Kim Kardashian Types Skims With Ex Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers

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Show support! Kim Kardashian – the style icon she is – decided to show her 270 million followers exactly how she would style pieces from her upcoming all-in-one Skims collection. And take this: One of her recommendations is to combine the Onsie with Ex Kanye WestYeezy’s sneakers.

The 41-year-old fashion designer stated on Instagram Stories on Friday December 17th how she would rock a handful of the pieces from the new line, which will be available on December 21st.

While she paired some of the bodysuits with fancy gloves and heels and others with high boots and down jackets, she decided to combine the angular jumpsuit with “a regular hoodie, some glasses, and sneakers”.

Courtesy Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Even if she didn’t proclaim the brand by name, the shoes in question are undoubtedly from West’s brand. They’re QNTM-style and available for resale for $ 250. Because even though the two are no longer together (Kardashian asked the court to explain them legally single Earlier this month) she’s still on good terms with the rapper.

And when it comes to fashion, West’s influence is second to none. When the founder of KKW Beauty was honored as a fashion icon at the People’s Choice Awards this month, she gave the Yeezy founder special praise. Upon accepting her award, Kardashian stated that her breakthrough into the world of couture fashion was due in large part to West’s connections in style.

“Thank you, Zac Posen, who dressed me and took me to my first CFDA Awards and so many great designers like Ricardo [Tisci] and Olivier [Rousteing] that really believed in me. Fountain, [they] probably [were] I put it in through a phone call from Kanye, ”she joked in her speech. “So thanks to Kanye for really introducing me to the fashion world. I fell in love with fashion. “

The mutual love of good looks has been part of their relationship for some time. In fact, during an interview with Drink Champs in November, West said that he primarily courted her by styling the star.

“I would style Kim, that’s a language of love for me. That’s how I bagged them in the first place, ”he said in an interview. “I drove up, I had the Balmain and the jackets and all, I’m putting on the jackets and the shoes.”

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Reps. Kim, Meijer Introduce Invoice to Create An Impartial, 9/11-Fashion Afghanistan Warfare Fee

Reps. Kim and Meijer introduce bill to create an independent September 11, 2001-style Afghanistan War Commission

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) and Congressman Peter Meijer (MI-03) introduced the Afghanistan War Commission Act of 2021 to create a non-partisan, independent commission to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the war in Afghanistan. The commission would need to produce a public and unclassified report with actionable recommendations so that the United States can learn from our experience in Afghanistan and be prepared for future conflicts.

“The war in Afghanistan was a state effort that – now complete – requires an independent, state-wide assessment to see what happened. This commission is vital to the future security of our country. ” said Congressman Kim. “I am proud to introduce this bipartisan law that will create an independent commission because the national security of our country should not be partisan. I am grateful for Congressman Meijer’s guidance on this matter and hope that this will be turned into law so that our country can have a full, in-depth look at the war in Afghanistan. “

The Afghanistan War Commission Act would require the commission to investigate all aspects of the war, including combat operations, intelligence operations, diplomatic activities and inter-agency coordination. The commission’s investigation would include all relevant US government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of State and the intelligence community, as well as the efforts of our NATO allies.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) presented the accompanying draft in the Senate, which has received bipartisan support. Senator Duckworth and Senator Todd Young (R-IN) also introduced the bill as a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2022, which is currently under Senate scrutiny.

“The war in Afghanistan was shaped by four different governments and 11 different congresses – no party should try to get cheap, party-political points from a decades-long failure of nation-building that arose across parties.” said Senator Duckworth. “Congress owes a serious, honest, long-term effort to accountability and transparency to the thousands of American soldiers who have made sacrifices in Afghanistan. I am delighted that MPs Kim and Meijer are taking the lead on my proposal in the House of Representatives so that we can set up an independent, non-partisan commission to ensure that we get out of the mistakes we have made in Afghanistan for more than 20 years , learn and reform to ensure these mistakes never happen repeatedly. “

“During my years of work on site in Afghanistan, I have seen successes and failures in the fight against terrorism. To learn from both our mistakes and our successes in this conflict, it is critical that we take a full view of all combat operations and strategic decisions from the 9/11 attacks to the disastrous withdrawal of the Biden administration. Our bill to set up a bipartisan, independent commission will ensure that the lessons of this 20-year war are absorbed and implemented in the future. ” said Congressman Meijer.

