network.

VIZIO SmartCast audiences get access to the vast Crackle Plus library of studio movie titles and classic TV movies and series, as well as an ever-growing list of original and exclusive programs that uplift, entertain and inspire audiences, such as PROMISELAND, Playing With Power : The Nintendo Story, Bucket List, Sew the Winter to My Skin, Insomnia, Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story, Robert the Bruce, Spides, Anything is Possible: The Serge Ibaka Story, Road to Race Day, The Clearing and Going From Broke , now in its second season. The deal also includes family-friendly and faith-based content from Truli, which is also part of the Crackle Plus network.

In addition to a full range of crackle content available through the Crackle video on demand app, in 2020 Crackle also entered into an agreement with VIZIO to crackle VIZIO Smart TVs produced in 2021 Button, with accompanying branding and signage on TV boxes at retail outlets in the U.S. The new linear channels Crackle and Truli, curated with the best of their originals, exclusives, films, and classic TV content, are great examples of that Deepen the relationship between the two companies.

In addition to the crackle streaming channels, VIZIO offers convenient access to on-screen apps like Apple TV +, Disney +, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount +, Peacock, Prime Video and YouTube TV. It also offers support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in, so viewers can stream, control and share content from their phone, tablet or laptop directly to the big screen. VIZIO SmartCast continuously improves the platform with new features and content, so that users can have endless entertainment options while staying healthy and safe at home.

The story goes on

“Crackle’s extensive catalog of popular movies and TV shows brings SmartCast users thousands of new entertainment options across all genres,” said Katherine Pond, vice president of business development for VIZIO. “We are excited to partner with Crackle Plus to expand entertainment options for millions of users.”

“Crackle is excited to expand our relationship with VIZIO and share our Crackle originals and exclusives, as well as our growing library of thousands of movies, documentaries, sports and classic TV and family-friendly content from Truli with SmartCast,” said share user Philippe Guelton, President of Crackle Plus. “With this new goal for our streaming channels, we are also offering our advertisers a new and growing audience on VIZIO SmartCast.”

The three primary Crackle Plus networks, Crackle, Popcornflix and Chicken Soup for the Soul, are continuously being rolled out on up to 41 platforms as AVOD or FAST channels at new sales touchpoints. The Crackle Plus networks are currently distributed over 48 touchpoints in the US, with an expansion planned to 64 touchpoints, including Amazon FireTV, RokuTV, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), game consoles (PS4 and XBoxOne), Plex, iOS and Android mobile devices and on desktops under Crackle is also available in around 500,000 hotel rooms in the Marriott Bonvoy chain.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSSE) operates streaming video-on-demand (VOD) networks. The company owns Crackle Plus, which owns and operates a variety of ad-supported and subscription-based VOD networks, including Crackle, Popcornflix, Popcornflix Kids, Truli, Pivotshare, Españolflix, and FrightPix. The company also purchases and distributes video content through its subsidiary Screen Media and produces long and short original content through Landmark Studio Group, Chicken Soup for the Soul Unscripted, and Halcyon Television. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment is a subsidiary of Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC, which publishes the famous book series and produces super premium pet foods under the brand name Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Crackle Plus owns and operates the ad-supported VOD networks Crackle, Popcornflix and Chicken Soup for the Soul, making it one of the largest AVOD streaming platforms in the United States. Crackle Plus owns AVOD rights to over 11,000 films and 22,000 episodes of television series. Crackle Plus networks present at least one original and one exclusive program each month that sets it apart from other AVODs. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSSE) owns Crackle Plus and also acquires and distributes video content through its Screen Media subsidiary and produces original long and short form content through Halcyon Television, Landmark Studio Group, its Chicken Soup for the Soul Unscripted division and APlus Productions. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. is a subsidiary of Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC, which publishes the famous book series and produces super premium pet foods under the brand name Chicken Soup for the Soul.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts. These statements are based on various assumptions, whether or not mentioned in this press release, and management’s current expectations and are not predictions of actual performance. Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the risks set forth in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020. If any of these risks materialize or our assumptions prove incorrect, actual results could differ materially from the results implied in these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are for date only, and the company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to publicly release any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect changes in company expectations regarding this or changes in events, conditions or circumstances which a statement is based.

Founded and headquartered in Orange County, California, VIZIO’s mission is to provide immersive entertainment and compelling lifestyle enhancements that put our products at the heart of the connected home. VIZIO is driving the future of television through its integrated platform of state-of-the-art Smart TVs and the powerful SmartCast operating system. VIZIO also offers a portfolio of innovative sound bars that provide consumers with an upscale audio experience. VIZIO’s platform gives content providers more opportunities to distribute their content and advertisers more tools to target and deliver ads dynamically to a growing audience that is increasingly turning away from linear television.

For more information, visit and follow VIZIO on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Taylor Krafchik
(646) 776-0886

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Chris Woolsey
Crackle Plus
(310) 422-9975

Nice Wolf Resorts Launches Leisure Division

Great Wolf Resorts‘new department Great wolf entertainment is working on his first animated production “The Great Wolf Pack”.

The hospitality brand has recruited a group of animation veterans to bring their familiar characters to branded entertainment facilities. Chris Bailey (“Garfield: The Movie”) will direct “The Great Wolf Pack” Julia Pistor (“The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie”, “The Rugrats Movie”) as executive producer alongside writer Kent Redeker (“Doc McStuffins”).

The Great Wolf Pack brings the stables of the vacation brand’s forest dwellers to life, following Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf, Oliver Raccoon, Sammy Squirrel and Brinley Bear, who were anointed by the Great Wolf Spirit to be the Great Wolf Pack. They travel through a magical geyser to bizarre worlds, where they use the power of the pack to overcome various dilemmas. Only when they become friends and combine their unique talents and weaknesses can they master the challenges that lie ahead.

“Millions of families interact with our characters at our resorts every year, and it seems like a natural opportunity to expand this popular resort experience into filmed content that can be enjoyed anywhere,” said Brooke Patterson, senior vice president of Brand Experiences. “We are excited to work with this talented team of artists and storytellers whom we have entrusted to bring these characters to cinematic life.”

“The Great Wolf Pack” aims for a release in early 2022.

“When asked to create a world for the characters at Great Wolf Lodge to live and play in, I thought back to my childhood and was thrilled to write stories that I hope children can imagine, part of of being of it, ”said Redeker.

The debut animation series is part of a series of ten other short film animation projects Great Wolf Entertainment has in development. In addition to the screen content, five children’s books will be produced, which will be available in printed and digital form. In the meantime, Great Wolf Entertainment continues to run MagiQuest, its interactive video game at the resort.

(Image from left: Kent Redeker, Brooke Patterson, Julia Pistor, Chris Bailey)

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