WHO calls particular assembly to debate new Covid variant from South Africa with ‘giant variety of mutations’

RT: Maria Van Kerkhove, Head ai Emerging Diseases and Zoonosis at the World Health Organization (WHO), speaks during a press conference on the situation of the coronavirus at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, January 29, 2020.

Denis Balibouse | Reuters

The World Health Organization is monitoring a new variant with numerous mutations in the spike protein and is planning a special meeting on Friday to discuss what that could mean for vaccines and treatments, officials said Thursday.

According to the WHO, the variant with the designation B.1.1.529 was found in small numbers in South Africa.

“We don’t know much about it yet. What we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations. “Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical director on Covid-19, said in a question-and-answer session that was broadcast live on the organization’s social media channels.

The new variant is monitored as a Covid cases are increasing worldwide on the way to the Christmas season, with WHO reporting on hotspots in all regions and particularly in Europe.

South African scientists have discovered more than 30 mutations in the spike protein, the part of the virus that attaches to cells in the body, said South African scientist Tulio de Oliveira in a media briefing hosted by the South African Ministry of Health on Thursday.

Variant B.1.1.529 contains several mutations associated with increased antibody resistance that can decrease the effectiveness of vaccines, as well as mutations that generally make them more contagious, according to the slides he presented at the meeting. No other mutations have been seen in the new variant so far, so scientists don’t yet know whether they’re significant or will change the behavior of the virus, the presentation said.

The variant has spread rapidly in Gauteng Province, which is home to the country’s largest city, Johannesburg.

“Especially when the ascent occurs in Gauteng, everyone travels in and out of Gauteng from all corners of South Africa. So it goes without saying that in the next few days the start of an increasing positivity rate and increasing numbers will take place a matter of days and weeks until we see that, “said South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla during the briefing.

The variant has also been detected in Botswana and Hong Kong, said Phaahla.

“Right now, researchers are coming together to understand where these mutations are in the spike protein and the furin cleavage site and what this could potentially mean for our diagnostics or therapeutics and vaccines,” said Van Kerkhove. She said there are fewer than 100 complete genomic sequences of the new mutation.

The virus development working group will decide whether B.1.1.529 will be an interesting or worrying variant, after which the WHO would assign a Greek name to the variant, Van Kerkhove said.

“It is really important that there are no knee-jerk reactions here, especially with regard to South Africa,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Emergency Program.

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Young couple happy customers choosing refrigerators in equipment store.

If you’re starting a business or just want to get on with your life, here’s some advice for you: “Don’t wait to turn your business idea into a reality.”

That advice comes from Pete Ord, founder of the customer onboarding software company InstructionsCX. His most recent article in the Daily Herald, How Bootstrapping Can Help Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground, explains how to basically start a business from scratch. As I read it, I realized that his advice could apply to anyone!

So, if you have large expenses – like a vacation, a down payment on a car, or even a new device – read on for some gold standard advice on how to raise money as an entrepreneur of your own life. If you start early, do your research and prioritize, find out how much you can afford and do what you can with what you have, you are well on your way to making that big purchase with confidence.

Start early

For startups, “it takes a lot longer to secure funding than you think,” says Jamie Johnson at https://uschamber.com. “On average, 14 to 19 months can elapse between funding rounds. Because of this, you need to network with investors and look for funding before you feel ready. “

Suppose you are the parent of a young family of five with a four-month-old who is about to start eating solid foods. Your little fridge is slowly getting overfilled, but for the moment it is fine. If you look ahead, you will find that jars of baby food will definitely clutter your shelves, so you will need a bigger refrigerator in a few months.

Before making purchases (like a larger refrigerator) that are outside of your regular monthly budget, you should wait at least three months, recommends family finance guru Jordan Page at https://funcheaporfree.com. This gives you time to put money aside, allows you to take advantage of holiday sales, avoids impulse buying, and gives you time to research. If you only wait three months, you will have the best refrigerator at the best price as soon as the little one comes to you at the dining table!