“The American people deserve an honest examination of the decision-making that led to 20 years of failed foreign policy in Afghanistan. It is of the utmost importance that we not ignore the teachings that led to our nation’s longest war – one that spanned four governments, both parties and numerous conventions. We commend Rep. Kim and Rep. Meijer, both of whom have seen firsthand the failure of US policy in Afghanistan, for their leadership and call on their colleagues in the House to support these common sense efforts. ” said Russ Duerstine, associate director of Concerned Veterans for America.

The bill is approved by Affected Veterans For America, VoteVets, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

You can find the full text of the law here, and a one-page summary can be found here.

Prior to his service in the House of Representatives, Congressman Kim served in Afghanistan as civil adviser to the four-star US Strategic Commander at the height of the war in Afghanistan. He also served with USAID, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House National Security Council.

Congressman Kim serves on the House Armed Services Committee, House Foreign Affairs Committee, and House Committee on Small Business. For more information on Congressman Kim, visit his website at click here.

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Leisure Information Roundup: Kim Kardashian has no regrets as ‘Retaining Up’ actuality sequence ends; Actor Riz Ahmed leads bid to vary manner Muslims seen in motion pictures and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t regret the end of the reality series’ Keeping Up ”

After 14 years of drama, fashion, and family, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the television series that Kim Kardashian and the familiar names of their siblings, bowed on Thursday with hugs, tears and gratitude. “I regret nothing. That was the best decade and a half of my life. ” Kim Kardashian says in the final.

One minute with: Boy George turns 60, new music and biopic

Culture Club front man Boy George is looking for an actor to play him in a new music biopic set to begin filming this summer. The British Singer, who will turn 60 next week, launched the social media call for auditions in April for the film “Karma Chameleon,” based on one of the band’s 1980s hits.

Actor Riz Ahmed leads to an offer to change the path Muslims seen in movies

British actor Rice Ahmed started an effort on Thursday to improve the path Muslims are portrayed in films after a study shows they are barely seen and portrayed in a negative light when they appear. Ahmed, the “Sound of Metal” star and the first Muslim to get a best actor Oscar Nomination said the blueprint for Muslim Inclusion would provide funding and mentoring for Muslim Storyteller in the early stages of her career.

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Kim Kardashian West “Utterly Strikes” From Kanye West Throughout Divorce | Leisure Information

Kim Kardashian West “completely moved” from Kanye West.

The Kardashian Family Celebrity Life star filed for divorce from her estranged husband in February after roughly seven years of marriage while she “loved” her ex-partner. He said he would no longer stick to the divorce.

The insider told Us weekly: [but she] I still love Kanye. “

Forty-year-old Kim contacted Kanye on social media this week to celebrate his 44th birthday and declared him “forever loved”.

The founder of Skim-North, Seven, Chicago, Three, Saint, Five, Psalm, Two, Has Kanye subtitled her retrospective snap with three kids on a private jet. ::

“I love you for a lifetime!”

Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian also visited her Instagram and posted a sweet message to her “lifelong brother”.

With Holiday Snaps of Chloe, Tristan Thompson, Kanye and Kim, she wrote:

In a recent episode on E! Series, Kim admitted to tears and confessed to the split, feeling like a “failure”.

In a clip last year, the beauty suggested that the reason for divorcing a “famous” rapper was because he was “worthy” of a woman from state to state.

She told her sisters:

“Why am I still in a place like this that has been stuck for years? For example, he goes to a different state or moves to a different state every year to raise a child. I have to be with him and he was a great father and did a great job. “

Kim also admitted that “failing” made her feel like a “loser”.

