The 2022 Kountry Star Wraps You up in Cozy Cottage Fashion, Reveals Premium Facilities

NewmarFor the first time ever, the 2022 product line is packed with driver assistance technology for the safest, most comfortable travel. These include an industry-first Comfort Drive steering system to help you navigate narrow roads and OnGuard collision mitigation technology for adaptive cruise control and stability control.

There is something for everyone in this novelty palette, from the top luxury models that cost over $ 1 million to more affordable options that still have many perks. The country star is somewhere in the middle. Powered by a 360 PS With the new driver assistance technology from Cummins, this motorhome is ready for long, comfortable journeys. Like all Newmar models, it is available in a full lacquer master finish with three graphic options.

You will soon notice the frameless double-pane windows with tinted safety glass, which also include pull-out awning covers. With the awnings from Carefree Travel’r you not only have the perfect view, but you can also relax wherever you want to camp. whoever moves The Kountry Star will feel like a real ship captain thanks to the deluxe chair with six-way adjustable power. The cockpit also has side cameras, a navigation system as well as excellent connectivity and a sound system.

The interior of the Kountry Star can be individually adapted to underline the modern country house style even more. Premium furniture compliments the luxurious vinyl tile floor with an LED TV and high quality soundbar that keep guests entertained at all times.

You will not miss your home, because this country kitchen offers everything you need for a hearty meal, as well as the charming country house design. Plus, the bedroom is both cozy and glamorous, with a king or queen mattress, plenty of storage space, and even an optional two-piece stacked washer and dryer in one closet. Of course, an LED TV should not be missing either.

Setting up the camp is made easier with the help of the hydraulic leveling supports and there is plenty of space for luggage in the illuminated storage compartments with doors hinged on the sides for easy access.

Available in eight floor plans, the 2022 Kountry Star is a contemporary travel home that can be personalized to your liking, with prices starting at just under $ 320,000.