Research and prioritize

To prepare to receive corporate finance, entrepreneurs need to “research” [their] Define industry, competitors and market [their] Products, make financial projections and determine how much money to raise, and decide whether to raise debt or equity, ”said Thomas Smale, small business finance expert at https://entreprenur.com.

As an individual who makes a big purchase, it is important that you do your research as well. Research the refrigerators on the market, determine how much money you will need for the type of refrigerator you want, and decide whether you can pay for it in cash or if you need help such as:

Also, determine where this purchase is on your priority list. Here is a recommended order of priority for spending and saving Bank of America:

  1. Emergency fund
  2. High Yield Debt
  3. retirement
  4. Short term goals
  5. education

Find out how much you need and how much you can afford

Entrepreneurs figuring out how much money they need should answer these three questions like this https://capitalism.com:

  • In which phase is your company now: startup or growth?
  • What is the required funding for?
  • How much equity do you already have?

Even in our scenario with the refrigerator, these questions can help you find out how much you need and can afford. You are in the “growing phase” with higher incomes than when you last bought a refrigerator, and you need a refrigerator that will last a few years as your young children grow up. You saved enough money to pay for about half the average large refrigerator on the market. So you know how much to save to buy a more expensive or cheaper brand.

Do what you can with what you have

In the world of entrepreneurship, bootstrapping is the term used to describe starting a business with only the money you already have – no outside financing. It may sound impossible to get a business up and running this way, but in some cases it can actually be more effective.

Ord, the founder of InstructionsCXHe gave a vivid example in his article on bootstrapping: “I was once at a networking event for startups: instead of supporting me, some people started to write me off for bootstrapping. But when I asked how many customers they had, the answer was often ‘none’. Some people there had raised up to $ 6 million but still had upfront income. “

Ord, on the other hand, was quick to attract clients, and soon he was generating income and raising money from venture capitalists.

As you look back on your new refrigerator, it’s important to apply the principles of financial prudence. Your food doesn’t have to chill in the fanciest refrigerator money can buy – any refrigerator big enough will likely do it. That doesn’t mean you have to go cheap. It just means that once you have saved enough money on the refrigerator that you need and want, you will be able to buy it!

Whether you’re saving for a double oven, orthodontic treatment, or a trip to Australia, corporate finance principles are great tools to add to your tool belt. If you start doing research early, find out how much you can afford, and do what you can with what you have, you will be ready to make that big buy in no time!


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Massive leisure venues react to Governor Holcomb’s COVID replace

SOUTH BEND, Ind .— Big entertainment venues are thrilled with two announcements from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Tuesday. From March 31st, all Hoosiers aged 16 and over can be vaccinated. On April 6, capacity constraints will be left to individual counties instead of taking a nationwide approach.

Venues like the South Bend Civic Theater have been operating with no in-person live shows since last summer and are thrilled with the latest news from Indianapolis.

“When we went around the corner from 2020-2021, we said again, we have to pivot, we have to do something bigger, and that’s why we did live recordings of theater productions,” said Aaron Nichols, executive director of the South Bend Civic Theater.

Nichols is looking forward to the day when the audience can see the performances in person rather than zoom or live stream.

“Just that collective experience of an audience and cast creating something together, having that experience together, was impossible to recreate,” said Nichols.

Nichols says he viewed the pandemic as a “break” for live theater, and that news has kept South Bend Civic Theater staff upbeat.

“The arts, the theater, have been around for thousands of years,” said Nichols. “This is not going to defeat us and I think the optimism has made a change for our entire Civic family that we can and have done this.”

Nichols says with the Civic Theater awaiting further instructions from St. Joseph County on indoor performances, he will use the time to review its security logs.

“When we get back in September there will be so many more people vaccinated, so many more people comfortable with the numbers, but it will then allow the Civic to control our security measures,” said Nichols.

For more information on upcoming performances at the Civic Theater, visit Here.

Giant sports activities and leisure venues in NY get OK to let in some spectators

The door is finally open.