She added: I feel like I’ve lost. But I can’t even want to be happy. “

Kim Kardashian West completely pulls out of Kanye West during divorce | Entertainment news

Source link Kim Kardashian West completely pulls out of Kanye West during divorce | Entertainment news

Unusual package deal from followers obsessive about Kim Kardashian West’s safety “interception” | Leisure Information

Kim Kardashian West security forces reportedly intercepted a package of diamond rings and contraceptives from obsessed fans.

According to TMZ, the package appeared on June 3 and contained a note asking him to visit him.

He also claims the person allegedly molested a 40-year-old reality star on social media.

The press claimed he made a fake marriage certificate for him and Kim and sent a message like this:

The same person reportedly went to their condominium in February and said a few weeks later he was there to have the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life star for dinner.

The website reported that Kim intends to file an arrest warrant for men.

Just last week, Kim received a temporary ban on a stalker who wanted to “have a physical relationship” with her.

Charles Peter Zelenov, 32, managed to find her home and “record a video off the edge of her property,” claiming that she is “increasingly frustrated not to get in”. Later, the intern’s lawyer remained “frustrated”.

Kim is particularly concerned “because I never shared my address.”

The judge ordered Zelenov to be 100 meters from Kim.

Strange package from fans obsessed with Kim Kardashian West’s security “interception” | Entertainment news

Source link Strange package from fans obsessed with Kim Kardashian West’s security “interception” | Entertainment news

Kim Kardashian West “does effectively” following the cut up of Kanye West | Leisure Information

Kim Kardashian West “is fine” after breaking up with Kanye West.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star filed for divorce from Kanye in February and the decision wasn’t an easy one, but she has now settled on her choice.

“Kim is fine. She was in big trouble when she filed for divorce. She was very angry about it and didn’t want to apply, ”a source told People magazine. It’s been a long time since she filed for divorce and I’m sure she is very happy and made the right decision. “

Insiders also reveal that Kim and Kanye’s children – North, 7, cents, 5, Chicago, 3, Psalm, 2 – are “healthy” and Kanye still sees them “often.” I did it.

Since the couple split up, Kim and her children have continued to live at the Hidden Hills mansion she shared with 43-year-old Kanye, and the rapper lived mostly in Wyoming.

And a source once said that Kim would rather stay home so her chicks don’t have to go through the stress of moving house.

Another source said: “The two agree that the less stress a child experiences, the better. Kanye loves the kid.

Meanwhile, Kim was recently seen crying on her family’s episode this week’s E !! On a reality show filmed last year, she spoke openly about the breakdown of their marriage.

Kim hinted that nearly seven years after marrying a “heartless” rapper, he divorced because he was “worthy” of a woman who could travel from state to state with him.

She told her sisters:

“Why am I still in a place like this that has been stuck for years? For example, he goes to a different state or moves to a different state every year to raise a child. I have to be with him and he was a great father and did a great job. “

The founder of Skim admitted that when she “failed” she felt like a “loser”.

She added: I feel like a loser from F *****. But I can’t even want to be happy. “

Kim Kardashian West is “fine” after separating from Kanye West | Entertainment news

Source link Kim Kardashian West is “fine” after separating from Kanye West | Entertainment news

Kim Kardashian West fails first 12 months legislation examination | Leisure

Kim Kardashian West announced that she failed her freshman law student exam.

The 40-year-old star, who followed in the footsteps of her late father Robert Kardashian and tried to become a lawyer, shared the disappointing news with sisters Kourtney and Khloe in scenes filmed in October 2020.

In a quick look at the episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ that E! Online she said, “Well folks, I didn’t pass the baby bar.”

Talking to the camera, Kim later explained the structure of her studies and insisted that her route was “harder” than the average route.

She added, “If you do law school like I do, it’s a four-year program instead of your typical three-year program.

“And after the first year you have to take the baby bar. That would actually be the case [be] harder, I hear, than the official bar. “

In a flashback clip, her mentor Jessica Jackson told Kim that she needed 560 to pass the exam, and while she got 474 on the first try, she shouldn’t be discouraged.