Citing the success of a pilot program to get some fans into Buffalo Bills’ home games, Governor Andrew Cuomo cited the decision to allow other major sports and entertainment venues in New York State to do the same for events scheduled for Sept. February start.

Although venues with a capacity of 10,000 seats or more still face a variety of challenges to comply with the original guidelines, Cuomo’s decision at least offers the opportunity to reopen these arenas and stadiums with a capacity of 10% or less.

This gives hope to those who have missed events at places like the Saratoga Race Course and the Times Union Center due to COVID-19 lockouts, although it’s unclear whether Cuomo’s decision to go for a venue like the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, which is regularly over, is unclear 10,000 visitors doesn’t have that many permanent seats.

The reopening depends on the Barclays Center passing inspection by the State Department of Health. This means the Brooklyn Nets have been cleared to let in a limited number of fans for their game against the Sacramento Kings on February 23rd.

The 153rd season of the Saratoga Race Course begins Thursday, July 15th. The New York Racing Association, which also oversees Belmont Park and Aqueduct, has been running spectator-free races on its three tracks since June 3, 2020.

With a total capacity of 13,000 between reserved seats, clubhouse boxes and the Club and Stretch hospitality areas from 1863, Saratoga meets the 10,000 standard. Including general admission, the route attracted more than a million visitors in total in 2019, but for the first time in Saratoga’s history dating back to 1863, it was closed to the public in 2020. Belmont Park, where the Belmont is to take place The June 5 deployment has space for 27,000.

“New York sports and entertainment venues are responsible for tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic impact. NYRA applauds Governor Cuomo for taking action today to get New Yorkers back to work and fans back to their places, ”said Pat McKenna, director of communications and media relations for NYRA.

“NYRA is reviewing the newly announced guidelines to determine how they will apply to the Aqueduct Racetrack, which currently has a New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Center on the first floor, as well as Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course.

“NYRA has been running live no-spectator racing since June 3, and we look forward to welcoming racing fans back to our venues in due course, with the approval of the New York State Gaming Commission.”

The non-spectator policy led Siena College to move its men’s basketball games from the Saints’ home arena, the 15,229-seat TU Center and the UHY Center on campus.

The Siena men’s team have two home games scheduled for March, but the MAAC has a fan-free policy through the end of March and that policy will not change, according to MAAC Commissioner Richard Ensor.

Bob Belber, General Manager of the TU Center, and John D’Argenio, Sports Director of Siena, did not return any comments.

The new guidelines could mean a return of live concerts, albeit in limited capacity and only in the larger venues.

SPAC can meet this requirement. According to its website, SPAC has a capacity of 25,000, with 5,200 sheltered seats and space for about 20,000 on the lawn.

“While we are not yet fully aware of how today’s new guidelines for specific arenas and stadiums will affect SPAC, we are grateful for Governor Cuomo’s commitment to bringing the arts back in safe and intelligent ways,” said Elizabeth Sobol, President and CEO of SPAC Publication.

“He recognizes the tremendous value of the arts in our state, and acting today is another step in reopening New York’s economy. We look forward to working with its administration as the reopening continues so that we can welcome audiences back to SPAC in 2021, in accordance with all applicable health and safety protocols. “

Guidelines for the pilot program at the Bills games included DOH approval, capacity restrictions, testing requirements, mandatory face covers, temperature tests, and assigned, socially distant seating.

The Bills were able to distribute 6,700 tickets to a wild card game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 9, and the same for a division playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens on January 16.

“As we continue to fight COVID on multiple fronts, we must also reopen this economy in a smart and balanced way,” said Cuomo. “Live sports and entertainment have long been entrenched in New York City, and the inability to host events has only added to the isolation we have all felt from this virus. Thankfully, our pilot program to reopen Buffalo Bills games to fans has been an unprecedented success. Now we’re taking this model and expanding it to other major venues across the state, not only to revive the local economy, but to bring back the fun and joy of making people’s lives as safe as possible. “

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