The lawyer said, “This is very close to a test most people don’t take in the middle of a pandemic.”

However, the reality star was still critical of each other when she pointed out how “important” this trip is to her.

She said to her siblings, “I’m a failure. I’ve been studying for six weeks in a row, 10 to 12 hours a day, and it was so important for me to take this. And failing it brings your mind down and just makes you feel.” Lust give up. “

Kourtney replied, “I think Papa would be really proud of you, just the fact that you are chasing this.”

And Khloe added, “I think it’s very respectable what you do. I think the time you take away from your family, your children …”

Kim insisted that this was the problem and she’s not sure she will make it again.

And when Khloe suggested taking the exam again in June 2021, she argued, “I don’t want to wait another year to go to school. I feel like I’ve just got to the end where I knew almost everything. “

Kim Kardashian West splashes out on 25ok on Janet Jackson outfit | Leisure

Kim Kardashian West spent $ 25,000 on one of Janet Jackson’s old outfits.

The 40-year-old reality star is a big fan of hitmaker “When I Think Of You” and announced on the singer’s 55th birthday on Sunday (May 16, 21) that she had recently splattered the costume that her idol was wearing contributed music video for ‘If’ in 1993.

Kim shared a clip of Janet wearing the outfit on her Instagram story, saying, “Happy Birthday Queen! I’m such a fan of @janetjackson’s birthday that I can’t believe I got this on juliens_auctions won. (Sic) “

Janet was thrilled that the outfit – a custom-made cropped suede top with fake bone detailing and black lace-up pants in the front – had gone to a good home.

She replied to her own Instagram story with three kissing-face emojis and wrote, “Thank you @kimkardashian! I hope ‘IF’ you enjoy as much as I do (sic).”

Just two days before her birthday, Julien’s Auctions had confirmed the sale price for the outfit, which was part of their three-day “Iconic Treasures from the Legendary Career and Life of Janet Jackson” sale in honor of the star’s birthday.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Compassion International, an international organization that provides humanitarian aid to children in need.

Janet recently said, “I can’t believe this will be the last time I’ll see some of these items, but it’s for a good cause.”

In 2017, Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and then-husband Kanye West, whom they separated from that February, bought more Jackson family memorabilia when they purchased a one-of-a-kind jacket previously worn by Janet’s Late Brother Michael Jackson for her daughter North, now seven, and the white fedora he donned in the 1988 video “Smooth Criminal”.

Kim Kardashian West considers shopping for survival bunker | Leisure

Kim Kardashian West wants to buy survival bunkers for her whole family.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star began researching survival gear that can withstand all man-made and natural disasters after her friend Jonathan Cheban was robbed at gunpoint.

And Kim, who experienced her own terrible ordeal after her robbery in Paris in 2016, brought her sister with her when they tested one of Atlas Survival Systems’ cylindrical bunkers.

In the bunker the temperature rose to 104 degrees as Kim studied and eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Kim announced that as a lawyer she was being pushed to become a lawyer.

She said, “I really think when I was robbed something was best taken from me. All the things that were really important to me back then – how many bags I had, what car I drove … I still like them all that stuff, but it doesn’t matter, it might go away.

“For such a long time people have tried to bring me up with concerns. But that was the first thing I thought you know what? I want to go to law school, I want to help people. Let me work the next 10 years and build mine Brand and just give up on being Kim K and becoming a lawyer one day in 10 years. And now I’ve realized what’s important to me. No publicist would have ever told me to get involved in prison reform. “

And the reality TV star insists that she only cares about supporting causes that are close to her heart, not fame.

She added, “If you asked me, ‘Fame or fortune?’ I wouldn’t choose fame … I’ve never looked back [being on camera so much]. I am so grateful to have all these memories on camera. I’ll look back and think, oh my god, what did I wear? Why is my makeup like this? But I can sit back and laugh and find it fun to see how much I cared and wanted so much to be famous. I can laugh about it now – oh my god, I was desperate! “